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It stands to reason that if we can have a "Prologue" and an "Epilogue" that we should have a "Mesologue", at least in a context where there are multiple "threes" ideas being discussed.

Mathematics is a Westernized version of the Chinese Yin/Yang Nature-based philosophy. This is why many Chinese (or other Asians) appear to excel at Mathematics. Their culture has a long history of affinity to thinking in Patterns-of-two. For those readers unfamiliar with the basic idea of the Yin/Yang philosophy based on patterns-of-two and those who have not realized that Westernized Mathematics shares the same "Pattern-of-two" brain modeling, you need to see some examples of each side by side:

Examples of yin and yang patterns-of-two List of Dualites in Mathematics
Examples of duality ideas

Another representative area of a "two-patterned" (doublet) mode of thinking can be found in the legal profession. While there are other patterns to be found, there is a larger usage of dichotomies. It is particularly troublesome to see the depth and breadth to which patterns-of-two have been established and maintained, as if the human mind is in some respects stuck in the muck when there is evidence that a developmental progression needs to move beyond the "two" into a third position, (such as life forms developing from a more simplified 2 Germ layers pattern to 3 Germ layers usage).

Doublets and triplets in the legal profession

Now let us look at some examples of Persistent Dualities in Psychology:

History and Systems of Psychology by DR. Warren R. Street

And let us not forget to include such well-known dualities as the Nature/Nurture controversy, the Chicken/Egg dilemma, inner space/outer space, Micro-/Macro, Black/White (raciality), rich/poor (upper/lower social classes), Major/Minor musical cords, singularity/multiplicity, slow/fast, in the red/in the black (accounting), forward/about face, ["on-off," "open-closed," "go–no go"],.etc... In fact, let us take any subject and we can find some representative expressions of two-based ideas illustrated with a given subject's working vernacular. And yes, it is fully recognized that there are other patterns but the point to be made is that there appear to be only certain patterns which repeat themselves in multiple subjects. If one creates a makeshift graph simply to introduce the idea without intending to provide any real representative occurrence, we can imaginatively design a graph for the purposes of a philosophical conversation piece, which quickly advances to the notion we may be dealing with a diagrammatic puzzle akin to a Hamiltonian circuit occurring in three dimensions instead of a singularity, that a simple illustration such as the following is a simplistic beginning of a path similarly reviewed in other puzzles such as the three wells and the 7 bridges ideas.

Let us add to the foregoing examples of Duality with a recurring observation of Astronomers, that binary stars are the most frequently enumerated star groupings. In some cases the words "pairing" or "double-star" may be used. Star "clusters" can be viewed as a "Many" reference, though there are two classifications.

  • Binary Star also called 'double star': (Is a) pair of stars in orbit around their common centre of gravity. A high proportion, perhaps one-half, of all stars in the Milky Way Galaxy are binaries or members of more complex multiple systems. Some binaries form a class of variable stars. ("binary star." Encyclopædia Britannica.)
  • Star clusters: two general types of stellar assemblages held together by the mutual gravitational attraction of its members, which are physically related through common origin. The two types are open (formerly called galactic) clusters and globular clusters.
    • Open clusters contain from a dozen to many hundreds of stars, usually in an unsymmetrical arrangement.
    • Globular clusters are old systems containing thousands to hundreds of thousands of stars closely packed in a symmetrical, roughly spherical form.
    • In addition, groups called associations, made up of a few dozen to hundreds of stars of similar type and common origin whose density in space is less than that of the surrounding field, are also recognized. ("star cluster." Encyclopædia Britannica.)

Let us also add the pattern-of-two seen in computer language called Binary.

The view of the human head was at one time observed in terms of a single brain. Later on the ideas of the one brain became a more discerning "2-hemisphere" topic of conversation followed by the notion of hemispheric attributes. Then came along the three-part or Triune Brain concept coupled to the double-hemisphere attributes that has (at times) violently objected to by those who assert a more-than 2 or more-than 3 compartmentalization of the brain involving consciousness, intelligence, and attribute distribution. You can come across various more-than 2 or 3 that may or may not be enumerated... (though the usage of a given number may have an associated value to the user such as 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), but in many cases do not exceed a certain number and often are represented with terms such as "multi-", "multiple", "several", "more-than-that" (sometimes specifically meaning more than two -or- three); but in any case can be viewed as a individual's mental position of counting in terms of a "many", similar to the primitive's 1- 2- Many scheme of reasoning.

