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3-patterned slogans, sayings and expressions

Some expressions have different spellings of which I provide only a few examples. Other expressions can be found in a variety of contexts (movies, magazines, conversations, radio, television game shows, Billboards, etc...) enabling the usage of the different genders. And still other expressions may have slang characterizations based on mood, time of day, age and gender of whomever is speaking, to whom spoken, etc... Some of the examples are new, others are old, and still others may or may not have widespread familiarity. There are some examples that may be culturally specific or era specific that could be mis-defined, such as:

  • All fired up- generally means angered, but can also mean heightened enthusiasm.
  • Fly by night- refers to a person who does things in a stealthily manner.
  • You're outta' gas- meaning out of petrol or out of energy/supplies/answers/excuses, etc.

It is also a common practice to use the word "she" in much the same manner as one would use the word "it" when referring to a non animate entity such as a land/water/air vehicle, storm, or anomalous condition with respect to an uncommon circumstance such as to say "She's coming down!" when a cave in is occurring.

You will have to use your own imagination when substituting I, You, We, They, Us, Them, Me, Ours, Theirs, He, She, It, etc., in the various examples, though I do provide a few representations of these variations. And yes, I do take expressions out of context. You will also have to alter punctuation endings since many expressions are interchangeable as questions, exclamations, or simple statements. It should also be mentioned that many of the expressions are placed in the list because they appear to be part of a widespread, collectively used repertoire of repeatedly used utterances as determined by my own experiences, though some readers have different experiences (and memories) that would influence them to create a different form of list... if they were so inclined to make one. Also, some of the examples are the result of mispronounced expressions made by those who do not speak English well... for whatever reason.

In some instance we might hear a 3-patterned expression such as "Your Lucky Day" while at another time we might hear "It's your lucky day." The deletion or addition of the first word "It's" would make the 3-patterned example a 1 to 3 (3 to 1) ratio. Instead of making a list of such examples, I have been using the ... (3 dots/ellipses) to indicate that, on occasion, there may be one or more additional words or that the expression is sometimes heard in a type of isolated moment from a larger expression.

However, let me provide a few examples. (Remember that the first word is sometimes deleted when the rest is being expressed).

And- many happy returns
And- your point is?
Do- the decent thing
Do- you believe me?
Do- you miss it?
Hello!- How are you?
Hi!- How are you?
I- didn't see anyone
I- didn't think so
I- don't need any
I- guess you're right
I- haven't the foggiest
I- hope your right
I- love the house, coat, car, shoes, etc...
I- made you look
I- told you so
I'd- be happy to
I'll- be glad to
I'm- an innocent bystander
I'm- just killing time
It- could have been
It- looks like it
It- must have been
It- seems that way
It- sounds about right
It- sounds like it
It- takes all kinds
It- works for me
It's- a safe bet
It's- a sure bet
It's- about the same
It's- all for nothing
It's- always a pleasure
It's- good to go
It's- hard to say
It's- hardly worth mentioning
It's- in the bag
It's- just a name
It's- new to me
It's- not fast enough
It's- not my job
It's- not a problem
It's- not my/our problem
It's- not worth it
It's- on the house
It's- out of bounds
It's- plain and simple
It's- so screwed up
It's- strictly hands on/off
It's- such a shame
Let's- check it out
Of- course I can
Of- course I have
Of- course I'm right
Of- course I'm sure
OH- but I do
God- Bless her/his/Their soul
God- Rest her/his/Their soul
Let's- see what happens
See,- I told you
She's- a woman scorned
So,- we meet again
Someone/Somebody- get the phone
The- game is over (this also has a two-part reference: game over)
There's- nothing like it
They're- fussin' and fightin'
Well,- I never did
Well- maybe it is
We're- good to go
What's- fair is fair
Why?- What's going on?
Yeah,- I guess so
You- better watch out
You- and who else?


It must also be noted that I am not including those references which include 3-patterned expressions that involve in part, or in whole, a non-verbal activity. For example, someone might shake their head twice before saying no! Another person might do the same for a reply of yes! Another example would be a person waving goodbye three times. Another might shrug their shoulders, roll their eyes, make a face, or exhibit some subtle physiological response such as a muscle twitch, change in blood pressure, etc...

There are other three-part reference expressions that re-occur on a frequent basis in movies, which may or may not be a part of contemporary linguistic utterances. For example, "The Drawing Room" can sometimes be heard in some old movies as a reference to a place one or more others are being directed to. Another, more contemporary (in America) re-occurring phrase is "The Back Yard" or "The Front Yard." While there are accompanying words in which these expressions make up a sentence, they are nonetheless composites of re-occurrences that should be given mention.

You will notice that there are three dot "ellipsis" accompanying some of the expressions. This indicates that the recurring phrase generally occurs with one or more ideas that may or may not be fully articulated. For example, someone listening to another person discuss one or another topic may comment "You don't say." While some readers may want to include the three dots will all the forthcoming expressions, I did for just a few in order to let the reader know that recurring three-part phrases may be accompanied by one or more other topics, depending on time, place, and persons involved.

