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It is also of importance to note that the further we go into what we call the future, more slowing is occurring and that in the past, the rotation rate of the Earth is believed to have been much faster; bringing to the fore the idea that when we map out the rate of rotation for the arrival of humanity, we find that it was early in the 23 hour rate, suggesting that humans may be rotation rate specific. In other words, the physiological design of present humans requires a specific rotation rate and that somewhere below this and somewhere above this value, the human species as we know it can not survive... requiring a new species to evolve or humanity to become altogether extinct.

However, new data collected over a few decades indicates that the Earth's rotation has been speeding up, and the reason(s) why are uncertain.

Here's a scenario based on the views found here:
When a day lasted four hours
by Richard Meckien - published Mar 16, 2016 02:55 PM - - last modified Jun 04, 2019 11:41 AM; Rights: Original version in Portuguese by Mauro Bellesa... and here: Planet Earth Through the Ages, with some added commentary. I created a hybrid illustration tying the information together as a means of attempting to describe what was taking place on Earth during a particular rate of rotation:

Earth's rotation rate over time

I worked on the idea of rotation rates several years ago using different mathematical models I rummaged from different sources, and came up with different rates of rotation which were intended to display more instructive incremental changes. However, using an old calculator not equipped to do billions of years, I ended up with multiple guesstimations which do not coincide with the information from the above link concerning the data compiled by the planetary scientist Takanori Sasaki. Nonetheless, here is the guesstimations I compiled which led me to the idea that humanity's appearance during a certain rotation rate suggests that the species may be rotation rate specific: Are Humans Rotation Rate Specific?... page 1.

Curiously, as i sketched out in the above image, the rates of slowing do not follow a uniform pattern... that is if we can assume that the rotation rate, despite fluctuations, will nonetheless exhibit a uniform pattern with smaller numbers, or we will have to calculate smaller incremental rates occurring over relatively shorter periods of time. In other words, the above information says that the Earth's rotation rate was in the 4 hours per day range, and then about one billion years later (i am of course using general approximations), the rotation rate was 12 hours long. We should have a graph which displays the 7 periods of 5-6-7-8-9-10-11 hour rates occurring over the singular billion year period. Then again when another billion years elapses, we find that the rotation rate is 18 hours in duration, meaning that the 5 periods of 13-14-15-15-17 should likewise be given a decipherable spot on our graph. After this rate of rotation, in another billion years, the rotation rate is now 21 hours long, meaning that the v2 hourly values of 19 and 20 are not given a due accounting. In another billion years, we come to a rotation rate of 23+ hours. In other words, the rate of rotation is slowing and could suggest a temporary fluctuation or that we are reversing course. In other words, we are at the peak of rotation rate slowing and now the pendulum is going to swing back towards a faster rate of rotation. If this is true and it is also true that humans as well as other life forms are rotation-rate-specific, the idea that humanity appears to be "dumbing down" and towards earlier bestialities... except this time with what knowledge and tools we have, what then will be the species which evolves?

If prior to 4.5 billions years ago the Earth was spinning faster than the 4 hour day, and then the rate of reduction was accordingly faster due to whatever factors we can find to determine causality, and following this the incremental slowings over the Earth's development up to today have a limit... like a 24 hour clock before a reversal takes place much like a Geomagnetic reversal. With the current observations that the Earth's rotation rate is increasing... if this is not a fluke but a precursor to a more sustained occurrence, then we need to include this as a variable in our equations of planetary behavior. In addition, because geomagnetic reversals are said to be statistically random, so may be the rates of rotation slowing and speeding over periods of time that have as yet not been calculated with the idea in mind that such an occurrence is a cyclical event which may have duration periods and intensities that are not known because they have not been on our radar of planetary behavior observations.

