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Nature uses a variety of patterns... or at least humans think that what they are perceiving in repetition are to be classified as patterns. If we get others to believe in this same way, just like a few people called Greeks wearing bed sheets agreeing to converse about ideas that they on occasion would disagree with just so they could have a conversation about something, then we can call ourselves a community, if not a society and then civilization and then a Nation that develops a tax system based on a shared belief out of which somebody comes up with the notion of having an Army so as to impose one's beliefs on others... as a means of proving to oneself that they are right in their guesswork which may have intentionally created sciences and mathematics and religions to support earlier beliefs that no one is left alive who can remember what they were... just like religions forgetting their pagan roots or philosophy forgetting it developed as a means by which men could have an excuse to get away from doing chores or that mathematics came from numerology or Astronomy from Astrology, or Chemistry from alchemy, or Nature worship was an elaboration of an obsession with the magical-like qualities of a primitive mind looking at sex, birthing, and development, or Psychiatry and Surgery from trephination (putting holes in peoples heads), etc..

Some philosophies, some religions, some mathematics, some professions, some general knowledge, some abilities, some knowledge, some medicine, etc., works better than others in a given situation... a given environment. Each of them has a tether line which can keep a person from venturing too far afield of a given inquiry. There are some property lines that some people will not permit themselves to cross in their given research, though others are scrambling for some model outside their main field of interest which may provide the path they need to advance their field, or some aspect therein... so long as their search efforts are accepted by colleagues who use the same type of research methodology.

Some people do not like to think of a pattern unless it is confined to their primary interest, which typically does not concentrate on a single pattern, much less a number pattern... unless of course it can be used to gain them some financial, career, property, or manipulative-over-others advantage. Whereas many people understand someone collecting stamps, baseball cards or caps, glass figurines, comic books, music albums, cook books, etc., they have difficulty understanding why a person would collect ideas using a particular number pattern, and then from the accumulation of such ideas, come up with something no one has thought of. My gosh, what a strange person Charles Darwin must have been! In many cases, the collection of similar ideas goes publicly undetected but is used by someone to generate what might appear to be "spontaneous" insights. Whereas some people do keep journals, others keep two or three: One in their head, one that they write in, and one that is shared... usually in a piece-meal fashion with those whom might provide some feedback, whether they realize they are doing so or not. However, it is difficult for someone to get constructive feedback if they are at the top of their game... whatever game they are involved in.

Previously I introduced the reader to the concept of brain development in relation to the migration of the human species out of Africa, with a primary or at least major thrust towards the East involving Asia as well as Australia. In a way we could call this a developmental brain migration though some may prefer brain development as a series of overlapping and inter-connecting structures without using the term "migration", but the word works for me so I will continue using it. Curiously though, while a person may readily accept the notion of successive overlappings of the brain's development, the idea does not automatically crop up as that which we can apply to the development of consciousness, either for the individual person or the species. Yet, we should consider it... and by the way, I view all that is being discussed as a language of cognition related to the language of conscious. Whereas these preliminary discussions may not seem intelligible to someone who may have chanced upon this page, as they move along through the Narrative series the ideas being presented should become clearer However, it must be understood that I am interested in research, and not so much as culminating in an idea to use as a mechanism by which some financial gain or social position is acquired.

Since the Human species is defined as a life form exhibiting a bilateral structure, it would seem to be the logical assessment to think in terms of language has having a counterpart, though some readers may be reluctant to say that Consciousness is a type of mirror image like that we see when looking at the right and left sides of the body. Indeed, should we consider in doing so, what then do we claim between the two a similarity unless they are counterparts to one another with separate but analogous histories. Then again, how closely should be assign the similarities or discrepancies? For example, do we say that while language is... and therefore has a speech capability, does consciously also have one but it is a speechless type such as we might assign the idea of a symbolic language to? If Language and Consciousness are to be equated in terms of being the other's symmetrical counterpart, is it identical in a fundament sense, but that beyond this each has been shaped differently like the Pentadactyl limb of different life forms? Could one have been developed from a basic floor plan but occurred when the human species was of one type and consciousness... using the same floor plan occurring in a different era of hominid development, acquire other external features? And yet can a single entity such as language or consciousness have their own symmetry, the basic value of which would be tripod- (three part)- like structure, because a two-legged model would not be balanced and would need a type of inner ear canal system featuring three (3 semi-circular canals) used for equilibrium? In addition, let us muse upon the possibility that:

  1. Language came before Consciousness?
  2. Consciousness came before Language?
  3. Both arose simultaneously but had a different developmental path away from some basic floor plan?

