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Whereas most people who think of the Triplet Code as that which is being described, it is unlikely that the reader might come across someone viewing it in terms of a intellectually-contrived "rough sketch" of something more fundamental. While I realize some reviewers may think I am "reading too much into it", I want to present the triplet code as an allusion, as a illustrated doodling of thought nonetheless. In any respect, aside from the applied metaphysics, I have long ago established the view that the Triplet Code is part of a branding iron effect created by the Sun's irradiation affected by the rapid rotation of the Earth Billions of years ago. And just like sitting in an elementary classroom with the then designed overhead fluorescent bulbs whose flickering caught my attention on many occasions along with the flickering effect of the Sun coming through branches of leaves as I peered out a bus window on my way to a recreational day camp; I looked at the "passage" of the Sun one day and saw the triangular image with three distinct points. It was as if I was spinning on the Earth at an accelerated pace and could see the passage of time.

When approaching the topic of unraveling the origin of the triplet code in RNA and DNA, it is enough for some researchers to put on blinders and focus their full attention on this singular item of reference, though they might want to argue otherwise. Metaphorically speaking, they are like kids who insist on coloring within the parameter they select for themselves to indulge in (in a mirror-image fashion with like-minded colleagues), and not necessarily "within the lines" as the typical adage is often presented as an analogy. Alas, apparently many of us engage in the same type of head-strong determinism to blaze a trail along a path of what we think may be strewn with bread crumbs, faint footprints, a broken twig here and there, and many other signs of a faint passage that we convince ourselves is worth pursuing as a rational course in search of buried treasure, either as a Don Quixote figure, an English Knight over-burdened with a religious fervor or a mad scientist akin to a Dr. Frankenstein. But who, or what buried it and why... are the thoughts of an imaginative novelist and not the intent of this short essay. Be it a God, Goddess, Extra-terrestrial or happen-stance concoction generated by serendipitous events, we don't know but nonetheless think ourselves capable of unraveling a presumed Runic code.

While some may view the Triplet Code as an emergent consequence of multiple chemical interactions, metaphorically speaking... I view it much in the manner of a witch's 3-part incantation, where 2-parts is too little and 4-parts is too much. No doubt the thematic exercise employed by Goldilocks in her decision making is an unrealized extension of this exercise, and therefore constitutes an unrecognized appendage of an underlying basic formula. In other words, ideas that are generated can be manifest representations of fundamental forms and for functions without a person being cognizant of the relationship. The basic patterns we see in ideas had to come from somewhere, and this somewhere may exist on the basic realm of biological activity from which life emerged in order that brain functioning could arise.

I don't view the triple code as an after-effect of chemical interactions, but as a methodology by which photo-responsive chemicals reacted to the triple pattern as a guide-line of contouring behavior, though I am reticent to use the analogy of a caged animal in a zoo who either pace to and fro or along the inside parameter... and we humans hypocritically view this as an acceptable kindness where the animal can be fed and provided medical care... much in the same manner as the public is caged and enslaved as indentured servants but are forced to pay for services so that a few can become wealthy. (Whoops, I got on my rebellious soapbox again.)

If we view the triplet code as a guideline or fence or sandbox, etc., in which a group of kids called amino acids are permitted to restrict their activities to, is the enforcement given by way of a direct command-like enforcement or some subtle indirect mode (like a fence) that we can anthropomorphize and figuratively label as a Middle Man (or Woman... or hermaphroditic creature...). However, I am generally inclined to think it is like a dot-to-dot outline in which the early building blocks of life played-in like children limiting their playtime to the contour of a sandbox shaped in a triangular configuration that was set atop a merry-go-round turning in a widdershins (left) direction. Yes, I realize that sandboxes and merry-go-rounds are not typically described as a singular unit, but this is the way in which we must pursue an appreciation of what took place billions of years ago. Viewing things singularly or dichotomously is fine, but we are speaking about a persisting triple pattern that not only acts as a type of etched-in-stone initial (symbol), but the etching appears to be traced over and over again by each generation of biological development. It is either a recipe ingredient or a bowl in which ingredients must be mixed, or a triangular baking sheet...; much like a three-sink cleansing system used by dish washers in a commercial setting, or the 3-step scenario seen for washing one's hair: Wet hair - Lather - Rinse, or the 3-step washing cycle seen for clothes: Wash - Rinse - Spin.