We scientifically "scrunch" a 24 hour period into a 5 or 6 or 7 billion year time period. We compartmentalize the notion that the Earth's origin occurred sometime within a given time frame and thus have asked ourselves Where did the Earth come from? or more generally asked as "when did the Earth arrive on the scene of planets?" While it is claimed that the Earth arrived in the 4 1/2 Billion years ago range, and that we then crunch the development of a 24 hour rate into this time scale, we do not customarily think that the rate of the Earth's rotation has reversals as well as stops and starts... or at least periods of idle. It is like having the capacity of reverse in our vehicles while looking at a street light which does not display an indication for reversing. We stop, idle and go. No reversal, though we have the capacity for such and regularly make use of this capacity. Dynamic process can have this same ability just as math equations do, but we generally look upon mathematics as a street light and not a vehicle. We typically use mathematics configured as a streetlight and not as a personally constructed vehicle which may take on the properties of being a hotrod, luxury car, junker, or otherwise. Likewise, we need to look at planetary behavior as both a streetlight and vehicle. So too must we view DNA and particle physics in such a way. For example, I have seen mechanics use expensive tools in a static stop, idle, go fashion, while another mechanic's thrown-together box or shelf of tools in a dynamically flexible application where reversals are accepted as a given. Such mechanics can make usage of different tools to accomplish the same task while a presumed professional with so-called expensive professional tools gets miffed if they can not easily access "the right tool for the right job". The professional might well use a 1/2 inch open-end wrench whereas a shade tree mechanic will use a crescent wrench, a "pair" of channel locks, vice grips, pliers, a socket wrench to remove a bolt or nut, not to mention the application of some penetrant, hammer and chisel, torch heat, curse words, or even stick of dynamite if the bolt or nut are being difficult to remove.

With respect to mechanics, flexibility and the expansion to contraction activity of the Universe's origin subjected to scrutiny in terms of its relationship to the development of the Milky Way galaxy then the Sun, then the Earth, then the Moon and then successive biological developments set to a comparison with geological phenomena; the timing of events in relation to one another that can afterwards be associated with the rate of the Earth's rotation aligned with human observation and recording... I see what might be described as an earthworm or slinky movement. In other words, there is an elongation at the beginning, and then successive compartmentalized compactions from one end or spectrum to another. Such is the action of waves as one might see when dropping a pebble in a "closed state" pool of water where the edges become compacted with successive waves. If not a closed state, then some obstacle. This is what the compaction of time events in a time life of earth's rotation rate set into the framework for the development of the Universe reminds me of... A contracting wave pattern which oscillates in a tunneling fashion as the planets move through space. In effect, creating a type of worm hole that is being burrowed in real time. The peristaltic, worm-like wave movements of a slinky toy occurring on a linear course and not a tumbling-down-the-stairs or head-over-heels type of scenario so often illustrated by animators, so one has to refer to a presentation of a longitudinal compression wave to provide some semblance of that being visualized:

A longitudinal wave exhibited by the Universe
Longitudinal and Transverse waves

Timeline scale of compression

Inconsistency in an activity otherwise described as a cycle, may be due to the activity of "changing hats" in that at one period they may act as a static streetlight exhibiting incremental changes which can affect the behavior of those or that which are symbiotically attached (like drivers are to streetlights telling them what to do... despite those frequent anomalies or mutations which don't abide by the dictates of streetlight or signs); or they don the cap of a vehicle or pedestrian where reversals as well as more flexible direction changes and momentum can be accomplished. A 24 hour period in the rate of rotation may be a hump, bump, or hole in the road that a given driver must decide is the best way to navigate the "obstruction", impediment, or detour-in-behavior-causing presentation. While some drivers may accelerate, just as the Earth is doing, another driver might slow down, or go around the presented obstacle. And so, let us ask, what obstacle is the Earth confronting to cause it to speed up along its path? Is the 24 hour a deadline, a closing period, a time when the carriage turns back into a pumpkin? What is the Earth confronting to make its rotation rate speed up? Is something dragging it down like a headwind causing the pilot to increase speed? Is the Earth racing against a curfew? Is it increasing speed to get over a hill, after which it can reverse speed and even brake due to a large and extended slope with a high terrain grade? Such is the case for the current behavior of mathematics as well, to describe new developments such as a new type of mathematics... noted as being created by the energy expended by those of a certain youthful age range... as well as in the corridors of philosophy, where much creative and enlightening work is accomplished at a later age.

Is the Earth (planetary activity as well as the phenomena we call time, space, matter, etc...) more like the road being traveled on or the vehicle itself... with or without a "conscious" being in the vehicle as a driver or mere passenger? Is the vehicle synonymous with a particle and the road a wave? Is the road uni-directional, bi-directional or 3+ directional? Are natural laws fixed into presenting a given observation because the observation point is fixed? Is the road straight, curved, downhill, uphill, with or with detours and obstacles? Does the vehicle have an ability to change course, speed, momentum as well as reverse? Is it a multi-terrain vehicle as opposed to the concept of "all terrain" which belies the fact of limited use and accessibility, such as not being able to fly, float, enter into space or time travel?

Can the differences perceived in planetary, particle, etc... behavior be deduced by imaginatively using an analogy such as a vehicle and roadway, where changes in so-called cycles and usual activity are like a changes in the road and/or vehicle's disposition because of external/internal events?

