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Are the Alien Abduction Scenarios, whether you believe them to be true or false, symbolic representations of a new, 3rd type of consciousness, or merely someone's consciousness awakening into what many of else realize as normalcy of mental activity that we take for granted? Are the scenarios have a type of "cultural currency" that, if such a person experienced a similar mental process in a different age, would use alternative types of "fringe" images in an attempt to convey some semblance of acknowledging a personal consciousness alteration for which there is no particularly set vocabulary for?

  1. In some societies meditation is used as a means of trying to direct the influence of assisting one or more individuals towards a "higher" level of consciousness.
  2. In other places, some people attempt to encourage the presence of images from a "higher plane" of consciousness by way of narcotics, alcohol, drinking blood, snake venom, unrestrained sexual activity, etc...
  3. In yet other areas, there are those who attempt such "communications" by-way of various religious-related activities both by mainstream ritualistic attendance by so-called "normal" people and those pseudo- religious-related activities called satanic sacrifice, voodoo spells, black magic incantations, etc...

However, I have seen the emergence of such imagery-enhancing states of consciousness being "conjured up" by the mere presence of those in a group who are simply sharing a moment of exploring their thoughts unfettered by anyone who is afraid of losing their sanity or feeling that a wide-open arena of thought "gestation" will lead to someone committing an actual physical act of violence, destruction, or loss of self- identity.  One such group is an alien abduction support group that is not restrained by a person who is a "professional control freak" called psychiatrist, psychologist, "intelligent observer," guru, leader, sage, master, etc., though many of the medical professionals are not more interested in controlling (by way of direction, suppressive definitions, interpretations, suggestions, or introducing views they are most comfortable with, etc.,) than they are in ensuring a free rein to the group's experience of a group exploration into individual consciousness expansion.

In youth, I observed such attempts at alternative avenues of exploring a form of 3rd consciousness by others in their involvement with late night trials of conjuring up spirits by way of Ouija boards, seances, and hollywood-styled versions of black magic incantations, as well as various discussions of the after-life, astral projection, zombies, mind over matter, astrology, palm reading, tea leaf reading, aliens, Big Foot, ghosts, spectral visions, etc...  As children and teenagers, we tend to accept the unspoken collective assumption that all such areas are governed by a singular type of spirit world, though there are individuals who try to assert control of the group's energies by claiming their idea is "the way" to achieve contact and usage of some type of paranormal power, characteristic, attribute, formula, ability, etc...

Like a temporary state of group neurosis, such an unrestrained exploration of thought processes within a group can be quite exhilaratingly, and even (metaphorically) intoxicating for many.  Others simply say think they have experienced something while a few claim they don't experience anything but some idiot claiming to have experienced a mind-altering event without the usage of drugs, rhythmic music and motions, rhythmic humming (used in auditory meditation), group indulgence in breaking a social or religious law by unrestrained activity, etc...

There are various types of group "highs" some of which are those induced by mass killing exercises seen in military activities, hangings, executions, sacrificial rites, etc., as well as in orgies, night clubs, political rallies, in theaters, auditoriums, coliseums, stadiums, arenas, horse/dog/vehicle tracks, beauty pageants, tournaments, graduation ceremonies, etc., (such as when awards are given to athletes, actors/actresses, beauty "Queens", Nobel Laureates, etc., or when an award is specifically given to a "winner" with all others symbolically "sacrificed" as losers.

It needs to be said that all these forms of momentary "highs" (that some people attempt to regain again and again), may be symbolic of an underlying need of the human species to explore a route to an alternative form of consciousness that is explored for too brief a time in circumstances that are not directed towards the appreciation of a 3rd consciousness development that can be collectively achieved and used for constructive purposes.  One of which is the understanding that human consciousness can expand beyond its present form and be sustained because it is an attribute of humanity that is merely in an immature state similar to that of a plant bud.

This is why some people come away from the momentary group "high" (that is induced by the events of the occasion and not drugs, alcohol, sex, music, etc.,) with a lasting impression because they intuitively recognize (but do not necessarily define in a conscious manner), it's as if such a moment was a group-styled exploration of an alternative state of mental ability that touches on elements of consciousness that have been screaming for some measure of emergence, but is as yet a wholly foreign idea (and thus not actively sought by most people) and would be dismissed by many as a "weird" idea akin to the realm of notions concerning goblins, ghosts, UFOs, elves, leprechauns, dragons, witches, etc...  And yet so very few of these critics recall that ideas such as "pictures flying over the air" (television), space flight, cure for many diseases, breaking the sound barrier, etc., also belong to this group of "weird" ideas.

