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Whereas conventional perceptions do not see the Earth nor the Yin/Yang "ball" as waves, the waves may be concealed in periodic fluctuations which can be entertained intellectually as reversals, though the standard preoccupation is to describe them as cycles and not reversals. However, the behavior of the Earth over time as well as the list of examples sometimes accompanying the Yin/Yang symbol typically viewed as opposites or polarities or complementaries, exhibit what may otherwise be called reversals. Whereas we see the Earth's rotation slowing down and then encounter a period of speeding up, we do not typically think to describe the activity as a reversal. Instead we think in terms of cycles like seasonal changes... though seasonal changes are themselves reversals. We are so preoccupied with the notion of a "time arrow" correlated to our attachments with the birth to death scenario viewed as a straight line and never called a reversal... unless of course there were many examples of the old age to birth performance of people as described in the movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We don't think of life, of time, of matter, etc. as exhibiting one or more reversals, though we do have the ideas that history repeats, that Evolution repeats and the Universe... the Big Bang repeats, suggesting to some that it is a cycle, but not a reversal.

So although Earth orbits the sun at 66,600 mph, and the sun orbits the Milky Way at 514,500 mph, our solar system's speed relative to the CMB is about 827,000 mph. Zoom out further, and our entire galaxy is zipping through the CMB at about 1.3 million mph. relative cosmic velocities.

Relative cosmic velocities comaired side by side
Relative Cosmic Velocities
How fast are you moving on the Earth?
How fast are you moving right now?
Tucker Hiatt

In a vehicle crash, we have three impacts:

Three types of collision in a veicle crash

  1. The first collision is the vehicle collision. The vehicle begins stopping as it collides with another object.
  2. The second collision is the human collision: The occupant continues to move toward the point of impact at the same speed even though the vehicle begins to stop once impact starts.
  3. The third collision is the internal collision: The occupant's internal organs move toward the point of impact and hit other organs, bones and the skull.

Source: There are three collisions in a crash.

Most readers will probably accept the above assessment of a crash. Others thinking of smaller scales, may well wonder if organelles within cells are likewise impacted and/or atomic structural components, relative to their scales? Is the chemistry of the body altered accordingly? Do thoughts crash? Whereas we focus on large body assessments, could smaller bodies be involved in a similar crashing domino effect?

On a different, that is... personal level of "Crashing", we can cite (for example) three common types associated with different humans (physical, mental, emotional):

  1. The "Crash" of drug usage: Due to exhaustion
  2. The "Crash" of overwork: Due to exhaustion
  3. The "Crash" of too much fun: Due to exhaustion"

There are of course other crashes one might speak of, all of which are also due to exhaustion. But this brings us around to the consideration of Energy Conservation, which involves different perspectives (language/vocabulary) when one is dealing with different substances such as chemical, electrical, mechanical, etc... Though some may claim that energy is energy on a fundamental level no matter what one is working with, the language they use to describe conservation can differ, and not express such a universality... even if they mean the same thing. Let us look at some of these hybrids:

Three very important conservation laws: (Slide #3, Conservation Laws)

  1. Conservation of Energy
  2. Conservation of Momentum
  3. Conservation of Charge

3 laws of conservation derived from classical mechanics: (Conservation Law)

  1. Conservation of energy
  2. Conservation of momentum
  3. Conservation of angular momentum

And now the three conservation laws have doubled (in particle physics), bringing the quantity to six, which gives me the impression of a six-legged insect if a 2 X 3 arrangement is used: (The Unknown Conservation Laws by Richard A. Hutchin)