Aaw, don't cry
...A fresh start
A God Send
A has been
A little help!...
A little longer
A living legend
A lone wolf
A- lot better
A mere formality
A never was
A perfect fit
A real hero
A real winner
A wiser heart
A walk-in closet
A wise choice
A woman's intuition
...A woman scorned
A year later...
Abort the mission
...About the same
Accidents can happen
Accidents do happen
Accidents will happen
Action at last
Afraid of what?
...After a fashion
After the fact
...Against my will
Age before beauty
Age Breeds Aches
Ahh, together again
Ai Yi Yi!
Alive and Kicking
All but finished
All by myself
All engines stop
All Fired up
All for nothing
All I'm saying
All in All
All in time
All is forgiven
All is lost
All is well
All my life
All of 'em
All of it
All of them
All of you
All of us
All or Nothing
All right All right All right
All set now
All the time
All the way
All these things
All these years
All things considered...
All this time
All too brief
All too often
All you want
Allah is good
Allah is Great
Allah is Halla
Almost too perfect
Almost too perfectly
Alright, be careful
Alright, come inside
Alright, go on
Alright good work
Alright, I promise
Alright, I'm going
Alright, let's go
Alright, they're coming
Alright, we're off
Alright, you too
Always a pleasure
Am I interrupting?
Am I right?
Am I wrong?
Amen to that
An empty box
An empty bucket
An empty can
An empty life innocent bystander unhappy boy unhappy girl unhappy man unhappy woman awkward age
...and all that
And another thing...
And everything else
And in return?
And that's final
And that's it???
And that's that
...And then some
...And to you
And we will
And with you?
And Why Not?
And you will
And you're alive
Another lovely evening
Answer my question
Answer the question!
Answer the phone
Any day now
Any further questions?
Any last request?
Any more questions
Any other questions?
Anything else ma'am?
Anything else sir?
Anything is possible
Anything you say
Anything you want
...Apparently I can't
Approach with caution
Are they alright?
Are they asleep?
Are they awake?
Are they done?
Are they OK?
Are they through?
Are we clear?
Are we good?
Are we set?
Are you afraid?
Are you alright?
Are you asleep?
Are you awake?
Are you blind?
Are you certain?
Are you coming?
Are you comfortable?
Are You Crazy?
Are you crying?
Are you dead?
Are you done?
Are you dumb?
Are you dying?
Are you free?
Are you going?
Are you guilty?
Are you happy?
Are you hungry?
Are you hurt?
Are you IN?
Are you kidding?
Are you leaving?
Are you lonely?
Are you mad (crazy)?
Are you married?
Are You Nuts?
Are you OK?
Are you prepared?
Are you ready?
Are you right?
Are you satisfied!?
Are you scared?
Are you serious?
Are you set?
Are you sorry?
Are you stranded?
Are you stupid?
Are you suggesting...?
Are you sure?
Are you thirsty?
Are you through?
Are you tired?
Are you up?
Are you wrong?
Are we done?
Are we ready?
Are we there?
Are we through?
Aren't they now
Aren't you ashamed?
Aren't you coming?
Aren't you done?
Aren't you finished?
Aren't (ya)you going?
Aren't you hungry?
Aren't you ready?
Aren't you scared?
Aren't you sore?
Aren't you sweet
Aren't you thirsty?
Aren't your tired?
Around the corner
Art Imitates Nature
As am I
As are you
As do I
As you are
As you like
As you please
As you were
As you will
As you wish
Ask my aunt
Ask my brother
Ask my cousin
Ask my dad
Ask my father
Ask my mom
Ask my mother
Ask my nephew
Ask my niece
Ask my sister
Ask my uncle
Ask you doctor
Assault and Battery
Assume all responsibility
Assume Firing Positions!
Assume the position!
Assume your position(s)
At any rate...
At ease Gentlemen
At your command
At your instruction
At your order
At Your Service
Attention All Passengers
Attention on Deck!
Attention to Orders!
Aw, forget it
Aw, shut up!
Aye Aye Captain!
Aye Aye Sir!
Back it up!
Back over there
Back to nature
Back to you
Backward and Forward
Bad for us
BCD (Bad Conduct Discharge)
Be A Man!
Be A Woman!
Be careful, OK?
Be my guest
Be right back
Be right in
Be seeing you/ya
Be that way
Bear with me
Beat the bush
Because I can
Because it's true
Because nobody asked
Because We can
Bed and Breakfast
Before- During- After
Been "Eye- Deed"?
Beg- Borrow- Steal
Behind the door
Belay that order
Believe in me
Believe you me
Bell- Book- Candle
Best be going
Bet I could
Better be careful
Better be cautious
Better get going
Better run along
Better take cover
...Better than anyone
Better than most
Better than what?
Better than who?
Better watch out
...between the lines
Beware of Cat
Beware of Dog
Beware! Teenagers inside
Bide your time
Big fat deal!
Bigger is Better
Bite your tongue!
Blah Blah Blah
...Blaze of Glory
Bless my soul
Blood for Blood
Blood- Sweat- Tears
Blow it off
Blow me down
Boat for sale
Borrowing Brings Sorrowing
Both I guess
Brace for impact
Brains before brawn
...Brave new world
Break it up!
Breaking and Entry
Bring her home
Bring her in
Bring him in
Bring it here
Bring it home
bring it in
Bring it on
Bring it up
Bring them here
Brush your teeth!
Buck the trend
Bucking the trend
Buddha is Ahddub
Build it higher
Build to suit
Build yourself up
Built to last
Bury him alive
Bury The Hatchet
Bury them alive
Business as usual
Business is booming
Business is Business
Business or Pleasure?
Busy Busy Busy
...But, confound it...
But even so
But I didn't
But I do
But I forget
But I forgot
...But I will
But I'll go
...But, I'll pass
...But it's doable
...But it's not
But it's over
But's it's perfect
But it's pointless
...But not anymore
But nobody's perfect
But nothing's perfect
But of course!
...But thank you
...But thanks anyway
But that's ok
But they're afraid
But, which one?
But, who cares?
...But, why bother?
But, you can't
But you did
But you didn't
But you promised!
...By all means
By for now the book
By the By...
By the way...
By this point...
By your leave
Bye for now
California or Bust
Call an ambulance!
Call before coming
Call me later
Call me sometime
Call the cops!
Call the law
Call the police!
Call your doctor
Call your shot
Calm and Collected
Can anyone help?
Can I drive?
Can I smoke?
Can he go?
Can he help?
Can you hold?
Can you talk?
Can we talk?
Can she go?
Can she help?
Can they go?
Can they help?
Can we go?
Can we help?
Can you dance?
Can you help?
Can you read?
Can you really?
Can't blame her
Can't catch me
Can't I look?
Can't I see?
Can't I go?
Can't I help?
Can't it wait?
Can't tell you
Can't they help?
Can't we help?
Can't you help?
Can't you knock?
Can't you read?
Can't you see?
Can't you sleep?
Can't you wait?
Can't we talk?
Car for sale
Case is closed
Cash and Carry
Catch my drift?
Catch your breath
...cause it does
...cause we will
Certainly I will
...Chamber of horrors
Change of plans
Change of Venue
Change the course
Change your clothes
Charmed, I'm sure
Cheaters never prosper
Check it (this) out
Check the lights
Class is dismissed
Clean this up
Close the door!
Close your books
Close your door(s)
Close your eyes
Close your window(s)
...cold hard fact...
Come and eat!
Come back inside
Come back safely
Come back soon
Come Come Come
Come get some
Come here boy!
Come here doggy!
Come here girl!
Come here kitty!
Come my girl
Come off it!
Come on back
Come on down
Come on in!
Come on out
Come on outside
Come on over
Come over here
Come over sometime
Come to mama
Come to papa
Come up here
Come what may
Come with me
Coming for lunch?
Consider it done
Consider it given
Construction Area Ahead
Continue at will
Continue Entry Process
Cool- Calm- Collected
Cool your heels
Cost benefit analysis
Cough it up
Could be better
Could be dangerous
...Could have been
Couldn't be better
Couldn't help it
Couldn't help myself
Count me in
Count me out
Count your blessings
...Course I have
...Course I'm Sure
...Course you have
Cover your face
Cover your ears
Cover your eyes
Cover your mouth
Cover your nose
Crime does pay
Crime doesn't pay
...Cut and run
Cut 'em loose
Cut her down
Cut her loose
Cut him down
Cut him loose
Cut it down
Cut it out!
Cut me loose!
Cut the Crap!
Cut them loose
Dad wants you
...Damsel in distress
Darling, I promise
Dead to rights
Deal me in
Deal me out
Deal with it!
Dear me, no
Delay Delay Delay
Deploy the troops
Deploy your men
Diamonds are forever
Did it hurt?
Did it matter?
Did you really?
Did you win?
Dig it brother?
Dinner is served
Dinner's almost ready
Dive! Dive! Dive!
Divide and Conquer
Divided we fall
Do forgive me
Do it then
Do it now
Do it yourself
Do not disturb
Do Not Enter
Do not Erase
Do not fear
Do not freeze
Do not open
Do not shake
...Do shut up
Do so immediately
Do that again
Do they know?
Do you belong?
Do you dance?
Do you mind?
Do your duty
Do you hear?
Do you know?
Do you mind!?
Do you promise?
Do you realize?
Do you remember?
Do you swear?
Do you understand?
Do your best
Do your duty!
Do your job!
Do your report
...dodging, bobbing, weaving...
Does he bite?
Does he know?
Does it hurt?
Does it matter?
Does it work?
Does she bit?
Does that matter?
Dog-Day Afternoon
Don't act stupid!
Don't answer it
Don't ask me
Don't be absurd!
Don't be afraid
Don't be alarmed
Don't be angry
Don't be cheaters
Don't be chicken
Don't be coy
Don't be daft
Don't be discouraged
Don't be foolish
Don't be funny
Don't be jealous
Don't be Jerks
Don't be late
Don't be long
Don't be lonely
Don't be mad
Don't be ridiculous!
Don't be sad
Don't be scared
Don't be silly!
Don't be sorry
Don't be stupid!
Don't be unkind
Don't blame me
Don't Bother Me!
Don't call here
Don't call me
Don't call them
Don't cave in
Don't come around
Don't come back
Don't defend her
Don't defend him
Don't defend them
Don't destroy it
Don't disturb her
Don't disturb him
Don't disturb it
Don't disturb them
Don't do it
Don't do that!
Don't do this
Don't doze off
Don't drink it!
Don't drop it
Don't eat it!
Don't eat that!
Don't embarrass me
Don't embarrass them
Don't embarrass us
...Don't even know
Don't fall asleep
Don't fire me
Don't forget her
Don't forget him
Don't forget it
Don't forget them
Don't forget us
Don't frighten her
Don't frighten him
Don't frighten it
Don't frighten them
Don't frighten us
Don't get angry
Don't get funny
Don't get involved
Don't get lost
Don't get mad
Don't get nervous
Don't give in!
Don't give out
Don't Give Up!
Don't go away
Don't go back
Don't go far
Don't go in
Don't go there
Don't hang up
Don't hurt her
Don't hurt him
Don't hurt them
Don't hurt us
Don't hush me!
Don't jinx it
Don't kid yourself
Don't kill it!
Don't kill them!
Don't knock it
Don't leave me!
Don't leave us!
Don't let go!
Don't look down
Don't look sideways
Don't look up
Don't lose her
Don't lose him
Don't lose it
Don't lose them
Don't lose us
Don't make her
Don't make him
Don't make me
Don't make them
Don't make us
Don't make waves
Don't mention it
Don't mind me
Don't mind her
Don't mind him
Don't mind them
Don't pester me!
Don't blow it
Don't provoke me!
Don't provoke them!
Don't push me!
Don't put out
Don't rightly know
Don't rush me!
Don't say it!
Don't say that!
Don't scared her
Don't scare him
Don't scare it
Don't scare them
Don't scare us
Don't Ssshhh me
Don't shush me
Don't sit there!
Don't stand there!
Don't sweat it
Don't tell anybody
Don't tell anyone
Don't tell me
Don't tell them
...Don't they all?
Don't threaten me!
Don't threaten them!
Don't threaten us!
Don't throw trash
Don't torture yourself
Don't touch anything
Don't touch her
Don't touch him
Don't touch it
Don't touch me!
Don't touch them
Don't try it
Don't underestimate her
Don't underestimate him
Don't underestimate me
Don't underestimate them
Don't wander off!
Don't want any
Don't "yeah" me
Don't you agree?
Don't you, boy?
Don't you care?
Don't you dare!
Don't you ever...
Don't you know?
Don't you leave
Don't you remember?
Don't you see?
Don't you stay
Don't you swear
Don't you think?
Don't you understand?
Don't you worry
Double O Seven
Double or Nothing?
Douse that light!
Douse the lights!
Down the hatch!
Draw your sword
Drink you coffee
Drink your juice
Drink your milk
Drink your tea
Drive Dude Drive!
Drive-up service
Drop the club!
Drop the gun!
Drop the knife!
Drop the match
Drop the stick!
Drop the subject
Drop the weapon!
Drop that weapon!
Drop your gear
Drop your gun
Drop your pants
Drop your trousers
Drop your weapon(s)
Drunk and Disorderly
Dull Dull Dull
Duty Before Pleasure
Easy to learn
...Eat and run
Eat me raw
Either have I
Elvis is Alive!
Emergency door release
Empty your pockets
...End of glory
...End of story
Enjoy the party
Enjoy the ride
Enjoy your drink
Enjoy your food
Enjoy your journey
Enjoy your trip
Enough is Enough!
Enough is Enough is Enough!
Enough was Enough
Etc. Etc. Etc...
Europe or Bust
Even for me
Everybody calm down!
Everybody cool down
Everybody else is
Everybody except you
Everybody is here
Everybody, just stop
Everybody knows that!
Everybody stays together
Everything humanly impossible
Everything is delicious
Everything is good
Everything is negotiable
Everything is OK!
Everything is there
Everybody likes you
Everything smells great!
Everything's gone wrong
Everything's just fine
Everything's OK now
Everything's perfect now
Everything's under control
Excuse the mess
Eye of God
Face the facts
Face the music
Face the Sun
...Fact and Fiction...
...Facts of life
Fair to Midland
Farewell my friend
Farewell my love
Faith- Home- Charity
...Famous Last Words
Fancy a lift?
Far from it...
Fast and hard
Fast and loose
Fat- Dumb- (and) Happy
Father wants you
Fear is contagious
Fear no fish
Feel better now?
Feel her out
Feeling any better?
Feeling better now?
Fight Team Fight!
Fighting is contagious
Figure something out
...Figured out what?
File under forget
Fill 'er up
Fill her up
Fill it out
Fill them out
Fill this out
Find another thing
Fine and dandy
Find it yourself
Find the truth
Fine And Dandy
Find a way
Finish him off
Finish it off
Finish the job
Finish your beer
Finish your drink
Finish your job
Fire at will!
Fire it up
Fire the cannon!
Fire when ready
Firm but Fair
First and Always
First and foremost...
First of all...
First thing today
First thing tomorrow
First things first
Fix it up
...Fly by night
Focus! Focus! Focus!
Follow my lead
Follow the money
Food for thought
...For a change
For Always Forever
For Christ's Sake...!
For God's Sake...!
For guests only
For Heaven's Sake!
For my sake
For Pete's sake!
For pity's sake!
...For the moment
For the present
For the record
For That Matter...
For what purpose?
For what reason?
F.or Y.our I.nformation
Force of habit
Force their hand(s)
Forget it OK?
Forewarned is Forearmed
Forget about her
Forget about him
Forget about it!
Forget about them
Forget me not
Forgive and Forget
Freak of Nature
Free of charge
Freedom of Religion
...Friend of yours?
Full speed ahead!
Funny, isn't it?
Funny, very funny
...Fussin' and Fightin'
Get a clue
Get a doctor!
Get a grip!
Get A Job!
Get A Life!
Get back inside!
Get back there
Get cleaned up
Get'em baby!
Get everything ready
Get her down
Get in line
Get it done!
Get it down
Get me out!
Get off it
Get off me!
Get on it
Get out fast
Get out here!
Get out now
Get outta' here!
Get outta' sight!
Get outta' town!
Get Over Here!
Get over it!
Get past it
Get some rest
Get some sleep!
Get that side
Get the ball
Get the car
Get the picture?
Get the point?
Get the truck
Get the van
Get them out!
Get to bed!
Get to sleep
Get to work!
Get up there!
Get us out!
Get Well Soon
Get you some
Get your books
Get your briefcase
Get your clothes
Get your coat
Get your gloves
Get your hat
Get your suitcase
...Gift of gab
Gimme' a bottle
Gimme' a break
Gimme' a dance
Gimme' a hand
Gimme'a wrench
Gimme' Gimme' Gimme'!
Give a look
Give em' hell!
Give it back!
Give it here
Give it up!
Give me another
Give me something
Give yourself up
Give yourselves up
...Given the situation
Go after them!
Go around back
Go around front
Go back there
Go for it!
Go get 'em!
Go get her
Go get him
Go Get It!
Go Get them
Go! Go! Go!
Go on back
Go on it
Go on now
...Go on then
Go over there
Go right ahead
Go sit down
Go straight ahead
Go Team go!
Go that way
Go thata way
Go the distance
Go to bed
Go to blazes
Go to sleep!
Go to work
Go With God
Go without me
God All Mighty
God Bless America
God Bless Ya/You
God bless us
Gone for good
Good for you!
Goochy Goochy Goo
God help us
God help you
God is alive!
God is Dog
God is dying!
God is dead!
God knows all
God knows best
God protect you
God save us
God will it
God wills this
Good as done
Good as gold
Good as new
Good as you
Good Evening Everyone
Good for nothing
Good for them
Good for you
Good Heaven's, No
Good, let's go
Good luck tomorrow!
Good morning Buddha
Good morning God
Good morning Jesus
Good morning Luv
Good morning ma'am
Good morning Mohammed
Good morning sir
Goodbye my love
Goodbye you all
Goodness alone knows
Goodwill Towards Men
Gosh dang it!
Gosh darn it!
Got a cigarette?
Got a light?
Got a minute?
Got a problem?
Got any food?
Got any ideas?
Got any money?
Got an I.D.?
Got you covered
Got your back
Gotta have it
Grab your purse
Great galloping ghosts!
Guess I will
Guess I won't
Guess you're right
Guilty as charged
Ha Ha Ha!
Hand her over!
Hand him over!
Hand it over!
Hand them over!
Handle with care
Hang in There!
Have a drink
Have a heart
Have a look
Have a seat
Have a taste
Have an I.D.?
Have another drink
Have at it
Have no fear
Have some compassion
Have some, please
Have some sympathy
Have you eaten?
Have you finished?
Have you heard?
Have you not?
Have you prayed?
...Haven't the foggiest
Haven't we all?
Having said that...
Heart to Heart
He ain't here
He ain't nobody
He appreciates it
He better be
He better not
He betrayed us
He did it!
He didn't say
He does too
He doesn't exist
He gave up
He get away?
He gives up
He got 'em!
He hanged himself
He hit me
He is back
He is decent
He is not
He is now
He isn't coming
He isn't here
He just disappeared
He knows nothing
He knows now
He knows why
He learns fast
He left it
He lives here
He looks angry
He looks concerned
He looks lousy
He lost it
He means business
He might know
He moved away
He must decline
He needs her
He needs him
He needs it
He needs me
He needs them
He needs us
He never misses
He never would
He passed on
He passed out
He shot himself
He started it
He started this
He stays here
He stays put
He still is
He still can
He still can't
He still will
He still won't
He sure does
He sure is
