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It's not that I am presenting ideas that have not been read before by many people, it's that they don't collect "threes" as a person who collects a particular item such as seashells, or baseball cards, or coins, or butterflies, or stamps, or cookbooks, etc... The idea of correlating multiple "threes" ideas is oftentimes (particularly by those with a penchant for Mathematics), dismissive of the occurrence and prefer to think of themselves as being more intelligent if they indulge in the creation of a series of enumeration or some other compilation, which suggests to them they are engaged in the creation of constructing an edifice based on an acceptable logic. The idea of presenting someone with a series such as 1, 2, 3... is interpreted by them and many others to be superior to a series of a single number such as 1, 1, 1... 2, 2, 2..., 3, 3, 3... etc... Each item in their brain has got to be associated with a different number or letter or color, or sound, or taste, or smell... because they have difficulty in seeing multiple dimensions of consideration attached to a single reference. Hence, the words "Triplet Code" are associated solely with a biological context involving DNA and RNA. However, because the use of the phrase "triplet code" is reserved for a biological context, a simple analogy to that of time may throw someone for a loop, even if I have explained my variable use of the phrase. For example, the 3 hands of a clock are a Triplet Code. The three face cards in a deck of cards is a Triplet Code. The recurring use of three medals in the Olympics is a triplet code. Dividing human pregnancy into three trimesters is a Triplet Code. Etc... However, a Triplet Code can involve other numbers and symbols such as the 2-3-4 ensemble.

And no doubt the first reflexive remark from some readers will be that they can create some other list, but they probably won't. They will not deliberately attempt to support their argument by providing examples and then taking a step back to see where their preferred pattern sits in the context of the few patterns which are being repeated by Nature and human consciousness. Though many an expert seeks to unravel the simple code of their respective subject of interest, they necessarily instruct others to think that what they are pursuing is difficult and complex... as an expression of their ego and as a means to keep others from venturing into their domain and identifying that which they are seeking, whereby another will get the credit. And those who claim otherwise try to encourage others to join in their field of research, only if it is under their respective ideological orientation so that once again they will have a means of describing another's efforts as being similar to or identical with their own. In many respects science in a pugilistic atmosphere where different types of combativeness take place; be it similar to an intellectual wrestling match, intellectual boxing bout, intellectual gymnastics meet, Intellectual fishing expedition, Intellectual scavenger hunt competition, etc...

Whereas in seeking the origin of the Triplet Code in RNA and DNA, most researchers apparently do not look for some precursor with a similar "three" pattern. If they are thinking otherwise, they are not writing about it. In other words, they do not describe the Triplet Code as being a reflection of an earlier triplet code model. This may be due to the way they were taught in the public school system... to think sequentially, that the "3" was preceded by a "2" and the 2 by a "1". Whereas this is the case in several instances such as for example the development of the 3 germ layers which apparently followed a 2-germ layer occurrence and it followed a 1-germ layer development and we view this as an expression of Evolution. However, even if we can not find a clear representative example of a "1-germ layer" expression (though some have suggested a good candidate is the primitive animal called the sponge), our logic is that there must have been some semblance thereof and that time and the deteriorating geometric processes of Earthly life has diluted the retention of such examples as might be found, just as some environments are harsh on bones and artefacts sought after by Anthropologists and Archaeologists.

As naive as it may first appear to some readers regarding the triplet code, I did and do look for preceding and following models of a "three" expression. Whereas many are viewing the Triple Code as an emergent property, and regardless if this occurred by some model of chemistry being sought for, I view the code as an art form. In other words, if you were to ask several different types of people (both primitive and modern) in their respective cultures with whatever tools they can think of to create an image of a triangle or the phases of the sun or the moon, etc., you might well find several different models of expression. As I see it, chemical processes can be viewed as a primitive person being asked by the environment (let us say "Mother Earth" as an anthropomorphic gesture), to mimic the patterns of light and dark they are exposed to... or at least were exposed to Billions of years ago when there were fewer distractions than there are today (such as the various pollutants being dumped in the seas by humans). With the limited stock of crude tools/implements to work with, the early chemistry went about trying to create some semblance of the exposures to the Light and Darkness created by the fast spinning Earth presenting particular patterns over an over and over again. One might think of it as a dance floor with strobe-light effects. Unless one opts for the idea that lightning strikes occurred in groups-of-three, we must therefore look for another Natural source for a pattern-of-three occurring the world over, since life may have sprung up in multiple places and we need to account for such a consideration.