The image which comes to mind at this moment is like a sand castle on a beach that does not wash away. In fact, as I write this, the image of an ocean wave is washing upon a shore and then retreating, leaving behind an intact castle. Not one bit of it has been altered... at least not from the vantage point in which the image is being viewed. What is permitting the castle (the triplet code) to remain and not be successively deteriorated over time? Indeed, even large rocks over time will deteriorate... unless they are a living coral reef. Hence, let us ask if the Triplet code itself is alive... is a type of unrecognized life form expressing itself through the language of biology? Is the absence of a triplet code to be viewed as non-life or a non- triplet code model of life

We do not know where exactly life first bubbled up... that is if it didn't come as a freeze-dried ready-to-cook package from some extra-terrestrial business site(s) that, when subjected to some volcanic-induce micro-wave-like heat source, began to spring up like some jiffy-pop container of popcorn, instead of as a ready-to-heat soup or broth from a can labeled Primordial Soup. Nor do we actually know the exact conditions under which life emerged. Nonetheless, multiple creative thinking individuals have tried one or another variation without providing a plausible scenario as to what caused the creation of life overall, and in particular... at least for this present discussion, how the Triplet Code arose and not some other enumeration.

In thinking about the genesis of life, we should also take a look at the evolution of thought regarding such a consideration. Here are three examples:

  • Did it arise like a mixture of stuff in a can that needed to be stirred as it was being warmed up?
  • Was it a novelty item that needed to be shaken so that something could emerge by way of agitation, like a jar full of bees?
  • Did it require being placed under a radiating wave in an enclosed chamber for a set time?

Evolution of thought about genesis of life

A person might easily describe the triplet code along with symmetry and left-handed chirality as due to being on the Third planet which spins left; and yet I would say this is only partly right. Much of it appears to be the result of being exposed to the accelerated rate of the Earth's rotation billions of years ago. Yet, such a comment represents an idea so simple that it may at first be rejected because many people such as some mathematicians, think Nature likes to indulge in complexity and that only a few humans have the skills necessary to unravel and interpret such a divined runic code.

It is a type of thinking much like the days of yore in which a few thought themselves especially qualified to interpret messages or signs of the Heavens and a supposed god, goddess, as a singular, divine pair, or some plurality thereof; whereby they took on the moniker of being a High Priest, Oracle, Vestal Virgin, or High King— some of whom may have viewed themselves as a son or daughter or consort of a god... and thus effected a self-styled aura of privilege and recognition amongst those with the same like-mindedness— and have created a position which is highly influential to those in the public easily persuaded. Small social circles of close confidants is a recurring construction that appeals to many people... particularly when a signature uniform or dress-code is used, along with in-house entitlements such as having a name tag, a particular parking spot, etc. The use of symbols, specialized language terms and Mathematics in many respects,have become a coded language reserved for those who are willing to pursue a course in the esoterica of a given subject. Indeed, what we see is the creation of self-style aristocracies where only a few own all the land and other resources which they inturn pass along to one or more family members or close family ties, preventing what can be described as a "reset" of values so that there is an honest open field of opportunity. However, even when we enforce the adopted policy of insuring minorities get "a piece of the action", we see that once again there is the adoption of an aristocracy such that it develops a tighter control over social processes so that there will be no reset of opportunity. It must surely be an expressed wide-spread mental illness born in early periods of humanity in the name of that which we call survival due to diminishing resources... or at least the thought thereof.

This of course begs the question of whether the triplet code can sense the situation that there is an ongoing incremental deterioration of the environmental "triplex" such that:

  1. The Sun is on a path where its energy will be fully depleted.
  2. The Earth is on a path where it's rotation will stop one day.
  3. The Moon is on a path where it will no longer have an affect on the Earth.

Like a cookie cutter, the Sun... due to the accelerated rate of Earth's rotation billions of years ago, effected a triple-patterned design parameter of influence. If one traces the presumed path of the Sun from dawn to dusk, it traces out a triangular pattern (though the Sun actually doesn't move and is an illusion based on the rotation of the Earth). It is one of three historical illusions. The other two are the flat Earth perspective and the "falling off the Earth's edge" perspective, though one might care to also name the old illusion that the Earth was viewed as the Center of the Solar system. And like an overhead heat lamp that emits a three-patterned flash sequence on photo-responsive and impressionable building blocks for billions of years. The conditions of the kitchen in which the genesis of life emerged, is an important topic to be discussed as a relevant consideration... unless like some Mathematicians, biologists think of themselves as a specialized group of devotees enabled to have respectable ideological considerations because anyone not considered to be in their inner-circle of specialists can not possibly have any relevant ideas. We get enough of this nonsense from some Mathematicians and Physicists, as well as other so-called specialists.

