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Physics: Conservation of Number

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I am placing the present topic as a separate web page because it is an important one, and its previous placement in the Language Narrative Series may not be recognized for what it represents in the context to which it is appended. Since the topic deals with the recurring presence of patterns-of-three as a dominant (but not only) theme with respect to numbers in particle physics (and elsewhere), let me first provide a few examples of the theme, assuming that those interested in physics are already aware of the recurring "threeness", but that no one has offered to provide an illustrated rationale for its presence. I have copied the comments from the Language Narrative page, hence the generalization which appears at the beginning:

Examples of patterns-of-three in Nature

... One of these clues is the three-patterned "1- 2- Many" model.

It is a clue that we can see in biology and physics. For example, the "1" can be seen in the presence of single-celled life forms. The "2" is in the doubling of cells. The "Many" not only occurs in the representative limited composition of cells compiled to create a living being, but in the composition of the human species. The adage "be fruitful and multiply" advanced by the biblical tradition is a cognitive representation of this cellular activity. However, because it is a cyclicity, when "Many- Manies" (multiple many) are reached by humanity, which is not far away, there will be a rebirth in the sense that a new "1" will began. This has nothing to do with any religious doctrine or philosophy, business or politics currently be practiced as a belief. All beliefs having been created on Earth, particularly those whose adherents want to claim their's is not of Earth but of some superior non-earthly (such as a supposed heavenly) realm, are to be left by the roadside. Humanity's consciousness will have no need of such rationalizations which were born and sustained by an incrementally deteriorating environment. They are rationalizations created as pseudo-survival strategies that will have no place in the future of humanity. The consciousness of humanity will transcend this present stage of developmental affairs, but it will not be in the sphere of any notion regarding a heaven, paradise, or ascendant-being realm of existence. Such ideas are antiquated notions born in an age of superstition and falsifications perpetrated by those whose roles of leadership are coming to an end for the sake of humanity's future. More gifted others will be forthcoming to lead humanity off the planet, out of the solar system and away from the galaxy.

In the present doctrine(s) of particle physics, there are multiple "1- 2- Many" perspectives to be identified as clues of the approaching dawn of a New Age that is not meant to be lived on the Earth. Earth has an expiration date. So does the solar system and Galaxy. Humanity must look beyond itself as a species and begin to perceive itself as a non-embodied consciousness. Its present embodied consciousness does not have much time (in a far-reaching cosmological sense and not a measurement in which current models of geology are used to stratify life's ascendancy— since its inception billions of years ago). The idea of a "Heaven on Earth" is a notion based on motivations by those whose primary interest is the salvation or increase of their position, their belief, and not humanity. The future of humanity will ensure that the course of evolution which brought today's humanity to its present state of being will not occur in the same way. In the realm of particle physics we find the ideas of "Grand Unified Theory" and "Theory of Everything". These are representative views expressing out of a "many" there exists a "1" that is being sought for.

It is symbolic of the same type of pattern being declared in multiple other subjects with their own respective symbology. Both Eastern philosophies and Western religions in their own way, despite individualized self-centered policies for perpetuating themselves, are reflecting this same idea of "Oneness". That from some collection of "many" is the need for a person to seek a "one-ness" with this or that orientation. They are all symbols of the same underlying pattern being repeated over and over and over again in small, medium and large ways, as well as incremental variations along the span of this three-tiered spectrum. The "Many" in the case of particle physics also is being represented by the repetition of "threes" well recognized by multiple people who have not reached the conclusion that they are paying witness to a "Conservation of Number" being used as a clue to be deciphered into the prevailing message that the collectivity of humanity has reached a "Many"... and the cyclicity of the "1- 2- Many" is similar to that seen in the simple arithmetical activity of the place value notation system. It is a formula where after each set of three is placed a comma. The comma is a point of demarcation that is sometimes expressed by war, famine, disease, revolution, industrialization, wide-spread creativity, unexpected and historically important leaderships, innovation, etc... The comma is a symbolic representation of an underlying cognitive acknowledgement that has not reached a stage of verbalized articulation in order to comment that it is a symbol marking the repeat of a transitional occurrence... until humanity learns how to read the repeating code as a signaling device.

Humanity's occupation of creating warning devices for smoke, water, fire, low oxygen, gas, temperature, earthquakes, etc., is due to an underlying impression attempting to exert itself on human consciousness to reach a state of realization to recognize that repetitions such as the "three" in physics and genetics are themselves codes to be applied to a larger context of life's totality of well-being, and not simply as codes to be constrained as expressions solely for the respective subject in which they occur. The repetitions of numbers and other patterns are Conservations being used as survival mechanisms in an environment which is incrementally deteriorating; but that this language is not to be interpreted to mean it is to be equated with systems of measurement to breed complacency of attitude where a "business as usual" frame of mind is adopted. It is educated ignorance to acknowledge the repetition of the "three" pattern in particle physics and not describe it as a "Conservation of Number" when several other recognized repetitions are provided such a status. When we look at a definition pertaining to Laws of Conservation, the value of "three" meets the requirements:

Conservation Law: (also called "Law of Conservation"): In physics, several principles that state that certain physical properties (i.e., measurable quantities) do not change in the course of time within an isolated physical system. ("conservation law." Encyclopædia Britannica, 2013.)

It is incredulous to think that so many brilliant minds in Physics do not consider adopting the recurring presence of "three" as a Conservation Law. What does the public have to do? Hit them over the head with a club to sober them up? Whereas they are permitted to create the rule-of-thumb regarding the adoption of a repetition as a Conservation, but also permitted to exercise a fiat denying it to whatever they want because of some organized underlying superstition of referencing a number pattern that has been used several times in the past to reflect illogicality? Such a practice of intellect is an expressed superstition itself. It represents the attitude of a self-serving witch doctor organization whose personal preference is for something more complex, more difficult to uncover— that the usage of some complex mathematical formula or Einstein-level insight is needed; but that a pattern even grade-school kids can readily see and acknowledge is not an expression of an applied intelligence used to detect some value to be viewed as a grand secrecy; only revealed by those initiated into a particularized orientation akin to a cultish perception that deems that it and only it is favorably positioned to provide insight into the phenomena of particle physics? Even though there is the grandstanding perspective that physicists are uniquely able to conceptualize a search for and establishing some presumed simplicity in some presumed complexity, are we to be led along a path akin to the notion that a child seeing the King has no clothes on is a figment of an untrained, undisciplined, and uncultured mind unable to know how, when, where, why, and what is to be seen and by whom? If not, then let us place the recurring presence of the "threes phenomena" along with the other Laws of Conservation such as:

  1. Conservation of Energy
  2. Conservation of Momentum
  3. Conservation of Angular momentum

In the deepest sense, the three conservation laws express the facts, respectively, that physics does not change with passing time, with displacement in space, or with rotation in space. ("conservation law." Encyclopædia Britannica, 2013.)

Hence, with the statement above, we need to fully recognize that they are governed by a "Conservation of Number" law. Thus, we have another instance of a 3 -to- 1 ratio seen also in the "Classical Mechanics" of DNA, RNA, as well as Proteins. All of which express the "1- 2- Many" model. If the same number associations keep cropping up, then there is the presence of a Conservation of Number.

Incidentally, the following image has information which I think will come to resonate through the coming years:

Conservation of Number series

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