Then again, are they even on the same blueprint? In any event, within the confines of our speculation, were do we say that they appeared during development? Were they fated to emerge by genetics? By a particular genetic trait that, when subjected to a particular environmental circumstance, they emerged as a modifiable entity? We don't know, or maybe we do but just don't realize we do. And if we can describe three types of consciousness, are there also three types of language?

One of the methods of attempting to understand human physiology is by making a comparison not only with other vertebrates, but other life forms as well, including plants. More basic than this, since we are looking for fundamental structures which may related to the development of language and consciousness, is the Language used by Nature. One is the Prokaryote line which features the Bacteria, and the other is the Eukaryote line which features the animals... of which humanity is aligned with. However, there is a third entity called the Viruses, which are not considered to be life forms, but nonetheless use DNA. Along with the viruses are plasmids: "—Viruses and Plasmids— are essentially strands of nucleic acid with a protein coat that depend entirely on the host cell for their continual existence." ("life." Encyclopædia Britannica, 2013.) Hence, let us itemize the three:

  1. Viruses and Plasmids- "small replicons"
  2. Prokaryotes- All bacteria are prokaryotic, even though many, probably most, are multicelled in nature. Nuclei, chromosomes, mitochondria, chloroplasts, ER, and nuclear membranes are all absent in Prokaryotes. Prokaryotic cells, which include all the cyanobacteria (formerly called blue-green algae), are bacteria in every way.
    • The only other single-celled organisms that exist are fungi (one-celled fungi are called yeasts). All nucleated organisms (cells with nuclei and chromosomes in their cells) that are not animals, fungi, or plants are Protista. This huge group includes the unicellular or few-celled protists and their multicellular descendants.
    • Scientifically speaking, no such thing as a one-celled animal exists. All animals and plants are by definition multicellular, since they all develop from multicellular embryos. Accordingly, all "protozoans" are now classified as single-celled Protista, not animals. Nor are there any one-celled plants. Organisms formerly called one-celled plants are algae and, as such, are now classified with Protista as well.
  3. Eukaryotes - All animals and plants develop from embryos that by definition combine two complementary sets of chromosomes (i.e., they are diploids at some stage in their development). They are all multicellular eukaryotes. But though there are no one-celled plants or animals, there are indeed myriad many-celled protists. Multicellularity evolved not only in the ancestors to the plants and the animals but also in the bacteria, the protists, and the fungi. All eukaryotic cells undergo some form of mitosis, a sequence of cell division events that occurs after chromosomal DNA protein replication.

In the above definitions taken from ("life." Encyclop—dia Britannica, 2013.), we can see the simple enumerations of 1, 2 and many. (1 and Many/multi-cellular) as well as the term "diploid", or two sets of complementary chromosomes. Hence, we also see the reference to symmetry.

As I begin exploring the 2s and 3s of developmental life (along with other quantitative expressions), I want to exhibit a rather curious phenomena regarding the quantity of layers to cells in plants and animals. Whereas it was previously recognized that there was 3 layers such as in animals formally referred to as a Trilaminar structure, this has been set aside by those who want to highlight a "2-structure" and formally refer to is as a Bi-lipid matrix. However, this is a curious think when we compare the idea to the layers of a plant cell, which are said to exhibit three. Either Nature is counting backwards with respect to developmental complexity, or we are using the wrong idea about identifying structures as we view life forms up the scale of complexity.

3 layers to plant cells

Bilipid veruses Trilaminar perspectives of cell membranes

Now let me display an old image that I colored years ago concerning a dispute among to Roman dicers, indicating one thinks that the result is a two and the other thinks it is a three:

2 versus three perspective amongst Roman dicers

I want to bring up the "2 versus 3" idea because it may well likely come up when we discuss the quantity of languages and consciousness on basic levels of construction.

Attempting to give a history of humanity's developing consciousness should be understood in the context that I think human consciousness is still developing and is not fully developed as some might want to think an adult... that is... every adult acquires; however sober one may think present day institutionalized ideas are in their forms and functions. If we say that human consciousness arose before language, did it also develop a system of speaking to itself in a symbolic language that we might describe as a rudimentary form of thinking to oneself, from which eventually arose the 3 notions of "Me, Myself and I"? Thus, was there a language established, even if it was a simple one with a small alphabet, that we might describe as an infant having attached to its babbling of consonants and vowels... or did human consciousness use something other... or just one of these (such as only consonants or only vowels... or...)? Whereas we don't know, but speculating about such permits us to create alternatives we might want to use as a starting point to see where and how far we can get in terms of a sequential logic of historical progression to fit what we think we know. Somewhere along human development language was established, but the event of the occurrence may not have been recorded because everyone who experienced a "language emergence" may have been so awestruck as to show it off as a newly acquired skill but there were no historians of any type available, or were there? How would someone describe the emergent property of language if they had no language themselves, or that there was no vocabulary to describe such, because there was no label for it either? One might even speculate that language may have begun with females since so many of "them" ("they" did it, those kind) appear better adept at using it then many males.