Image of sun and moon during an accelerated Earth Affects of an enlarging sun as it decays

By flip-flopping a photo of the Sun's pathway we can see the triangle image
A solar graph of the Sun's passage over a day

Yet, the triple pattern induction onto early chemical processes is not the only thing to be concerned about. It is the fusion of the triple-pattern-into-one (3 -into- 1, 3 -and- 1, 1 -from- 3, etc.) scenario that we need to extend our philosophy into thinking about, along with the view that we humans may be rotation- rate-specific, in that because we originated during a time when the Earth's rotation was a given speed, it may mean humans are physiologically... if not emotionally and psychologically tied to it like some umbilical cord. As the Earth's rotation slows and the Moon gets further away and the Sun gets hotter due to expansion, the incremental effects will take place and the sensitivities and sensibilities of humanity will react to the changes much in the manner as other animals react to subtleties such as a foreboding earthquake, change in seasons, etc... However, humanity has no place on Earth to migrate to and must thus severe the umbilical cord of "Mother Earth" by combing the world's resources into effecting a full Exodus from Earth. Humanity must become the new building blocks of life which land upon different environments in an attempt to generate a step in evolution beyond its present simplistic design. Like building blocks which may have come to the Earth from elsewhere, this is what humanity itself must effect as it ventures away from Earth, the Solar system and eventually the Galaxy.

If the only book you read your entire life or during the most impressionable moments of development is a religious text, this may be the ideology you embrace and conform to an assertive attempt to gain some personal and social relevance; even though your mind has the ability to think as clearly as a biologist, mathematician, philosopher, physicist, etc... The contours of your thinking, of your brain's neuronal inter-connectivity may be far outside the simple paradigms required for the typical level of religious thought... except all you have to work with is the nonsense provided by some religious text. And this is what we see on occasion. A very intelligent person whose mind might have achieved great strides in some other-than-religious-context, but were trained like a dog receiving intermittent rewards by those in a given religion who observed that you did have a non-common thinking ability. (And no, I am not relaying a personal history to the reader. I am speaking in broad general terms after having read several life accounts of former people who became noted by some historical reference of contribution in one or another subject area, and had to contend with the impositions of religious contexts and ideas in their respective eras.)

All too often, it is not only religious leaders but others in their own subject interests who simply wanted to use someone's ability to reinforce their views and thus used their knowledge of human psychology to manipulate them into using their above average-mental ability to create supportive arguments for some religion or other subject. Which they quite possibly did and others still do, because unlike those who developed an interest is some science, philosophy, medicine, or mathematics who thus used their religious orientation to support their scientific views; someone else was somehow convinced that the other subjects were false, bad, or a distraction. And the world has suffered for this... just so a person could be used by church leaders to help them in their own efforts to persist in persuading others that they are right... in their ignorance defined as a holy innocence. Yet, the problem has become manifold due to the adoption of a religion-like attitude and ceremonialism having taken place in the sciences, philosophy, physics, politics, mathematics, journalism, entertainment industry and various protest communities, not to mention street gangs and the abundantly silly and outrageously ignorant LGBTQ rationalizations proposing themselves as a higher consciousness or evolved being entitled to a "3rd species" designation.

In speaking about the Triplet Code in Biology, irrespective of how important it is, I can not simply ignore the many other occasions of what I perceive to be a triplet code occurrence in other-than-biology subjects, though "Triplet Code" is not necessarily the vocabulary used in labeling extant forms, functions, and formulas occurring in multiple other areas of subject interest. Because genetics (let me simply say 'Biology') involves Chemistry, particle and fluid dynamics related to molecularization, Mathematics, History, Anthropology, etc., it is of need to look into multiple subjects to determine relatedness of ideas, even if a given researcher in some distant-from or related-to biology field may not themselves be particularly focused on the Triplet Code's origination.

