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Are the Alien Abduction Scenarios, whether you believe them to be true or false, symbolic representations of a new, 3rd type of consciousness, or merely someone's consciousness awakening into what many of else realize as normalcy of mental activity that we take for granted? Are the scenarios have a type of "cultural currency" that, if such a person experienced a similar mental process in a different age, would use alternative types of "fringe" images in an attempt to convey some semblance of acknowledging a personal consciousness alteration for which there is no particularly set vocabulary for?

Alien Abduction Memory

It was about 3 AM in the morning
when they came for me through the walls
I tried to cry out a warning,
but no one seemed to hear my muffled calls.

For a time I felt I was floating
my body was weightless all about
and all the while I was hoping,
if only the weird sounds to figure out.

There was a bright light as never seen
it blinded, but did not burn a bit
I was being pulled along this single beam,
which made me gasp and throw a fit!

3 strange beings were near to me
one stuck something into my nose
none of them would set me free,
nor let me have any clothes!

I was placed onto a shiny table
with metallic instruments here & there
I screamed and screamed as I was able,
yet not a one of them seemed to care!

They examined the whole of my body
I felt violated through & through
and when I needed to potty,
I did it there for them to view!

I was surely being used for an experiment
to breed a hybrid of two different kinds
and yet in a hypothetical sentiment,
perhaps I'm already of two different minds!

They then placed me into a room
where others like me were laying down
inside glass cages, or so I presume,
all unconscious with a faceless frown.

I seemed to lay there for an eternity
watching as one by one was taken away
and then at length, they came for me,
crying out loud! if to pray.

Twas surely a new dimension ventured in
having been chosen for some special role
to bring forth a message from there & then,
a place transcended by body & soul.

Somehow I know I was tagged & marked
perhaps for some unknown larger inventory
and this is why my thoughts are arc-ed,
towards some higher reality...

(Some form of advanced consciousness
quite different from what I knew
though some may disbelieve all of this,
as best memory can,... I tell it true.)

I know not when I left their keep
or so I thought...perhaps, just maybe
finally awakening from this alien sleep,
only to be called someone's newborn baby!

Note: I honestly wrote the poem about the connection between birth memories and UFO/Alien abductions prior to having any knowledge about the Birth Memories Hypothesis written by Alvin H. Lawson, Ph.D. and discussed in varying details by others.

Alvin H. Lawson Thesis: Alien abductions are archetypal fantasies involving belief or deception, in which the subject's birth memories play a central role.

If you ask almost anyone, at least those who will take the time to give some level of intelligent response to a simple question of what they think about alien abduction, you may very well find a wide range of "answers" from:

1. Staunch believers.
2. Those who shrug their shoulders and make a guess right off the top of their head.
3. Those who are die-hard skeptics.

In the present instance, the above poem attempts to portray similarities of some elements from varying accounts of abduction related phenomena and the events of a baby being least in circumstances conducive to modern western-style places where births take place. Many such births take place in a hospital setting with bright lights, metallic instruments, nasal suction bulbs, etc... Such "western-style" (Indo-European) elements occurring in UFO/Alien abduction phenomena is a significant correlation to be made in the understanding of such phenomena because:

  1. Most UFO/Alien-related phenomena are experienced by Indo-Europeans.
  2. Such phenomena are also cited by individuals influenced by Western culture.
  3. Asians report less UfO/Alien-related phenomena and Africans report such least of all.

Here are some other similarities between alien abduction reports and what can be considered the experiences of some fetuses:

Alien Abduction Phenomena Fetus "Abduction" Phenomena
Floating (in air?) Floating in amnionic fluid
Orange/Red light Blood seen through skin can appear red, orange, orange/red.
Passing through walls Fetus passes through wall of (stomach)/vagina (cesarean)/vaginal birth.
Loss of time Does a fetus have a sense of time? Is the "perception" of time inside a womb different from the "perception" of time outside the womb? Is there a type of "time loss" due to the transition?
Fetuses/babies seen in glass jars/cases (Modern day) Fetuses placed in glass/plastic cribs
Examined on a table Examined on a table
Unable to move, physically constrained Constrained by passage through birth canal?
"Tagged," indexed, marked Height, weight, footprints recorded
Indescribable pain experienced Baby is spanked after removal from womb.
Blurred, smoky, hazy vision Newborns have poor eyesight.
etc... etc...