He sure isn't
He wants you
He warned you
He was decent
He was discovered
He was furious
He was lucky
He was murdered
He was warned
He wasn't happy
He went away
He went home
He went there
He will go
He will not
He will recover
He won't listen
He won't miss
He wouldn't dare
Heads or Tails?
Heads will roll
Hear me out
Heaven help us
Hee Hee Hee
Heh Heh Heh
He'll be missed
He'll be ready
He'll be there
He'll come around
He'll find you
He'll regret this
Here it is
Here, let me
Here they are!
Heaven can wait
...Heaven on Earth
Heaven Sent Angel
Heaven's to betsy!
He'll make it
Hell, I know!
Hell on Earth
Hello, anybody home?
Hello, it's me
Hello my dear
Hello my love
Hello young lady
Hello young man
Hello! Who's there?
Help me someone!
He'll be alright
He'll be fine
He'll be here
He'll do it
Help me up!
Here he comes
Here I am!
Here I go
Here it is
Here Kitty Kitty
Here she comes
Here they are
Here they come!
Here we are!
Here we go
Here we is
Here we isn't
Here you go
Here's the deal...
Here's the point
Here's your cap
Here's your chance
Here's your hat
He's a mule
He's a murderer
He's a virgin
He's all yours
He's bad news
He's burning up!
He's coming down
He's coming in
He's done enough
He's expecting me
He's an idiot!
He's at home
He's enjoying himself
He's fed up
He's good people
He's gonna' die
He's ignoring me
He's just different
He's just human
He's leaving her
He's my brother
He's my dad
He's my friend
He's my grand dad
He's my uncle
He's never wrong
He's not coming
He's not here
He's not in
He's not shy
He's only human
He's outta' control
He's outta' here
He's outta' town
He's paying me
He's plenty tough
He's really confused
He's right ma'am
He's right sir
He's ruined everything
He's safe enough
He's safe now
He's so cute!
He's so funny!
He's so mean!
He's so smart!
He's still scary
He's still there
He's taken command
He's taking command
He's the one!
He's too late
He's using it
He's very angry
He's very happy
He's very rich
He's very sad
He's very tired
Hey, get moving
Hey, it's me!
Hey my nigger!
Hey, open up!
Hey, remember me?
Hey, wait up!
Hey, What's up?
Hi, it's me
Hi my friend
Hi Ole' Buddy!
Hi there Beautiful!
HI- Jack This!...
Hi there Gorgeous!
Hide 'n Seek
High and Mighty
...High old time
Hit a Homer!
Hit the ball!
Hit the dirt!
Hit the road
Hither- Thither- Yon
Hmm, I wonder
Hmm Hmm Hmm
Hold my hand
Hold the fort
Hold on boys!
Hold on there!
Hold that thought
Hold the fort
Hold the presses!
Hold your breath
Hold your fire!
Hold your horses!
Hold your nose
Hold your positions
Hold your temper
...Holding the bag
Home for sale
Home- Sweet- Home
Honest, I am
Honest, I can
Honest I did
Honest I do
Honest, I'm fine
Honey, I'm Home!
Hook- Line- Sinker
Hook me up
Hop- Skip- Jump
Hop to it
Hot Diggity Dog (dam)!
Hope springs eternally
...Hot and Bothered
House for sale
How about that
How about his?
How are you?
How about her?
How about him?
How about it?
How about me?
How about that?
How about them?
How about this?
How about you?
How about us?
How am I?
How are things
How can I?
How could I?
How could they?
How could you?
How dare you!
How decidedly odd
How goes it?
How is he?
How is it?
How is lunch?
How is she?
How long ago?
How much longer?
How very amusing
How very interesting
How very true
How was work?
How you (ya) doing?
How you feeling?
How was lunch?
How'd he know?
How'd it go?
How's it happen?
How'd she know?
How'd they know?
How's it coming?
How's it going?
How's it hanging?
How's she doing?
How's that possible?
How's the family?
Hunt them down!
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Hurry it up!
Hurry my boy
I admire them
I admire you
I adored her
I adored him
I advise caution
I ain't complaining
I ain't laughing
I ain't scared
I ain't talkin'
I ain't tellin'
I always do
I always have
I always will
I am back
I am better
I am busy
I am fine
I am finished!
I am friendly
I am grateful
I am here
I am honored
I am hungry
I am not!
I am one
I am out
I am outraged!
I am perfect
I am pleased
I am rested
I am serious!
I am starving
I am too!
I appreciate it
I appreciate that
I arranged it
I assure you
I assume so
I believe it
I believe not
I believe that
I believe them
I believe so
I believe you
I been out
I beseech you!
I better go
I better leave
I bought it
I came back
I can Too!
I Better go
I can imagine
I can manage
I can try
I cannot say
I can't explain
I can't go
I can't leave
I can't miss
I can't relax
I can't remember
I can't say
I can't sleep
I can't stay
I can't tell
I can't wait!
I certainly do
I completely forgot
I could have
I couldn't have
I could hear
I could see
I couldn't hear
I couldn't say
I couldn't see
I couldn't sleep
I Dare you!
I dare say
I Despise You!
I destroyed it
I Did it!
...I did once
I didn't ask
I didn't know
I didn't look
I didn't say
I do! care
I do declare!
I do decline
I do this
I do try
I don't agree
I don't ask
I don't bargain
I Don't Care!
I don't either
I don't know!
I don't mind
I don't recollect
I don't remember
I don't think...
I don't understand
I doubt it
I doubt that
I enjoyed it
I enjoyed that
I entreat you!
I feel fine
I feel good!
I feel great!
I feel it
I feel lucky
I followed ya/you
I forbid it!
I forget why
I forgive you
I forgot it!
I forgot to
I found it!
I found you
I gave up
I get it
I get nothing
I give up
I got em'!
I got it!
I got something
I got this
I got you
I gotta' go
I gotta' run
I gotta' stop
I guess not
I guess so
I hate goodbyes
I hate this
I Hate You!
I have enough
I have it
I have plans
I have proof
I have to
I have tried
I have won!
I haven't decided
I haven't finished!
I hear ya!
I hear you!
I heard it
I heard that!
I hope not
I hope so
I intend to
I just can't
I just heard
I just know
I just thought...
I keep informed
I keep up
I killed them!
I know differently
I know everything
I know her
I know him
I know how
I know it!
I know nothing
I know now I know so
I know that!
I know them
I know things
I know why
I learn fast
I like it
I like that!
I like them
I like you
I live here
I Loath You!
I lost it!
I love it!
I Love You!
I made it
I made that
I made this
I mean business
I mean it!
I messed up
I miss it
I miss you!
I missed it!
I must dash
I must decline
I must go
I must hurry
I must leave
I must not
I must protest
I need it
I need options
I need them
I need to
I Need You!
I never did
I never miss
I never worry
I now know
I opened it
I pray so
I promise you
I quite understand
I read a lot
I realize it
I realize that
I really shouldn't
I reckon so
I resent that
I said no!
I said so
I said stop!
I said yes!
I salute you
I saved her
I saved him
I saw her
I saw him
I saw them
I Saw You
I Say So!
I second that
I see everything
I sent word
I shall wait
I should have
I should say
I shoulda known
I simply won't
I smell gas
I spose (suppose) so
I stand corrected
I still am
I still can
I still can't
I still will
I still won't
I sure does
I sure am
I strongly disapprove
I suppose so
I sure am
I sure will!
I sure did
I sure have
I survived it
I swear it
I think not
I think so
I thought so
I told you!
I trust you
I trusted you
I wanna help
I wanna know
I wanna talk
I wanna try!
I want more!
I want nothing
I want to
I Want You!
I Want that!
I wanted to!
I warned her
I warned him
I warned them
I warned you!
I was asleep
I was busy
I was cured!
I was decent
I was discovered
I was dreaming
I was furious
I was impressed
I was lucky
I was not!
I was sleeping
I was studying
I was there
I was watching
I was working
I was worried
I was wrong
I wasn't asleep
I wasn't followed
I wasn't hungry
I wasn't listening
I wasn't ready
I wasn't there
I wasn't thinking
I went boating
I went dancing
I went skating
I went skiing
I went walking
I will go
I will not!
I will remember
I will stay
I will too!
I will walk
I won't forget
I won't go
I won't miss
I won't pay
I won't tell
I work alone
I would have
I would too
I wouldn't know
I'd be delighted
I'd be grateful
I'd be honored
I'd better go
I'd like that
I'd love to
I'd rather die
I'd say so
If I can
If I were...
If I win...
If I'm lucky
If I'm wrong
...If it's alright
If it's necessary
...If not before
If nothing else...
If that's true...
If they're lucky
If this works...
If we're lucky
If you like
...If you please
If you will
If you wish
If you're lucky
If you're sure
I'll accept it
I'll accept that
I'll answer it
I'll be along
I'll be alright
I'll be around
I'll be back!
I'll be danged
I'll be darned
I'll be fine
I'll be going
I'll be good
I'll be hanged
I'll be here
I'll be honored
I'll be OK
I'll be ready
I'll be there
I'll be waiting
I'll bet you
I'll buy it
I'll call ya/you
I'll catch up
I'll clean up
I'll clear out
I'll close up
I'll come clean
I'll come over
I'll do it!
I'll explain later
I'll find out
I'll find something
I'll fix you!
I'll get help
I'll get her
I'll get him
I'll get it!
I'll get one
I'll get some
I'll get them!
I'll get you!
I'll go along
I'll go first
I'll go last
I'll handle them
I'll help you
I'll hurry back
I'll just check
I'll keep mine
I'll Kill You!
I'll make time
I'll miss you
I'll never forget
I'll never know
I'll never tell
I'll play along
I protect you
I'll say so
I'll show you
I'll sleep over
I'll swing by
I'll surely try
I'll take it!
I'll take you
I'll tell 'em
I'll tell her
I'll tell him
I'll tell them
I'll tell you
I'll wait here
I'll watch her
I'll watch him
I'll watch them
I'm a cop!
I'm a virgin
I'm absolutely certain
I'm absolutely convinced...
I'm afraid not
I'm afraid so
I'm against it
I'm all alone
I'm all set
I'm alright now
I'm all done
I'm all ears
I'm all yours
I'm almost done
I'm almost finished
I'm almost there
I'm always right
I'm asking you
I'm bad luck
I'm begging you
I'm better off
I'm burning up!
I'm comin' in!
I'm comin' out!
I'm coming down
I'm coming in!
I'm coming too
I'm coming out!
I'm coming up!
I'm completely innocent
I'm digging you
I'm doing it
I'm doing OK
I'm doing this
I'm done for
I'm exhausted too
I'm fed up
I'm feeling better
I'm finally finished!
I'm fine, really
I'm flat broke
I'm for it
I'm for that
I'm freezing cold
I'm getting one
I'm getting scared
I'm giving order
I'm going alone
I'm going away
I'm going back
I'm going home
I'm going in
I'm going too
I'm good luck
I'm handling it
I'm hoping so
I'm in charge
I'm in command
I'm in control
I'm just browsing
I'm just different
I'm just kidding
I'm just looking
I'm just lucky
I'm just playing
I'm just teasing
I'm leaving now
I'm missing something
I'm much obliged
I'm not going
I'm not shy
I'm not sure
I'm not telling
I'm only foolin'
I'm only kidding!
I'm never done
I'm never wrong
I'm nobody's glove
I'm nobody's Ho (whore)
I'm nobody's nigger
I'm nobody's slave
I'm not available
I'm not convinced
I'm not done!
I'm not dressed
I'm not happy
I'm not hungry
I'm not impressed
I'm not finished!
I'm not forgetting
I'm not going
I'm not hungry
I'm not interested
I'm not joking
I'm not kidding
I'm not laughing
I'm not leaving
I'm not listening
I'm not lying
I'm not playing!
I'm not pleased
I'm not quitting
I'm not satisfied
I'm not scared
I'm not sure
I'm not surprised
I'm not touched
I'm not upset
I'm not waiting
I'm not worried
I'm Number One!
I'm OK now
I'm on duty
I'm on it
I'm only asking
I'm only playing
I'm ordering you!
I'm outta' gas
I'm outta' here!
I'm over her
I'm over here!
I'm over him
I'm over it
I'm passing through
I'm pissed off!
I'm ready now!
I'm really confused
I'm really impressed
I'm really scared
I'm really sorry
I'm relieving you
I'm right here
I'm safe now
I'm simply starved
I'm so ashamed
I'm so close
I'm so cold
I'm SO done
I'm SO finished I'm so frightened
I'm so glad
I'm so happy!
I'm so hot
I'm so hungry!
I'm so scared
I'm SO Sorry!
I'm SO there
I'm Sooo Thirsty!
I'm so warm
I'm sorry too
I'm Staying Here
I'm staying home
I'm still here
I'm still scared
I'm still there
I'm taking command
I'm taking over
I'm telling Dad!
I'm telling Mom!
I'M! Telling YOU!
I'm terribly sorry
I'm too sleepy
I'm too tired
I'm trying to
I'm truly sorry
I'm trusting you
I'm tuckered out
I'm under orders
I'm using it
I'm very busy
I'm very grateful
I'm very pleased
I'm very sensitive
I'm very sorry
I'm wanted here
I'm warn out
I'm warning you
I'm wide awake
I'm with you/ya
I'm your man
In a minute
In a word...
In all fairness...
In all honesty...
In any event,
In good time
In it goes
In God's name...
In Heaven's name...
In nothing flat
In or Out?
In Other Words...
In some ways...
In The Beginning...
In the car
In the end
In the endtime
...In the pink
In this case
In many ways
In what way?
Indeed I'm not
Indeed it is
Indications suggest otherwise
Interfering Busy-Body
Is anybody home?
Is anybody listening?
Is anybody there?
Is anyone listening?
Is anyone there?
Is anything burning?
Is anything wrong?
Is everyone alright?
Is everyone better?
Is everyone here?
Is everyone OK?
Is everyone ready?
Is everyone there?
Is everything alright?
Is everything better?
Is everything OK?
Is everything ready?
Is everything understood?
Is he asleep?
Is he awake?
Is he bit?
Is he dead?
Is he here?
Is he lost?
Is he OK?
Is he well?
Is it alive?
Is it clean?
Is it clear?
Is it ever?
Is it false?
Is it gone?
Is it love?
Is it OK?
Is it over?
Is it ready?
Is it true?
Is it wrong?
Is she asleep?
Is she awake?
Is she dead?
Is she here?
Is she lost?
Is she OK?
Is someone there?
Is something wrong?
Is that all?
Is that clear?
Is that her?
Is that him?
Is that right?
Is that so?
Is that them?
Is that true?
Is that you?
Is this clear?
Is this OK?
Is this true?
Is this you?
Is you comin?
Isn't anybody home?
Isn't he though
Isn't it wonderful?
Isn't she though
Isn't that better?
Isn't that fascinating?
Isn't that nice
Isn't that special
It actually works
It's ain't funny
It ain't happenin'
It all depends
It appears impossible
It beats me
It becomes you
It betrayed us
It better not
It can wait
It can't be
It could be
It could happen
It couldn't be
It couldn't hurt
It didn't work
It doesn't count
It doesn't exist
It doesn't matter
It doesn't work
It don't count
It don't matter
It ends here
It ends now
It feels fine
It feels good!
It feels great!
It felt good!
It felt great!
It has happened
It hit me
It is expected
It is fate
It is forbidden
It is good
It is home
It is lucky
It is now
It is not
It is open
It is over
It is pointless
It is that
It is this
It is time
It is unlucky
It's isn't clear
It isn't done
It isn't easy
It isn't enough
It isn't fair!
It isn't funny!
It isn't necessary
It isn't safe
It isn't you
It just disappeared
It just happened
It just is
It looks alright
It looks bad
It looks fun
It looks good
It looks great!
It looks like...
It looks nice
It looks scary
It looks straight
It looks wonderful
It makes sense
It means a lot
It means something
It might be
It might help
It never ends
It never fails
It never happened
It never was
It proves nothing
It seems impossible
It seems so
It seems unreal
It shoulda worked
It solves everything
It solves nothing
It sounds awful!
It sounds dangerous
It sounds exciting
It sounds good
It sounds great!
It sounds wonderful!
It suits me
It suits you
It sure does!
It sure doesn't!
It sure is!
It tastes awful!
It tastes off
It was awful!
It was broken
It was free
It was fun
It was her
It was him
It was horrible!
It was necessary
It was nothing
It was open
It was over
It was real
It was right
It was stupid
It was terrible!
It was them
It was you!
It was us
It wasn't It
It wasn't Me
It wasn't nothin'
It wasn't them
It went well
It will keep
It will work
It won't be
It won't budge
It won't do
It won't happen
It won't stop!
It'll be fine
It'll be fun
It'll be mine
It'll be OK
It'll do fine
It'll never happen
It'll never happen
It'll work out
It's a beauty
It's a cave
It's a cinch
It's a classic
It's a deal!
It's a drill
It's a fact
It's a first
It's a go!
It's a gas!
It's a habit
It's a joke
It's a keeper
It's a lie!
It's a mess!
It's a miracle!
It's a mystery
It's a pleasure
It's a problem
It's a promise
It's a risk
It's a secret
It's a start
It's a surprise
It's a trap!
It's a thought
It's a tunnel
It's a Wrap
It's about time!
It's absolutely charming
It's all clear
It's all free!
It's all gone
It's all here
It's all over
It's all there
It's all yours
It's almost over
It's almost time
It's alright brother
It's alright dad
It's alright dear
It's alright grandma
It's alright grandpa
It's alright honey
It's alright mom
It's alright sis
It's always different
It's always something
It's an adventure
It's an emergency!
It's an experiment
It's an order!
It's an outrage!
It's ancient history
It's Anyone's Guess
It's bad enough
It's bad timing
It's bed time
It's been awhile
It's been everything
It's been fun
It's been nice
It's been swell
It's beyond comprehension
It's beyond me
It's burning up!
It's cool man
It's confession time
It's dinner time!
It's done now
It's early enough!
It's every one
It's extremely hard
It's fair enough
It's for her
It's for him
It's for me
It's for them
It's for us
It's for you
It's getting better
It's getting late
It's God's will
It's gone now
It's gotta stop
It's great fun
It's half empty
It's half full
It's her choice
It's her stuff
It's here alright
It's his business
It's his choice
It's his stuff
It's just her
It's just him
It's just me
It's just them
It's just us
It's kinda' neat
It's kinda strange
It's kinda weird
It's my duty
It's late enough!
It's like magic
It's looking good
It's mine now
It's most urgent
It's most peculiar
It's most unlikely
It's my book
It's my business
It's my car
It's my coat
It's my command
It's my decision
It's my fault
It's my first
It's my hat
It's my jacket
It's my job
It's my money
It's my pen
It's my pencil
It's my pleasure
It's my stuff
It's my turn!
It's never enough
It's never locked
It's nice though
It's no bother
It's no fun
It's no joke
It's no problem
It's no secret
It's no sweat
It's no trouble
It's no use
It's not alright
It's not available
It's not bad
It's not clear
It's not easy
It's not enough
It's not fair!
It's not funny!
It's not important
It's not likely
It's not locked
It's not negotiable
It's not OK
It's not over
It's not possible
It's not right!
It's not safe
It's not that
It's not true
It's not working
It's nothing, really
It's now alright
It's now gone
It's OK baby
It's ok now
It's on me
It's on us
It's only me
It's on them
It's only money
It's only natural