Can time, planetary/particle activity be overburdened (overloaded, over stressed, degenerated), overheat, get a flat tire, or have its brakes fail requiring it to take a "runaway ramp" or alternate course? Can time, planetary/particle activity be overturned or take a nose dive into a fluidic situation (like a car ending up in a lake)? Can planetary, particle and other phenomena act as if the driver fell asleep at the wheel, or has to push the vehicle because it ran out of gas? Can the dichotomous vehicle/road analogy be used as an imaginative tool to account for fluctuations in otherwise (seemingly) stable behavior? If change, if fluctuation is a natural occurrence, what is causing the naturalness? How wide a spectrum of behavior will we permit to be part of our presumed "normal range" of activity classification?

If we use a streetlight analogy, do we make allowances for variances in how long or short a given range is on or off? For example, if a given behavior occurs (goes = green light) for a period of 12 minutes before changing to yellow (slow down and stop to idle) which is 3 seconds long before changing to red (stop) which lasts for 9 minutes, if the light values change, reverse course or alternate in a given way that is atypical to what is thought to be normal, do we adjust (adapt) our findings to this, or seek to bring the light back to functioning in a way we call normal, usual, typical or even Natural law?

For the discussion at hand, let us ask: If we are expecting the Earth to slow down in its rotation as it has presumably done for billions of years (without anyone or evidence being recorded to suggest otherwise), and then "all of a sudden" encounter a period in which the Earth is speeding up, are we inclined to think of it as a fluke, a possible temporary condition, or representative of an unusual circumstance detailing a circumstance that we can intervene in... yet not think of it as a reversal? Since we have not yet reached a definitive 24 hour day, despite making a query on the internet asking "exactly how long is a day?" which returns with the response "about" 24 hours (being presented by a Nasa article no less!), the exact figure of 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59.9998990 seconds due to the Earth's increased rotation rate, suggests that the value "24" is like a hill that is causing the Earth to increase its speed... if not to get over it, then at least maintain a close proximity to.

If there is no external planetary activity stirring up life forms, many of them may well perish, but what of those who tend to adapt to the absence of the Moon or don't need it much now, at least in any current understanding of how much is influenced by the Moon? If there is no external act to stir behavior, does the actor take over the activity themselves in some artificialized capacity? Whereas the initial compensations might be large attempts, these may dwindle over time to much smaller expressions as further adaptations are tried and take place.

The idea of humanity "coming together" instead of being churned apart by lunar (and solar, etc.) forces, may be said to be true in the expressed idea of those creating some scenario (such as an alien attack) which will force humanity to come together as one in order to fight off a singular foe attacking the multiplicity of human activities; even though I personally think that some form of collective "horde" is on its way, with its scouts already here in a form we most likely take for granted and would not think to imagine it as a fore-runner of a much greater threat pursuing a singular course towards the Milky Way galaxy. (Like a virus or viruses for example?.. though we think all germs are solely manufactured on Earth... without proof to the contrary.) To me, this implies that those on the outer rim of the galaxy will experience the horde first and this should be a focus of research to detect "anomalies" on the outskirts of the galaxy, except that we do not have an actual baseline of what normal activity on the fringes of the galaxy are and should be. Therefore, detecting "anomalies" will be difficult, but not impossible. As the horde moves inward, this may result in a fusion to create an implosion. And though this illustration may seem fanciful to some, it is an impression I can't shake, however crude it may be in its details and interpretation. The impression was so deep that I wrote a rather lengthy poem about it and activities involving a particular trope of humans. It falls on the hills of two other lengthy poems which do not specifically note the horde, but from which ideas were transplanted onto the 3rd poem. The first poem actually started out as a reference to E. A. Poe's The Raven and the second involved a type of follow up to S.T. Coleridge's the 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'... which came to branch off into its own story about a Group of select people hunting down the meaning of symbols found on stones. Overall, the three poems can be viewed as an inter-generational succession (3-headed hybrid).

The Moon is receding... moving away from the Earth

Comparing old and present distances between the Moon and the Earth

Now to continue with the previous orientation of hybridization...

Let us assume for the moment that the human mind did not initially engage in mental activity involving some form of hybridization, yet efforts to explain something unknown may well have required the usage of some analogy to secure some reasonable explanation later on. (I am speaking of early human forms preceding Cro-magnons and Neanderthals.)

Interpretations involve acts of hybridization such as in the case of making one decision over another and supporting it with the rationale compatible to the circumstances. If we assume motion picture representations of social activities concerning primitive peoples of the past are true, in the case of clan or tribal members wearing attributes of different animals (feather, furs, skulls, teeth, claws/talons, etc., for rituals or day-to-today pretended emulation— then we see an instance in which the human mind had transitioned into the use of hybridization with intent and not merely by accidental combinations.

