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Threes and the Trinity
~ Touched by God ~

(The Study of Threes)

From your religious perspective, everywhere you look you seem to see examples of how the Trinity is manifesting itself to humanity, yet so many people appear to be oblivious to its presence. So many people seem to be unable to grasp the simplicity of God's message and they only confuse themselves into needless types of self-torture by complicating a fundamental expression of certainty by focusing on man-made labels that vainly try to define the word of God in terms that are more connected to personalized forms of idealized perfection than to truth.

When you look about the world, you see the simplicity of the Trinity expressed in a variety of representations such as: three leaf clovers; in DNA's triplet codon system; in the three fundamental families of atomic particles; in the ABO blood typing system; in the usage of three fingers for holding a pen/pencil, bowling ball, throwing a dart; in the division of the world into heaven- purgatory- hell, or heaven- earth- hell; in the three trimesters used by many school systems and the divisions of pregnancy; in the concepts of solid- liquid- gas, Id- Ego- Superego, past- present- future, knife- fork- spoon, small- medium- large, up- down- in between, Monofocals- bifocals- trifocals, unicycles- bicycles- tricycles, here- there- everywhere, gold- silver- bronze, me- myself- I, etc., etc., etc...

And yes, you can see the trinity in the three numbers "666," but you are not focused on the connotations of evil, your heart is focused on the good, the true, the righteous. For you know that in this trinity is a love that conquers all evil, no matter how frightened by superstition others may be inclined to be due to their up-bringing and/or personal experiences.

If you are new to the manifestation of the Trinity in so many different forms that you may refer to as "threes," "patterns-of-three," "Triads," "Triune," "Trinities," or some other such identifier, you may be one of those who considers themselves on the verge of some form of mental illness or even insanity because your mind appears to be in overdrive from witnessing this pattern everywhere and all the time. For one reason or another you can't stop thinking about the three. Others around you may think you are losing your mind or that you have become obsessive/compulsive as a means of concealing (and yet symbolically expressing) some measure of penitence for harboring some guilt, some hang-up, some twinge of wrong doing for some imagined impropriety.

Your thoughts may seem awash by being flooded with the mental coverage of such a wide spectrum of three-patterned considerations which fills you with a bounty of excitement and exhilaration to the point of an overwhelming exhaustion, and yet you do not rest... you cannot rest... even at those times when you know you should be sleeping in order to carry out your usual day to day routine. Your brain may feel that someone opened it up and filled it like a water balloon that could burst at any moment, yet it does not. At other times you may think you are going mad because no one you know of and especially no one nearby has ever experienced an expansion of consciousness as you are now both enjoying and yet are at moments very regretful of to the point you ask: "Why Me?" "Why is this happening to me?" Am I going nuts, or have I been somehow chosen because I have unknowingly been preparing myself all my life for such an experience to be open to a new perspective while so many others have been teaching themselves all their lives to close off their minds to any other truth than that which is taught to them by a given social group as a means of preserving the group regardless if the group is merely hiding in fear brought about by superstitions beliefs?

If told often enough by those you respect, you may indeed accept their opinions of you during your "growth period changes" that you need some type of professional "mental" help, because no one around you or that you know of has ever experienced this type of expansion in consciousness development. Even the so-called "professional helper" may be useless in assisting you to get a better grasp on what you are experiencing because they themselves have no personal experience with this type of consciousness expansion and have no previous "professional" encounters with anyone who has experienced such. All they can do is label you within the parameters of their experiences, (within the guidelines of some so-called professional listing) which may in fact be wholly inadequate in not only correctly appreciating your 'journey,' but also in conveying any understandable reasoning to those who have suggested you seek help. In other words, they will not be of any value to you on an individual basis nor in a larger sense of lessening the fears of others who want you to remain as you were because your "old self" helped them in identifying who they were, and they get (mentally/emotionally) lost as to who they are if they are to permit you enough space to come unto your own.

In some respects and at varying times you are afraid to rest for fear that this experience of a profound change in insight may vanish and leave you with a void that plunges you into a state of prolonged despair from which you seem to be unable to recover from...and most of all you feel there may not be anyone who fully appreciates your experience with this expansion in awareness, consciousness, and acknowledgment of it all as a truly unique journey. In your attempts to find someone else who may understand what you are going through, you may ask your best friends, relatives, family members, trusted neighbors, books, or webpages. If your experience with the "threes" is particularly religious-based as is suggested by the heading and beginning remarks of this page, you may be comforted in finding other theologically-minded people in their views of the threes in reference to the Trinity. However, as with many younger people with a larger repertoire of educational experiences learned in contemporary school rooms but were not a part of the public education system in decades past, you may need a broader perspective of the threes phenomena.

But a word of caution is merited:

Just because you come across someone (or a group of people) who are aware of the "threes" and my even be compiling a list of three-patterned examples, do not be surprised if they do not grasp what you are trying to convey about your personal experiences with the threes phenomena. Sometimes there are those who merely join a group because they are adept at "playing a game by learning particular rules," yet they do not, have not, and may never experience an expansion of consciousness directed by a "threes" journey. Do not expect someone to understand your "threes journey" just because they are familiar with the concept of three-patterned examples and may have even compiled their own list of threes. An analogy to this, with respect to the present context of religion, is to acknowledge that some people can be taught religion, some people can express religion in speech, dress, and ritualized routines, but they may never have experienced religion as an Epiphany of personal realization by having been touched with the spirit of the religion they are involved with. In other words, they have heard of having a religious experience (and may even claim to have had one or more), or may try very hard at having a religious experience according to what they believe such an experience should be like, but they will never actually have a religious experience except for some socialized attribute in a cultural context that convinces others that they have had a religious experience and thus should be accepted as "one of the flock."