It's our choice
It's our money
It's our turn
It's ours now
It's over now
It's perfectly understandable
It's pretty amazing
It's pretty close
It's pretty cool
It's pretty difficult
It's pretty tough
It's quiet enough
It's quite ordinary
It's quite possible
It's quite remarkable
It's quite ridiculous
It's rather disappointing
It's rather perplexing
It's real good
It's really confusing
It's really different
It's really happening
It's really hard
It's really impressive
It's right here
It's settled then
It's show time!
It's so cold!
It's so cool!
It's so delicious!
It's so difficult
It's so embarrassing!
It's so hot!
It's so obvious
It's so quiet!
It's so ugly
It's so windy!
It's sooo Stupid!
It's straight ahead
It's strictly routine
It's sure peaceful
It's the truth
It's their business
It's their choice
It's their fault!
It's their money
It's their stuff
It's their turn
It's this way
It's too absurd!
It's too bad
It's too Cold!
It's too dangerous
It's too dark
It's too early
It's too far
It's too hot!
It's too late
It's too loud
It's too much
It's too noisy
It's too quiet!
It's too soon
It's too steep!
It's top secret
It's very dangerous
It's very difficult
It's very extravagant
It's very important
It's very romantic
It's very serious
It's very tempting
It's vitally important
It's wide open
It's worth explaining
It's worth having
It's worth it
It's worth keeping
It's worth knowing
It's worth saving
It's YOU again
It's your call
It's your chance
It's your choice
It's your day
It's your decision
It's your duty
It's your fault!
It's your idea
It's your money
It's your move
It's your problem
It's your turn
It's your week
It's your year
I've always known
I've been around
I've been alright
I've been better
I've been busy
I've been OK
I've been out
I've been shot!
I've been thinking
I've been wondering
I've been worried
I've been worse
I've done enough
I've done nothing
I've got her!
I've got him!
I've got it!
I've got to
I've had enough
I've had it!
I've no choice
I've no idea
I've ruined everything
I've seen better
I've seen everything
Jack it up
Jesus is lord!
Jesus is Susej
Jesus Loves You!
...Johnny Come Lately
Just a bit
Just a minute
Just a moment
...Just a reminder
Just a second!
Just a thought
Just as well
Just Be Careful
Just be happy
Just be patient
Just believe me
Just believe them
Just believe us
Just call me
Just calm down
Just catch up
Just check it
Just checking in
Just chuck it
Just do it!
Just dump it
Just fix it
Just follow me
Just for fun
Just for me
Just for us
Just forget it!
Just get her
Just get here
Just get him
Just get it
Just get them
Just getting acquainted
Just go away
Just hang on
Just in- case
Just keep moving
...Just keep walking
...Just keep working
...Just killing time
Just like clockwork
Just like me
Just like that
Just like them
Just like you
Just like us
Just looking around
Just making conversation
...Just not there
Just one thing
Just passing through
Just play dead
Just say it
Just started out
Just starting out
Just stop it!
Just swing by
Just take one
Just tell me
Just tell them
Just tell us
Just the beginning
Just the same
Just the ticket
Just this once
Just trust me
Just you wait!
Keep at it
Keep Cool Fool
Keep everybody back
Keep everybody entertained
Keep everybody in
Keep everybody out
Keep everybody quiet
Keep everybody upstairs
Keep going straight
Keep him alive
Keep in touch
Keep it coming
Keep it quiet
Keep it short
Keep it simple
Keep it together
Keep floors clean
Keep me advised
Keep me apprised
Keep me informed
Keep me posted
Keep outta' sight!
Keep the change
Keep The Faith!
Keep the wheel
Keep them happy
Keep them hopping
Keep them in
Keep them out
Keep to yourself
Keep us posted
Keep your head
Keep your nerve
Kick their butt!
Kill the bum!
Kill the ump!
Kill them all!
Kill them both
Kill Your T.V.!
...Kit and Kaboodle
Knock it off!
Knock On Wood
Knock yourself out
Know it all
Know you Know
Know your place
Labor of Love
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Ladies go first
Larger than life
Last chance saloon
Last man first
Laugh Laugh Laugh
Laughter is contagious
Law and Order
Law of Survival
Laying in wait
Lead the way
Lean- Mean- Fighting machine
Learn from it
Leave 'em be
Leave her alone!
Leave him alone!
Leave it alone!
Leave it be!
Leave it open
Leave Me Alone!
Leave me be
Leave them alone!
Leave them be!
Leave this town
Leaving so soon?
Left to right
Less we forget
Let 'em die
Let 'er fly
Let 'er rip
Let her come
Let her finish
Let her march
Let freedom ring
Let her go
Let her rest
Let her speak
Let her stay
Let her through
Let her wait
Let him come
Let him die
Let him finish
Let him go
Let him march
Let him rest
Let him speak
Let him stay
Let him wait
Let it flow
Let it go!
Let it happen
Let it ride
Let it slide
Let it snow
Let it stand
Let me alone
Let me die!
Let me explain
Let me down
Let me explain...
Let me go!
Let me guess
Let me help
Let me in!
Let me know
Let me Out!
Let me see!
Let me through!
Let me try
Let them come
Let them finish
Let them go!
Let them hide
Let them in
Let them laugh
Let them march
Let them rest
Let them speak
Let them stay
Let them wait
Let us finish
Let us march
Let us out!
Let us pray
Let us proceed
Let us rest
Let's abandon ship
Let's be serious
Let's chit chat
Let's do it!
Let's do something
Let's do this
Let's double back
Let's face it...
Let's find out
Let's finish it
Let's forget it
Let's gear up!
Let's get back
Let's get 'em
Let's get moving
Let's get physical
Let's get ready
Let's get started!
Let's get them
Let's go back
Let's go boys!
Let's go fishing
Let's go forward
Let's go girls!
Let's go home
Let's go look
Let's go men
Let's go see
Let's go shopping
Let's have fun
Let's have it!
Let's have order!
Let's hear it
Let's hope so
Let's hunker down
Let's just go
Let's keep moving
Let's look alive
Let's make history
Let's make time
Let's mount up!
Let's move out
Let's play ball!
Let's play cards
Let's run away
Let's saddle up!
Let's split up
Life Goes On
Life is good
Life is great
Life's a bitch!
Life's a trip!
Life's not fair
Lift him carefully
Light 'em up
...Like a charm
Like a dream
Like old times
Like you do?
Like, you know
Listen to her!
Listen to him!
Listen to me!
Listen to them!
Listen to this...
Listen to us!
Live a little!
Live and Hope
Live and Learn
Live it up!
Live or Perish
Live the moment
Load it yourself
Loading default preferences...
Loading user preferences...
Lock and Load
Lock 'em up!
Lock her up!
Lock him up!
Lock it up!
Lock- Stock- Barrel
Lock your door(s)
Lock your window(s)
Long Live Islam!
Long Live Lenin!
Look at me
Look at that
Look at this
Look for yourself
Look it up
Look who's here
Look who's talking
...Looking for evidence
Looking for signs
Looking for someone?
Looking for something?
...Looks like it
Lord have mercy!
Lots of Luck
Lots to do
Loud and clear
Love conquers all
Love not War
Lower your weapon(s)!
Lucky for you
Lunch is served
Ma cured me
...Mad as hell
Made to order
Made you look
Maid of Honor
Maintain your position(s)
Make a wish
...make ends meet
Make her presentable
Make him presentable
Make it fast
Make it good
Make it happen
Make it last
Make it quick
Make it right
Make it so
Make me proud
Make My Day
Make the call
Make them comfortable
Make them presentable
Make us proud
Make yourself comfortable
Make yourselves comfortable
Make yourselves ready
Make yourself scarce
Makes no difference
...Makes us even
Man battle stations! of action...
Man Oh Man
Man, that's cool!
Man, you know
Many years ago
Mark My Word(s)
Matter of fact
May I continue?
May I enter?
May I go?
May I smoke?
May I speak?
May we continue?
...Maybe even better
Maybe he can't
Maybe he's right
Maybe I do
Maybe I will
Maybe I won't
Maybe it's true
Maybe it's war
Maybe next month
Maybe next time
Maybe next week
Maybe she's right
Maybe there's more
Maybe they're right
Maybe this time
Maybe you can
Maybe you should
Maybe you will
Maybe you won't
Maybe you're right
Me can do
Me forgive You?
Me- Myself- I
Men- Women- Children
...Messing things up
Meet your destiny
Might Makes Right
Mind your business
Mind your manners
Mine, all mine
Mine at last
Mine's wearing thin
Mix it up
Mmm, that's good
Mom wants you
Moment of Truth
Money Back Guarantee
Money isn't everything
Money's not everything
More or Less
More than enough
More than ever
More will come
Mother wants you
Move on over
Moving along now
Moving right along
...Much too long
Musn't blame yourself
My first time
My good madam
My good shirt
My good sir
My My My
My oh My!
My old lady
My old man
My other life
My point is...
...My thoughts exactly
...My whole life
Nag - Nag- Nag!
Name one reason
Name your price
Natural born athlete
Natural born cook
Natural born genius
Natural born healer
Natural born killer
Natural born leader
Natural born lover
Natural born teacher
Need a Ride?
Neither can I
Neither do I
...Never found her
...Never found him
...Never found it
...Never found them
Never Give In!
Neither am I
Neither are they
Neither are you
Neither has she
Neither has he
Neither have I
Neither have they
Neither have we
Never knew them
Never met her
Never met him
Never met IT
Never met them
Never mind me
Never mind that
Never mind this
Never No Mind
Never say Die
Never say goodbye
Never say Never
Never you mind
...No big deal
No big thing
No can do
No, certainly not
No, course not
No, don't shoot
No Down Payment
No dumping allowed
No easy choices
No false hopes
...No, forget it
...No further questions
No, get inside
No Girls Allowed!
No hard feelings?
No harm done
No he doesn't
No, I couldn't
No I don't
No I wasn't!
No I won't!
No, I'll stay
No, I'm alright
No, I'm fine
No I'm not
No, I'm ok
No it doesn't
No it isn't!
No it wasn't!
No it won't
No, it's alright
No it's not
No left turn
No loose ends
No matter what
No, maybe not
No money down
No more apologies
No more fighting
No more hiding
No more money
No more talk
No more time
No mother load
No! No! No!
No, no problems
No, not ever
No, not really
No, not today
No, not tomorrow
No, not tonight
No, not yet
No, nothing much
No offense meant
No one else
No one interfere(s)
No one knows
No one special
No one won
No one's here!
On one's home!
No parking here
No purchase necessary
No questions asked
No right turn
No she doesn't
No smoking permitted
No smoking section
No strings attached
No thank you
No they don't
No trade-offs!
No turning back
No way Jose'
No way man!
No we're not
No you can't
No, you can't
No you don't
No, you listen
No you won't
No you're not
Nobody appreciates me
Nobody asked you
Nobody better shoot
Nobody ever checks
Nobody likes you
Nobody live's forever
Nobody's at home
Nobody's at work
Nobody's to blame
Nobody's using it
None at all
None for me
None for you
None of it
Nor do I
...Nor have I
Not A Chance!
Not a clue
Not a chance
Not a problem
Not at all
Not even close
Not ever again
...Not exactly undeserved
Not for anybody
Not for me
Not for sale
Not from me
Not from them
Not from you
Not good enough
Not just her
Not just him
Not just now
Not just them
Not just us
Not just yet
Not long enough
...Not my job
Not no more
Not one penny
Not right away
Not right now
Not so bad
Not so good
Not so far
Not so fast
Not so long
Not so much
Not so short
Not so sweet
Not so tall
Not that long
Not this one
Not this time
Not to her
Not to him
Not to me
Not to them
Not to us
Not to worry
Not too bad
Not too shabby
Not without me
Not without you
...Not yet anyhow
Notes are signals
Nothing at all
Nothing ever changes
...Nothing ever did
Nothing ever happened
Nothing ever happens
Nothing has changed
Nothing in particular
Nothing is changed
Nothing is impossible
Nothing like that
Nothing so far
Nothing, thank you
Nothing will change
Nothing will happen
Nothing's here either
Nothing's the same
Now, be nice
Now, do try
...Now get down
Now get inside!
...Now get out!
Now get this...
Now hear this!
Now hold on!
Now I don't
Now I'm finished
Now I'm leaving
NOW it's over
Now look here...
Now lookie here...
...Now move out
Now Now Now
Now! Not Later!
Now or never
Now pay attention
Now piss off!
Now run along
Now See Here...!
Now Settle Down!
Now simmer down
Now Sit Down!
Now that's better
Now we wait
Now we're finished
Now you are
Now you can
Now you know
Now you're talkin'
Now's your chance
Obedience without question
Obey my wishes
...odd man out
Odds or Evens?
Of course not!
Off and On
Off I go
Off the books
...Off the rack
Off the record
Off they go
Off we go
Off you go
Off we go
Off with you
Officer On Duty
Oh Be Quiet!
Oh bite me!
Oh come now
Oh, come on
Oh dear me!
Oh don't cry
Oh excuse me
Oh forget it
Oh, get lost
Oh go away
Oh go on
Oh grow up!
Oh God no!
Oh good grief!
Oh, have another
Oh, hell come
Oh, how exciting
Oh I can
Oh I forget
Oh I know
Oh, I will
Oh, I see
Oh, I'm pleased
Oh, it'll fly
Oh it's hopeless
Oh, it's nothing
Oh it's wonderful!
Oh, it's you
Oh just relax
Oh, must we?
Oh My Baby!
Oh my darling
Oh- My- God!
Oh- My- Gosh!
Oh My Lord!
Oh My Lordie!
Oh my word!
Oh my, yes
Oh, never mind
Oh, no no
Oh, no thanks
Oh, of course
Oh pipe down!
Oh Pish Posh
Oh poor baby
Oh Shut Up!
Oh Stop Complaining!
Oh Stop Whining!
Oh thank you!
Oh that's alright
Oh, that's awful
Oh that's nice
Oh, that's ok
Oh they will
Oh, very well
...Oh we shall
Oh we will
Oh, What-EVER!
Oh, what happened?
Oh, Who Cares?!
Oh would you?
Oh yes indeed
Oh yes indeedy
Oh, you did!?
Oh you must
Oh, you think?
Oh you will
Oh, YOU'RE here
Oh, you're welcome
Ok, come in
Ok, follow me
OK, I'm going
OK, let's go
OK, let's talk
OK, tell us
OK, that's it
OK, we're done
Ok, what gives?
Okie Dokie Smokie
On and On
On my lead
On my way
On or Off?
On the double
On this occasion
On your feet!
On your honor
On your way
One by each
One by one
One last chance
One man army
One moment please
One more out
One more strike
One more time
On and On
On my honor
On the contrary
On your honor
Only God Knows
Only my dignity
Only one thing
Only this time...
On to victory!
Ooh la la
Oops- A- Daisy
One more chance
One more person
One more time...
Onward Christian Soldiers
...Open and shut
Open for business
Open it up
Open the door!
Open the gate
Open the lid
Open the window
Open your eyes
Or else what?
Orders are Orders
Our efforts continue
Our time's up
Out of fairness...
...Out of hand
Out of order
...Out of reach
...Out of touch
Out to lunch
Out with it
Over and out
Over the counter
Pack it in
Pack it up!
Pack your bag(s)
Pardon me, but...
...Partners in Crime
Pass it back
Pass it forward
Pass it on
Pass it up
Pass one forward
Pass the Biscuits
Pass the Butter
Pass the Jelly
Pass the Ketchup
Pass the Salt
Pass the Syrup
Pass them on
...Pay for performance
Pay the boy
Pay the girl
Pay the man
Pay the woman
Peace On Earth
People are nuts
Perhaps I would
Perhaps you're right
Permission to speak?
Persistence pays off
...Pick your brain
Pick 'em up
Pick it up!
Picky~ Picky~ Picky!
Pick a card
Pick it up!
Piece by Piece
...Piece of Cake
Pin- up Girl
Play it safe
Play your guitar
Please be careful
Please be silent
Please be Quiet
Please Come Again
Please come home
Please come in
PLEASE, come in
Please come inside
Please don't cry
Please don't die
Please don't drink
Please don't go
Please don't leave
Please don't worry
Please Drive Carefully
Please excuse me
Please follow me
Please forgive me
Please go away
Please go ahead
Please go inside
Please, just go
Please read silently
Please shut up!
Please sit down
Please speak softly
Please stand by
Please stop it
Please stop that!
Please take care
Please trust me
Please wait here
Please wait outside
Please walk quietly
Pleasure's all mine
...Plenty of room
...Plenty of time
Plug your ears
Plug your nose
Plug your nostrils
Poor tormented child
Power of Attorney
Practice- Practice- Practice
Praise the lord
Prepare for battle!
Prepare for war!
Prepare the sleds!
Prepare to attack!
Prepare to fire!
Prepare to die!
Prepare to dive!
Prepare to leave
...Pretty difficult question
Pretty impressive huh?
Priced to sell
Proceed with caution
Promises Promises Promises
Proof of Purchase
Pudin' and Pie
Pull it off
Pull it out!
Pull out now!
Pull the trigger
Pull your weight
Pull yourself together
Punch drunk love
Pure and Simple
Pursuit of Knowledge
Put it away
Put it on
Put it out
Put it through
Put that away
Put that back!
Put that down!
Put that out!
Questions about what?
Quit messin' around
Quite a gal
Quite a guy
Quite the contrary
Rags to Riches
Raise the flag
Read the book
Ready to roll
Ready- Willing- (and) Able
Release the dogs!
Remember it well
Remember, it will
Repeat after me...
...Request is granted
Rest In Peace
Rest In Purgatory
Results may vary
Retreat Into Perseverance
Return to work
Right after breakfast
Right after lunch
Right as Rain
Right away Ma'm
Right away Sir
Right, let's go
Right on time
Right this minute!
Right this way
Right to left
Ring the police
Rise and Shine!
Road Construction Ahead
Road Work Ahead
Rootin' Tootin' Shootin'
Rules Strictly enforced
Run and play
Run! Run! Run!
Saddle the horses
Saint's protect me
Saint's protect them
Saint's protect us
Saint's protect you
Same as always
Same as them
Same as us
Same as usual
Same as you
Same old shit
Same old story
Same old stuff
Same old thing
Same to you
Save your breath
Save your money
Save your strength
Say no more
Scared you, huh?
Scratch my back
Search and destroy!
...Search and Rescue...
Search for what?
Search the area
Search the boat!
Secure that weapon
Secure the load
Secure your weapons
See to it
See what happens
See you around
See you later
See you soon
See you there
See you tomorrow
See you tonight
Seeing is believing
Seek and destroy
Seems a shame
Seize the day
Seize the moment
Send her away
Send him away
Send her in
Send him in
Send them away
Send them in
Serves them right
Serves you right
Shake a leg
Shake and Bake
Shall I come?
Shall we dance?
Shall we eat?
Shall we go?
Shall we investigate?
Shall we shake?
Shall we sit?
Shame on them!
Shame on you!
She always was
She appreciates it
She better be
She better not
She can't speak
She can't talk
She didn't say
She does too
She doesn't exist
She gave up
She get away
She gives up
She hit me
She is back
She is beautiful!
She is decent
She is fine
She is gorgeous!
She is happy
She is hurrying
She is slowing
She is not
She is now
She is wonderful
She isn't coming
