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There are those, much in the manner by which Charles Darwin took a circuitous path in his life where multiple examples where collected out of which came his Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection; have symbolically followed a similar path, though the result of their work may or may not have had the same eventual Revolutionary impact on multiple ideas that Darwin's idea did. Nonetheless, with all due humility who may not themselves think of their work as being synonymous with that of Darwin's, there are parallels to be made as a signature of an underlying trek which the human mind may at sometime venture on, in whatever capacity and intellectual garments that may be worn in a given time period of occurrence, we can nonetheless acknowledge their contribution however small or large may be the eventual outcome of their efforts to further the knowledge of humanity; even if it is not historically realized as the origination of changed perspectives which come in the future. With this said, let us note that Darwin took five years of collecting data during a time period in history when multiple people were venturing in the same area of contemplations from their respective perceptions. Some people take more than that but during a period when there may me few or none who are actively involved with similar contemplations. One may look at any occupation and can find individuals who have traced out steps similar to those of Darwin, but because of the analogical distinctions which is a layer of comparison difficult for some observers to readily read as a mere variation of the same theme, their ability to accurately translate the similarity into an appreciable commonality will be cause for intellectual dilution of the occasion. This will be left up to later observers and their relative uniqueness of vision.

Portrait of HMS Beagle as a general reference

Because I am dealing with patterns-of-3 and that such a symbol has been subjected to an analysis from multiple venues of different subjects, most of which are not supportive and some are outright repulsively vulgar because of their distortions of facts resulting in unwarranted vituperations... one of which is from Mathematicians, it is of need to point out a serious flaw in the conceptual framework of Mathematics that humanity has become so reliant on as to suggest a toxic dependency antithetical to furthering the development of human consciousness. When it can be understood that human Consciousness is a characteristic much understood because it has been forcibly subjected to multiple occasions of abusive treatment like a misunderstood child that is tossed into a closet, cage or dropped off in the landscape of some wild territory, someone must play the role of Anne Sullivan when it is appreciated that human consciousness has been, by the customs of marketplace greed, sanctimonious deeds, and idolatrous creed of politics, misaligned, misjudged and misbegotten as was Helen Keller, despite all the well-intentioned social accommodations which all indentured servants and slaves were likewise privy to.

Analalogy to the pattern-of-two thinking in Mathematics

Yes, Mathematics has taken up a charge to distance itself from the use of the "3" as a tool to venture forth into intellectual unknowns because it was so often used by ancient peoples who stood a bit closer to the naked language which Nature spoke to human consciousness in its womb and upon its emergence into a world filled with the language of patterns which it was only able to mimic the few which dominated due to repetition. Alas, it had not means of articulating with verbal speech, much less a vocabulary other than that which it carved out for itself like any primitive might on a stick, bone, stone, seashell or bare ground. It marked in succession the patterns which it came to witness much like early observers looking into the night sky and realized that some stars, some groups of stars repeated their presence and therefore must be a sign, a message to repeat to others and try to somehow understand. But then human physiology began to change because Mother Earth began to make demands and pressured for changes in form and function. But human consciousness could only change within the confines of its vulnerabilities and innocence. It could only repeat what came before and was frightened by the insistence of an aging mother who became more insistent that consciousness change. Thus, the changing physiology took to defend the child-like repetitions of consciousness by covering up its babbled expressions with a sophistication that the aging mother interpreted to indicate that consciousness had finally begun to grow up, had finally begun to express a higher development, a greater fulfillment of self-sufficiency and responsibility for its future.

Alas, in many respects human consciousness remains a child of an older, deeper, past era and longs to return to that sandbox of its earlier years, which some have tried to reach from time to time in the manner of ideas such as that called regression therapy, spiritual awareness, myth exploration, automatic writing, divination, numerology, etc., as well as primal therapy (as well as primal scream therapy). But all therapies are used in terms of thinking some problem with a person exists, be it emotional, psychological, or both. When the problem of one's conscious does not rest with a person per se, then such therapies have little value if a person wants to venture back to a deeper past existing within themselves prior to civilization; when their consciousness was born and yet remains for someone to take it by the hand and lead it along the ages of humanity's development, without being subjected to all its nonsense... and learn to speak of itself, for itself on its own. Since the whole of humanity is experiencing post traumatic symptoms begun thousands of years ago by having forced Consciousness to comply with one after another civilization born and built by reflexively acting interactive impulses which have often relied on instincts directed by fear, prejudice and self-survival; to apply one or another standard therapy to a person who is thought to have a problem, is a misunderstanding of the larger issue concerning the development of human consciousness— that has been forced to comply with a system of civilization that is at the root of many problems. To force an individual to live within the system or social sphere which they have been dealt, is tantamount to asking a female child to development the necessary skills and belief system which will help her to cope with a cage full of lustful males using different tactics to eventually claim her as a prize and parade as a priceless treat untouchable by others who are left to be jealous over. (Such an idea might well be viewed as an archetype.)