My thinking is that the Triplet Code is a reflection of some Naturally occurring "three-patterned" event. At the time I was thinking about it several decades ago, I didn't even have a rudimentary grasp of amino acids. I simply saw the idea of a "triplet code" as an object in a picture, like a person near a water source who saw their reflection in it... or as a blind person trying to read the rows of three dots of Braille, or a person trying to decipher the three-patterned "dot - space - dash" sequencing of Morse code. Indeed, if one looks at the Sun and views it as a Morse Code message: Dawn = a dot, Noon = a dot, Dusk = a dot and the intervals in between as dashes, we have the code of dot-dash-dot-dash-dot... which translates into "End of Message". If we take this to heart, it suggests there are no more forthcoming messages... interpreted as you will, (religiously, meta-physically, mystically, etc...).

What the Early chemistry was "seeing" and translated into a Triplet code, can be deduced as a description... as a reflection of an actual "three" event... a counter-part, or at least some visualized distortion there of. Imagine if you will a person who can not speak and has not learned to write trying to illustrate about an observation they are having every single day for billions of years. In such a case, the triplet code was and is still being viewed as a replicated reflection, with some latitude being permitted for visual distortions coincident with how the human brain and overall physiology reacts to the impression. Indeed, the fact that both RNA and DNA have three of the same amino acids and that even though RNA typically has a single strand while DNA has two, I am thinking in terms of a stick, pencil or straw inserted into a glass of water. Hence, the single strand become a double strand and although there are three identical amino acids (Adenosine- Cytosine- Guanine), the different ones (Thymine/Uracil) give me the impression of how visual optics can be distorted when "looking" through water into a waterless world. For example, if the three amino acids are being seen for what they are (as three types of bait) by a fish in the water with them, then a person holding onto a fishing pole outside the water will have a distorted image from within the water.

Imaginatively, let us view the early building blocks of life as different Rubik's (Bouillon) cubes whose colors/flavors are not aligned, but become aligned by a repeated exposure to a repeating light source that is "patternized" by the fast moving Earth's rotation and the Moon— whose distance from the Earth was measurably closer and had a greater effect. The Sun didn't do anything but shine and perhaps emit solar flares. Otherwise, it was the Earth and Moon which produced a set of repeating patterns that stirred and heated the primordial broth. A closer Moon would have created larger waves or what I like to reference as a wild washing machine effect... like a child asked to stir a pot of soup in which they playfully stirred the spoon real fast because of a playful mood of inclination. Darkness creates an after-image effect of the light source and thus can be viewed in terms of a mirror-image, or like looking at a negative of a picture, that some young people may have no idea what I am talking about because digital cameras have removed this idea from being experienced.

Although quite real, the single and double-strands express an optical reflection themselves. Three of the amino acids are in the water and therefore are not seen in a distorted fashion so to speak, while exterior to them the different ones (thymine and uracil) are due to distortion. It reminds me of the situation in which the Mythological war hero Achilles was said to have been dipped in water by the heel, leaving it the only part which was vulnerable. If you are witnessing the scene from inside (below the surface of) the water you will see events one way and if you are out viewing it from above the surface, if not out of the water on land, then the scene might then take on a different perspective and the story (results) reflect this vantage point. If RNA and DNA represent two optical points of reference of the same occurrence, they will be told (by Nature) differently... and yet contain elements quite similar. Hence, we have three amino acids the same and 1 is different, just like in the case of the New Testament where the three accounts of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are similarly the same, while that of John is different. Hence, a 3 -to- 1 ratio like the amino acids situation of RNA and DNA. However, let me emphasize that I am not advocating any religious theme, I am simply stating a recurring cognitive theme. Here are some additional examples: 3 to 1 ratios page A.