Very few people have considered the idea that such an emergence of alternative consciousness needs no socially acceptable garments (such as alien abduction, angelic visitation, demon intrusion, etc.,) and that such a state of consciousness frequently results in the person becoming overwhelmed by permitting it to "stretch its legs," which may create varying lengths and intensities of disconcerting sensation that causes the brain in many people to dump its own pain relieving narcotic-like endorphins into their body as a type of "just in case" preventative cushion against various forms of internal and external predation such as the mind numbing idiocy of:

  • a Doctor wanting control of the situation by way of using medical terminology to explain, evaluate, and define the person's "condition" in such a manner that is conducive to their medical role (that in some cases will provide them with a subject that they can write a paper about and fulfill career desires, or a patient whose return visits help to finance a million dollar home).
  • a Religious leader (Priest, Minister, Rabbi, etc.,) who wants control and will thus use religious terminology, explanations, and definitions to accomplish the task of getting another tithe-giving "sheep for their flock" who will be encouraged to tell others that they have been "miraculously" cured by the "power" of faith and are restored to the "fold of normal people" who will be able to graze in the sweet grassy fields of heaven instead of the parched sand dunes of the Devil's domain.
  • a Guru, Shamin, Healer, Practitioner, etc., who wants control by claiming they don't want control but honestly want to assist in the individual's journey along a guest for consciousness expansion.  Yet such a person is secretly attempting to direct the individual along a path that will eventually lead them to convince one or more other to buy or give up something under false pretenses that would not be bought, offered or surrendered by choice without manipulation.  Sometimes others in the group will be used to align themselves with a "visitor" to the extent of developing a bond of trust that enables them to assist the "leader" in manipulation.   The "leader" inevitably use some established form of terminology, explanations, and definitions that they may or may not claim as being a necessary part of the "journey," "path," "exercise," "route," etc., and may in fact be a congolmeration of many fields of institutionalized and individualized research because such a large vocabulary base assists them with confinement of a larger number of individuals who have explored the development of their own third consciousness and may have also relied upon a large variety of terms, explanations, and definitions to get a clearer grasp of what they are and are attempting to discover.  Large vocabularies assist in camouflaging singular objectives particularly from those with limited vocabularies.  But it can also be an indication of the person using intellectualization as a defense mechanism against those intelligent individuals who would question them.

Some people do not need to be in the presence of others to tap into various modes (and personalized models) of consciousness expansion.  There are thousands of people who can release themselves from the constraints of social acceptance (and expectation) by simply reading a book written by a like-minded individual.  For some, a single picture is truly a thousand (or more) words.  While those with an affinity for alphabetical symbolism (words), will justly say that a single word is worth a thousand (or more) pictures.  And there are those individuals who have learned how to influence the emergence of an expanding consciousness without drugs, religion, promiscuity, crime, sports, etc., and can no longer restrain their thoughts to a point of "regressing" to a state of present day "normalcy" in terms of denying the existence that they are experiencing a personalized form of expansion in consciousness, may appear to some as being "high on life," "in their own world," "out of it," "in the ozone," etc...  These are people who have truly "gone over the edge."  Instead of attempting to break a personal physical barrier in some sport activity, they have achieved such via a personalized channel of consciousness.   While present society can deal with a handful of individuals in this frame of mind, what will it do when there are millions, and those millions are not Politicians, are not Corporate executives, are not Pentagon officials, are not a workforce compliant to every whim of the government, stock market, or military-related antiquated view of reality?

Just as we openly acknowledge that their are individualized characteristics to each person's abduction, we should also openly acknowledge that this may very well be a circumstance directly related to an individualized state of consciousness that very often, but not always shares similarities to other individuals consciousness because we all share a similar type of biological brain.  No less, we should openly consider that an expansion in consciousness is quite often very individualized though a comparison with others may garner a list of similarities due to the similarity of natural processes of similar environmental influences shared by a particular species with "like-minded" physiological attributes.  No doubt for many people, an expansion in consciousness i s akin to the trials & tribulations experienced by a fetus during the birthing process.  Some babies (and mothers) appear to have a relatively short uneventful, uncomplicated, less stressful experience in being born, while others experience a very long eventful, very complicated, very stressful experience.