One, Two, Many succession in perspectives of the brain

Let us note in the above image that while I had placed the "3" example next to the Many reference for brevity, it dawned on me that the placement was rather fortuitous since it reflects the attitude of some observers in being dismissive of the "three" perspective and move directly into an acceptance of the "Many". However, like so many people wanting to take short cuts, a person reaches some defined "Many" realization and they don't know how to achieve a step beyond themselves except to acquire more of the "Many" such as wealth, drugs, guns, dogs, real estate, vehicles, clothes, jewelry, books, movies, food, etc... only to find that they have not reached the "oneness" of their particular situation, without being exploited by someone seeking to capitalize on the underlying cognitive formula. I have know several people who had a goal and achieved it only to find that it was "not all that" they had hoped to get, whereby they turned to some form of inebriation (drugs, drink, religion, etc...) as a means of attempting to not only console themselves but perhaps find a new path and new goal... and yet once again they want to take a short cut, not because they are wrong in wanting to do so, but that which can be achieved by a short cut (or even a long, drawn-out process), do not yield what they think the wish to acquire, because their internalized development plan towards a greater realization has been modified by external situations to the point of being unrealistic. It is a theme which I can metaphorically describe as a wild stallion retaining the same basic drive of consciousness as a human, but even if they achieve what a human has, they will not be able to fully appreciate it because their external form has been artificially altered to suit the requirements of their physiology to the environment they inhabit. Remember... I said the foregoing was a metaphor and not to be taken literally, but representative of the idea that human consciousness may itself retain some basic structural formula given to it by Nature, yet human civilization as it is practiced causes artificial goals to be created which only symbolize that which the underlying consciousness is actually designed for... Because we do not understand the pattern and it is being hypocritically designed to fit the whims of those advocating some Way, some Truth, Some Life to interpret as The One way, The One Truth, The One Life a person must lead by being guided by someone who requires something in return... in other words, hundreds of millions of people on Earth are being exploited by false prophets in business, in religion, in Eastern philosophy in government and many other socially prominent vectors, like so many parasites.

One, Two, Many Pentadactyl limb analogy to consciousness

Humans are repeating the early "1- 2- Many" tally stick of "reasoning by way of an (unrecognized) underlying pattern of consciousness" and are not even aware of it, because... individually speaking, that person or group of people may be experiencing an unrealized shift in their consciousness because it is taking place in circumstances which may obscure acknowledgement thereof and attribute it to age, an educational environment, a training experience, or "road of hard knocks" or "getting up after being knocked down", or "rolling with the punches". etc... Because we can find the same recurring "1- 2- Many" theme in biology and even our Pentadactyl anatomy, we should not be surprised if the same pattern occurs in our perceptions, how we organize them and perhaps even our consciousness as individuals and the species as a whole, if not the entire Universe. Moving into a "Many" frame of reasoning may, for some, signal a shift in a changing consciousness, but then the "1- 2- Many" cycle starts again... but should take place in a new context, with a larger knowledge and appreciation... but this can't always take place... so a person with a changed type of (but vulnerable) consciousness, is subjected to the old ideas, old patterns which hold them down... often because those they are being forced to associate with are not moving at the same pace in the same direction... though they may eventually find some resting spot on the same path towards what some refer to as "Enlightenment" and others call "Spirituality" or a "Higher Consciousness" or an "Altered State of Mind", "Meta-logic", "Meta-physics", "Completeness", "Third Order", Nirvana, Heaven, Paradise, Emergent property, Ascension, Third Eye relevancy. (The third eye is sometimes referenced as the Pineal gland which sits behind the third cerebral ventricle in the midline (between the two cerebral hemispheres) of the brain. ()), etc...

Information about the Pineal gland

However, those who do not see some "other" place or position than that which they are experiencing which represents the "One" (one's perfect life, job, career, marriage, holiday, achievement, goal, etc...) that is acquired out of some representative "many" possibilities, their consciousness may see the only possible path as a return to some "One" referred to as a simplicity (a simpler way of life), a time more real, etc., as a way of reaching a "oneness" out of a chaotic too many-ness, too muchness, too complexness, etc...

