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A Language →← Consciousness
(and Reasoning) Symmetry?

In speaking about the ideas of Language and Consciousness, I frequently use the idea of a 1- 2- Many profile for describing a repeating developmental trend which keeps cropping up from examples to be found in basic biology through the philosophies of those who think to achieve some higher state of being, some higher expression of self, some believed-in higher consciousness. If I preferred to look through a two-patterned lens of perception, I might well limit my ideological constructs to dualities, dichotomies, divine pairs (found in ancient religions), doubles, etc... If I was focused on singularities, I might necessarily be oriented towards related singular compositions. But I like threes. Yet I spend a lot of time refuting what is or what is not a triple pattern and whether or not someone has used a triple pattern but uses some other enumerated reference. I also look for "ensembles-of-three" which affords the opportunity to see the "mutated" or embellished or camouflaged manifestations of a basic pattern. Sometimes the patterns are so obvious, one wonders why they haven't been mentions before by anyone. However, overlooking basic patterns should be expected because many people do not see the very many occasions that a pattern-of-three is used in different subjects and day -to- day conversations.

Let us take for example the so-called "Pride" movement. It is a present day form of Nature worship, where the "Nature" is expressed in some modernized adaptation of an old Fertility cult practice ritualized into a March (public procession as an egotistic assertion of believe-in significance) on public streets followed by some occasions of "controlled and lawful" revelry, where the word "revelry" is a misunderstood label related to "Revelation". It is part of a large body of assorted symbolic language in use by both individuals and organizations. (As can be found many times in ancient cultures, cultic processions typically culminated in libations and a meal, though also the use of a (MANY participants) orgy— where all manner of excretions (urine, feces, etc...) were gathered together and made into a paste to be consumed by fully devotional participants.) The Pride community has unknowing adopted a 1- 2- Many philosophical practice, where individualized orientations within the cult give themselves the impression that they have achieved some personalized expression of achieving enlightenment... described in different ways according to the disposition and vocabulary of a given person or individualized group they come to associate with under the "Many"-themed rainbow of alliances. In effect the 1- 2- Many theme being played is easily recognized when we take individualized membership orientations and collectivize them into their territorial coverage mapping:

1, 2, Many theme in Pride ideology

Customary models of seeking enlightenment/personal fulfillment are of small value to those in the Pride Community with their given frame of mind:

  • Eastern philosophies,
  • Traditional Feminism focused on equal rights issues (and not as a means to cover up an ulterior motive like so many predators do),
  • Higher (Pure) Mathematics
  • New Age Revivalism
  • Western religions,
  • Music, Dance, Art
  • Pharmaceutical states of induced altered consciousness (taking a psychological trip into a higher plane of consciousness)
    • Timothy Leary, a Harvard Psychologist (1950s - 1960s), adopted a three- patterned phrase "turn on, tune in, drop out": He began experimenting with psilocybin, a synthesized form of the hallucinogenic agent found in certain mushrooms. He concluded that psychedelic drugs could be effective in transforming personality and expanding human consciousness. After losing his professorship, he formed the centre of a small hedonistic community and began to intensively explore LSD, a more powerful psychedelic drug. His research, which initially had emphasized careful control over the "set and setting" of the psychedelic experience, became increasingly undisciplined and unstructured...("Leary, Timothy." Encyclopædia Britannica.)
  • Colloquial references to individualized experiences cultivating a "tripping" mood (i.e. "Man, you're trippin'"),
  • Physical Activity Extremism (to reach a higher sense of reality by an induced adrenaline rush),
  • etc,

Such foregoing philosophies) do not afford a specialized path, a specialized discourse and specialized dialogue, etc., for those whose individualized sexual practice is a primary concern; because traditional "higher consciousness/enlightenment/self-fulfilling/self-actualizing" beliefs and practices are oriented with Heterosexuality, Abstinence or Celibacy as an underlying profile of belief incorporation, those in the Pride community had to pursue their own ideological theme, not knowing that they would adopt the same basic pattern being played out by traditional orientations used as methodologies for seeking transcendence of mind and/or body and/or spirit. (They simply adopted a different language with its own vernacular, jargon, idioms, [Creole ideologies], etc...) Theirs is the same underlying cognitive pattern attached with enculturated sentimentalized embellishments which conceal the presence of the same three-patterned construction seen in multiple subjects. However, the use of a basic pattern in Nature does not in any way support their views. It simply means they had to use the same pattern with which to portray their skewed views of reality. Mutations do occur and can thrive if given a suitable host. Those in the Pride community are playing host to a malignant idea... it's another cancer, another global disease for the present day era... and yet it sometimes takes an accident, an injury, a disaster, a disease to display the shortcomings of a society. (For example, the Covid-19 pandemic gave us a glimpse of how badly the government, companies, religions, etc., can be during a crisis. We as a species are wholly unprepared to deal with small issues, much less large ones... and we haven't experienced a large one yet.)