Energy: (Energy refers to) the sum of a particle's potential energy, kinetic energy and rest energy. (Particle Energy Meaning) Charge: electric charge, basic property of matter carried by some elementary particles that governs how the particles are affected by an electric or magnetic field. Electric charge, which can be positive or negative, occurs in discrete natural units and is neither created nor destroyed. (Electric Charge
Momentum: Momentum, (is the) product of the mass of a particle and its velocity. Momentum is (viewed as) a vector quantity; i.e., it has both magnitude and direction. (Momentum) Baryon Number: Baryon, any member of one of two classes of hadrons (particles built from quarks and thus experiencing the strong nuclear force). Baryons are heavy subatomic particles that are made up of three quarks. —An atom containing, for example, one proton and one neutron (each with a baryon number of 1) has a baryon number of 2. (Baryon)
Angular momentum: In physics, angular momentum (rarely, moment of momentum or rotational momentum) is the rotational equivalent of linear momentum. It is an important quantity in physics because it is a conserved quantity —the total angular momentum of a closed system remains constant. (Angular momentum) Lepton Number: Lepton, any member of a class of subatomic particles that respond only to the electromagnetic force, weak force, and gravitational force and are not affected by the strong force. —Leptons can either carry one unit of electric charge or be neutral. The charged leptons are the electrons, muons, and taus. (Lepton)

In looking at the quantities and qualities of sub-atomic particles, the idea of a "body plan", like that taken from biology, or the idea of a "blueprint", an idea taken from Architecture, or the idea of a "strategy", often associated with sports and more agressive wartime activities is also not used. In the present sense of using some alternatively new conceptualization for particle physics, the idea of a fundamental "quan-lity" (quanlitty) or "qual-inty" (qualintity) can be coined as an identity label since physicists seem awfully eager to be linguistically playful when describing the circumstances of particle affects and effects. If the public starts to adopt its own linqua-franca of discussing alternative perceptions (equations, suppositions, experimental propositions, etc.), they might well stop acting like kids in gradeschool and Jr. High who once produced their own inner-circle languages and modes of communication that is now often imposed upon them by parents thinking they are still young and able to be school-age cool, hip, neat, progressively creative, a socially rebellious avant-garde that so many foolishly stupid rappers think they have achieved in developing a sophisticated pop culture with some especial significance and enduring quality. Though they are not the only group since it is an attitde that can be found in multiple subjects and genres thereof.

If we take the simple idea of a "body plan" and use it as an attempted general profile for Quarks as an example, we can first start with an itemization of quantity, though a cursory research of what kinds and types may provide us with several different valuations. Nonetheless, as a "skeleton crew" portrayal which may be incorrect (or even never correct) in the eyes of some, let us attempt some schematic. It is of interest to note that I frequently encounted the use of phrasing which would provide some examples but then also displayed the idea "of many... including...", instead of listing them, as if the list was somehow too long and cumbersome to be included in one sentence, even though when all are listed, the are not even a handful, but allow the writer an excuse for not being comprehensive or permit some lee-way for those who want a mystery to be suggested, because when something is named, like in the story of Rumplestiltskin, it can be owned by all and not kept as a secret formula or type of sacred text where only a few are permitted to be part of some inner circle of the truly inate and innitiated... like the provenance of created a super colloider where only a few chosen individuals can actually participate in the treasure hunt, like a for-the-priviledged-only expedition or Anthropological/Archeological dig... where being first is so very important in so many fields becuase one's name can be written in some hearldic listing of date and deed to be admired and induce jeaslousy for all time with similarly oriented individuals.