Let me express some observations regarding the from 2 → to → 3 movement in various examples:

  • Yin and Yang duality was followed by (false) Triads of the I-Ching. (The so-called triads are actually embellished Byads.)
  • Mathematics duality has subjected itself to a type of boolean logic whereby a few "3s" ideas arise, such as the Pythagorean Theorem (A2 + B2 + C2), Trigonometry (sine- cosine- tangent), "Equation Quality": (less than- equal to- greater than).
  • Single stranded RNA to Double stranded DNA, but no triple stranded variety... as yet. The double helix structure uses a triplet code for amino acids to be changed into proteins.
  • In music, we can have Chords referred to as Major/ Minor or Consonant/ Dissonant; yet a Chord is three or more single pitches heard simultaneously. ("chord." Encyclopædia Britannica.)
  • The Binary code in Computers involving zeros and ones becomes subjected to Boolean logic advancing the basic tripartite theme of And- Or- Not.
  • In multiple examples of games, we find two opposing features (people with game pieces) governed by some three-patterned restriction such as a 3-point shot in basketball, 3 strikes in baseball, 3 medals in the Olympic games (pitting champion against challengers or contestants against a record), 3 win- place- show betting values in horse racing, 3 directions of game pieces (horizontal- diagonal- vertical), etc...
  • And though we see a two-part categorization of possible directions to address a problem (top-down/bottom-up), there is no routine consideration of a middle-outwards, which I think is taking place with respect to the Earth in its current galactic environment.

All such examples represent the same type of intellectual cycle of energy and activity taking place (in a queuing manner... in a sequential fashion) using words, or symbols, or notions, or whatever can be used to describe the sequences, including an absence thereof as a point of signaling the presence of a sequence by way of self-deception so that one thinks they are engaging in a sequence to be counted as different than all others but actually isn't. Different languages used in different contexts is a typical means of camouflaging the same pattern(s) being used by different people in different cultures in different time periods.

Whereas the Chinese were exceptionally advanced long before others, the same underlying behavioral brain mechanism they entertained which created a Nature-influenced philosophy with a two-patterned design called the Yin/Yang expressed in artistically rendered calligraphy; showed up at a later period in Indo-Europeans in the form of a nature-influenced philosophy eventually called mathematics expressed in a mechanistically rendered symbology called enumeration which did not permit artistic renditions for the sake of brevity and as a lingua franca for exchanging ideas about Natural phenomena. However, the problem remains that neither the Yin/Yang philosophy nor the Mathematics philosophy suits the purpose of advancing human consciousness to a third or higher state of consciousness. Just like those who are striving to develop a Trinary computer system, so is the case (unknowingly) for many who seek some personalized notion of Transcendence, or Higher Consciousness, or Emergent Property of Mind, or in reaching the "ONE" (however it may otherwise be described)... which is a cyclic return to the beginning of a new cycle of consciousness renewal... which is a repetition of the "1- 2- Many" cyclic event. If such a sequence is tenable in our explorations of historically identifying the language of consciousness, then we can refine it as time goes along and we begin to understand more clearly what is taking place on a basic level as Nature is providing the human capacity for elucidating it.

A rough illustration of a 1, 2, many sequence of consciousness

Unfortunately, those who are in actuality practicing their own model of this are exploiting others for some financial, social, political, sexual, property, power, etc... gain. Also, it is unfortunate that no one is stepping back to get a clearer picture of the fact that this cycle was established on the Earth... which is decaying and has been decaying all the while since its creation, though new forms of life (such as humans) have come and gone in many instances. The type of cycle to be seen once humanity gets away from the Earth may be exceptionally different, and may also be the very basis of an idea which can be used to direct the development of a sentient species at some later stage of occupational activity that scientists may be involved with. In other words, they can begin a colony of sentient life forms under conditions which allow them to observe more directly how such conditions affect the ideological values of a species as it progresses its civilization through time.

In each of the above selections we can find someone who is or has tried to extend the dominate "2" perspective into a "3" perspective, and they may not even be aware that they are doing this.