If the Pride Community really wanted to perceive themselves as being enlightened, they would recognize how their supposed "Movement" is just another rendition of an ideological expression being played out in different philosophies and religion without having to focus the whole of their conceptualizations on some physical activity others in the past adopted; but are historically labeled fertility cults, except the present day version is not oriented towards the natural occurrence of procreation for the benefit of the species. The current model being exercised by the Pride group is one of a collective self-interest and self-absorption with like-minded others who can not recognize the collectivity of their Narcissism. Nonetheless, the Pride culture is engaged in the very common collectively expressed theme of "1- 2- Many". If we were take the members of the community at their word for their commitment to their "true love", "true compassion", "true spirit" commonly expressed by other self-absorbed philosophies as "The Way, The Truth, The Life," then they wouldn't mind being placed on a planet all by themselves. That is, take all the homosexuals and place them on a planet by themselves and all the Lesbians on a different planet by themselves, etc., what we would have in a few decades are dead communities... unless they would somehow mutate into an Hermaphroditic form of life so as to produce more of their kind... Heaven forbid such a mythological monstrosity of duality!

While in some instances the word "many" can be used to reference a particular quantity beyond "2", it should not be inferred that I use a "3" as the dominant measure. Some people might well eschew the use of some term that references a "many" such as plurality, multiplicity, poly-, complexity, Infinity, etc., and use a specific number that may be attended with a very elaborate or simplistic reason for its usage to express some preferred humbleness, quietness, or non-greediness, though the opposite is in fact the true motivation and objective. For example, in the case of Nature using "many" cells such as in multi-cellular life forms, the count could be in the hundreds, thousands, millions, billions or even trillions range. However, Nature uses a specific quantity of "1" by having created 1-celled life forms, as if it needs a point of reference to be used as a type of symmetry. In addition, the "many" cells grouping in different (subject) structures have their own limits... even if humans think such limits are enormous quantities. Nature practices its own variations of a "conservation of number" according to the context we humans might survey. In other words, there are not trillions of trillions of trillions, etc., of cells in a given system or organ or structure or process.

...The remarkable events of this early (human nervous system) development involve an orderly migration of billions of neurons, the growth of their axons (many of which extend widely throughout the brain), and the formation of thousands of synapses between individual axons and their target neurons. The migration and growth of neurons are dependent, at least in part, on chemical and physical influences. The growing tips of axons (called growth cones) apparently recognize and respond to various molecular signals, which guide axons and nerve branches to their appropriate targets and eliminate those that try to synapse with inappropriate targets. Once a synaptic connection has been established, a target cell releases a trophic factor (e.g., nerve growth factor) that is essential for the survival of the neuron synapsing with it. Physical guidance cues are involved in contact guidance, or the migration of immature neurons along a scaffold of glial fibres.

In some regions of the developing nervous system, synaptic contacts are not initially precise or stable and are followed later by an ordered reorganization, including the elimination of many cells and synapses. The instability of some synaptic connections persists until a so-called critical period is reached, prior to which environmental influences have a significant role in the proper differentiation of neurons and in fine-tuning many synaptic connections. Following the critical period, synaptic connections become stable and are unlikely to be altered by environmental influences. This suggests that certain skills and sensory activities can be influenced during development (including postnatal life), and for some intellectual skills this adaptability presumably persists into adulthood and late life. ("nervous system, human." Encyclopædia Britannica.)

The brain consists of three major divisions (which can be collated as a "1- 2- Many" listing):

  1. One: The cerebellum.
  2. Two: The massive paired hemispheres of the cerebrum.
  3. Many: The brainstem, consisting of the thalamus, hypothalamus, epithalamus, subthalamus, midbrain, pons, and medulla oblongata.