Is RNA an expression of a broken fishing net?

Is RNA the representation of a broken fishing net that nonetheless snagged the same types of 3 fish that the DNA net did, or is DNA merely a net thrown into the Primordial pond from a different footing? Is RNA the fishing line of a youngster, while the DNA a fishing line of someone more experienced? While to some readers the metaphorized analogies may seem humorous, the intent is to explore the difference in strandedness as being something other than that explained by the generic interpretation called evolution. How I was introduced to the analogy is due to simply typing and it "popped" into mind as I was gathering split-image illustrations of an object that can appear to be seen as two objects and not necessarily a broken one, but the idea of "brokenness" stuck in my mind and the image of a fishing net seemed a logical addition to the expressions of fish, fishing line and fishing pole. Such impressions came to mind as I "reflected" on refraction and those images I had gathered to supplement my comments. Necessarily so, the view of the overall consideration took on a different theme as I imagined myself as a fish looking upwards at someone outside the water from the perspective of a fish's non-binocular water-world vision. Would the fish see two different people as a distortion like we see a "broken" pencil mirage? And along with this I can help but think that while we speak of primitive life forms evolving, it is not customary for us to encounter a person suggesting the situation that Nature itself had a fledgling start in terms of both organic and inorganic substances. Surely inorganic substances can evolve with respect to composition. No less, all the images of distorted pencils that are shown as refraction examples, appear to be placed in containers of clear water. With respect to the genesis of RNA and DNA one must wonder what sort of reflection, refraction, diffraction (scattering) properties the early ocean or pond had.

Images on refraction

If light rays are viewed as vibrations that can be distorted by the medium the come from and attempt to go through, then the diffraction ratio could be increased or decreased. How much and what kind (if any) the Early building blocks of life were subjected to, is anyone's guess. However, such speculations at least indicate such variables are being considered and are placed into our box of "stuff" for reflecting on.

Whether or not you believe that one instance of a "three" led to another instance, only means you have not enlarged your consideration to include the idea as part of your analytical repertoire. Whereas the situation may not occur in a given context you are looking at, doesn't mean it doesn't reference an actual occurrence in some other time and place. There are occasion when the "three" is cognitively associated with the idea of "many", though different labels might be used such as few, much, pile, more, lots, multiple, poly-, etc... In some occasions you may well find that the "three" is followed by a multiplicity and then that multiplicity followed by a singularity... and all of them can take place at the same time, or at least make an appearance has having occurred at the same time though they didn't. For example, we can see in the history of behavior defined as being religious in nature, that humans apparently practiced different types of religion that we of a later age label as Monotheism, or Ditheism, or Tritheism, or Polytheism. The 3 born-in-the-Desert Monotheisms (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) followed during a time when there were polytheisms or pantheisms of gods and/or goddesses. Later on, or in conjunction with, we find ideas (no longer defined as religion) which speak of dualities and then trinities (not necessarily in a religions context) and once again the ideological practice of multiplicity. In other to see this, one must take a survey of the larger cognitive digressions (interests) of humanity since many of the themes once defined as mythology or religion or philosophy come to be defined in accordance with another subject that has taken over the underlying conceptual patterns and applied those terms and overall vocabulary being used in a given subject that eschews itself from using terms found in mythology, religion or philosophy. Nonetheless, like coinage, we see the same underlying patterns affixed with different names.