One of the recurring characteristics of alien abductions is that an "orb" of light can be seen. It must be noted that if one were to look at a (linear) "beam" of light head-on, it would appear as an orb, or circular, or disc-like, particularly if one's vision is blurred, or one's brain is processing in an other-than 3-dimensional form.

While it is interesting that such a correlation can be made, some die-hard believers who take a strict line of defense (and offense) when it comes to the interpretation of all UFO, paranormal, alien abduction, etc... phenomena, may consider that such a relationship to an early developmental experience doesn't explain this, that, or another characteristic which they consider to be the penultimate indicator that they or others were actually abducted. However, there are others who prefer to keep an open mind to the reported occurrences and choose to take a much broader cross- discipline approach towards an examination of materials being presented to the public, though they realize there may be thousands of people in the present day and age who have experienced what might be called an alien abduction, but for one reason or another have chosen not reveal their "history" with alien beings.

Assuming that there may be some connection between UFO/Alien abductions and the memories of one's own birth (and/or the memories of viewing someone else having a baby), we must ask if such a widespread recall is a new phenomena (of human mental activity related to a developmental change in brain processes) that is increasing, or an old phenomena that occurs at the same rate but is now simply being reported more so in the public realm. If it is a new phenomena that is increasing, we must consider why such is occurring. Is such a collection of memories similar to the after-image mental impressions of amputees that is more commonly labeled phantom limb phenomena? Or do aliens use the birthing process image to coverup their presence and provide a "logical" reason for many people having similar experiences of "abduction" that can have differences due to the variability of personalities, life styles, individual experiences, etc...?

If we consider that some or all of the UFO/alien abduction material reported by abductees is due to an unconscious recollection of past personal memories involving early experiences, are such memories limited to the abductee's personal birth experiences relative to a certain level of brain development? Or can such memories also be of various developmental processes which begin at the time of conception and perhaps even before this? Can the mother and/or father induce mental images upon a to-be-conceived fetus that are not frequently recognized by either parent though the child may exhibit such several years after birth?

The reason I bring this question to mind is that I am aware of such an occurrence taking place with a family I have known intimately for years, and am fortunate to be a witness to their own appreciation of such a phenomena in one of their young children. Without ever being told, the child has exhibited specific qualities of mental impressions that at least one of the parents had been focused on in an intense manner without the other parent being aware of the circumstance until it was mentioned several years after the birth of the child, and in fact had been all but forgotten until the child began to exhibit the same intensity of interest as the parent had done.

While some may want to offer another form of logical reason based on views representing some level of unconscious parental influence, I saw the occurrence for myself and it was I who had made the connection first, and not the parents. Without going into great detail, I know for a fact there had been no form of unconscious auxiliary form of influence to account for the striking similarity of mental imagery being expressed by the child which was the same imagery expressed by the parent prior to the child's birth. The experience to which I speak of is the image of an EXIT sign that had been visualized by both child and parent with an unusual intensity.

On another occasion, I worked with an individual whose mannerisms appeared to be those of an old man having lived on a farm in a rural community, yet the person was about twenty years old. When I mentioned this to someone who knew the family, he was somewhat taken aback that I had recognized the very characteristics which he said were those of the person's grandfather that he had never seen. I was told that the entire family often wondered why their son exhibited a "spittin' image" of a relative that had died before they were ever born. When asked how such a young person as myself was able to recognize such characteristics in their relative and to find it necessary to inquire about them, that such characteristics seemed wholly out of place for a person so young living in the present era, I simply replied that I felt that I was reliving a moment that I had somehow experienced years and years ago. As if the whole circumstance of my observations and inquiry were merely part of a memory of an actual event that occurred long ago to someone else and that I was somehow reliving it because the first attempt had been incomplete.

It seemed at the moment of observation that time stood still, much in the manner as a person witnesses the slowing and stopping of time during some moments when they are falling. Not only did I have a sense of slow motion time, but also of time coming to a stop. With a subsequent "loss of time" with respect to the time being recorded by a mechanical watch. However, after telling them this, honestly thinking they were open-minded enough to appreciate serendipitous moments of experiencing subtle events that most "normal" people would label as strange, crazy, or peculiar, they thought I was more weird than the one whom we had initially began the conversation about. I then turned to them and said that we were all in the Twilight I walked away. The last comment made some of them think I was kidding, but I wasn't... any experience not considered to be customarily experienced can be identified with the broad-based phrase "Twilight Zone."