  • Quarks have 6 intrinsic properties: electric charge, mass, strong interaction, weak interacton, color charge (red, blue, green), and spin. (Compiled from here and there due to varying reports.)
  • There are six types of quarks known as flavors: up, down, charm, strange, top, and bottom. Up and down quarks have the lowest masses of all quarks. These flavors of Quarks have multiple intrinsic properties: (Properties of Quarks
  • There are 6 types of leptons: electron, electron neutrino, muon, muon neutrino, tau and tau neutrino. For each of these, the neutrino brand carries a neutral charge, while their counterparts all have a negative charge. (What's a Neutrino?)
  • Three to one ratio: Three of the four forces that mediate the interactions of quarks with other particles—gravity, electromagnetism and the strong force...are mirror-symmetric. However, the weak force —the fourth force– is not. ()
  • (Correlation with the foregoing item: Three amino acids the same in RNA and DNA (adenosine- cytosine- quanine), while one is different... (Thymine: DNA, Uraci: RNA)
  • 3 large sub-atomic particles: Protons- Neutrons- Electrons. Protions and Neutrons have quarks, electrons do not.
  • Two types of charges, positive and negative, unless we include no charge as a "charge neutrality", thereby making the charge total equal to three entities.
  • Ideas of a Unification of all particles are portrayed as three-patterned phrases: Grand Unified Theory, Theory of Everything. Such a linguistic usage highlights an overlooked cognitive/linquisting pairing that may be another form of symmetry exhibited along the vocal channel, though other channels of behaviorally-linked cognitive may be displayed so often and sbutely that characteristics of one's social or academic or subject may obscure recognition thereof.
  • Ideas of symmetry and asymmetry have been applied to illustrate perceptions of particle alignments.
  • Three-part ideas such as head-thorax-abdomen, fight-flight-freeze, father-son-spirt, major premise- minor premise- conclusion, person-place-thing, Omnivore- Carnivore- Herbivore, etc., have not likewise been playfully used (publically open) as generalities when looking at the three-part assignments amongst particles. The use of metaphor, at least when shown to the public, is being limited to expressions which will not provide any hint that theoriticians are pursuing an attempted greater grasp of particle physics ...and conundrums... by venturing into other genres of thought-processed labeling in an attempted search for clarity by way of mixing and matching that uses metaphor, analogy and alternative research grab-bags which are used but then assisted usually by some referential mathematical probability and accustomaly-used rationale to hedge one's proposal which may be offered in a piece-meal fashion attached to a testing-the-waters facility for publically debuting what may or may not be viewed as an inciteful addition others find... at least entertainingly useful like a child having found an unexpected toy in their toy or sandbox.
  • Imagination amongst many professional in and out of particle physics is a bite-your-tongue (what happens in Vegas stays in vegas) cognitive adventure for public display, unless some presumed mathematical forary qualiification can be used as a big brother or name dropper for support when, social, academic, institutional, political or financial (suit dressed) two-legged watch dogs are easily recognizable.

Let me stop here though there are multiple other characteristics taking place in front of and behind the scenes of design and implementation of different attitudes and ideas from which spring a functionally used social and (a roll-up-your-sleeves) applied ideology. All too often successes with accompanying support from different perspectives (frequently and primarily only mathematics with its often overl-looked perfunctory prestage, created by a mountain of publicly unseen and historically undocumented failures, where so much of it is an illusion of profitability that nonetheless sustains an active socially entrained intoxication).

If I give you the numerical pattern of 6,10,2,7,8,1,9,3,5, or 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, or 1, 10, 2, 9, 3, 8, 4, 6, 5 (etc...) instead of as 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10,...would you automatically be dismiesive of them or configure them into some pattern such as a geometric form... unless preferring to develop some association to a specific interest which seems more logical and intellectual defensible, as well as enable you to participate socially in an accepted doctrine of application which others come to share like some game, puzzle, or theatrical script? Would you see the following image? (for example):

use of numbers one through ten placed into a triiangular configuration.

This is not to say that someone can't design some other figure, but the point I want to raise is that the values being presented to us by the information known (and unknown as well as supposed), is not being subjected to a publicly documented mathematical, philosophical or othewise effort to create an illustrated schematic except for the rather stick-figure ideas being presented by physicists and their current retinue of followers is not very imaginative. Current mathematical and philosophical "drawings" alignged with particle physics and discussions of cosmologically-related issues is like flipping through a magazine created, edited, printed, published and hawked (sold...hustled), by a clan of cave bear Neanderthals. The kaledoscopic array of pig latinized exotic labelings along with fractal-based impressionism regurgitated like drunken speech around a campfire is about as entertaining as watching a rerun of someone puke their guts out and have nearby observers debate about the event from their subject of interest, relative to the type of academic duck blind they use.