In seeking out the origin of the Triplet code, it is helpful to see how it is put to later use in terms of what developmental themes occur, and in particular, can be identify other three-patterned occasions such as the three Germ layers (Endoderm - Mesoderm -Ectoderm) and the three primary cellular energy sources being used as described as AMP (adenosine monophosphate), ADP (adenosine diphosphate), ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Whereas you might want to argue that the Occasions for a "three" composite structure is not the only pattern, you nonetheless are not at the very least making a list of how often it does occur and in what context. It is either a given we might want to claim as a Natural law or at least describe it as a recurring mental theme used by humans in their descriptions of multiple processes and structures. Similarly, we are either on the 3rd planet or we only think we are. If all the "three" patterns are mere coincidence and simply made-up, why are we doing it? Does the Triplet code actually exist or do we simply think it does because our minds are little different then those writers who create myths, legends and fairy tales containing multiple patterns-of-three? Is the Triplet Code just another fantasy... like some holy grail or golden fleece or City of lost gold the human mind has fabricated? If not, then there is no reason to automatically be dismissive of the idea that the pattern-of-three in the code was not influenced by some external pattern-of-three in Nature... unless one prefers to complicate the idea and promote the notion of some 2-patterned precursor which came after a 1-patterned precursor in a highly complex manner worthy of one's efforts as a means of indicating some unusual personal ability on the part of a researcher.

On multiple occasions I have encountered researchers wanting to describe their efforts as complex. However, I take exception to it. Here is an example:

PUBLIC NOTICE: The gauntlet has been thrown and the Battle Lines drawn. On one side of the line we have: How Imaginary Numbers Were Invented; where the Statement "Nature Likes Complex Numbers" is asserted by the commentator. And on the other side of the road we have those of us who assert that Nature Loves the Number Three. I tried to leave the following comment, but it would never post:

Very interesting presentation. However. I have to take an exception to the idea that Nature likes complex numbers. It is more likely that Mathematicians like equations which suggest the existence of a complexity that they alone are privy to best illustrating with a symbology consistent with their artistically linked model of conceptualization. Mathematicians have BIG EGOS despite all the pretensed humility. Furthermore, when we have hundreds of examples of Nature using simple numbers, one must question the rationale behind the statement concerning complexity. Here is a site which displays hundreds of simple numbers being used by Nature:

In thinking about Simplicity, here are a handful of quotes:

  • Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. (A. Einstein) (Einstein on Simplicity)
  • I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. (Lao Tzu)
  • Don't use a lot where a little will do.
  • KISS principle: Keep it simple, Stupid (or keep it simple, sweetheart.)
  • Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. (Confucius)
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (Leonardo da Vinci)
  • The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook. (William James)
  • Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lives in their simplification. (Martin H.)
  • the ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak (Hand Hofmann)
  • Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in th end because once you there, you can move. (Steve Jobs)
  • There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth. (Leo Tolstoy)
  • Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say let your affairs be as one, two, three and to a hundred or a thousand. We are happy in the proportion to the things we can do without. (Henry David Thoreau)
  • Three rules of work: Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. (Albert Einstein)
  • A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. (Lao Tzu)
  • Quotes on Simplicity

It is rather humorous to encounter a mathematician who says that mathematics helps to simplify complex processes, and yet insists that the equation(s) necessary for the simplification are complex! The same thing occurs in chemistry. It too has worked out a system of simplifying complex ideas, but the simplification is just as complex, if not more... except that a different type of (symbolic) language is being used. If you are a person seeking the origin of the Triplet Code and can not produce a life form from your "equation", your idea will be viewed as a theory that is suspect... even though many years in the future you become vindicated.

In the present excursion of describing the origin of the Triplet Code I have to venture forward in time from its supposed point of origination Billions of years ago as well as guess at what may have come before it. Do I know the exact step-by-step process? No. My experimentation is limited to armchair recreations based on the information presented by others. However, it suggests that Nature also engages in the use of Art, if not music and Dance (etc.), whereby human exercises of these topics are mere extensions of processes and forms to be found in basic biological conformations. As such, though we may claim that Nature has grown more complex from a simple beginning, some tend to think that the simple processes were complicated circumstances, or at least that is how they apply their versions of chemistry, physics and mathematics to in describing them. There is an inclination to use the vocabulary of one or more of these three subjects towards an analysis of all things basic. There is rarely if ever an inclination to use the inferences to be garnered from art and its corollaries. In other words, the triplet code may well be an expressed artistic design, as if the Nature of Earth in its early stages of development was a primitive creature... like an illiterate person capable of imitation but not capable of any actual speech other than some rudimentary "grunting" expressions as we might find if we took a time machine back to the era of early humans living a hand-to-mouth existence with or without the presence of multiple others in what might be called a tribe, clan or family.