Some people wonder why others such as myself see the world so differently, that they fail to realize it's because we all honestly live in different worlds of experience. If we lived on a different planet in a different galaxy with green hair, orange eyes, and had three fingers, our views would be accepted as those of a different species. Yet, since we have the same color of hair, eyes, and the same number of fingers, but our views are different, we are not considered a different life form with its own evolutionary path, but as weirdos, or mental patients, or strange, or out of our minds, and yes, sometimes even considered to be insightful, penetrating, genius, astute, etc., anything but not normal, because this is a label used by many as a means of exalting themselves artificially above others, either directly or vicariously by identifying someone as having some sort of superior quality and that they are in some fashion associated with them. Such people think dualistically. They interpret someone's "differences" either at the level of condemnation or at a level of commendation.

Are (some? all?) abductees deceiving themselves to an extent that they begin to exercise a form of "poetic license" which permits them to "enhance" their abduction experience with material fabricated from different memories? So why the deception? Surely it is not for public attention since many so-called abductees don't tell anyone about experiences which appear to mimic the reports of those abductees who readily come forth to tell others. Is there actually alien abductions taking place by extraterrestrials, or are the aliens nothing more than projections of images related to personalized experiences of the abductees? Instead of projecting demons, gods, angels, goblins, ghosts, specters, phantoms, Jesus, Mary, Satan, etc., for whatever reason, (each of which has more-than-human non-technological ability in one way or another and most often exhibit a human-like physique), all the abductees are projecting aliens with human-like physiques and having some type of more-than-human ability, usually of a technological quality.

If we consider any argument in favor for or against alien, UFO (and crop circle) phenomena, we must still reconcile the differences in occurrence related to the three dominant racial groups: Indo-Europeans, Asians, and Africans. Why is it that such phenomena occur most regularly and with greatest frequency amongst Indo-European related peoples, less with Asians, and least with Africans?

Further more, we could also include the phenomena of the World's most foremost religions as being of Indo-European origin, regardless if we want to argue that all religions as well as all peoples had their initial origin in Africa millions of years ago. Clearly, all these phenomena are related to consciousness development with respect to the human species as a whole. It doesn't matter whether or not you feel this is racist, prejudiced, or biased thinking. It must be answered.

For all those interested in UFO/Alien abduction, (and Crop circle) phenomena, it is of value to note that along with most reports coming from the Indo-European group of peoples, most evaluations of reports (for or against), such as the Birth Hypothesis, are also constructions of Indo-European minds, and there is a predominant usage of examples from Indo-European cultures. What can be seen (in some but clearly not all cases) from Asian and African communities is a sustained undeveloped mimicry of Indo-European styled views. Such an activity of mimicry is clearly seen in the civil rights movement of blacks in America in the 1960s, (they wanted to "mimic" having the same rights as whites, even though some blacks feel they are superior because of athletic ability and an ability to brow-beat, intimidate, and manipulate woman of other races into giving them money, food, places to stay, sympathy, sex, control over them, attention, etc...). In at least one Asian community we see an horrendous act of mimicry in their attempt to sell name brand items of western culture made with extremely poor quality for a cheap price (products that have been referred to as "knock-offs," and the more recent attempt by a Chinese(?) author to plagiarize the Harry Potter series with a Chinese story written especially for a Chinese audience.)

Some readers might want to argue that Asians and Africans have contributed "original" items to the overall human culture (which is true) and that it is the Indo-European peoples that have repeatedly mimic-ed them (not true). Take for example the development of gunpowder that is said to have been developed by the Chinese. Is the Indo-European usage of gunpowder an act of sustained mimicry because it copied the (assumed) Chinese ideas of gunpowder and developed more advanced uses? Just because a culture widely adopts the usage of an item does not mean it originated the item, even though there may be thousands of historians who adopt the research notion that an item that is used widely in one culture and is not found widely used (or at all) in another is absolute definitive proof that someone in the culture did in fact originate the idea and did not borrow it from a traveler from yet another culture who had kept the knowledge a secret. The point to be made is not whether the Chinese originated gunpowder, but whether the Indo-European development of its properties is a sustained mimicry of their idea.

