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Communism and Societal Collapse

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With respect to the currently ongoing incremental deteriorations and their affects on humanity as resources continue to dwindle and humanity has rejected the effort to remove itself from the planet; smarter people will not be needed and will not be produced due to a lessening of "brain food" that was available in a resource rich environment and helped the species evolve a larger brain case. Hence, this will create either a known or unconscious call for a deeper and wider implementation of the present usage of public school curricula where a functional system of "dumbing down" students is more advantageous to those in authority seeking a means to limit their competition for dwindling resources. While some do not recognize it, there nonetheless already exists a wide-spread celebration of mediocrity and "grading on a curve," (instead of striving to genetically improve the species and/or improve the curriculum) as well as the usage of double and triple standards... not to mention the fact that those recognized with high IQ's are commonly involved with exercises that are of little applicable value except for personal amusement. And let me not forget to mention the usage of "generic" brands which signals an increasing desire for cheaper products and few choices, or multiple choices being offered by fewer owners of goods and/or services.

Let's face facts: Humanity has no collective goal. It embraces its multiple stepping stones called business, government and religion as if they were the primary goal to sustain at all costs, even though if asked individually, members of those tasks would say they are paths or tools and not goals; yet would not readily choose to use another path nor tool; though the one they are using clearly represent activities similar to a dog chasing its own tail, or getting others to chase after a carrot which a few dangle in front of them so as to direct them towards which will best benefit the interests of a few. It should be noted, that the business of government is business, and not necessarily to insure every single person has a standardized measure of equality which can not also be used as a leash, a cage, and a means of public manipulation for the motives of whomever is in a particularized leadership position.

Karl Marx and others have suggested that Communism was an inevitability. This appears to be true, but not in the view which he, Engels and their followers came to voice an opinion about. Yet, the so-called idea about Communism being the supposed ultimate goal of humanity and that once this goal is reached a Utopia will ensue... these are false attributes. They are like religion claiming to own the concept of god and morality in order to justify someone's personal philosophy cloaked in religious garb. Communism nor Socialism, nor Democracy, nor Libertarianism, nor religion, nor spiritualist philosophy, nor business, etc., is the goal humanity should be concerned with. All of them are survivalist rationalizations for a given era with a given focus on one or another resource interest. All of them are stepping stones, as can be seen by how many businesses and governments and religions have come and gone. While some endure like the aging Pyramids, Stonehenge and Easter Island figures, and thus are used by a few to generate ideas by which they can come to mediate over, they all eventually wither away.

The following images represent failed belief systems though the monuments create a visual representation of how remnants of an ancient system can linger on into the future and be variously incorporated by later civilizations from which multiple ventures may be pursued: such as tourism, lectures, studies, specific-focused archaeology, astronomical suggestivities, myths, legends, stories, books, movies, language studies, theft, black market sales, "power" associations, links to ancient knowledge, wisdom, mysteries, etc...

3 pyramids of the Giza Plateau
(Triangular configuration)
Stonehenge developments
(Linear and circular configuration)
Easter Island Statues
(Linear configuration)

Civilization after civilization has a belief system which eventually comes to fail, though remnants may be used for later ideas such as the theft of pagan ideas by later religious entities which come to mold the old ideas into their own desired self-image, and those few who come to appreciate this think they are going to acquire a more pure, honest, and true belief system if they somehow incorporate what they believe to be an ancient practice into their life-style, though the interpretations are made from later born individuals who did not themselves indulge in a given practice. It is difficult for an educated person of today to have a world-view of someone who was educated by ancient ideas of superstition mixed with a mentality subjected to a dietary regime where hygiene and germs were not conscious entities of observation. Not only can "something be lost" in the translation of words, but the translation of ideation and emotion as it was experienced by ancient peoples.

In an attempt to describe the failure of the present and past forms of Communism, (to which we can add all other Socio-politico-economic ideas), an idea of what is expected to be accomplished must be laid out, since the usage of any idea as a tool can be wielded differently in the mind of a person whose world-view is contoured by different levels of interpretation based upon experience and education, whether they are academically and/or self-aught:

  • A novice, beginner, apprentice, laborer, peasant or someone pursuing a Bachelor's degree.
  • A tradesman, practitioner, journeyman, Manager or someone pursuing a Master's degree.
  • A professional, Master, Business owner or someone pursuing a PhD, MD, etc...

Just because a civilization vanishes by its inhabitants being killed (war, disease, etc.), or they are absorbed into another culture, or abandon a settlement due to an environmental catastrophe, we might not want to say the belief system failed even if it did fail to predict future events of its own demise. The idea of "failure" may be viewed by some in relative terms related to an individualized interest such as someone thinking their personal belief system failed to help them achieve a presumed goal that they thought they had, but were actually responding to individualized experiences in a given social setting. For example, one can achieve the status of being a lawyer but not become a wealthy lawyer, where wealth is used as the predominant measurement for achieving the overall goal. Likewise with respect to a given social idea. Some do not think that past attempts at establishing a Communism were complete failures, because it was not some notion of a "core" Communism which was at fault but the way in which a given leader applied their interpretation thereof.