In fact, even in cases of a life form having the ability to regenerate a damaged or lost part, cellular activity eventually stops as if hitting a wall or cul de sac... much in the manner that the cells "know" how to make a hand with a given set of fingers... though there are exceptions in the case of mutations. The act of regeneration has a stopping point, even if we humans think the cell count is a high one that has been reached in order for a part to be regenerated. Nature may use some method of "over kill" (multiplicity) or shot/skatter-gun approach in some instances. There is a mechanism which "knows" when enough cells have been generated, like a machine which has been programmed to stop filling up containers when they have reached a limit and can be capped off, such as beverages on a production line. It is of interest to note that while Nature may use an expression of "many" by a process which produces billions of brain cells (though the brain is generally described as weighing about 3 pounds or 1,500 grams); it also expresses restraint in that we see a repetition of a "3-part" organization such as hindbrain- midbrain- forebrain or as is found in physics (3 quarks); and humans develop very "many" three-patterned themes to consolidate "many" aspects of "many" topics, such as out of all the millions of rocks we come to view a standard three-patterned description:

Rocks... in geology, (are) naturally occurring and coherent aggregate of one or more minerals. Such aggregates constitute the basic unit of which the solid Earth is comprised and typically form recognizable and mappable volumes. Rocks are commonly divided into three major classes according to the processes that resulted in their formation:

  1. Igneous rocks, which have solidified from molten material called magma;
  2. Sedimentary rocks, those consisting of fragments derived from preexisting rocks or of materials precipitated from solutions;
  3. Metamorphic rocks, which have been derived from either igneous or sedimentary rocks under conditions that caused (3 types of) changes in mineralogical...
  1. Composition
  2. Texture
  3. Internal structure

These three classes, in turn, are subdivided into numerous groups and types on the basis of various factors, the most important attributes of which are (Three in number):

  1. Chemical
  2. Mineralogical
  3. Textural

("rock." Encyclopædia Britannica.)

And yet, why does Nature see fit to limit the quantity of brain cells or their rejuvenation ability, if such qualities would be beneficial to the organism in the long run? (Without getting into the various reasons why Nature doesn't.) Why not create god-like creatures to be able to live forever?

We humans have decided to view life by describing it as Unicellular (1-celled) or Multicellular (many-celled). We don't routinely describe some number between 2 and "Multi-" (Many). In fact, the word "Multi-" typically has not specific number to it, just like early humans did not subscribe their language equivalent notion of "many" (after 2, 3 or some small handful such as 4,5,6...). It seems rather incredulous that Nature can not express the "two" when it is displayed so frequently in bilateral symmetry (such as two eyes, ears, nostrils, buttocks, legs, arms, breasts, testicles, [a forked tongue... HA!], upper and lower teeth, two lungs, two brain hemispheres, etc...), or perhaps Nature does and it is Humanity that is at fault for the lack of a distinct 2-celled idea? And yet, if we look at any of these dual structures, we can often find a pattern-of-three. In the following example, the "dental formula" is a cross-species approach of comparing the teeth of different animals whose basic arrangement of teeth is the same, but the underlying quantity of teeth per position, can be numerically referenced to indicate a recurring quantity. Though in the following sample the largest number is "4" and the lowest is "0", let us itemize them so that the dominant number pattern can be ascertained (count is place in the lower right corner):

Dental formulas for several common animals

While there are 2-celled models of biology such as diplococci (pair of coccus bacterium), for the most part cells are organized into a symmetry composed of the ideas labeled as 1 and multi-, though the word "many" might well be used. Let me also make reference to the 3 basic shapes of Bacteria (due to frequency which the occur to different researchers) and how they might be alternatively described in a linear- circular- triangular fashion. While the spiral shapes may not give some readers the impression of exhibiting a triangular form, I am viewing it in the same manner as I would a "V-shaped" flight formation of migrating birds or the triangle pattern seen in a zig-zag pattern.)

3 major shapes of Bacteria

Shapes of bacteria aligned with the notions of linea, circular, triangular

With respect to language, one might reference the three geometric forms in the fashion of:

  1. Linear: "straight talk", get to the point, straight shooter, tells the truth, one-way conversation, etc...,
  2. Circular: "circumlocution" (or round-a-bout conversation), talk circles around someone, two-way calling, etc...,
  3. Triangular: What a tangled web we weave, between you, me, and the fence post, three-way calling, etc...