In other words, does a "Triplet Code" actually exist, or is it some figment of imagination like the Christian Trinity, and other triune configurations used by other subjects? Did we humans simply make-it-up, like humans have done with everything else? Though it has been told to exist, most of us don't actually conduct experiments to verify this idea. We simply take the word of those described as professionals, like children accepting the content of fairy tales as being true. While using the word "Fairy tale" may be interpreted by an adult that they are speaking of the make-believe, this is not a routine interpretation by children. The word "Fairy tale" is simply a heading to a story in which an adult may try to influence the child's thoughts and emotions to accept the content as being real. Behavioral antics, emphasis by way of language inflections, as well as multiple facial gestures may be used as an effort to imply some truth. It is an activity that Journalists love to enact in order to gain a returning (and eventually subscribing) readers-ship.

The presence of other types of triplet code in diverse subjects warrants some measure of attention because this may suggest a type of copycat mental exercise, just as we see with fiction writers, movie script writers, and assorted other writers such as those who retell old fairy tales in their own way, albeit leaving the underlying numerical references intact such as the "3" in the Three Bears or the "7" in the Seven Dwarves of Snow White, etc... Indeed, a quick survey of religion through the ages reveals thefts and borrowings of ideas (from multiple "Pagan" sources) such as the usage of a single god or goddess (Monotheism), two gods (sometimes called a divine or combative pair), three gods (typically referenced in today's terminology as a triad or trinity or triple deity), and multiple gods referenced as a Pantheon, Polytheism, or some other such multiplicity. However, in making note of such, let me also make the remark that it is not typical for observers to speak of an enumerated value beyond a "three", just like Mathematicians will employ the usage of three dots (...) to portray a count beyond a 1, 2, 3 reference meant to describe a greater quantity. In other words, there is no highly prized 4, 5, 6 etc., god/goddess ensemble to match the 3, 2, or 1 referencing.

The ideas of Monotheism, Ditheism, Tritheism + Polytheism are words describing the enumeration sequence of 1, 2, 3, Many... which may be viewed as a 3 -to- 1 ratio, just as many people describe the first three bases in baseball with numbers: "1st, 2nd, 3rd," but the so-called fourth base is given a word-name such as home-base or home-plate. Similarly, we use the word "and" to mark a boundary line between the first 3 directions (north, south, east) and the next 1 direction (west) to give us the common phrase of north, south, east "and" west; while in mathematics we use a comma as a means of marking off the ones-tens-hundreds from the next group of three starting with thousands, and the continue to use this three/one... pattern thereafter. What I am getting at is the usage of similar cognitive patterns being employed with different words and symbols in different contexts.

I view such a repetition as a recurring cognitive theme whose origination may be deeper than mere language patterns adopted in a given culture. Other examples of the three -to- one ratio can be found here: 3 to 1 ratios page A.

In the present context we see the same 3 -to- 1 ratio pattern in the line-up of Amino acids when discussing RNA and DNA:

3 to 1 ratio in DNA and RNA

To me, it is like viewing the same type of underlying cognitive expression, albeit with a different color scheme. It's like walking through an art galley or listening to a concert where the same triptych theme or musical score is being played out, albeit entitled differently as DNA or RNA. Imagine if you will a row of paintings set up with 3 panels showing the same scenery, except different characters are displayed along with a different color scheme. Instead of a barn with a farmer its a mechanic's shop with a mechanic. Analogously, instead of a three-beat musical score with a drum, guitar and tambourine, we have a sax, a clarinet and a piano with different conductors. While most may claim the situation as comprising different particulars, the overall pattern is the same.

Similarly, because we can find a "Triplet formula" in multiple subjects expressed with different words and symbols, we pay witness to a recurring mental behavior of humanity (engaged in a conservation which mimics that to be found in Nature). Out of all the Infinity of numbers at our disposal, we humans only use a handful... thus admitting to the act of practicing a conservation that Nature itself apparently is similarly engaged in. Nature simply used chemistry as its pallet of colors and brushes to produce art-works we call life forms... even though I think Nature first engage in finger painting because I think of it as an uneducated, uncultured and inbred hillbilly. Whereas Chemistry can be viewed as an old sack or box of crude tools, in the hands of someone or something who is practiced in their usage, life can be described as picturesque forms of animated art, much like the mobiles one sees set over a baby crib. Like the Ancient Egyptians who left behind smaller versions of pyramids interpreted as practice models for the larger constructions, in the case of Nature, we do not find earlier versions in quantities sufficient enough to make the idea of "practice" a keynote reference in biology. Instead of tens or hundreds or thousands of practice versions, there may well have been billions. Nonetheless, Nature kept at it and finally discovered what worked and what didn't under given circumstances.