Environmental conditions for setting the stage and scenery for a given belief to be adopted are not taken into account as much as they should be though it is readily known that environment plays a huge role such as in the case of a desert environment's austerity on the human condition directing human consciousness to develop a compensatory ideation in the form of a Monotheistic world-view orientation as described by Christianity, Islam and Judaism. As we move into those terrains which are a transition between desert and fauna or forestry (not to mention jungle and frozen wasteland), we see variations of this theme of how human mentality is adapting, inventing, and adopting commensurate ideas. In short, some realize that the environment does play a large role but they define "environment" solely in terms of economics, technology, or some other human-based preoccupation and not the environments external to this because they are inclined to think of such influences in terms of Astrology or some other ancient pseudo-science proposition, if not a magico-religious example.

Every business, government and religion are mile markers, sign posts, etc., along a given path of environmental influences on humanity. A path that is as much a type of tool as it is a type of foot trail that is variously used by those whose skills may be amateurish or well ahead of its time of conventionality. Humanity can make do with or without any of them because humanity is an adaptable creature who will simply come to accept what prevails, though they may come to eventually hate it enough to create a revolt and force a purposive change. The problem is that those who come to acquire leadership positions do not have the vision to see humanity off the planet within their lifetime. They all procrastinate and leave the task to some small-minded space agency like NASA or otherwise (some other government's space program, a business venture, specialized research interest, etc.), and prefer simply to acquire as much personal wealth (and "social power") as they can and let the future fend for itself. Government employees very often make for lousy visionaries though they make for good automatons who will act as a reserve force to protect the government. This is one reason so many governments have the largest workforce in a given nation, such as the U.S.

Standard forms of Communism are linked to economic interests. Hence, in this respect the economic interests are the expected result of applying an old standard of Communist doctrine. Yet, while discussions of Capitalism are avoided, attempts to position oneself favourably in a regime is the symbolism used as a means to portray a person's given wealth. In any respect, let me briefly mention Capitalism:

Capitalism is another tool and should never be the singular goal of any people. It is a tool very often misused and the people are abused by it. But Capitalism is not an evil monster. It comes to be controlled by collectives of evility wearing business suits (according to era) because their singular goal is profit. This is as bad and pathetically stupid as trying to make Communism or any government, religion or minor/major existentialism as the primary goal of a nation, much less the entire species. Leaderships often become confused about a process being used to reach a goal and thus think that by claiming some ownership of a process, they have effected a Communism by engaging in a centrality of organization, or have effected some other formula of government by way of alternating interpretation and definition. Invariably we have seen the development and usage of not a Communism but a Centralized pseudo-democracy or Socialist-branded economy masquerading as a presumed equality; because the usage of various patriotically aligned illusions prevent a sober reflection of the actual reality. Indeed, we can see many acts of Communism being interpreted as the result of a so-called practiced democracy.

Current practices of democracy show themselves to be vulnerably weak creatures who rely upon various Socialist and Communist orientations as protective mechanisms. Democracy is so weak and fragile it has to effect recurring strong-arm tactics of bullyism (such as imperialism in economic matters); in an awkward way of attempting to compensate for its inadequacies, lies, and overall phonyism. Examining the culture of the Military is a prime example as illustrated in the following list of accountabilities:

Socialism and Communism in a so-called democratically constructed military

Crowd-sourcing as that represented by the Wikipedia, which at one time let anyone produce a page of information, has increasingly begun to expect a level of expertise that the common person does not have, and along with it a type of expertise expected in other serious text-book formats. Crowd-sourcing is a communality that is not an expression of a Democracy (as defined by the slogan "of the people, by the people, for the people"). Where in fact "the people" are rendered into a composite of a select few; this is a centrally described ownership functionality, and not an ownership that is of, by, and for all the people. Another analogy can be made with respect to church funding by way of tithing. Whereas the collective are "socially encouraged" to provide donations, only a very few are permitted a say-so in how the collected funds are to be used. On the other hand, if we permit everyone to have an equal vote, then the funds might well be distributed back to those who gave the funds in the first place, if no decision can be reached as to how best to use the funds defined by whatever rationalization is served up as the presumed logic and wisdom of the moment. Equality frequently, but not always, diminishes when either a majority or minority are allowed to collectively decide in opposition to everyone else. The multiple personal goals are permitted to supersede a collective singular goal.