She isn't happy
She isn't here
She just disappeared
She killed herself
She knows nothing
She knows now
She knows why
She learns fast
She lives here
She looks angry
She looks concerned
She looks lousy
She looks mad
She lost it
She means business
She might know
She moved away
She must decline
She never misses
She passed on
She passed out
She started it
She started this
She stays here
She stays put
She still is
She still can
She still can't
She still will
She still won't
She sure does
She sure is
She sure isn't
She wants you
She was decent
She was fortunate
She was murdered
She was warned
She went there
She will go
She will not
She won't listen
She won't miss
She needs her
She needs him
She needs it
She needs me
She needs them
She needs us
She now knows
She started it
She warned you
She was discovered
She was lovely
She was lucky
She was wonderful
She wasn't happy
She wasn't there
She went away
She will recover
She wouldn't dare
She'll be alright
She'll be fine
She'll be here
She'll be missed
She'll be ready
She'll come around
She'll do it
She'll make it
She'll regret this
She's a beaut (beautiful)
She's a keeper
She's a looker
She's a virgin
She's all yours
She's an angel
She's an idiot!
She's at home
She's bad news
She's been around
She's burning up!
She's coming down!
She's coming in
She's done enough
She's expecting me
She's fed up
She's gonna' die
She's good people
She's got em'!
She's ignoring me
She's just different
She's just human
She's leaving him
She's leaving me
She's my aunt
She's my daughter
She's my friend
She's my mom
She's my grandma
She's my friend
She's never wrong
She's not coming
She's not here
She's not in
She's not shy
She's only human
She's outta' control
She's outta' here
She's outta' town
She's paying me
She's plenty tough
She's pure evil
She's really confused
She's ruined everything
She's safe enough
She's safe now
She's so beautiful!
She's so sweet!
She's spoken for
She's still scary
She's still there
She's taken command
She's taking command
She's the one
She's too late
She's using it
She's very angry
She's very happy
She's very pretty
She's very rich
She's very sad
She's very tired
She's well paid quiet
Shoot on sight
Shoot to kill
...Shooting the breeze
Short and Sweet
Short but sweet
Short-order cook
Should I be?
Shoulder Work Ahead
Show me how
Show me what?
Show me where
Show some respect
Shut it down
Shut it off
Shut the door!
Shut the lid
Shut the window
Shut your door(s)
Shut your eyes
Shut your face!
Shut your mouth!
Shut your trap!
Shut your window(s)
Sick 'em boy
Sick 'em girl
Sick Sick Sick
Simple Simon says...
Sign here please
Sink or Swim
Sit down please
Sit Sit Sit
Skin 'em alive
...Sleep more soundly
...Slip and Fall
Smells like it
So am I and so
So are they
So are you
So are we
So Be It!
So did I
So do I
So, do something!
So, do tell
So forget it
So I gather
So I have
So I heard
So it is
So it seems
So it's ok
So, it's true
So, it's you...
So I've heard
So-long baby
So long folks
So much more
So now what?
So- say something
So- say something
So says who?
So says you
So shut up
So, stop trying
So that's it...
so that's that
So that's why...
So was I
So we decided...
So we've heard
So what now?
So what's new?
So what's next?
So What's up?
So, Who cares?
So would I
...So you claim
So you have
So you see...
So you were
Solve that problem
Solve this problem
Some boys do
Some girls do
Some kids do
Some men do
Some of it
Some other time
Some women do
Somebody had to
Somebody has to
Somebody heard me
Somebody heard us
Somebody help me!
Somebody's got to
Something bothering you?
Something has happened
Something is wrong
Something like that
Something's come up
Something's going on
Something's gone wrong
Something like that
Something went wrong
Sometimes I wonder
Sooner or Later
Sorry 'bout that
Sorry I bothered
Sorry I'm late
Sorry, wrong number
Sort it out!
...Sounds about right
Sounds like it
Speak for yourself
Speak up please
Squeeze the trigger
Stand at attention!
Stand by me
Stand your ground
Stands to reason
Start seeing motorcycles
Start without me
State your business
Stay at home
Stay in bed
Stay in line
Stay right here
Stay the course
Stay with it!
Stay with me
Stay with us
Step on it
Stick with it
Stick with me
Stop asking questions
Stop back by
Stop blaming yourself
Stop by later
Stop dozing off
Stop following me!
Stop foolin' around!
Stop foolin' yourself
...Stop gap measure
Stop imagining things
Stop interrupting me!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
Stop kidding yourself
Stop Messin' Around!
Stop pestering me
Stop pestering them
Stop pestering us
Stop pissin' about!
Stop playing games
Stop provoking them!
Stop showing off!
Stop spoiling her!
Stop spoiling him!
Stop spoiling them!
Stop the car!
Stop the train!
Stop! Turn Back!
Stop Waisting Bullets!
Stop waisting money
Stop waisting time
Stop your squawking!
Strength in numbers
Strike em' Out!
Strike it rich
Success at last
Such a Gentleman!
Such a waste
Such as who?
Such as what?
Suck it up
Sunny- Side up
Supper's almost ready
Support our troops
Suppose I did?
Supposin' I do?
Supposin' I don't?
Supposin' I will?
Supposin' I won't?
Supposin' we don't?
Sure, go ahead
Sure, I know
Sure, I'm game
Sure I'm sure
Sure it worked
Sure they will
Sure we are
Sure, why not
Sure you are
Sure you can
Sure you did
Sure you do
Sure you will
Sure you're right
Surrender or Die
Survive or Die
Swear to God
TA TA Forever
Take a base
Take a bite
Take a break
Take a breath
Take a chance
Take a guess
Take a hike
Take a hint...
Take a letter
Take a look
Take a message
Take a number
Take a peek
Take a piece
Take a pill!
Take a seat
Take a ticket
Take a walk
Take full responsibility
Take her away!
Take her below
Take her home
Take her there
Take him away!
Take him below
Take him down
Take him home
Take her there
Take it away
Take it down
Take it easy!
Take it home
Take it out
Take it outside
Take it slow
Take me home
Take me there
Take no prisoners
Take only one
Take the consequences
Take the gun
Take the plunge
Take them away!
Take them below
Take them home
Take us home
Take us there
Take your chance(s)
Take your seats!
Take your time
Take your turn!
Talk Talk Talk things over
Talk to her
Talk to him
Talk to it
Talk to them
Tell 'em boy!
Tell her what?
Tell him yourself
Tell him what?
Tell me something
Tell me what?
Tell the police
Tell the truth
Tell them what?
Thank ya/you kindly
Thank you again
Thank you all
Thank you both
Thank you God
Thank you Jesus
Thank you Lord
Thank you Ma'am
Thank you much
Thank you Sir
Thank you Thank you Thank you
Thanks for asking
Thanks for breakfast
Thanks a Bunch!
Thanks for coming!
Thanks for dinner
Thanks for everything
Thanks for helping!
Thanks for listening
Thanks for nothing
Thanks my lord
Thanks so much!
Thanks for supper
Thanks for trying
Thanks for waiting
Thanks to you
That Ain't Cool!
That answers it
That bugs me
That can't be
That did it
That does it
That explains everything
That explains it
That explains nothing
That I can
That I can't
That I did
That, I'll have
That is all
That is amazing
That is Awesome
That is correct
That is disgusting!
That is enough
That is good
That is important
That is impressive
That is logical
That is ludicrous
That is outrageous
That is remarkable
That IS rich
That is right
That is stupid!
That is That
That is unfair
That is unfortunate
That is wonderful
That isn't fair!
That isn't funny
That isn't necessary
That isn't so
That it will
That makes sense
That matter's closed
That means a lot
That means trouble
That never happened
That never happens
That scares her
That scares him
That scares them
That scares us
That settles it
That settles that
That sounds great!
That suits me
That Tastes Bad
That Tastes Good
That too, sure
That was amazing
That was awesome!
That was close
That was cool
That was different
That was fine
That was it
That was painless
That was pointless
That was refreshing
That was terrific!
That was tricky
That wasn't bad
That wasn't cool
That wasn't good
That wasn't necessary
That wasn't true
That went well
That'd be great
That'd be nice
That'll be all
That'll be great
That'll be that
That's a bummer
That's a change
That's a fact
That's a lie!
That's a notion
That's a promise
That's a shock
That's a start
That's about it
That's absolutely impossible
That's absolutely right
That's All Folks
That's also possible
That's an insult
That's an order!
That's ancient history
That's be me
That's bitchin' man!
That's far enough
That's for me
That's for sure
That's good enough
That's good news
That's it alright
That's mighty fine
That's my job
That's my ride
That's my stuff
That's my truck
That's never wrong
That's no fun
That's not all
That's not enough
That's not fair!
That's not good
That's not important
That's not it
That's not possible
That's not practical
That's not right!
That's not so!
That's not true!
That's not unreasonable
That's our deal
That's perfectly alright
That's perfectly OK
That's pretty amazing
That's quite alright
That's quite enough
That's so beautiful
That's so dumb!
That's so funny!
That's so impressive!
That's so selfish
That's So Silly!
That's so stupid!
That's so unfair
That's the breaks
That's the deal
That's the girl
That's the idea
That's the man
That's the plan
That's the rub
That's the rule(s)
That's the spirit
That's the truth
That's the woman
That's too complicated
That's totally awesome!
That's totally untrue
That's true too
That's her problem
That's his problem
That's my problem
That's our problem
That's their problem
That's your problem
That's very funny
That's very kind
That's very lucky
That's very thoughtful
That's what happened
That's wonderful news!
That's your department
...the acid test...
The answer's no
The big picture
The blame game
The car stalled
The clock's ticking
The deadly truth
The deal's off
The Devil's Advocate
The domestic agenda
The domino effect
The door's open
The End time
The enemy within
the Evil Eye
The fact is
The fine print
The first one
The game's over
The golden years
The Grand Tour
The Jet Set
The Jet Stream
The Jigs up
The last one
The Last Supper
The light's green
The light's red
The light's yellow
The Lion's share
The Living Dead
The Lone Wolf
The matter's closed
The middle man
The middle one
The mind's eye
The nay sayers
The next time
The offer's genuine
The olden days
The party's over
The promised land
The Religious Left
The Religious Right
The water's dirty
The secret's out
They survived it
The Third Ear
The usual rubbish
The war's over!
The water's fine
The water's toxic
The wedding's off
The whole shebang
The word is...
The yay sayers
Their time's up
Then do it
Then it's done
...Then it's over
Then it's settled
Then leave it
Then, let's go
Then ship it
Then skip it
Then tell us
Then we agree
...Then we'll see
Then, you leave
There ain't any
There always does
There always is
There always was
There aren't any
There certainly is
There I go
There is hope
There is none
There is not
There isn't any
There isn't room
There isn't time
There it is!
There it was
There, it's done
There, it's settled
Thar she blows
There she blows
There, that's better
There, that's it
There they are
There you go
There wasn't time
There we are
There we is
There won't be
There you are!
There you go!
There's a god
There's a reason
There's another chance
?There's another thing
There's little choice
There's my ride
There's no change
There's no chemistry
There's no escape
There's no harm
There's no hurry
There's no hope
There's no mistake
There's no more!
There's no point
There's no pressure
There's no room
There's no rush
There's no time
There's no way!
There's nobody here!
There's nobody home!
There's non available
There's nothing here
There's nothing there
There's nothing wrong
There's one possibility
There's or Yours?
There's someone coming
There's something coming
There's something missing
There's something wrong
There's still time
They all are
They all do
They already know
They always are
They ambushed us!
They appreciate it
They are back
They are coming!
They are crazy
They are decent
They are fine
They are happy
They are not
They are open
They are retreating
They are sad
They aren't coming
They aren't happy
They aren't here
They better be
They better not
They changed clothes
They could be
They didn't say
They do too
They don't exist
They don't know
They forced you!
They gave up
They get away?
They give up
They got away
They got em'!
They got me
They hit me
They just disappeared
They know nothing
They know now
They know why
They learn fast
They like it
They live here
They look angry
They look concerned
They look lost
They look lousy
They look mad
They lost it
They made me
They mean business
They mean good
They might know
They moved away
They must decline
They never did
They never miss
They now know
They passed on
They passed out
They say no
They say yes
They sent me
They started it!
They started this
They stay here
They stay put
They still are
They still can
They still can't
They still will
They still won't
They sure are
They sure aren't
They sure do
They switched books
They switched cars
They switched clothes
They trust you
They usually do
They usually will
They usually won't
They warned you
They went away
They went there
They were decent
They were discovered
They were lucky
They were murdered
They were open
They were warned
They were wrong
They weren't happy
They will come
They will go
They will not
They will recover
They won't listen
They won't pay
They wouldn't dare!
They'll be alright
They'll be fine
They'll be here
They'll be missed
They'll be ready
They'll come around
They'll come over
They'll do alright
They'll do it
They'll kill us
They'll make it
They'll never know
They'll regret this
They're a team
They're all alive
They're all dead
They're all gone
They're almost home
They're at home
They're bad luck
They're bad news
They're burning up!
They're doing it
They're doing this
They're fed up
They're gonna' die
They're good folks
They're good luck
They're good parents
They're good people
They're good students
They're home free
They're ignoring me
They're in trouble
They're just different
They're just friends
They're just human
They're just playing
They're just talking
They're never wrong
They're not available
They're not here
They're not in
They're not open
They're not shy
They're on it
They're only human
They're outta' control
They're outta' here
They're outta' town
They're paying me
They're pissed off!
They're plenty tough
They're really confused
They're still there
They're too late
They're very happy
They're very sad
They've been hit!
They've done enough
They've doubled back
They've made me
They've no choice
They've ruined everything
They've taken command
They're taking command
They're using it
They're very rich
Things are changing
Things are different
Things like this
Things like that
Things will change
Think about it
Think about this
Think it over
Think of it
Think it'll fly?
Think things over
This ain't over
This ain't right
This bugs me
This came today
This can't be
This explains it
This is acceptable
This is amazing!
This is awful!
This is bad
This is crazy!
This is delicious
This is different
This is disgusting!
This is done
This is Fantastic!
This is finished
This is good
This is great
This is horrible
This is important
This is insane!
This is it
This is ludicrous
This is lunacy
This is madness!
This is mine
This is nice
This is odd
This is OK
This is ours
This is outrageous!
This is real
This is reality
This is Ridiculous!
This is right
This is serious!
This is stupid!
This is unacceptable
This is unfortunate
This is War!
This is wrong
This isn't fair
This isn't funny
This isn't necessary
This isn't over
This isn't right
This may help
This means everything
This means you
This one's pretty
This or That
This Side Down
This Side Up
This suits me
This way, please
This will help
This won't wait
Those they don't
Those won't grow
3 Alarm Saloon
Through and Through
Throw it away!
Throw it down!
Throw the bat!
Throw the dice!
Time and again
Time for Dinner!
Time for Lunch!
Time for supper
Time is up
Time marches on
Time to go
Time to leave
Time to play
Time will tell
Time's are achangin'
Time's are changing
Time's running out
Tis the truth
To be sure
To begin with...
To my knowledge...
To the death...
To the finish
To the limit
To what end?
Told you so
Tom- Dick- Harry
Tomorrow's another day
...Too much responsibility
Touch and Go
Treat her right
Treat him right
Treat it right
Trial and Error
Trial by Combat
Trick or Treat
True to form
Trust me... Daddy-O
Trust no one
Truth Or Dare?
Try it again
Try it sometime
Try that one
Try this on
Try this one
Try to relax
Try to understand
Try your hardest
Turn it around
Turn it off!
Turn it on
Turn me on
Turn them on
...Twists and Turns
Two of 'em
Two of them
Uh- Uh- Uh!
Uh, never mind
Unbolt the door!
Uncork the bottle
Under honorable conditions
United We Stand
...Unless I stay
...Unless otherwise provoked
Unlock that door!
Unlock the door!
Unlock this door
Until next time
Up and about
Up and "at-'em"
Up and coming
Up one's sleeve
Up or Down?
Up the creek
Up the river
Up you go
Use a glass
Use a hammer
Use a knife
Use a fork
Use a spoon
Use as directed
Use extreme caution
Use left lane
Use right lane
Use your hands
Use your head
Used car dealer
Utility work ahead
Van for sale
Very good sir
Very well ma'am
Very well sir
...Very well then
Victory or Death
Viewer discretion advised
Vipers Breed Vipers
Waa- Waa- Waa
Wait a minute!
Wait and see
Wait for everybody!
Wait for me!
Wait for them!
Wait for us!
Wait! I'm coming!
Wait over here
Wait over there
Wait right here
Wait right there
Wait Wait Wait
Walk- in service
Walk this way
Walk with me
Wanna' get plastered?
Wanna' get drunk?
Wanna' get high?
Wanna' get lucky?
Wanna' get married?
Wanna' get stoned?
Wanna' join me?
Wanna' step outside?
Want a cigarette?
Want to dance?
Want a drink?
Want some help?
Want the truth?
Want to eat?
War is hell
Was it awful?
Was it wonderful?
Was that necessary?
Wash the dishes
Wash your clothes
Watch and learn
Watch it now
Watch me play
Watch my back
Watch us grow
Watch your ass
Watch your back
Watch your butt
Watch your feet
Watch your hands
Watch your language!
Watch your mouth!
Watch your step
Watching and Waiting
Watching and Wondering