Yet, can we do the same for the idea of consciousness? Does the human consciousness have a basic geometry that we don't typically reference as existing? While in reflection as a knee-jerk reaction to the question as a supportive, if not defensive reaction we might say sure, consciousness has a geometry to it... thus to imply that it is associated with a supposed high order of intelligence, but is consciousness intelligence? Does consciousness reason, or simply attach itself to a function of reasoning as one might assume it does to language in a symbiotic fashion, of which three types are routinely recognized?

3 types of symbiotic relationship related to language and consciousness

Are language and consciousness in a symbiotic relationship? Since a person can be aware... that is have a type of consciousness and neither speak or reason, and one can think of as being able to reason without language and perhaps some type of consciousness (can reasoning take place on some level when we are asleep?), and if one can speak without being conscious or reason (such as someone talking in their sleep); are we thus expressing a 3-legged stool configuration as a type of symmetry involving reasoning, language and consciousness? Does reasoning require language? Then again, are we describing the act of reasoning in terms of deductive and inductive reasoning, or all types of thought processing? Does thinking have three states of being in which Reasoning is one of them? Hence, has the discussion now moved into a realm of three, each with three categories many of us might not be able to name, or is consciousness to be considered an act of thinking?

  1. Consciousness (One can be aware without thinking, like a bird watching a passerby?)
  2. Language
  3. Thinking

What these three remind me of is the old paper- rock- scissors game. Can a case be meant for describing Consciousness, Language and Thinking in a One- Two Many fashion, or labeled as Singularity, Duality, Multiplicity, Monad- Dyad- Triad, the One/Many (with an "excluded middle")?


If Language and Consciousness are not exercised behaviors of biological activity originating from within... as many of us would conclude, then might want to think of them as "add-ons" using the human body as a host. If we then think of them as bacteria or a virus, one might be inclined to view them as beneficial bacteria and not a virulent virus, seeing as how there are good bacteria alive and well in our stomach... in our gut. Yet, if they are to be viewed as having been born inside a person as development occurs, we might say that they arose as some process occurring with brain development. This is not to say they didn't occur on a basic cellular level, but that sometime during the development of the brain they came into being. Unless of course one wants to ascribe the rudiments of language and conscious existing in some atomic particle state-of-being, or has a molecular presence or resides someplace in a bio-chemical capacity involving amino acids and proteins. Yet, if we look closely, we see that all such participants have directionality, be it described as a north/south polar reference, axial (or drive-shaft) turn, chirality, or in terms of a clock-wise/widdershins rotation. Similarly, let us note: "The Earth spins on its axis from west to east. The Coriolis force, therefore, acts in a north-south direction. The Coriolis force is zero at the Equator." (The Coriolis Effect:)

Surely the directionality of the Earth's (rotational) spin (which was much faster billions of years ago when the building blocks of life were being manufactured and assembled) had some affect on life's origin, and came to influence the directionality for most amino acids to be inclined towards the left (or Levrorotary), after the establishment of a right-handed spin being used by the strandedness of RNA (and later DNA), thus indicating the early presence of symmetry in biology, where the polarization of light comes into play. (RNA/DNA went to the right, while subsequent amino acids development went to the left).

While symmetry occurs in both living and non-living circumstances, I am focusing on the presence of symmetry in biology in the present context. is later seen overt expression of life forms, of which we note there are 3 general classifications. What we don't typically come across is the accompanying question of whether Language, Consciousness and the Germ layers followed this same route of development. (The the original illustration didn't contain the question, I added it for the present discussion.)

To what extent can we apply the notion of Symmetry?

If we are to ask whether Language and Consciousness are symmetrical, can we also ask whether they have a dominant axial direction. Similarly, do tonal and non-tonal languages have a dominant direction of orientation which offset one another, or that both are pointed in one direction and we do not yet know what is the counter-part... speculatively speaking. Does thought spin in a dominant direction, and is this direction towards an evolutionary advance, or does thought in one direction necessarily have thought in the other direction, where at times we are presented with a stalemate of opposing forces, such that in the occasion of a war there necessarily will at sometime be an opposing force, militarily or otherwise?