As the incremental deteriorations of the planet Earth and surrounding solar system continue, humanity will be forced to choose the adoption of a Communist- styled process in order to effect its own rescue by rebelling against the planet Earth and its influence on people by way of their adopted "Mother Earth" philosophy. Humanity must sever the umbilical cord. However, let me be succinct. The adoption of a Communism as a supposed rationale to satisfy the fanaticism of present day Communist orientations is not at all what I am describing. I don't give one whit about Marxist-Engels Communism nor any of the other silly models obsessed with ownership and economic orientations. These are negligible idiocies aligned with a preoccupation of attempting to sustain some semblance of an equalized life style living on Earth. This is preeminently stupid knowing that the Earth and the surrounding solar system are on a sustained path of incremental deterioration for which humanity must adapt to in order to attempt to achieve some relative equilibrium which intellectually translates into rationalizations. If need be, one might well view the planet Earth as the Bourgeoisie and all of humanity as the Proletariat. We humans, using the most discriminatory level of Prejudicial bias, must engage in a revolution against the dictates of a planet which has an incorporated means by which it is forcing DNA to sustain a triplet code formula. We must revolt while we still have the capacity to do so. Once the triple code signals a course of changed adaptation, it may be too late, because it will be channeled along the path of Earth's destruction and not humanity's future salvation.

Here is a snapshot of what some contemplate may happen to the human species in ten centuries, but in the end... saving humanity will require that we leave Earth:

Where will evolution take us in 1,000 years?

A standard (but slightly elaborated, though still abbreviated) Marxian-styled view of history concerning the development of Communism can be expressed as follows. It should be noted that depending on one's prejudices, discriminations and biases, the presence or absence of Anarchy, Communism, Democracy, Dictatorship, Libertarianism, Monarchy, Matriarchy, Sociology, Theology, etc., might well be introduced as a component part. The color and style of one's preferred political lenses often dictates the contours of one's perceptions. One can prefer a strict definition or use a larger subset of acceptable considerations in an attempt to sort out the possible pristine origin:

  • Marx/Engels and their follower Communisms (Stalinism, Maoism, Trotskyism, Castroism, Leninism, etc.,) were preceded historically by Communistic Feudalism.

It is of need to point out that those involved with the direct usage of what we label as a "Feudalism" was not defined as a system of government and that later analysis thereof used three-patterned references. The usage of a recurrence of three-patterned ideas marks a change having taken place in human cognition:

  • Feudalism was a combination of legal and military customs in medieval Europe that flourished between the 9th and 15th centuries.
  • Broadly defined, it was a way of structuring society around relationships derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labour.
  • Although derived from the Latin word feodum or feudum (fief), then in use, the term feudalism and the system it describes were not conceived of as a formal political system by the people living in the Middle Ages.
  1. The classic definition, by Fran├žois-Louis Ganshof (1944), describes a set of reciprocal legal and military obligations among the warrior nobility revolving around the three key concepts of:
    1. Lords
    2. Vassals
    3. Fiefs
  2. A broader definition of feudalism, as described by Marc Bloch (1939), includes not only the obligations of the warrior nobility but also those of all three estates of the realm sometimes referred to as a "feudal society":
    1. The Nobility
    2. The Clergy
    3. The peasantry bound by manorialism

  • Communistic Feudalism was preceded by Monastic Communistic models. (Those in monasteries and nunneries tried to shut themselves off from a savage world and create some semblance of a life that was protected by their religion and claimed to be no threat to others... except we all know that is a lie. For religions, if given the chance, exchange the garb of a lamb for that of a wolf.)
  • Monastic models were preceded by large tribal forms of Communism. (One might imagine great brutality used as the method of disciplining everyone into following the dictates of a given leadership, but this is only speculation without direct evidence.)
  • Tribal forms came after smaller clan (extended family) forms. (Clans might well be viewed as egocentric enclaves.)
  • Clan forms came after immediate family forms. (Families are sometimes run by one or two parental figures wielding an iron fist.)
  • Can individuals practice a communism amongst their own "me, myself, I" or Id, Ego, Superego?
  • Do insect colonies practice a rudimentary form of Communism?

Social insect: any of numerous species of insects that live in colonies and manifest three characteristics:

  1. Group integration.
  2. Division of labour.
  3. Overlap of generations

Social insects are best exemplified by all termites (Isoptera; sometimes Blattodea) and ants (Formicidae) and by various bees and wasps (Hymenoptera). Social insects are differentiated in structure, function, and behaviour into castes, the major ones being:

  1. The reproductives (e.g., the queen)- Besides carrying out the basic function of reproduction, the members of the reproductive caste generally select the site for a new colony and excavate the first galleries.
  2. The sterile workers- The workers care for the eggs and larvae, collect food for other members of the colony, and construct and repair the nest.
  3. The sterile soldiers- who defend the colony against predators.