Way much so
Way to Go!
Way too easy
We appreciate it
We are alive
We are alone
We are back
We are closed
We are divorced
We are done
We are fine
We are finished
We are grateful
We Are Here
We are married
...We are now
We are proud
We are separated
We are through
We are unarmed
We believe you
We best go
We best hurry
We better be
We better go
We better hurry
We better not
We both did
We can go
We can't know
We can't stay
We certainly are
We certainly have
We did alright
We did it!
We don't know
We find it
We forgot to
We found it
We gave up
We give up
We go now
We got company
We got company
We got 'em
We got her
We got problems
We gotta go
We gotta talk
We have enough
We have it
We have landed
We have nothing
We have time
We know better
We know nothing
We know that
We know why
We learn fast
We like it
We live here
We lost 'em
We lost it
We love it
We made it!
We mean business
We must advance!
We must decline
We must go
We must hurry!
We must retreat!
We musn't despair
We need answers
We need help
We need reinforcements
We need them
We never miss
We plumb forgot
We salute you
We shall overcome
We shall see
We stay here
We stay put
We still are
We still can
We still can't
We still will
We still won't
We sure do
We, than you
We thought not
We trust you
We trusted ya/you
We wait here
We warned you
We were ambushed!
We were attacked
We were kids
We were lucky
We were wrong
We will be
We will go
We will not
We will see
We won't pay
We won't retreat
We'd be delighted
We'd better hurry!
We'd love to
Well, believe it
Well, behave yourself
Well, come on
Come on then
Well, do something
Well fancy that
Well, go on
Well, goodbye then
Well, He tried
Well, Hello There!
Well, I am
Well I suppose
Well, I tried
Well I'll be
Well I'll Swear
Well, I'll try
Well, I'm listening
Well, I'm off
Well, let's go
Well, lookie here
Well, no matter
Well, not exactly
Well of course
Well, she tried
Well, sit tight
Well, so what!
Well, stop it
Well, stop eating
Well, stop listening
Well, stop sleeping
Well, stop snoring
Well, stop trying
Well, thanks a lot
Well that's good
Well, that's nature
Well, that's nice
Well, that's that
Well, there's that
Well, They tried
Well, We tried
Well, will it?
...Well you better
Well Well Well
Well, what happened?
Well, who did?
Well, who is?
Well, why not?
We'll be missed
We'll camp here
We'll come over
We'll discuss it
We'll do it
We'll end this
We'll find out
We'll get through
We'll have to
We'll get 'em
We'll make it
We'll need it
We'll never know
We'll sit tight
We'll stay here
We'll talk later
We'll take it
Were you scared?
We're a team
We're all done
We're all going
We're all safe
We're all set
We're almost home
We're almost there
We're at war!
We're coming in!
We're going down!
We're going in
We're going on
We're gonna' die
We're home free
We're in business
We're in trouble
We're just different
We're just fine
We're leaving here
We're leaving now
We're on it
We're outta' here!
We're best friends
We're burning up!
We're coming out!
We're doing this
We're fed up
We're going home
We're her family
We're his family
We're home free
We're just friends
We're leaving now
We're moving out
We're much obliged
We're not available
We're old friends
We're on it
We're only human
We're out-gunned
We're out- manned
We're outta' gas
We're outta' here
We're ready now!
We're safe now
We're still here
We're the best
We're the one
We're their family
We're through here
We're too late
We're under attack!
We're very close
We're very happy
We're very rich
We're waisting daylight
Were you followed?
WERE you now!?
Were you right?
Were you sleeping?
Were you successful?
Wet your whistle
We've been discovered
We've done enough
We've done it!
We've got company
We've got her
We've got him
We've got it
We've got them
We've got trouble
We've made it!
We've no choice
What a brain!
What a day
What a joke!
What a mess!
What a pity
What a relief
What a sight!
What a surprise!
What a trooper
What a waste
What about her?
What about him?
What about it?
What about me?
What about now?
What about them?
What about then?
What about this?
What about today?
What about tomorrow?
What about us?
What about yesterday?
What about you?
What an idiot!
What an honor!
What an imagination!
What are they?
What happened exactly?
What happened here?
What happened then?
What happened there?
What happens next?
What happens now?
What in Tarnation!?
What is happening?
What is it?
What is that?
What is this?
What it is?
What it be?
What, it's over?
What just happened?
What kept you/ya?
What, me scared?
What of it?
What of her?
What of him?
What of them?
What of us?
What on Earth?
What say you?
What you got?
What's he done?
What the devil?
What the heck?
What the hell...
What to do?
What was it?
What was stolen?
What was that?
What was what?
What went wrong?
What What What
What you(ya) doing?
What you got?
What you want?
Whatcha' doing there?
Whatcha' thinking about?
What'd I do?
What's I miss?
What'd you say?
Whatever is arranged
Whatever is necessary
Whatever is needed
Whatever it takes
Whatever that is
Whatever was arranged
Whatever you like
Whatever you need
Whatever you say
...Whatever you're doing
What'd you say?
What'd you want
What'll it be?
What'll we do?
What'll you do?
What'll you have?
What'll you say?
What's bothering you?
What's bugging you?
What's eating you?
What's for Breakfast?
What's for Dinner?
What's for Lunch?
What's for Supper?
What's going on?
What's Happening Man?
What's happened now?
What's her excuse?
What's her face...
What's her name...
What's her status?
What's his excuse?
What's his face...
What's his name...
What's his status?
What's it about?
What's it for?
What's on T.V.?
What's our status?
What's over there?
What's she done?
What's so funny?
What's that about?
What's the catch?
What's the charge?
What's the deal?
What's the difference?
What's the excuse?
What's the haps?
What's the harm?
What's the hurry?
What's the idea?
What's the matter?
What's the message?
What's the noise?
What's the plan?
What's the point?
What's the problem?
What's the purpose?
What's the racket?
What's the reason?
What's the rest?
What's the rush?
What's the status?
What's the story?
What's the trouble?
What's the use?
What's the word?
What's their excuse?
What's their status?
What's this about?
What's that stuff?
What's this stuff?
What's troubling you?
What's up man?
What's wrong now?
What's your angle?
What's your guess?
What's your hurry?
What's your name?
What's your pleasure?
What's your point?
What's your status?
What's your status?
What's your story?
Wheelin' and Dealin'
When it's complete
When it's done
When will we?
Whenever they like
Whenever you like
Whenever you're free
Whenever you're ready
When's supper ready?
Where am I?
Where are they?
Where are we?
Where are you?
Where is everybody?
Where is everyone?
Where is he?
Where is it?
Where is she?
Where to ma'am?
Where to now?
Where to sir?
Where we going?
Where were we?
Where you been?
Where You Going?
Where you headed?
Where you headin'?
Where you going?
Where'd he go?
Where's she go?
Where'd they go?
Where's my backup?
Where's my dog?
Where's my dinner?
Where's my food?
Where's my keys?
Where's my lunch?
Where's my shirt?
Where's my shoes?
Where's my supper?
Where's the butter?
Where's the cat?
Where's the dog?
Where's the fire?
Where's the forks?
Where's the Jelly?
Where's the Ketchup?
Where's the keys?
Where's the lettuce?
Where's the mayo?
Where's the money?
Where's the mouse?
Where's the mustard?
Where's the spoons?
Where's the weapon?
Where's the spider?
Where's your backup?
Where's your colleague?
Where's your pa?
...Which is likely
...Which is unlikely
Which this is
Which this isn't
Who am I?
Who are they?
Who are you?
Who asked you?
Who did it?
Who did that?
Who did this?
Who goes there?
Who got you?
Who hit me?
Who invited you?
Who is it?
Who is that?
Who is this?
Who needs them?
Who said so?
Who said that?
Who says so?
Who sent you?
Who staged this?
Who started it?
Who started this?
Who stole them?
Who threw that?
Who told you?
Who was that?
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Whoever you are
Whoever you say
Whomever you are
Whomever you say
Whoop- T- Doo
Who's back there?
Who's gonna go?
Who's gonna stay?
Who's hunting who?
Who's in charge?
Who's the boss?
Who's the Man?
Who's to blame?
Who's to know?
Who's to say?
Who's with me?
Works for me
Why always me?
Why ask me?
Why can't I?
Why can't they?
Why can't you?
Why can't we?
Why did you?
Why didn't you?
Why ever not?
Why hide it?
Why is it?
Why is that?
Why...Land Sakes!
Why not now?
Why on Earth...?
Why should he?
Why should I?
Why should it?
Why should she?
Why should they?
Why should we?
Why shouldn't I?
Why so few?
Why so soon?
Why wouldn't I?
Why you ask?
Why you go?
Why'd you leave?
Will it hurt?
Will it keep?
Will it work?
Will you believe?
Will you hush?
Win- Lose- Draw
Winning isn't everything
Wipe your feet!
Wish I didn't
Wish I do
Wish I knew
Wish me luck
Words fail me
Work Before Play in progress
Work it out!
...Work of art
Work on it
Works for me
Would you hush!
Would you shush!
Write to me
Yada Yada Yada
Yeah... he says
Yeah, he stays
Yeah, he's alright
Yeah, I bet
Yeah I do
Yeah, I guess
Yeah, I know
Yeah, I spose (suppose)
Yeah, I'm here
Yeah, I'm ready
Yeah, I'm sure
Yeah, it's over
Yeah, it's time
Yeah, me too
Yeah, she's alright
Yeah, so- long
Yeah, they're alright
Yeah, well, later
Yeah, we're through
Yeah, you too
Yeh, I bet
Yeh, I did
Yeh, I guess
Yeh, I know
Yeh, I heard
Yeh, I suppose
Yeh, I understand
Yeh, I'm fine
Yeh, I'm OK
Yeh, I'm tough
Yeh, it's me
Yeh, maybe so
Yeh, it's me
Yeh, it's tough
Yeh, quit stalling
Yeh! Yeh! Yeh!
Yeh, you bet
Yeh you can
Yeh, you will
Yep, I'm coming
Yep, I'm going
Yep, sure is
Yes, about then
Yes, alright, Yes
Yes he did
Yes I am
Yes I did!
Yes I do
Yes I have
Yes, I know
Yes, I see
Yes, I suppose
Yes I was
Yes I will
Yes I would
Yes it could
Yes it is
Yes it may
Yes, it should
Yes it was
Yes it will
Yes it would
Yes, it's cruel
Yes, it's me
Yes, it's ok
Yes, it's wonderful
Yes my friend
Yes my love
Yes, no doubt
Yes, of course
Yes Sirree Bob
Yes, thank God
Yes, thank you
Yes, that's all
Yes, that's it!
Yes, that's right
Yes, that's true
Yes we can
Yes we did
Yes, we're close
Yes, we're friends
Yes We're Open
Yes, yes ok
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes you are
Yes you can
Yes you do
Yes, you must
Yes you were
Yes you will
Yet it is
You all set?
You ain't nothin'!
You and Me
You are alone
You are amazing
Yo are better
You ARE clever
You are crazy
You are dangerous
You are fired!
You are free
You are gorgeous!
You Are Here
You are incorrigible!
You are irresponsible
You are kind
You are mine!
You are mistaken
You are nothing
You are remarkable
You! are responsible
You are right
You aren't now
You back stabber!
You be careful
You be good
You be nice
You best hurry
You betrayed me
You betrayed them
You betrayed us
You better be
You BETTER come
You better hurry
You better leave
You better not
You better run
You Better stay
You Big Bully!
You Big Grump!
You Big Idiot!
You blabber mouth
You blew it
You booboo head
You call me
You calling me?
You came back
You can read
You can hear
You can too
You can understand
You can't either
You can't leave
You can't miss
You can't quit
You can't read!
You come along
You coming home?
You coming In?
You couldn't wait
You crazy dame
You deserve better
You deserve more
You did fine
You did good!
You Did it!
You did not!
You did so!
You did that?
You did this
You did too!
You did well
You did what?
You didn't ask
You dirty bum!
You dirty dog!
You dirty liar!
You disappoint me
You disappont us
You disgrace me!
You disgrace yourself!
You disgraced us
You do it!
You do that
You do without
You doodoo head
You don't care
You don't listen
You don't remember?
You don't say
You don't think...?
You double crosser!
You drunkin' bum!
You earned it
You feelin' alright?
You feeling alright?
You feelin' better?
You feeling better?
You feeling ok?
You figured wrong
You filthy bum
You filthy liar!
You filthy scum
You finally came
You flatter me
You forget it?
You forget them
You forgive me?
You forgot me
You forgot something?
You forgot them
You found it
You found me
You found them
You get her
You get him
You get it!
You girls ok?
You go aboard
You go ahead
You go away!
You go first
You going somewhere?
You got competition
You got em'
You got it
You got me
You got strong
You got them?
You gotta' listen
You gotta' promise
You gotta' stop
You guys ok?
You handle it
You has- been!
You hate me(?!)
You have enough
You have I.D.?
You have now
You have returned
You have to
You haven't changed
You hear anything?
You hear me?
You hear that?
You heard her
You heard him
You (ya'll) heard me
You heard them
You horne dog
You hurry back
You insolent dog!
You jack-ass!
You keep it
You keep them
You kiddin' me?
You know better
You know her?
You know him?
You know it!
You know, ...Man
You know me
You know sumpin?...(something)
You know that
You know them?
You know why
You Knuckle head!
You like jazz?
You little devil
You little idiot!
You live here?
You look awful
You look comfortable
You look concerned
You look different
You look good
You look lousy
You look mad
You look relaxed
You look terrible!
You look worried
You lose something?
You lost it?!
You lost me
You lost them?
You lost us
You low life
You lucky dog
You lunk head
You made it!
You made me!
You made that?
You make me
You make time
You may go
You may proceed
You mean it?
You mean that?
You missed it!
You missed one
...You must be
You must cooperate
You must decline
You must forget
You must go
You must leave
You musn't despair
You musn't go
You musn't leave
You musn't stay
You name it
You need anything?
You need me
You needn't worry
You never are
You Never Know
You never learn
You never look!
You never stop!
You never- was!
You never will
You nit wit!
You owe me
You owe them
You poopoo head
You promise me?
You promised me
You said so
You said what?
You saved me
You say what?
You scared her
You scared him
You sacred it
You scared me!
You scared them
You see anything?
You see them?
You should be
You should go
You should rest
You shouldn't have...
You shut it!
You Shut Up!
You sleep here
You slime ball!
You smell anything?
You smell good!
You smell great!
You spoil her
You spoil him
You spoil them
You started it
You started this
You stay here!
You stay put
You stay there
You still here?
You stop worrying
You stubborn fool!
You stupid creep!
You Stupid Gringo!
You Stupid Idiot!
You Stupid Mexican
You Stupid Nigger!
You sure do
You take care
You take it
You tell her
You tell him
You tell me
You tell them
You telling me!
YOU the MAN!
You think so?
You told me!
You tricked me
You try me
You try them
You try us
You used me
You wait here!
You Wanna' Be
You wanna' bet?
You wanna' play?
You want some?
You watch her
You watch him
You watch out
You watch them
You water it
You were fantastic!
You were fired
You were lucky
You were right
You were saying?
You were sure
You were warned
You were wrong
You weren't there
You White Trash!
You WILL pay!
You will succeed
You will too
You with us?
You would have
You wouldn't dare!
You wouldn't listen
You wouldn't stop
You, You-You!
You'd be surprised
You'd be welcome
You'll be back
You'll be fine
You'll be fined
You'll be late
You'll be missed
You'll be OK
You'll be sorry
You'll be watched
You'll do it
You'll find out
You'll learn fast
You'll never guess
You'll regret this
You'll see it
You'll stay here
Your attention please!
Your breath stinks!
Your dad's home
Your daddy's home
Your father's home!
Your feet smell!
Your feet stink!
Your mom's home
Your mommy's home
Your mother's home!
Your obedient servant
Your objections noted
Your orders Sir(.?!)
Your point is?
Your problem's solved
Your time's up
You're a brat!
You're a fool
You're a liar!
You're a mess!
You're a nag
You're a Pig!
You're a weirdo!
You're all alike
You're all business
You're all chumps
You're all finished
You're all fired!
You're all free!
You're all heart
You're all suspects
You're almost there
You're always hungry!
You're always starving!
You're awfully quiet
You're bad luck
You're being silly
You're being stubborn
You're better off
You're bleeding again!
You're coming in
You're darn tootin'!
You're dead meat
You're dead right
You're dead wrong
You're doing fine
You're doing good
You're dripping wet!
You're forgetting yourself
You're getting married?
You're going too!
You're good luck
You're home early
You're home free
You're home late
You're hurting me!
You're ignoring it
You're ignoring her
You're ignoring him
You're ignoring me
You're ignoring them
You're ignoring us
You're in command
You're in control
You're in trouble
You're interrupting me
You're just different
You're killin' me
You're looking fine!
You're looking Good!
You're mighty understanding
You're most welcome
You're my friend
You're my hero
You're never around
You're never satisfied!
You're never wrong
You're no help
You're not blind!
You're not deaf
You're not done?
You're not going
You're not invited!
You're not leaving
You're not married?
You're not playing!
You're not responsible
You're not scared?
You're not serious
You're not trying
You're not welcomed!
You're outta' control
You're outta' gas
You're outta' here
You're over reacting
You're paying me
You're perfectly safe
You're probably right
You're Pussy Whipped!
You're quite welcome
You're really leaving?
You're safe now
You're so Cool
You're so different
You're so dumb!
You're so insensitive
You're so kind
You're soaking wet!
You're so bad
You're so funny!
You're so good
You're so right
You're so smart!
You're so stingy
You're so sweet
You're something else
You're sooo rude!
You're squashing me!
You're telling me!
You're the best!
You're the boss
You're the Man!
You're too kind
You're too late!
You're too much!
You're too serious
You're under arrest
You're uniquely qualified
You're up late
You're very welcome
You're waisting money
You're waisting time!
You're whistling Dixie
You're with me
You're with them
You're with us
Yours or Mine?
Yours will turn
You've been busy
You've been warned
You've done wonderfully
You've earned it
You've given up
You've got it!
You've got to
You've got trouble
You've ruined everything
Yummy Yummy Yummy