Let me forcefully note that whereas humans have practiced acts of multiplicity, there is a trend which pronounces the development towards creating a singularity out of multiplicity... indicating that humans are being constrained. Once such example is the idea of a single God established from the practice of multiple gods. In a sense, ancient religious leaders who forced the idea of a single god onto the public which used multiple gods, can be interpreted by suggesting that early religious leaders were like the physicists of today who are clamoring for the public to think in terms of a single Unifying idea, or those who are peddling the notion of singularity this or singularity that. Whereas we once had schools which had students with multiple ages (called the one-room school house), we of today practice a dissemination... a multiplicity. However, conditions may change which require the usage of the old one-room teaching tactic once again. Internally we have atomic activity with its three-patterned makeup and genetics (in terms of DNA, RNA, Microtubules, etc...) which is three-patterned structured, and the external three events (the aforementioned Sun, Earth, Moon), all bearing down on our behavior.

But not all patterns-of-three are actual entities in function, though in appearance very much so. In some cases we have embellished dichotomies and even embellished singularities, and those triplicities which function as a 3-in-1 formula. Hibridization can take multiple forms and persuade us to think one way though there exists an underlying theme which unifies the ideas.

Here are some examples:

  • To tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth (A three-pattern with a singular focus.)
  • Major Premise- Minor Premise- Conclusion (A three-pattern with a dichotomy forming a singularity.)
  • Home-Sweet-Home (A three-pattern illustrating a 3-in-1 idea).
  • E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One), describes a 3-in-1 idea if one recalls that the word "Many" has been used to describe 3 or more, in the context of a historical review of primitive counting concepts involving stop and start episodes related to cognitive development.

Whereas on the outside a three (or other) pattern may give the appearance of a given type of enumerated idea, it actually sports something other than one's first impressions. Hence, in this sentence we see that it started out with a Three idea, followed by a suggested dichotomy, then ended with a singularity:

  1. Outside appearance of three.
  2. Is something other than a three... thus describing an alternative or dichotomous possibility.
  3. First impressions refers to the concept of "1"

The foregoing is a hybrid of three views related to a single idea of the "three" presenting us with an alternative interpretation where the notion of dichotomy can be used as an analogy or metaphor and need not be taken literally.

If we review some commonalities of thinking which many of us take for granted, we find (for example) the scenarios of:

  1. 1st impressions, 1st born, 1st place
  2. 2nd wind, 2nd sight, 2nd place
  3. 3rd wheel, 3rd times the charm, 3rd place

It is not uncommon for one movie or book or article to be a hybrid of some former presentation. This suggests that the repetition is describing an unacknowledged conservation being imposed on the human psyche, if not the whole structure of human activity in every respect. If there was actually no limit to human imagination, then there need be no repetition. For this would then be the sole pattern to seek out... imagine, a repetitious-less existence! You eat only once, drink only once, work only once, breathe only once, etc... A true singularity!... like living only once and dying only once, unless you subscribe to the notion that cowards die many deaths but the courageous die only once. You can buy into any idea you wish to, but this doesn't increase the reality of its value or valuelessness.

And yet, the singularity we humans are experiencing is one of a limited multiplicity. If we use biology as an example, even when we collate all the life forms which have ever or will ever exist, we still encounter a limitation imposed on biological activity due to the constraints imposed upon life by the available types and quantities of resources. While some readers may be overwhelmed when speaking of trillions of life forms or billions of people, I view this in the same frame of reference that I due the limitation of elements seen in the Periodic table. Large numbers are easier to grasp when viewed as a macroscopic microcosm. Similarly, I don't view the Universe as being as vast as some would like to claim, even if humanity is a small, if not insignificant dust pile blowing around on this planet. Not only does lack of an ego help one not to project an ego on to one's activities, but also prevents ascribing an egotistical expression for any and all natural events. Whereas some project their ego onto their belief in some supreme being or at the very least their religion or the quality of their presumed belief. Others attach their ego to a sports team, or a government, or a military service, or some civilian job, or some vehicle, wardrobe or "standing in their community", or in the occupation of some security service, or creating dependency or some other subjugation.

There are different patterns to be found but the ego of some wants to project their interest in a given pattern as THE most important. By convincing those is leadership positions that a given pattern (idea) is most important, their support pushes aside the merits of any other pattern, though such actions do have the benefit of making sure insignificant hybridizations of ideas pursuing negligible patterns do not garner more attention than they deserve... at least not until they may become established as having a fruitful purpose worthy of funding.

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