It is of some interest to note that those involved with attempting to reconstruct the process by which life arose (such as for example by a primordial soup or broth concoction, speak about creating amino acids from which proteins can be built, but they generally do not focus on what may have influenced the development of a triplet code in DNA. Whereas it is easy to see how the effects of a spinning earth might be translated (copied) into an axial spin found in amino acids and the direction that the helical strand(s) of RNA and DNA may likewise have arisen, this is not the case for the triplet code. The simple fact that the Sun has three phases doesn't enter into the many experimental equations which have reproduced the experiments conducted by J.B.S. Haldane, Aleksandr Oparin, Harold C. Urey, and Stanley Miller. The fact that such experiments are taking place in the Earthly environment where life began is not mentioned, nor the fact that the substances being used are those from the same environment, meaning that any inherent chirality found was already be present. However, while different sources of presumed environmental irradiation have been used (such as lightning and ultraviolet lights), the three-patterned effects of the Sun's three phases (dawn- noon- dusk) are not typically tried. What apparently is assumed is that the triplet code will necessarily show up as a Natural (Emergent property) process once amino acids are created. Since the Earth is a spinning test tube, the experiments being attempted are already biased.

The same type of "emergent property" consideration is frequently applied towards explaining the presence of language and consciousness. However, if a step-wise pattern of development can be ascertained, then we might more easily look for an environmental prescription for development. Did Language and Consciousness develop in a similar manner to life originating from inorganic substances that were changed into organic substances from which life had a means to get a foothold for expression? Is life a language which differs in different contexts such as on other planets with different types and mixtures of inorganic molecules?

A three step scenario possibility for Language an Consciousness

Some readers may conclude that an attempt to trace the steps of development for Language is difficult enough, but that to think to attempt this same view in the contemplation of Consciousness is an impossible task. Whereas with language one at least has some idea of the anatomical requirements for speech production (lungs, tongue, larynx, etc...), the closest approximation we can get to describing an organ for consciousness is the brain. And yet, in my humble efforts I have come upon the idea that since the human species uses a bilateral body plan... meaning there exists two sides to provide what is described as a symmetry, it would stand to reason that language and conscious may well need their counterparts, unless they are counterparts. However, the idea of Symmetry may be based on a two-patterned perspective.

A bilateral symmetry related to Language and Consciousness?

No less, I am inclined to think that Consciousness preceded Language, and therefore if it does have a means of expression, it was created in a non-verbal form of articulation which later used a symbiotic relationship with language. And the fact that for most people the left hemisphere is the seat of language, and that the cerebral blood flow comes after the blood flow to the right hemisphere, we might think that consciousness arose first in the right hemisphere with an artistic, or non-verbal means of expression. If we look at the development of the brain from the backside of a person's head and note that the brain stem develops first followed by the functionality of the right, then the left hemisphere, and amino acids are Levrorotary in design (from which are derived proteins); it might be advantageous to view the development of the brain taking place in a from bottom to top design similar to a question mark.

Rear of Brain used for several correlations

When speaking of blood flow direction, migration flow patterns and brain development patterns, one of the important questions is directionality. Typically, one might assign the correlation of right and left handedness or apparent directional movement of an object, so long as one's orientation is fixed on a point of reference. Instead of the word "handedness" related to right and left hand directionality, the word "chirality" is frequently seen when speaking in a biological research environment.

Amino acids and Chirality reference

And while we have come upon the idea about the origin of life which is important for later impression of speaking about Language and Consciousness, we should make note of the evolutionary history of the brain from a triune perspective:

Triune Model of human brain evolution

When we speak of Evolution with respect to the Emergence of life, we find that the hypothesis can be viewed as a 3 -to- 1 Ratio. I left the address on the image of where I got it from awhile back, but the address is no longer valid. However, the information is a good mix.

Selection of Origin of Life ideas

A generalized 3 steps to life portrayal

Such an idea (as a symmetry between or due Language and Consciousness) has not been proposed before because the research route I am taking... involving a "threes" perspective, is a bit different than the conventional; and I am not swayed by the perspectives of psychologists, mathematicians nor historians who view an interest in "threes" as representing an activity that is below their own standards of interpretation. Again and again I encounter one negative assessment after another because they tend to see an interest in the "3" or any number pattern as representing a person engaging in something their respective fields have come to view in retrospective terms defined by those who only dabble in the usage of patterns in order to achieve some goal related to a financial or career gain or equilibrium, or they become easily discouraged.

In using biology as a platform with which to explore the possibility that Language and/or Consciousness are somehow linked to an organic origination, then it may be possible to establish some relative enumeration to portray a step-wise emergence, development and future direction. Such an idea deserves to be explored regardless of the final consensus. The fact that we discern repetition but do not link it with the idea of a language or consciousness describes an unwillingness to "test the waters" of exploring into uncharted territories of conceptualization. Like early peoples creating ideas about the ocean and then testing those ideas by adopting a seafaring mentality, can be viewed as an exploration into a higher consciousness. The increased knowledge resulted in an expansion of language and conceptualizations we of today take for granted.