I initially thought to place only a few examples of 3-patterned road, door, etc., signs, but it may be of larger value to include a 1-2-3 chart of language-related signs, though pictographic signs could be included in the same 1-2-3 formulaic display. By using such a method, it is easier to recognize the difference in quantity of the enumerated expressions. It would be interesting to compare the different sign expressions of different language groups, but I am limiting mine to the English language.

While the same List- Logic could be said for displaying a list of one, two, four, five, six, etc., patterns with respect to the above (larger) list, I will leave such a task for those who have an affinity for tabulating other-than-three patterned expressions.

One wordTwo words Three words
Don't Walk
Fresh Oil
Men Working
Survey Crew
No Running Allowed
No Smoking Allowed
Road Machinery Ahead
Road Work Ahead
Sharp curves ahead
Shoulder Work Ahead
Slippery When Wet
Survey Work Ahead
Use Other Door
Use This Door
Watch For Trucks
Watch Your Step

Note: The sensibilities of some readers are easily offended upon encountering what they consider to be a vulgar expression. In as much as some readers would prefer that I do not include such examples, to list a few are necessary for historical research purposes. Please view such examples from the perspective of a researcher and not a person who secretly looks up words like fuck, pussy, cunt, whore, slut, penis, vagina, etc., in some dictionary, or otherwise engages in self-absorbed giggles, grimaces, smiles and gestures upon reading vulgar signs, symbols, words, and phrases they use in silence or as a mainstay of personal day to day self-expression.