For some, depending on the circumstances of the birth, baby, and mother's well-being, there are varying levels of anxiety, mixed emotions, and perhaps outright fear of the entire overall situation, that they attempt to suppress the natural course of the birth and/or subsequent developmental stages of their individualized consciousness development.   Just as in the birth of the fetus, where varying types of physical, emotional, and mental pain are frequently addressed by using a variety of suppressants generally referred to as pain killers, the closer one gets to the delivery of the development of their consciousness, a moment that is just as individualized as the "baby's due date," they may attempt to suppress the process, kill the process maker, and/or try to take steps to abort any future occurrence of any natural process of development.

While there are many who accept it as a natural process of life that they may refer to it with a variety of labels such as "growing up," "maturing," "accepting responsibilities as an adult," etc., others will choose behaviors that provide varying types of drug-like effects derived from such things as narcotics, religion, financial/social incentives, alcohol, sports fanaticism, gambling, promiscuity, inter-racial dating/mating, "pushing the limit," crime, greed, etc., all of which provide different forms of "Highs"  In many instances, the behavior that they use in varying measures and instances to suppress the development of their individualized consciousness development (because it may result in becoming distant/different/distracted from those in their present life style whose own sense of well-being is largely shaped by their presence), very frequently results in a like-manner of equivalent growth along that channel.   In other words, like a plant that has been pruned in one area may very well express its natural ability to grow by developing an alternate structure that may or may not be beneficial to themselves or others, but is directly the result of how the plant was pruned.

To take but one general example, let us say that a person begins suppressing the individualized development of their consciousness because it is causing them to change in ways which are being reacted negatively to by one or more significant others in their particular social environment, which in-turn causes them to react negatively to their own changes, even though such changes would be greatly appreciated and desired in another social environment.  In their attempts to suppress a natural development of their consciousness because it is producing negative reactions from others who do not comprehend the processes of individualized expansions of consciousness, the natural process of development begins to exercise itself in a fashion that may be greatly distorted (stunted, mutated, exaggerated).  Whereas instead of permitting their consciousness to become receptive to environmental cues uniquely perceived by them, they become receptive towards recognizing the environmental cues involving the very drug they use in suppressing their consciousness from expanding in a broader appreciation of multiple environmental cues far larger than are presented in their presently constricted environmental context.

Such attempts to suppress the natural course of development of one's consciousness usually results in a person acquiring some pseudo-form of vicarious personal growth along an easily accessible and acceptable social avenue that only forestalls their inevitable growth in their consciousness within the constraints of their physical attributes that have often-times been damaged by their abusiveness to suppress previous evolutionary-related trends of experiencing the "birthing process" of consciousness expansion.  For some, any slight intimation of change taking place within themselves produces levels of anxiety that is responded to with irrational impulses that manufacture monstrous images of being on the verge of insanity, that may simply be referred to as "going crazy," "going nuts," "losing it," etc...

Such impulsive irrational thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc., are frequently matched with what many would refer to as being rational ideas (according to present day standards), to the extent they consider seeking assistance from so-called "mind experts" called counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, etc... or from friends, relatives, neighbors, and even strangers whom they interpret to be intelligent, open-minded, and genuinely interested in what is being said and do not have an ulterior motive of taking advantage of them at such a vulnerable time.  Unfortunately, however sincere such people may be in listening and want to assist someone in their time of need, they are not familiar enough with the phenomena of consciousness expansion that may take on a single or multiple array of various guises.

In using an analogy that may help some readers better understand the development of an individualized expanding consciousness, let me provide a short story:

Sarah was born into an early hominid family several centuries ago.  While her birth was eagerly greeted by her parents and the rest of the clan rejoiced, they were unaware that Sarah was born with a quality which would enable her to gain a level of consciousness beyond everyone else in her immediate social environment.  While she was taught the rules of the clan as she began to grow up like the other children, there was something different about her.  She began to see that she did not readily accept all the views shared by most members of the clan.  These were not views that were simply oppositional disagreements that sometimes occurred amongst members with differing opinions based on preferences with personal motives, but were views based upon a whole new interpretation of reality.

While she did not openly speak of her views, many of which she did not know how to express within the context of ideas shared and believed in by the others, her views were causing her to be different.  She did not react to nor respond with those behaviors which were acceptable and more importantly, Expected to be displayed.  While there were others in the clan that did not necessarily accept all the rules enforced by the leaders, they nonetheless exhibited the expected behaviors which were felt to provide a type of common (uniform) cohesiveness to the group's solidarity.  Her parents at first tried to cover up their daughter's "differences" by saying she hadn't been feeling well, or hadn't been eating right, and tried to force her to be more like the others by severely admonishing her and saying that the gods would punish her.  Instead of letting her become the person she was born to become, they tried to make her be like everyone else.  To be "normal."