Your personal educational experiences may be quite untypical and will therefore require sources of information about the "threes" that not only include religious examples, but also examples from philosophy, physics, mathematics, Fairy Tales, Sociology, Mythology, Literature, Biology, Botany, Ufoology, Anthropology, Metaphysics, comic strips, Stock Market analysis, mechanical engineering, child rearing, physiology, politics, and any number of other subjects that may or may not be customarily obscure to many of those in the general public in their everyday lives who don't attend school beyond High school, and whose additional knowledge may be confined to tid-bits of information gathered from the covers of cereal boxes, television commercials, magazine articles read while waiting in a Doctor's office, pictures and captions viewed on magazine racks in a store checkout line, bumper stickers on cars, expressions on t-shirts, etc...

While a theological source may be all that is needed for someone who has little intellectual experience beyond the boundaries of a particular religious perspective, it can be an intellectual imprisonment for someone who has had a larger grasp of an unbounded reality that so many religious people claim is the province of God, yet they themselves are fearful of opening their minds to. They prefer to limit the realm of their God by confining their intellectual experiences to a single subject area instead of experiencing a small gesture of God's expansive consciousness because they are fearful of becoming overwhelmed and thus lose sight of their present reality in which they live with others who also survive in a similarly limited worldview of the threes.

To provide an oft-cited analogy, it was once quite logical and necessary to view that the Earth was the center of the Universe and that all planets revolved around it. This same idea was reflected in the drawings of early map makers who placed their King's Kingdom at the center of the Universe, and all other lands as lesser domains existing on the outskirts.

Earth centered view

However there were a few observers of life who began to develop a different type of consciousness in which they saw the Earth not at the center of the Universe, but that it was just another example of other planets that revolved around the Sun. This helio-centric idea was seriously considered as an attack on the religious beliefs of that earlier time in humanity's developmental stage of a more enlightened consciousness, to the extent that a believer of such an idea might get themselves executed.

Helio-centric view

By the same token, many present day religious observers tend to perceive the very many examples of "threes" as being representative of a Trinity-centered Universe:

Trinity centered view

However, there are a few observers of life who have begun to question this view and are considering that the "Trinity" is but another example (amongst many other types) which revolves around an as yet undetermined central influence that may consist of three, be a 3 in 1, or be a "ONE" from which the very many threes have been born. The "ONE" might be considered a single GOD, 3 GODs, a 3 Universe origin, 3 alien origin, 3 dimension origin, or some other as yet unidentified influence. Many observers of life have considered all religions as nothing more than different representations of simple environmental influences on a particularly sensitive organism. Hence, all religious beliefs are considered by some to be Earth- born representations of particular environmental contexts and not Heaven- born messages.

The unknown influence of the three

Many people consider the New Testament to be an "evolved" representation of God's word in comparison to God's word of the Old Testament (or else you don't believe Jesus is supremely more important than other character portrayals). The realization that there are more "Threes" in the New Testament as opposed to the Old Testament, particularly in the life of Jesus, is thought to represent a developmental change taking place in the word of God. Some believe that this change is cognitive in the sense that it is only the human brain which is changing, others believe the change is due to an increase in God's message becoming more open to human awareness, and still others consider this to be a representation of overall hominid evolution which will determine what race of people will best be suited for the future, since there is an increase in "threes" usage more so by the Caucasian/Indo-European groups, less by Asian/Mongoloid groups, and least by African/Negroid groups.

Those who permit themselves to experience the "explosion" of three-patterned insights that may invade almost every waking moment as a small sampling of God's consciousness, whereby they consider themselves to have been 'touched by God' so to speak, and not plagued by some semblance of a demon from hell, might very well use the analogy that instead of simply using 10% of their brain they are using a bit more as if someone (or something) flipped a switch on some unseen control panel. A person's brain can in some ways be compared with a computer's hard-drive that has a 100 GB (or more) capacity and a memory storage capacity of 500 MB (or more) of ram, yet the operator generally uses 10 GB of their hard-drive and 20% of their memory, until one day for some inexplicable reason their computer (brain) is somehow awakened from its slumbering ways and begins using 20 GB of hard-drive and 30% of memory.

Like a person who gets a new upgraded computer with many new features, a person witnessing the developmental growth of a three-patterned consciousness within themselves may be like:

  1. a child in a candy store
  2. a hotrod enthusiast in a junkyard
  3. a bull in a china shop each case the individual will respond to their experiences differently and be treated by others according to expected behavior. For example, those who are like a child in a candy store may be treated by others who see themselves in an authoritative position and will want to direct the person like a parent controlling the behavior of a child. For those who are like a teenage hotrod enthusiast (always tinkering with cars), their behavior may be more readily accepted as a "growing phase" with only occasional supervision so as to ensure the person doesn't drive themselves accidentally over a cliff by driving to fast and forgetting to install the appropriate braking pads. And as for those who are like an old bull in a china shop, they may be treated in a variety of ways such as avoidance, capture, or being destroyed (death, financial ruin, social ostracism, etc.).

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