Then again, is the Triplet Code or effort to recreate life just another model of hunting expeditions for the presumed Golden chalice?

Chalice: a cup used in the celebration of the Christian Eucharist. Both the statement of St. Paul about “the cup of blessing which we bless” (1 Corinthians 10:16) and the accounts of the institution of the Eucharist in the first three Gospels indicate that special rites of consecration attended the use of the chalice from the beginning. It was not until the recognition of Christianity by the Roman Empire in the 4th century that silver and gold became the usual materials for the chalice. In the Middle Ages the legend of the Holy Grail surrounded the origins of the eucharistic chalice with a magical aura. ("chalice." Encyclopædia Britannica, 2013.)

Would the efforts of those involved in the hunt be better spent on some other project? With the Origin of Life and Triplet code having reached the stage of possibly being described as a Legend, the status of being a Myth might eventually arise if the pursuit continues and the prize remains illusive to capture. Yet, how long does an idea have to remain as a passed-around idea before it becomes a legend, then a myth, then a fairytale... unless the view becomes registered as a religion, whereby a comment such as "I believe in it" is supposed to be enough to validate it as a truth. Such is the case for the incredulous logic of humanity in this Age of Irrationality.

While my forth-going animated "portraits" of the Sun tracing out a triangular pattern and the aligned comments of a 3-patterned stroboscopic irradiation effect affecting chemical processes on the Early Earth; can be describe as my crude attempts to paint a picture of that which occurred; other Researchers want to know the possible chemical, mechanical and electrical recipe that Nature used. Let me bluntly say that I don't know what it was (is). I have no hidden away recipe of dear old Mother Earth that some suspect she herself didn't create, but simply used some hand-me-down recipe of old that she simply added to and subtracted from in accordance with what ingredients she had available. However, if I paint an accurate enough picture of the kitchen setting, perhaps it will be of some assistance to one or another investigator, like a police detective going over old photos and statements to see if they've missed anything. Trying to retrace the events of an event from different vantage points can be useful in determining what took place before the (crime) scene became trampled on by other would-be origin-of-life sleuths. If we view life as a death and its origination as a crime scene, this analogy might well provide an overlooked clue. A clue such as what may have been the actual setting and circumstances leading up to and after the crime... and whether or not the criminal(s) return to the scene of the crime over and over and over again, as they grow older and laugh at all the would-be investigative attempts.

In trying to recreate the scene in which life sprouted, a look at the various macro-molecules and combinations do not readily describe what they were... at least not in the fashion of a step 1, step 2, step 3 involving mixtures and mixing instructions, heat range(s) and type(s), cooking time, what implements to be used (like frying pan, mixing bowl, spoon, fork or whisk, cooking sheet, etc...). For example, some people can tell if a hamburger was cooked on a stove in a pan or if it was char-broiled on some fence-like barbecue grill. Were the macro-molecules baked, stir-fried, boiled or what? Was there some crude cooking oil involved? Were spices added? Was there one or several cooks who removed or put in a "pinch" of this and a pinch of that? Was the heat/flame routinely adjusted according to the preference of one or another cook who periodically tasted the concoction? Were the ingredients new or had they been on a shelf or in a refrigerator for awhile? Were they pre-baked, pre-cooked, pre-fried (etc.,) and later added as one might due to meat before placing it into a stew? Was the first broth that of a beginner who had to throw it out and try again because it didn't look, taste, smell or sound right; or did they simply try to make a batch of primordial cookies because the broth-thing wasn't working out, by using different ingredients into which the old batch of ingredients may have been mixed because there was no real place to throw out the old batch since it contained the last of some ingredient which was thought to be needed?

If we turn away from the idea that the triplet code arose as a result of chemical processing and directed our attention towards a heat source as a possible influence, which of the following suggests such an irradiation pattern, all the while taking into consideration the stroboscopic effect of an accelerated Earth rotation?

And what sort of heat source(s) did the macromolecules need?

It is of interest to note that commercial (retail) stores will use infrared heat lamps or microwave ovens to heat up food but not electrical currents as suggested as being a good idea by some origin-of-life experimenters to induce molecularization events. They actually do not see the effects of the Sun as being similar to Lightning "strikes" or a providing a striking pattern by the actions of a fast spinning Earth.

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