By describing a series of letters or numbers as a code (particularly in a context such as war), the word "language" (or even "secret language") may be more easily applied. However, to say that numbers themselves are an exhibited language or even consciousness is to invite strange looks from colleagues because there is no relative context for such labels to be applied... much less qualify any further investigative effort using such criteria. There must be some logic with respect to a defined purpose and not mere exploration of ideas placed into different contexts like a person striking out in any direction hacking away at a jungle of information without a conventional rhyme or reason for making such an expedition... which are usually defined in terms of seeking some means by which a financial gain is to be forth coming or some relative gain for the purpose of increasing one's reputation amongst colleagues. But to venture off into some unknown seems more like a Don Quixote adventure. And yet, we make allowance for "crazy ideas" by using the adage "There is method to one's madness".

My way of thinking is that just because we humans come to label repetition as a "pattern", doesn't mean the pattern can be immediately used by someone in a give context. It may have to wait for generations, just like someone in the past exhibiting what we might describe as a very modern way of thinking, which means in their own time they were well ahead of others, but their ideas had no where to be applied due to the prevailing context of their era. No doubt there are those living today who have ideas that are will ahead of their time and the person may well be buried in obscurity, though their idea may live on is some remote way... to be chanced upon sometime later by a person who comes across the perspective but intends to deny its originator any credit. The point is, patterns some one is recognizing today may be of value later on... or be used by one or more person's in the present to create a like-minded culture, whereby the rudiments of the conceptualization take on a life of their own and begin helping to flesh out a type of eco-system of thought that permits larger life forms to emerge in the isolated system of thinking... like a culture being born on an island and begins to flourish to the point that once others find their way to the island, the dominant way of thought is able to influence the thinking of outsiders.

As such, if we view life itself as a language and language as a consciousness... while at the same time denying the usage of the word "metalogic" or "metaphysics" from being used to define such conceptualizations; it is much easier to propose something else in the same environment of language usage because in the presence of such "wild creatures" (of ideas), lesser crazy ideas become more sane to accept that if one were to try and offer the less crazy ideas by themselves, they might be outright rejected. Sometimes it is necessary to create a jungle of thought which exhibits an open-air zoo of ideas that provide observers a choice of defining less, medium and more crazy representations; thus enabling a person to pursue chasing after that which was intended in the first place, but would otherwise be described as insanity if the observer was not provided options... a sort of lesser of three evils, where the word "evil" is in context referring to a crazy idea. It's a sleight -of- hand distraction which allows me to suggest that the recurrence of enumerated patterns I am observing can be equated with a small vocabulary. An entity described as a consciousness may have been born without a means to verbally express itself with speech, but not necessarily without the usage of symbols, until such time as it learned how to create a viable symbiotic relationship with language.

If we say that Nature speaks to us and that it speaks to us in code, what code is it and is it only one code? Is the absence of a pattern also a code? Do we allow ourselves to use a numerical code such as the signature of a "triplet" seen in DNA, but refuse to accept the usage of enumeration in other instances simply because Mathematics has not been used to define the limits or give its permission... much like the sanctification used by religion in some instances? And what if the hight Priests of Mathematics can't see because their traditional crystal ball is an ineffectual tool due to its biased usage of dichotomies? What is the language of Nature if the Rosetta stone, the Behistun rock formation and Galle inscription are neither seen nor understood by the prevailing perspectives of all leading experts in all fields? What if you are trying to define a route to a higher consciousness that does not involve any current idea focused on such a topic and that all such ideas are little more than acts synonymous with a dog chasing its own tail?

What if you can not see that the old perspective of people believing in a pantheon, a plurality, a multiplicity of gods signals the end of one level of consciousness and the adopted idea of a single god is the beginning of a new cycle of consciousness development, but it too must fall away as part of a three-step cyclic pattern resembling an arithmetical succession of grouping three items followed by a cultural pause, after which another cycle of 3 take over... but that this pattern exhibits a forced adoption as a survival mechanism on a planet experiencing an incremental deterioration? In other words, even if we come to understand the cycle by way of whatever terms are used in a given culture, the cycle itself is part of a survival strategy that is deteriorating and that the only way out of the cycle is to get off the planet... but because social systems have been developed in accord with the philosophies of survival in a deterioration, the entire culture of ideas and activity are guarded and enforced to continue because it has provided a livelihood for all reigning authorities who want to perpetuate the cycle because they have created a niche' for themselves in it.