In entering into such an area, one must realize that it skirts the boundaries of known science, known explanations, known guesswork, known illustrations and especially the known reactions and subsequent thoughts and feelings one may typically have in seeking answers which known experperts do not have answers nor even guesses for. Their rationale need not by your rationale. It is necessary to realize that in venturing forth, one may well reach a venue of perception where every person held in the greatest respect in whatever subject you look at, becomes less valuable than the town drunk. Where all the recognized great minds in every subject is rendered an embecile, a fool, a village idiot.


With respect to particle physics... We are in need of a figure which disply the three mirror-imaging attributes of:

  1. Positive, Negative
  2. Chirality, Achirality
  3. Symmetry, Asymmetry
  4. Or combinations thereof.

In addition, we have a set of three type conditions found in Quarks:

  1. Up, Down
  2. Bottom, Top
  3. Strangeness, Color (Are these misidentified and thus mislabeled or actually constitute two separate singular genres?)

We also have the following trinary set of dualities:,

  1. Matter/Anti-matter
  2. Dark matter/Dark energy
  3. Momentum (scalar)/Angular-momentum (vector)

>Here are three more dualities for inclusion in the model:

  1. Vacuum {Low pressure}/Plenum {High pressure} (A plenum is a space in which a gas, usually air, is contained at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. Examples: automobile tyres, balloons, spray-cans, etc. What is the opposite of vacuum? by Ganesh Subramaniam)
  2. Relative space/Absolute space
  3. Matter/Energy (as general categories)

Here are a few other dualities grabbed from different places and memories, as well as one trichotomy I came up with while compiling the list:

  • Black holes/White holes
  • Subjective reality/Objective reality
  • Gravity/Anti-gravity
  • Relativity/Absolutivity
  • Big Bang/Big Crunch
  • Beginning Universe/Ending Universe
  • Time quiver- Time arrow- Time target
  • Low Energy/High energy
  • Emergent property/Extent property

If we view an analogical or comparison approach towards understanding any subject matter with that of writing codes for a single webpage, the idea that some professionals think they are working with the definitive source code may be a foolhardy illusion. In our human frame of conceptualization we may include the notion of layering, like the layers of an onion as a typical example, though that are other references one might choose to provide for the sake of personal familiarity such as the layers of a baseball construction for example, or the layers of a house construction which entails internal plumbing, carpentry, framing, electricians, concrete work, roofing, etc., as well as external work such as plumbing for water sprinklers, a swimming pool, or electricity for external grounds lighting, landscaping, etc... We can use terms such as internal and external though in other frames of reference for other subjects, the term duality, or mirroring, or dichotomy, or opposites, or some other two-patterned composite may be preferred. Like many people in their profession, they seek to adopt the vocabulary which appears to them and their like-minded ilk that they have reached a level of basic knowledge in their respective field of interest. The think they have obtained a level of knowledge that is/are fundamental expressions... are THE fundamental nature.

However, upon being questioned about something which may express an even more fundamental nature by someone other than themselves playing the Devil's advocate, an excuse... a plausible reason may be offered such as "only god knows" or "that is the limit of current knowledge" or... let us suggest —more importantly, we are limited by the models we use... by the very tools of language we value so highly, including the language(s) of mathematics. And if we should come across a means, a conceptualization process which allows us a stepping stone path to a greater understanding but everyone else is afraid, disinterested or otherwise dismissive of the path; we may find ourselves journeying alone without anyone to share in the discovery, unless of course one adopts an animate or inanimate pet, such as a dog or an escaped prisoner Native called Friday in the Story of Robinson Crusoe or the Mr. Wilson sports ball used by Tom hanks in the movie Cast Away; all of which signify yet another formula of dichotomy as does a Man/Woman and multiple other examples one might compile.

The foregoing list of dichotomies found in physics and the examples we can find in multiple subjects, is thought by some to reference a fundamental pattern, one which mathematicians frequently use in their work, but often do not come to itemize the other so-called fundamental patterns which can also be reduced to enumeration. Yet, if we say that numbers are THE source code, what substantiates them as such? In other words I am asking "why numbers"? Or why god, or why particles and waves? Does human physiology limit are ability to perceive only a few of the presume layers of existence, even though the existence humans perceive is a label that some may combine with non-existence and thus think this explains the most fundamental structuring of all possible concepts? Irrespective of this, we have not as yet created an accurate working blueprint model of existence from the present knowledge of known particles. Many people write about individual particles, forces, waves, etc., but they do not flip the page over... so to speak, so that one might view the working model of the underlying script except to name everyday existence as such a page. This is not what I am describing.