Prmal Theory reference illustration an overview

  • Janov describes defenses as the agents of repression that consume energy while protecting the system from the catastrophic Pain of unfulfilled need. When referring to Pain or defense the word "line" is used instead of "level":
    • First-line Pain = early trauma imprinted in the brainstem usually involving physical injury.
    • Third line Defense = intellectual defense.
  • The brainstem has also often been referred to as the reptilian brain as it is the structure which mammals have in common with reptiles.
  • First-line imprints occur before intellectual abilities, such as the use of verbal language, have developed. They are at the level of pure sensation and visceral (or gut) reaction. The brainstem is capable of processing the most primitive emotions of rage and terror, and these can be experienced very early in life.

But how does one create a therapy for the post traumatic symptoms being experienced by the whole of humanity, when the idea of "therapy" is routinely thought of and developed for individuals or groups of individuals in a social or familial circumstance governing a single life time, even though some stories about ghosts encompass a greater magnitude of possibility by telling the tale of one or more whose efforts explore the efforts the possibility of unraveling a problem of a proportioned mystery existing in a family or even a small town occurring over one or a few generations; but to think in terms of an approach for developing a therapy for the whole of humanity it its entire history seems ludicrous, unrealistic or the creation of yet another urban legend or much longer myth? Indeed, though those with a religious leaning would like to claim that their particular belief and ceremonialized practice IS the very therapy needed by humanity for such a salvation, little are they cognizant of how much deeper into the pit of despair has their system of belief participated in sinking human consciousness down into a quagmire it has helped to construct and uses as an excuse to bind human consciousness to a level and type of dependency which helps to sustain that very religion which bases its principles of salvation on the very evils it has had a measurable hand in constructing, along with its co-conspirators called business and politics... each with a hand in the kitty of ill-gotten gains subscribed by a collusion of (principally) self-serving laws! When such an idea is not even provide lip service by any imaginative writer, how is the public to even begin creating the mental frame word for such a conceptualization? How are we to address the issue if we do not yet accurately understand human consciousness nor adequately address issues which arise through its attempt to speak for itself using the crude languages we call verbal communication? Where are the tools and techniques, much less the know how to begin research into such an endeavor as is being proposed? Do we have the correct form of communication or even vocabulary assigned to such a form of communication? And if it exists and has existed for several millennia, why hasn't anyone spoken of it in the present terms? Is it being rejected because it was previously used in an incorrect fashion like a rifle used to kill people instead of being restricted to apprehending game for food and not sport?

Yet, let it be understood I have not intentionally sought out on this present journey with the expectation of creating a therapy as noted above. I want to supply what seems to me as a relevant outcome of the information I have collected this far, much like Darwin in his collection of different life forms. The different examples of "threes" and other patterns are viewed as forms of thought which in some instances have taken on a life of their own. If a word or idea or behavior is used, it has life. Whether it remains alive for long is dependent on usage, though it may mutate into something other than how it was used centuries ago. But for the moment, I am focused on the topic of Language in a broader sense then some may be accustomed to, and am applying the term in conjunction with other terms (such as cognition and consciousness) which may not have been used by anyone, much like a person experimenting with a new forging process from which a greater metal might surface; even if such an outcome was not initially intended... but arose due to a serendipitous occasion by tripping over something in the 'shop' I now occupy. While at the present point I have several pages of this Narrative already written, there is a need to stop and pursue other attendant ideas which may help the reader process the information more readily if it can be understood how I am looking at the outlined orientation which crosses my mind, but may have not been presented in a readily apparent fashion to contemporary inquiries whose perceptions have been reflexively trained in conventional paradigms dealing with language, consciousness, cognition and materials used to support those conventions. Images are indeed helpful, but those that I sometimes need must be created firsthand, or I must transform a conventional piece of information to suit the purpose at hand. While it is conventional to say that a picture is worth a thousand words, the reader may be one of the view who has rearranged this idea to read as "one word is worth a thousand pictures". The same can be said for non-word sounds or visual perceptions where there is not conventional means of framing that which is perceived.