As time progressed and she began to explore the views which evolved within her, her differences became more obvious.  However, she was not evil, she was not criminal, she did not do anything that was really contrary to her family's or the group's laws.   In fact, she was quite helpful in many respects, in her own way, though some of the other parents feared her "differences" would be a bad example for the other children.  Some of the members of the group began to say that there was something wrong with her.  That she could have a brain tumor, or a mental problem, or a chemical imbalance, or be bipolar, or was cursed.  None of which were true, but it made the others feel better to think that there was nothing wrong with them, that they were the normal ones and Sarah was the abnormal one.

Sarah was not angry at them, because she had always felt she was somehow different and instinctively knew they would never really understand her.  As she began to accept her differences and the reality of needing a different life style, Sarah was frequently seen walking to the edge of the forest which marked the boundary line of the group.  To go beyond the edge was considered taboo.  A place from which no one returns.  But she did go beyond the edge of the forest.  At first she did it only briefly like someone sticking a toe in a water hole to see how cold it is before jumping in.  However, as time went on, she spent longer and longer moments exploring further and further in this unexplored area.  Eventually, she spent her first night alone in this new region before returning to the clan.   Alas, no one believed her.

Try as she would to tell others that there is no need to fear the place beyond the established boundary line, it was to no avail.  Not only would no one believe her, not even her closest friends, nor family or relatives, some of her neighbors called her a liar...a teller of tales that had no value except as stories to be told around a campfire to be used by the elders as a means of encouraging others to continue believing in the old ways.  Even though there were a few who gave her the benefit of a doubt, she could not get them to cross the threshold of the group's usual boundaries.  They did not see what she was trying to describe.  It was at this moment Sarah realized that not only were they unable to see beyond the boundary with their eyes, they could not grasp it with their thoughts.  They were unable (and many were afraid) to even consider the possibility of something other than what everyone else believed in.  Nothing she could say nor do could change them because it was similar to trying to teach a monkey how to cultivate the land in order to grow crops.

Thus, she realized she was at a crossroads in her life.  She had to decide whether to return to her clan and try to be like everyone else, or venture forth on her own, perhaps never to find another person who actually possessed the ability to grasp the views beyond the boundaries everyone else accepted and expected everyone else to accept as the one and only true reality.  Her decision was to go forth, because to deny what she is and to pretend what she is not, would be akin to a death sentence...even though death might come sooner to her in her search for truth than if she accepted the views of others and lived life their way.

While the character Sarah was able to physically venture forth beyond established boundaries, in a modern day sense of equivalency, much of the "traveling" is done on an intellectual level of exploration in a type of "thinking out loud" format that is frequently misinterpreted as the foremost belief system of a particular person.

In the present day and age people are not allowed to "think out loud" without many of their musings being taken extremely seriously and used against them if such musings are contrary to another's views.  Particularly if the person is in a public servant capacity such as a politician, judge, police chief, etc... Such people are not permitted the luxury of "thinking out loud" with museful meanderings which appear to be contradictory, weird, strange, etc., to established beliefs of what a person in a particular office is expected to have.  While they can "think out loud" to themselves, in a journal, or amongst others who are readily accepting of such an activity that is frequently found amongst those in a brain-storming session, present society does not permit social leaders in particular and most people in general, to think thoughts "out loud" that may be contrary to established opinion, as dictated by some standard of propriety, because it is thought that what a person says is the absolute truth and is not a form of metaphorical exploration.  In some cases this is necessary, in others, such as in the case of Sarah's expanding consciousness, it is clearly damaging to a person's personal development.  For some people, musings of various ideas that are expressed "out loud" whether in person, in a book, magazine, newspaper, radio, television, internet, etc., are a necessary part of their personal development, but such musings do not define the totality of the person and are in many cases no different then an intellectuallized form of cough, sneeze, or tear...behaviors that can be as individualized as the person themselves.

Just as a cough can remove mucus, a sneeze remove dust, and a tear can remove a piece of debris, each of which is valuable in its own right to the well-being of an individual, so can musings expressed in a "thinking out loud" format, even though some people will attempt to avoid coughs, sneezes, and tears because they are always thought to indicate some form of underlying disease or problem instead of as being natural processes that can occur as measures of prevention in the development of more undesirable conditions.

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