While some things can be collectively interpreted to be acts of mimicry, other things are not so easy such as breathing, even though breathing itself is due to processes that have been replicated by a genetic plan that repeats itself in variations.

Likewise with the ideas concerning aliens, UFOs, alien abductions, crop circles, etc... Someone might want to claim that such ideas (and evidence thereof) had originated in a non- Indo-European culture centuries before anyone in the Indo- European group of peoples ever even hinted at such. They may want to claim that "Ancient Astronauts" were well known in non- Indo-European cultures. And yet these same people fail to recognize that the notion of "Ancient Astronauts" is itself of a recent Indo-European origin. And even if we were to compile a list of all reports of UFOs, aliens, alien abductions, etc., no matter how ancient, we would still find that there is a dominance of reports from the Indo-European group of peoples. We can look at religious material, supernatural material, rock art, etc., and we would still find a predominant occurrence of reports amongst Indo-Europeans.

This fact of dominant occurrence and recurrence amongst one race of humans and not the other races gives us all a tell-tale indication of seriously considering that there may be a type of consciousness development that is going largely unnoticed. Yet, some might want to argue that any appearance of a dominant characteristic may be nothing more than a product of culture-specific adaptation and is in no way related to any indication of a "superior" form of human attribute.

Take for example the knowledge of:

There is apparently a human gene mutation, color=#ff0000>"Mutation CCR-5-delta-32", which makes its holders nearly immune to AIDS, since this gene has no receptor for AIDS-similar viruses. Whoever has inherited this gene from BOTH parents is fairly immune to AIDS. Whoever has inherited this gene from only ONE parent also has a good deal of immunity. The immunity is not perfect in either case, since rare strains of AIDS can use the receptor CXCR 4). As has been discovered, "Mutation CCR-5-delta-32" not only is immense in its distribution, but it also has a distinct north to south distribution, and, on the evidence of Australia, an "Indo-European" touch. This gene mutation is found only in white Europeans of Caucasian origin, but not in persons of African, East-Asian or Indian origin.

Distribution amounts from the study:

Those who do have the Gene:

Sweden (13.7 percent of all Swedes)
Russia (13.6 of all Russians)
Estonia - [near Latvia] (13.3)
Poland (13.3)
Slovakia (13.3)
Australia (11.8)
Great Britain (11.7)
Ireland (11.3)
Germany (10.8)
Czechoslovakia (10.2)
Spain (9.8)
Finland (9.1)
France (8.9)
Austria (8.9)
Denmark (8.3)
Albania (8.2)
Slovenia (7.7)
Turkey (6.3)
Italy (5.5)
Azerbaijan - southeast Caucasus (5.0)
Greece (4.4)
Uzbekistan (3.4)
Mexico (2.4)
Those who don't have the Gene:

Georgians in the Caucasus (0)
(thought to be related to the Basques)

Saudi Arabians (0)
Cheyenne Indians (0)
Pima Indians (0)
Pueblo Indians (0)
Koreans (0)
Mainland Chinese (0)

--- A European Gene Mutation ---

Does the existence of such a gene in the Indo-European/Caucasian "clan" of peoples indicate that they are a superior race as many contend, or is it but one example of many that indicate that the Indo-European/Caucasian "clan" of peoples should be considered a separate species with its own unique evolutionary path that, by allowing non-Indo-European/ Caucasians to be a part of, only hinders their "clan-specific" development of mind, body, and spirit? Did the mutant gene arise by a factor of isolation that included a culture-wide observance/taboo of no interbreeding? Is the presence of a mutant gene a type of "projection" occurring on a genetic level that also occurs in various manifested forms on the psychological level? Is the mutant gene a type of expressed "memory" of past events occurring on a genetic level?

If all forms of "projections" are merely symbolic representations of underlying impressions of memories that come to the surface byway of haphazard routes of influence, imagine if we intentionally permitted such impressions to surface by-way of intentionally direct routes of influence. Instead of waiting for some serendipitous event to influence someone to experience such a hodge-podge of projections that are forced into a picture structured by prevailing socially acceptable formulas defined by religion, conventional science, music, art, commerce, notions of extraterrestrials, ghosts, etc., it may be advantageous for society to attempt to create an open medium of acceptance to the realization of as yet untapped areas of consciousness exploration.

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