I am trying to get across the idea that consciousness, though sometimes referred to as an "epiphenomenon"... an emergent property of brain development; in as this may be true, we can also contemplate it as an entity with its own identity, if it were shown that it expresses itself in basic underlying patterns in a repetitive fashion... just as we call infant babbling a precursor to speech, but would not do so if an infant babbled in an intermittent fashion or only during periods when no one was observing... and not because the infant was conscious of this, but because it was a survival reflex not to make any sounds when the presence of a person was felt to be a threat. While this is not the case, the point is that if there was no babbling and that the repetitions of babbling only occurred in flailing arm or leg movements, we might not readily associate such non-word activities to speech, even if the rhythmic patterns were similar. We are not accustomed to think that an animal's vocal or physical repetitions may have the same originating processor as a human. For example, if we here a dog bark three times, this is not equated with a person saying three words. We are not taught to count patterns of behavior and associate them with some underlying pre-verbal mental activity, much less in a cross-species fashion. If you were a primitive and did not know biology, whereby I suggested to you that all life comes from a substance called DNA with a triple code, you might well disagree or argue against it, unless of course you had some all-encompassing Nature philosophy which held that all life springs from a single creator (called Earth Mother or whatever), and that the number three was held as a special symbol because you had noticed its recurrence in other things.

I do not see the "three" as some grand Cosmological theme or there would be a dominant Trinary Star grouping instead of a Binary, or double-star phenomena. Because I can see the many patterns-of-two cropping up and that the "three" is absent in some cases... being replaced by some other number pattern, it is necessary to forge the development of a comprehensive view involving these other patterns as well, but not in a Numerology sort of way. One must at least attempt some level of rationality and realism. Much like Religion claiming some ownership of the ideas labeled god, heaven, hell, peace, love, virtue, religion, etc., so too has Mathematics come to claim that all number uses are to be the provenance of its domain, and any use outside it avowed borders is to be viewed a heretic... a vagabond, or even something that is non-rational. Such is the way it has treated the number three. But there is little to expect from a perspective whose underlying foundation is patterns-of-two. In other words, Mathematics is biased, just like the two-patterned Yin/Yang philosophy. Yes! I say. Let us bring Mathematics before the Tribunal of the Public to answer the charge of committing Heresy by claims that its domain serves a higher logic, when it can be fully seen that the underlying system to which it depends is little more than some Westernized version of the Yin/Yang Nature model. It has perpetrated the lie of being the greater logic that even Philosophers have unwittingly turned to it for guidance and expressed illustrations. Oh the Shame!

When we have multiple philosophers throughout history speaking of the 3-patterned formula of "Monad, the Dyad and the Triad," or in the more primitive variation of a "ONE-Many theme noted as "Singularity and Plurality," thereby skipping the "two, the 2nd, the middle term" in the intellectual fashion of condensation and abbreviation for a mental process moving too fast to stop for the yellow light of caution to be given for those less equipped to handle the rapid acceleration of an enlightened mind; those philosophers who step to the sound of a dichotomous drumbeat being offered by Mathematics should be drummed out of the Philosopher's service to humanity. Nay, it would be better that they resign by walking the cobblestone path allocated to their fore-running betters of history who sensed the beat was too good to be true.

When we can identify the basic pattern of a recurring language seen in neurons, and then think to define three stages of consciousness development (un-conscious, consciousness, super-consciousness), why is it so difficult for some observers to consider that what they are looking at is the language of cognition, of consciousness in a non-verbal state of expression? When no one expects an infant to speak or a child to articulate like an adult, why is it so difficult to grasp the possibility that a primitive emergent property like consciousness would not express themselves in a simple repetitive pattern?

3 -to- 1 ratio of brain Neurons

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