I decided to place 3-patterned vulgar expressions in a separate area since different readers from different backgrounds may not be familiar with such phrases and will not be able to distinguish them from typical non-vulgar expressions. While some of the expressions listed below may not be considered particularly vulgar to the perspective of all readers, I nonetheless list those which I have found to be generally considered to be representative of a widely accepted vulgar remark (in an American setting) and not those considered simply as rude, racist, uncomplimentary, or insensitive, though other readers may be highly offended by any remark involving race, religion, or gender, or words such as retarded, stupid, dumb, ignorant, etc...

For example, some readers may not find the word "damn" to be vulgar because they say it can be found in the Bible, while others view it as being vulgar due to its contextual usage such as when someone is angry. Another example of a word or phrase being considered as vulgar due to context is the word "punk." While to call someone a punk in most everyday settings might be interpreted to be a slighting of character, it is not generally viewed as a cuss word. However, in a prison setting, such an expression is viewed as a vulgar expression (related to status- reputation- "one's jacket") since it refers to someone being another's sex object.

Beat it asshole!
Bunch of Crap
Cut the Bullshit
Damn- Damn- Damn
Damn you pride
Eat me raw
Fuck you Asshole!
Go Fuck yourself!
God damn it!
(or- as a 3 into 1 representation: Goddamnit)
...Hell with that
Hurt's like hell!
I'll be damned!
Kiss my ass
Kiss my butt
Kiss my you-know-what
Move your arse!
Move your ass!
Oh Hell no!
No damn way!
No F-n' (fuckin')/(fuck-ING) way!
No Frickin (Fricken){Fucking} Way! Screw you both!
Shit for brains
Shit- Shit- Shit
Same old shit
So! Fuck Off!
Suck My Cock
Suck My Dick
Suck my Prick
Sure as shit
This game sucks
This is B.S. (Bull Shit)

(The following two-line expression relates to a bumper sticker about George Bush):


You crazy Bastard!
You dirty Bastard!
You Frickin' (Fucking) Asshole!
You Horses' Ass
You lousy Bastard!
You Mother F-er
You Mother Fucker
You Stupid Bitch!
You Stupid Cunt
You stupid Prick!
You Stupid Slut!
You Stupid Ho! (whore)
You Stupid Whore!
You suck man
You're a shit
You're damn right!
You're damn straight!
Well screw you
What a tramp!
What a sleeze!
What a slut!
What the fuck
What the hell?

3 part joke: I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't cuss... (Goddam I left my cigarettes at the bar.)

Note: Several years ago I began a short study of how to control cussing amongst youth in a closed setting by using the Oral- Anal- Genital (Latency) stages of development developed by Jean Piaget.

Three basic stages of psychosexual development (Oral- Anal- Genital) used to curb Cussing in Teenagers:

While working with youths (male and females 13-17 years of age) who were separated from their homes for a variety of reasons such as abused, runaway, truancy, general rebelliousness, etc., I would frequently encounter groups which indulged in using cuss-words as a primary form of self expression. Because it was the staff's job to try and curtail such expressions, I thought I would approach the activity through the process of education instead of the usual forms of condemnation that often-times only had a singular momentary effect that did not persist outside the controlled environment.

I got the youth into a group and set a marking board in front of them. I then asked them to name all the cuss-words (and not cuss-phrases) that they could.

(Before dis-cuss-ion) list: (After dis-cuss-ion) list:
Activity label
Female dog
Activity label
Body part
In the Bible
Natural activity
Cuss word
Natural activity
In the Bible
(soap) scum
Word like Geek
Activity label
Body part

***The word "Fuck" was chosen as the primary cuss-word and was offered as an abbreviation for the phrase:

"Fornication Under the Crown of the King."

When the youth began to analyze the words, most of the above words were eliminated based on definitions guided by the dominant youth in the group who felt that most of the words could be dismissed due to being labels of occupation, existing in the Bible (such as Hell), or were "little kids words" used by those attempting to appear tough, get attention, mimic older kids, etc...

It must be noted that different groups of youth had different answers and list lengths, but all of them argued about the validity of what could or could not be used to indicate a cuss word, and that most lists ended up with just a few words that were generally accepted by everyone present.

I then introduced the group in some basic psycho-sexual development involving the three stages of Oral- Anal- Genital Development. I explained that each person generally passes through:

  1. an Oral stage of development between 0-2 years of age (an example of which is the act of babies persistently putting things into their mouth).

  2. an Anal stage of development between 2-4 years of age (an example of which is the teaching of children how to use a toilet instead of soiling their pants).

  3. a Genital stage of development between 4-6 years of age (an example of which is the "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" games, as well as the varied forms of mommy/daddy, doctor/nurse, playing "house" forms of games).

(For those of you who are wondering, yes I did mentioned the latency period and that the time periods offered for the duration of developmental stages were averaged approximations, which were generalizations and not absolutes for every person, since some people develop faster or slower than others.)

I then made a chart and asked the group to place the (accepted and deleted) cuss words according to whether they referred to an oral, anal, or genital image, though there was much argument as to relative acceptance since many of them had never really thought about (nor discussed) the words they were using:

(0-2 years of age)
(2-4 years of age)
(4-6 years of age)
(oral sex)
(anal sex)
(vaginal sex)
- Shit -
- - Fuck
Suck - -
- - Cunt
- Ass/Butthole -

I then asked the group to consider whether or not there is a possibility that a person's repeated usage of a particular type of cuss-word may suggest they are somewhat mentally trapped (fixated) at a corresponding developmental stage. Each of them became silent and reflective of their own and others cuss-word usage. In every single instance that I had the "cuss-word" discussion, there was a complete absence of all cuss-word usage after the group was dismissed, as long as I remained on shift. When the next shift came and knew nothing about the group session I conducted, cuss words would creep back into the environment not only because there were staff members who were used to interacting with youth who cussed (and thereby expected it), some members of the staff legitimized the usage of vulgarity by cussing themselves! So much for setting a good example.

Many of the staff were resentful of my attempts to "change tradition," to the extent I was accused of contributing to the youths education about cussing! They only saw the negative, particularly since I frequently came up with a new project to instruct the kids in and they didn't. It never fails to hear staff members talking about the usage of applying psychology views in creative ways, but when someone actually does, they are frequently admonished for doing so.

More research needs to be done in this area of associating language with psycho-sexual development. Unfortunately, I never did find anyone who quite understood what I was doing. Trying to get across new ideas to those whose livelihood depends on government grants based on their usage of conventional ("traditional") ideas, is a lost cause when the (U.S.) government itself is so antiquated that it needs to be put into a museum of ancient relics.

It would be interesting to catalog 3-patterned expressions related to context, such as place, time, season, etc., and to what is being referred to such as person, place, thing, as well as by whom such as age, gender, education, culture, etc...

I should have also kept a running tally of which phrases were thought of first and then catalogued the time and date of each individual entry. Such a reference would give an indication of how the mind changes focus and intensity of list gathering. An experiment of this type could be performed with students who are asked to think of as many three-patterned phrases they can think of "off the top of their head" and also to record them. Then at one (or more) intervals in the future, they can be asked to do the same task and compare the list to the one (or more) previous list. Duplicity of a previous list might indicate a particularly type of non-growth/ change in cognitive development/interest.

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