(Caste, in biology: a subset of individuals within a colony (society) of social animals that is specialized in the function it performs and distinguished by anatomical or morphological differences from other subsets.

Bee colony Communism

The first bees existed around 130 million years ago

Ant Colony Communism

Ants evolved from wasp-like ancestors in the Cretaceous period, about 140 million years ago.

Ants are among the most amazing and fascinating creatures in the world. They are all social and live in large groups of mostly sterile sisters who work to raise the sexual offspring of their mother the Queen. The fact that ants live in communities, make gardens, keep farm animals, fight wars and enslave other ants has fascinated mankind for as long as we have observed them.

The Ants

Termite Colony Communism

Scientists have discovered termites evolved from cockroaches 170 million years ago, probably in Africa or Asia.

Although cockroaches are closely related to termites, they are not as social as termites are. Termite colonies have an organized social structure in which different members have different roles. Cockroaches do not have these types of roles, but they do tend to prefer living in groups. A study at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium revealed that groups of cockroaches make collective decisions about where to live. When one space was large enough for all of the cockroaches in the study, the cockroaches all stayed there. But when the large space was not available, the roaches divided themselves into equal groups to fit in the smallest number of other enclosures. Another study suggests that cockroaches have a collective intelligence made up of the decisions of individual roaches.

While it is of some interest to note that while humanity appears to exhibit a bi-pedal gait which may account for the very many repetitions of dichotomy found in different ideologies, though patterns-of-three have acquired a later developmental dominant usage; if we look at insects, we see a tripod gait. One must wonder if the triple gait came before, with or after the three social class divisions, just as humans are often faced with two opposing classes such as rich and poor or the proletariat and bourgeoisie of the Marxian-Engles ideology:

Tripod gait influencing the triple mindset of insects?
The Devil's Advocate page 6

If on the one hand Communists claim that Communism is a Universal Truth like many a religious belief does, then such a Universality may then be found in other life forms, unless one wants to argue that humanity is singularly pointed out as being the sole recipient thereof. If we do not describe the three-part class divisions in social insects as being representative of a pattern likewise seen in humans and that this does not in any case represent a Communism or any other human-based socialization concept, what then do we call the same pattern of occurrence? A fluke of human imagination or a three-oriented set of blinders? Then again, playing the Devil's Advocate, why aren't all insects practicing a social type of organization if it is so beneficial? Indeed, why aren't all humans similarly social in their life styles? Why have individuality if being a clone is more productive for a group? Also, what is the underlying blueprint that insects, humans, and all life forms have... including DNA? What is driving DNA? Chemicals? Then what is driving the chemicals? Atoms? Then what is driving the atoms? What is the blueprint of the underlying spark?

  • Do plants, trees and other-than human animals use varying models of Communism, or is humanity so egotistical the it claims an especial ownership to Communism with a specific human-based set of parameters in an attempt to increase its supposed value by way of limitation, as one does when trying to get more money for a given product by creating a name-brand? Why is Communism being treated as if it were a Name-brand product with a strict definition and application if it is not due to human arrogance, greed and self-centeredness?
  • Are the organelles of a cell, though viewed sometimes as a "thrown-together" symbioses, actually a microcosm portraying a type of "environmentally forced" Communalism... that, working together, came (metaphorically speaking) to "a conscious realization" from which the emergent "properties" of cellularly-interactive development diverged into different "ownership models" of life forms; and thus express a type of "Larger Space" macroscopic exploration to improve chances for a collective survival because individual models did not work well under the changing environmental conditions the individual efforts were met with and forced to face?

3 class divisions Trifunctional Hypothesis
The Apprenticeship Model

The following three cell types, three life domains and three particle models might be viewed comparatively to the three dominant forms of government having made some inroad to becoming a dominant "life form" so to speak. If we view Communism, Democracy and Socialism as organelles, then it is of value for humanity to actively and comprehensively fuse all three into some amalgamation so that a new species can be developed so as to enable the "whole species" to be able to explore a "larger spatial environment" away from the dictates of a planet and solar system on an incremental course of deterioration. However, we could also add the three monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) as the three different government models that likewise need to be fused into a singularity instead of being kept as "separate but equal" functionalities that could do so much more for humanity if they were to join "forces" (resources) together. The persistent recurrence of the "three" such as in the case of the Christian Trinity (3 "persons" in one godhead) or the three god-heads of Hinduism (Brahma- Vishnu Siva) are either symbolic of a three-part environmental influence such as the 3 phases of the Sun (dawn- noon- dusk), or/and some biological influence, that can also be used as models of comparison... though multiple others could well be provided.

3 examples of typical cell types

3 life domains

3 tyical parts to an atom

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