What I am suggesting is that the early processes of life may have been a good imitator, or even a so-so imitator of Natural influences such as the two-patterned night (dark) and day (light), hot and cold, wet and dry, etc... Though we might well signify this by calling them biological rhythms, we do not necessarily apply this same idea to the Triplet code. In other words, we do not view it as an expressed image of a naturally occurring rhythm. In this sense, the Triplet Code that we describe was/is a way in which the early building blocks of life came to mimic a three-patterned image being shown to it by Nature. Indeed, how would you describe the impression of a triangle if you did not know how to draw or you were somehow handicapped from exhibiting a similar impression? If the Triplet code is a crude artistic expression of a pattern it was subjected to during the early Earth to the extent it became embraced and internalized, does this suggest it is still ongoing because the triplet code is persistent? If we ask why hasn't the triplet code evolved, it may be because that which caused its origination is still present. What could it be and how can we see it if we are taught to complicate simple observations by the language and tools of conceptualization forced upon us by a public school system created by those who view education as a means by which they can express their egos aligned with an exercise of intellectualization?

With respect to the Sun and plant growth involving oxygen, it is of value to make note of a "triplet code" referenced as a triplet state:

Triplet oxygen, 3O2, refers to the S = 1 electronic ground state of molecular oxygen (di-oxygen). It is the most stable and common allotrope of oxygen. Molecules of triplet oxygen contain two unpaired electrons, making triplet oxygen an unusual example of a stable and commonly encountered di-radical: it is more stable as a triplet than a singlet. According to molecular orbital theory, the electron configuration of triplet oxygen has two electrons occupying two p molecular orbitals (MOs) of equal energy (that is, degenerate MOs). In accordance with Hund's rules, they remain unpaired and spin-parallel and account for the para-magnetism of molecular oxygen. These half-filled orbitals are anti-bonding in character, reducing the overall bond order of the molecule to 2 from a maximum value of 3 (e.g., dinitrogen), which occurs when these anti-bonding orbitals remain fully unoccupied. The molecular term symbol for triplet oxygen is 3∑-g Triplet Oxygen.

Photo-sensitized molecular oxygen is a powerfully oxidative species that severely hampers the photosynthetic efficiency of plants and causes health problems such as cataracts in humans. The ground state of molecular oxygen is very unusual in that it is a triplet; hence, it can accept electronic energy from more-energetic triplet states of other molecules in a process called quenching. When this occurs, the donor molecule begins in its triplet state and undergoes a change in spin to its singlet ground state.

The molecular oxygen begins in its triplet ground state and also changes spin to a singlet excited state. Because the total spin between the two molecules is unchanged, the transfer of energy can occur rapidly and efficiently. The resulting molecular oxygen singlet state phosphoresces in the far red and the near infrared. Moreover, it is both a strong oxidant and peroxidant and, if formed, may chemically attack (oxidize) a nearby molecule, often the same molecule that sensitized the molecular oxygen. The oxidation reaction often changes the molecule to a form without colour. This light-induced bleaching (one kind of photo-damage) can be observed in nearly any coloured material left in sunlight. In fact, the photosynthetic systems in plants must be continuously dismantled, repaired, and rebuilt because of photo-damage (primarily from singlet molecular oxygen). ("photochemical reaction." Encyclopædia Britannica, 2013.)

example, here is an extremely short list of triplet codes which may not be named either a "triplet" or a "code", but nonetheless occur as a dominant theme that is or has been repeated, at least by one or more prominent recorders. As such, we might find that those in the past did not necessarily (or even consciously) focus appreciably on any "three" theme in some circumstance, but it was later recorded as a repetition by the observation of a person making a survey thereof (such as Hesiod in his Theogony):