If we use the route of some subject like biology, will it lead us to the origin of language? Or how about physiology and the development of the vocal track? Is language due to some injury or accident of birth that caused such a person to be viewed not as an oddity, but as something unique and worth caring for because the child made pleasing sounds? Did the first language sound like someone with laryngitis? Or if when language first emerged, the means of making sounds was already in full force, but the first person making a sound which would later be labeled as language, did become recorded but was lost or is expressed in a manner undecipherable by current models of anthropology, archeology, or history? Was it at first viewed as a means to help humanity achieve great things but turned out just like Sociology has... not to be a Social "Science" by which all of society might prosper, but a social philosophy like so many other porch-swing, street-corner, and stick-whittling contemplators of life's issues? (Need I mention "Political Science"?)

And what of this thing I am calling "language of consciousness"? Did it too have a fledgling beginning and arose not by some internally designed impulse but by accident or injury or some happenstance circumstances of environmental pressures occurring at a given time and place once, twice, three times? Does Nature experiment with its own experimentations and the recurring "threes" such as the triplet code in genetics is a mere toss of some unrecognized dice or spin of a roulette wheel or was it by way of a "chanced fate"?

For example, Did some previous "extra-terrestrian" delivery person... (yes "terrestrian" and not "terrestrial"... one does not say "pedestrial", they say "pedestrian")... did they stop by Earth to have a snack and look over their list of deliveries and mistakenly left behind a package out of which, because of its (bacteriophage-like pop-goes-the-weasil) jack-in-the-box design and ingredients, life as we know it and its subsequent developments are merely following the "plan" of some alien's conveyor belt-created fast food product produced by a system:

  • Where one set of hands selects 3 ingredients (meat, cheese, bread),
  • that they set on a conveyor belt to be heated for a 3- billions-years-minute
  • before being gathered by a second set of hands that adds 3 more ingredients (lettuce, tomato, onion)
  • that was then sent along the conveyor belt to be picked up by a third set of hands which placed another set of 3 ingredients (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise)
  • that was then wrapped three times
  • and set under three heat lamps to keep warm
  • for some three based-interval of time deadline
  • to a final 3-step packaging system by being placed in a package with napkins, sales receipt and French fries
  • that was stamped with the 3 letters "RNA" (Return Not Authorized) label;
  • which was another way of saying "purchase at your own risk";
  • because the package was to be delivered to Outer Limits of the delivery service area where the 'Cave at Emptor' (Caveat Emptor) existed,
  • denoting the old adage of "Buyer Beware";
  • but instead ended up on Earth and created an RNA world making use of a triple code?

All of biological development is a language to me. Some relate to it in terms of the language of Biochemistry and others by way of genetics, and still others through some application of comparative anatomy, comparative physiology or some eventual application of psychology. Because development is important to language development and usage, it is of need to have some working knowledge of it, even though my ideas are not particularly conventional when I run the standard ideas through a "threes" washboard using a bar of lye soap, brush, and swatter-stick before running them through a 3-roller ringer and then start to pin them up on 3 clothes lines with 3 clothes pins in full view of neighbors using modern washing conveniences. What else is there to say for a person who is 3.5 - 4 billion years old... biologically speaking... but then again, so are you.

The development of language no doubt went through a series of steps that we may at sometime uncover the sequence thereof, more fully than we know now. My thinking is that biology provides us a working model of the language development exercise and that we can apply this to a developing cognition and consciousness. We just need to learn how to decipher the language. However, I am troubled by the fact that I think we are confronted by an expression that some researchers find comfort in because they like uniformity which provides some measure of recurring certainty. This expression is the triplet code of DNA. To me it gives me the feeling I am looking at a recurring babbled sequence (called an "utterance" in the lingo of infant researchers). What's wrong with that? you ask. It is a sequence which has taken on the role of a stuck phonograph needle. If the triplet code is not subject to evolving like other biological functions, then something (dare I say "someone?") is suppressing its vocal development beyond the ability to provide any other expression except that which appears to be a parroting effect. Whatever caused the development of DNA to reach and stop at a "3" code (or 3 -to- 1 depending on your vantage point), may still be in existence but it does not affect everything, just those and that which are susceptibly impressionable to its "vocal range" which some might say is the total expression, except we do find evidence of single stranded RNA "expressions"... even though RNA is subjected to the same "3" code usage requirement as well.