The reason for bringing forth the foregoing examples of two-patterned orientations is to suggest that because there is no "three" dominant profile being exhibited as we see in the case of life having grown on a 3rd planet and that all life uses a triplet code (such as found in DNA) with a subsequent developmental pattern which used a triple-patterned Germ layer sequencing (Ectoderm- Mesoderm- Endoderm) out of which we arrive at an anatomy with numerous pattern-of-three structures: List of Threes in Human Anatomy, not to mention a large presence of a "three" pattern in particle physics; is that we may be in the middle/2nd stage(s) of a development occurring within a body we label as the Universe. Just as the womb is the immediate Universe of a developing fetus, though outside this chamber undergoing 'expansions and contractions' which can be viewed like the movement of an object in a relative darkness or intermittent twilight moving towards a tunnel (birth canal) of light; so too is humanity with respect to its consciousness which has been described as a three-step (Freudian: unconscious- preconscious- consciousness), but other views may go as high as nine steps.

Let me make a jab at some general ideas and explanations:

The recurring "Threes" in Particle Physics represents an undocumented Law of Conservation which is named (by me, as) the "Conservation of Number", to be included with the contemporary laws of:

  • Conservation of energy
  • Conservation of momentum
  • Conservation of angular momentum
  • Conservation of linear momentum
  • Conservation of mass
  • Conservation of electric charge

... and included with Conservation ideas such as:

  • Conservation of symmetry
  • Conservation of quality, quantity
  • Conservation of density
  • Conservation of Conservation???
  • etc...

We can not claim that the repetition of "threes" is a Universal theme because there is no dominant "threes" recurrence being observed as Astronomers peer out into the night skies. What they are seeing and recording is a dominate two-patterned ("binary star") formula. This presents us with several suggestions:

  • The present Universe is too young to produce a dominant "threes" pattern in astronomical phenomena.
  • That the present Universe is a "Meso" Universe but the presence of a dominant "3" profile on and with Earth (being in the 3rd position) suggests we are moving into an "Exo" (third position) Universe, (Using the "3" model of Endo- Meso- Exo-/Ecto-).
  • The potential for growing beyond humanity's present state does not mean it necessarily will. Potential does not automatically guarantee Probability.
  • That the "3" dominant theme being observed on Earth, as part of a small ensemble of other recurring numerical themes exhibiting an overall conservation of number; may mean that growth of the Universal system begins from within, like a life form in a period of gestation... though every professional has their eyes focused on the exterior limits of the observable Universe.
  • This potential for growth does not mean the life form we call Earth will not be aborted as a false start or has too many faults to reach a birthing stage of development. (Many pregnancies are aborted and some infants are produced stillborn. Nature uses its own system of abortifacients.)
  • The recurrence of "threes" as a dominant theme in physics, in anatomy, in genetics, etc., is an expression of a gestationally occurring activity taking place inside a two-patterned themed (Binary star) Universe like a child in a womb out of which it can emerge.
  • Direct or indirect acknowledgement of the underlying repetitions affecting Consciousness thus creates impressions in multiple people that "something" on the order of an emerging higher consciousness is about to take place... but they, and those thousands who have had the same impression in decades before them, do not know the exact moment. They only have a "feeling" that something is going to take place, and is a feeling that is often felt at the turn of a century or millennia. This feeling, this notion, this sense, is sometimes exploited by a prophetic figure speaking of a New Age to unfold, but expectations do not materialize as they are presented because expectations are usually infused with emotion-charged mis-representations catering to impulses like a wild herd of animals seeking some spot at the same water hole.
  • Because so many people from different walks of life have had such a feeling, an impression they may not know how to describe nor define in contemporary terms as a collective orientation since no other idea has been brought forth to replace it, they may discard it as being irrelevant to their daily needs, or in a more contemplative mood, attempt some semblance of it in their respective culture and language; though not necessarily as a universal theme... as if all of humanity is attached to the same umbilical cord and must thus realize that "Mother Earth" has a shelf life, an expiration date that far too many take for granted and equate a human span of life and their civilizations in terms of a geological scale which is an improper measuring tape.
  • That all life forms have a respective shelf life which geological time scales can neither accurately mark, record nor measure (except sometimes in a "ballpark" configuration), making it necessary for humanity to sever the umbilical cord from "Mother Earth/Nature" as they know it, or face a possible extinction, metaphorically described by the old idea of a baby being thrown out with the bath water because the adults of society (business, government, religion, mathematics, science, academia) serve themselves first and foremost in their daily struggles and not the real future which should be a collaborative idea/ideal.

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