Whereas an earlier culture develops ideas focused on achieving a higher consciousness that is expressed in the belief of many gods which replaced an earlier belief of some measured duality or dichotomous orientation that had replaced some earlier notion of singularity. (For example, let us hypothesize a scenario where fire was worshipped as a single god... it got taken off its pedestal by... let us say a duality of knife and spear or in any case a duo... that got displaced by a larger preoccupation... let us say a "many" showing of clansmen.) The sequence of a 1- 2- many consciousness development in an earlier age, began a cycle of a 1- 2- Many scenario such as multiple Nature gods being replaced by the notion of a singular or "one" god described in a three-patterned way (Omniscient- Omnipresent- Omnipotent); after which was followed by ideas involving dualities (that may have been used in a previous cycle of thought but have now acquired new labels)— after which some ideology of multiplicity is embraced, prior to yet another 1-2-many idealization to characterize a believed-in higher consciousness attainment that may be expressed at the beginning of each cycle by some notion of "oneness" which marks the beginning of another cycle that may very well overlap with those practicing the old perspective, because it is a culture which has not come to face the presence of internal cultural or "mid-ternal" ecological or external sociological pressures which bring about a questioning of how sound (how sane), how right (practicality), how good (for the whole of the public and not just the elite), the old ways actually are... and whether the views of the old gods (described by the reigning authority) make any sense; much in the manner that the current models of Democracy no longer make sense and are being seriously questioned to the point an intellectual stream of needed replacement is being stirred up into a whirlwind from its present dust cloud.

As an example of the hypocrisy expressed by the current model of Democracy being used in the U.S. (and elsewhere), it must be noted that it is rather suspicious for a "true and powerful" model of government to rely on a non-democratic entity like the military to protect it. The military is easily recognized as being a non-democracy when we define a democracy by a measure in which the public is permitted to vote in its leaders. The "public" in the case of the Military is it main body of soldiers. They have never been permitted to vote in their leadership. Leadership is bestowed on them by the selections governed by the military elite. In fact, if one makes a parallel reference between Military life and civilian life, one can easily see that the "society of military personnel" speaks more to the fashion of practicing socialism and communism, defined in terms of having a level of communal support that the general public is denied and yet must pay for such a society (within their own) to flourish. The same goes for the culture in which Congress or many other government agencies exist. They are provided with entitlements that the common public isn't. The degree of illusion perpetrated on the public so as to sustain a hypocritical system of democracy is astonishing. In order to have a form of government called a Democracy that is practiced by a non-democracy organization and prevents the people for having their own legislative branch? (Whereas a jury system of law permits the public to decide the guild or innocence of a "peer", a system of government is not enabled to exercise permitting the public to directly participate, without a go-between, is the representation of a representative model of hypocrisy.

The Socialist and Communist practices found in the Military.

In a Nut Shell, let me say it appears that aspects of human life... that is Language, Consciousness and Reasoning (within the present context); appears to be using a recurring "Basic Body Plan" (for want of a better terminology), involving what can be symbolically described as a 1- 2- Many expression easily seen in the Pentadactyl Limb formula, whose "Pentadactyl" emphasis by current encyclopedic entries belies a more fundamental architecture; only because this is the wording which was chosen by those who were not aware of the other means of referencing which has a wider distribution of appearance. The so-called Pentadactyl limb gives the impression of being a type of tally stick used by Nature. Instead of using dots, Nature used inter-linked bones as if it were a Primitive consciousness viewing a Constellation. And having no language, because language was yet to come, it used what was available to the right hemisphere... which is its primary residence that we might think of as a "Home plate" or "Home" position used in multiple children's games, from which it can leave and roam about, but always retreats there when faced with what gives the impression of being a Threat, a Fear, or that which it cowers to in a fetal or semi-fetal physical, emotional or intellectual position.

But the question remains of when do we begin counting a "Many"? Is it at two or more? Three or more? Or do we take our lead from Mathematics which typically describes a continuing number sequence with the 3-patterned expression of 1,2,3...? Perhaps we should take our lead from those who would describe the English alphabet as ABC...? And then we must wonder if all languages exhibit a similar means of beginning a "Many" count.

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