  • In Physics: 3 large particles; Electrons- Neutrons- Protons
  • In Chemistry: 3 covalent bond types: single, or double, or triple
  • In Language: Word order decided by Subject- Object- Verb
  • In Writing: 3 fingers (two fingers and 1 thumb) are used to hold a pen or pencil
    • 3 ancient Greek tragedians: Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides.
  • In the Olympics: 3 primary award medals; Gold- Silver- Bronze medals
  • In Thoroughbred horse racing: 3 foundation Stallions; Darley Arabian- Goldophin Arabian (Barb)- Byerly turk
  • In Embryology: 3 primary germ layers Endoderm- Mesoderm- Ectoderm
  • In Egyptology: 3 great pyramids of Giza
  • In Religion: 3 main gods and/or goddesses
    • 3 major Monotheistic religions: Christianity- Islam- Judaism
    • Triads linking Religion and Mythology
    • Tripartite concepts of ideas
  • In Anthropology: 3 classic ages; Stone– Bronze– Iron
    • 3 classic human races: Asians- Caucasians- Africans
    • 3 classic weapons: club (ax)- knife (sword)- spear (arrow)
    • 3 classic Greek architectural columns: Doric, Ionic, Corinthian (Roman: Tuscan is doric, Composite is Corinthian)
  • In Religion: 3 great Monotheistic religions (all developed in desert climates); Christianity- Judaism- Islam
  • In 1st aid: 3 step examination; Airway- Breathing- Circulation
  • In Universities: 3 dominant degrees; PhD, Master's, Bachelor's
  • In Human pregnancy: 3 trimesters
  • In Thoroughbred horse racing: Arab, Turk, and Barb horses with native English stock (3 to 1 ratio)
    • 3 foundation stallions: Darley Arabian, Godolphin Barb, Byerly Turk
    • 3 direct-line descendants: Eclipse- Matchem- King Herod
  • In Sociology: 3 classic divisions; Lower class, Middle class, Upper class
  • In Chess and Checkers: 3 directions of movement; Horizontal- Diagonal- Vertical
  • In Aircraft flying: 3 basic movements: Pitch- Roll- Yaw
  • In Automobile alignment: 3 basic angles; Caster- Camber- Toe
  • etc...

After reading such a list you may be one of those who would like to argue that you could make up a list using a different number, but you probably won't. I've never met anyone yet who takes the time to do so... and if they do, they usually try to find a list someone else has compiled because of a limited interest and attention span to this idea and topic. If there's money, prestige, position, etc., involved, they might do it, but not out of some curiosity or passion for unraveling this type of puzzle. And anyway, if you do choose to make a list of number-related ideas you may eventually sit back and come to realize that only a handful of numbers are routinely used, which involves only a fewer quantity being used most often. Just take a look at any numerology site and you will see that the numbers being displayed are but a handful and some of these may simply be an isolated interest or a number being shared amongst chroniclers of Numerology, because they tend to copy one another so as to give the impression they are an informed Numerologist by referencing a particular set of numbers. In all respects, the lists being compiled and the numbers being repeatedly used, are exercises which point to a CONSERVATION of Number; just as we see occurring with the triplet code and in particle physics. Not only does the triplet code point to a Conservation, but a particular repetition of that which came to influence the conservation. Perhaps a good way to characterize the differences in repetition for given numbers is to look at a similar activity involving the repetitious use of letters. It is because some letters have a greater frequency of usage that the game called scrabble puts in more letter "e's":

Here is the roundup of letters and quantities as described by the Scrabble website:

  • E-12
  • A-9, I-9
  • O-8
  • N-6, R-6, T-6
  • D-4, L-4, S-4, U-4
  • G-3
  • B-2, C-2, F-2, H-2, M-2, P-2, V-2, W-2, Y-2, Blanks-2
  • J-1, K-1, Q-1, X-1, Z-1

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