Physicists and other name particles, waves and forces as will as presume interactions... thinking this is the web page to be observed as a jumbled mess pieced together by their particular understanding and don't consider they are working on the underlying Java, CSS or HTML script. In fact, while naming some three-patterned sequence in physics such as the three families, or three quarks, they may not consider they are simply engage in the writing of one, two, or three styles of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) containing 3 alternatives labeled Internal(imbedded), In-line, External forms.

Present ideas to get to all supposed underling particles in existence use a copycat orientation involving a Particle Accelerator. The thinking is rather childish in that it is like a schoolboy race. Physicists see that particles move very fast so they play a game of upmanship by pushing against them and causing them to go fast enough to lose their balance and fall out of line so that others can get a better look at them. Using a particle accelerator is like many a person or organization which seek to gain a profit by "fixing" (deliberate construction of) the circumstances such as a race, gambling game, contest, belief, law, academic program, class requirement, etc... If particles go fast, the current model of thinking is to go faster... which is being done by the use of an accelerator. Whereas I have previously suggested the usage of a decelerator, it too is an acceleration in the sense that we look upon hidden particles not as going faster or being less abundant and therefore more difficult to capture with current methods; but as being stationary, which requires the usage of setting the state for the creation of alternative environments where so called short-lived, exotic, or otherwise assumed-to-be hidden particles exist, like some old grand-daddy fish lurking somewhere in a spot that no type or amount of current baits customarily used is getting more than a sense or nibble and we come away claiming that the fish is too smart to fall for such a ploy, which intrigues us and creates a puzzle which we work at from different angles while engage in other day-to-day tasks.

While we can use mathematics to help follow a path, create a fishing pole, clothing, traps, etc., this does not guarantee it will help us to capture a fish which may not want to be caught, doesn't actually exist except in one's imagination created long ago by embellished ideas from a former age, or occupies some other area of a given river, stream, lake... or "what 'ave you" as the medium of directed attention, and makes the presence of the fish like playing a 3-card Monte trick which uses some other display than cards, such as three shells or cups and a marble, or coin, or pea as the allusive object of interest. Each game, regardless of the form and formula being used by a given operator, clearly describes to me a reference to particle physics. Though we humans have found and labeled three quarks, we seldom step back and make reference to the whole setting of physics like a multiple games gambling or target shooting environment found at a county/state fair or carnival. Physics, like other subjects, can be humorously viewed as a circus, carnival, fair or gaming enclosure, frequently called a casino. And very often, speed is used to try and get money out of customers, just like speed is used in multiple forms of advertisement, government requirements, and other deadline impositions so that people are more inclined to be pushed and shoved into making an emotional, mental or physical mistake. There are of course other tactics, but speed is often used in conventional sports as well as in the sport of particle physics. The usage of speed can only get us so far, because all the components of existence may not use speed as a routine medium. Dark matter and Dark energy my well exist in a setting we are too busy speeding by and thus can not smell their fragrance nor stop long enough to read the information of the roadside plaque. Speed can cause problems. While it is useful in many circumstances, others require a different tactic. Evidently, particles and other phenomena co-exist with different environmental settings like the pace(s) of small and large towns. Yet, how does one get the mindset of those physicists that are in step with an accelerated life style, to view life alternatively, other than a short trip to some bucolic setting or giving them a short taste of another culture on their way to a conference with other accelerated-minded colleagues who likewise only get a whiff of a fragrance for which they have no context in which to place it in their routinized perspective of acceleration? Do we force them to take a walk in a field of flowers, fruit trees or cow manure, only to find they treat them in the same dismissive manner, mainly because they do not have a routinized thought process by which to include such experiences in their conceptualizations?

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