Whatever created the sequence of events from which directed life along a course from which a 1-stranded RNA world arose prior to a 2-stranded DNA world, both with a triplet code; might well have exhibited a quality of speech that was silent in terms of what we call verbal expressions, but exceptional loud in a visual way, which is where photo-chemistry and early life forms such as algae arose, thought other life forms are said to have arisen earlier at a distance from the assumed weak solar irradiation which existed long ago. Anyway, before I find myself too deep into biology, let me suggest that the only visible "voice" of the environment with a three-patterned tune is that of the Sun. Its three phases (or as I have been known to describe them as three "moments"), need to be looked at from the perspective that early cellular processes were quite fragile and impressionable, as are the vulnerabilities of a primitive people coming into contact with an over-bearing later culture. But let's take a stab at trying to grasp what the early Environmental concert was like.

Early cellular processes were probably quite intoxicated by how fast the Earth was spinning billions of years ago as they stepped into the Early Environmental disco dance. In such a place there was a 3-patterned strobe-light effect created by the accelerated Earth's rotation subjected to a naked solar irradiation in a reduced oxygen atmosphere of partying. The place was so chaotic that a group of them now called organelles banded together and decided to create a circular-like boundary around them much like a wagon train of musk oxen do for protection against a perceived external threat. The presence of the threat was sustained so long that the band of organelles decided to make their association permanent and from them eventually came early life forms. But the point of this short story is to make reference to the loud voice of the three-patterned Sun speaking to early biological constituents with a microphone tune to their particular wave-length of perception. Not only was the 3-patterned voice standardized as a call to lunch for plant life which learned how to use it to produce chlorophyll, but it is incrementally changing its effect as the Moon moves away and the Earth slows down. Its own behavior is said to incorporate the possibility of enlarging to the point of one day consuming the innermost three planets. And while humans take this for granted because they think all of this well occur over hundreds of millions of years, this is not to say that humans can live well beyond a 24 hour day since the species came unto its own when the rate of rotation was somewhere in the 22 to 23 hour range, and thus may mean humans are rotation rate specific.

Another comment of this environmental speech pattern is that as the Sun enlarges, all the "3s" that have been influenced by it will start to fuse. We can already see this in multiple ideas such as the view that the Christian Trinity is said to be 3 persons in 1 godhead. This not only is a 3 -to-1 ration but also and expression of fusion, though some may want to interpret this as a conservation, abbreviation, condensation, coalescence, or whatever word works best for them in describing a compaction.

Everywhere I go I encounter language, in as much as the musician encounters music, the biologist life, the mathematician Mathematics, the artist art, and all those who have embraced a perspective through which a lens has been developed that, for better or worse, provides them a field of vision unique to a given subject... even if they preference not one, but multiple subjects with a respective (individual) monocle that are tied together to create a kaleidoscopic variety of impressions no child-like creative person can turn away from, and must incorporate the tantalizing views into one and anther amalgamation only a few others might appreciate.

ace. And yet, in what language and manner are we to receive such; and perhaps more importantly, do all impressions actually relate to something outside ourselves and we are but one type of filtering mechanism, just as other people in their own circumstances are yet another model which may or may not leave the "raw" impressions of received information as they are... such that they interpret according to their inclinations at a given time and place of occurrence and what the person may be engaged in at the moment?

Indeed, let us ask what is the best language humanity might think to suggest is foremost for the "message of the Cosmos" or a god to be heard in, and what medium is best to portray such a message(s)? Is it Art, Math, Science, Religion, Literature, Music, Dance? No less, is the particular vernacular used by present day witches the best to be used to summon some dark entity? Is it that they fail to do so because they have lost touch with their darker past in which a specialized language (along with the specialized language of symbols and garments and ritual procession), is required to be heard? Maybe the dye used to color their garments is procured from an unnatural place, and this is what prevents them from connecting directly with their Natural god or demon? Can the same be said for the god of humanity's forefathers who spoke an ancient and simple tongue? And though some would claim that the Devil and God of their forefathers know all languages, is this truly the case? If ancient or classical or biblical Hebrew or Aramaic spoken by those who claimed to be God's chosen people and the so-called Son of god were actually special, then why were the languages diluted over time? How can the true message of a true god or demon be heard, much less be able to speak to them, if the language is not a Natural one, but once concocted over many generations? If a Catholic Mass in Latin or used in particular expressions are so vitally necessary to be spoken in Latin are somehow closer to God, then everyone should be speaking such languages... since all of them claim they want to be as close as they can to their god; but make excuses for doing so in terms of explaining why so many millions have moved away from their original god languages. Much like those engaged in trying to call up some demon, but they don't actually want to because of what the true consequences might be. They all they really want to do is dress-up and play act like a bunch of little kids, no matter how many animals may be sacrificed or people they intimidate for fearing some sort of make-believe curse or hex. They don't want their god to call them idiots and swat the whole lot of them off the face of the Earth, no... they want to engage in their little social games and create masters and followers amongst themselves. What a gargantuan mess of Hypocrisy!

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