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While helping out at the site, specifically with an assistance of a review of the movie/documentary entitled "Runaway Slave", I chanced upon the idea of a "Runaway Slave" motif being exhibited in our evolutionary Trek, which necessarily involves precursor (more primitive) developmental instances prior to primates and even prior to complex organisms; which is viewed from the porch of those wondering what macro-molecular configuration came first, second, and so-forth, in terms of appearance on biology's stages of development. (For example, did life begin from an "RNA world", followed by a "DNA World" and then a "Protein World", or some mixture thereof? In other words, the developmental sequence of biology can be viewed as a type of "Runaway Slave" that acquires different "skills" as they work their way through some type of biologically formulated underground railroad system.)

For the context of a "Threes" Research journal entry, it is rather opportunistic of me to portray the oft' repeated one- two- three maturational development sequence as part of the changes which undergo a development which "escapes" a given "bondage" of developmental design, and takes on a new appearance and/or functionality. Humorously, previous stages were types of disguise used by an "escapee" from the bondage of a former evolutionary design whose whip-carrying Overseer took on the characteristics of the environment to which one was born into. While different environments created differing conditions one had to slave under in order to seek out sustenance... thus creating differences in appearance and sometimes functionality, there was a basic over-riding template that was being adhered to; though from a one pattern, to a two pattern, and then a three pattern becomes frequented.

It's not that there aren't other basic patterns in nature to be observed, but the frequency and divergency of re-usage of certain patterns bespeaks of a blue-print, so-to-speak, that organisms follow. If the basic patterns are exhibitions of biology's most earliest and impressionable time of imprintable development during a specific pattern impression of the Environment at the time, a change in the environment may well signal indications of that to come... and this does not necessarily mean favorable designs.

Let's take a look at the image I threw together (and yes I know many readers may be more adept at creating a prettier picture); that must be viewed at as that taken out of the movie review context:

evolutionarytrek (63K)

I know that quite possibly, many of you had had a similar idea with or without a representative image. I also realize that some of you will attempt to assist mainstream academic theorists in different subject areas who will want to "put us in our place" for advancing a non- status quo idea. Unfortunately, for all your efforts— it is too late. Our minds have tasted of the available freedom and will now push forward. Those of you who already agree with the general idea or are just now accepting it, have joined the ranks of us who have become part of the conspiracy of Revolutionists that the government likes to keep tabs on. Yes, it's true. The government has its own coterie of Conspiracy theorists running rampant in the many security services that assist it in maintaining our enslavement to a governing style that is particularly flawed in so many areas.

Sadly, with respect to the three "society improving" movies I helped to review:

  • Zeitgeist: Moving forward/Zeitgeist Addendum... referred to as the "Zeitgeist Duo"
  • Venus Project
  • Runaway Slave

... all of them are presenting us with ideas that basically come out to mean a regression to some former perspective... but at least they try to offer an alternative approach to the present governing nonsense causing so much misery in different places on the globe (often in response to misery created by another or others...).

  1. The Zeitgeist film wants us to give back all the money we have and practice a "Resource-based Economy" (which can be viewed simply as a comment about economizing resources).

  2. The Venus Project film shows us living in some Futuristic architectural setting where we can be free to engage in pleasurable pursuits under the direction of some Artificial Intelligence government-styled GOD and also practice a resource economization.

  3. The Runaway Slave film advances what some perceive to be a Mr. Martin Luther King, Jr. authored (and [tribal] "King" authorized) "Free At Last" declarative portrait in terms of a low-keyed Black Nationalism (and not a "Human Nationalism") as a cure for the ills of Black society being perpetuated by the efforts of Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the NAACP, as well as being perpetrated by the White Society; from which we can come up with another evolution image to portray all three perspectives:

Conservatism linneage (160K)

And no, I am not calling Blacks "monkeys". The reference is meant for all of humanity returning to some supposed arboreal distant past in our evolutionary trek, or some supposed "Garden of Eden" environment before the idea of a government was established by those who watched colonies of insects and thought to apply the organizational patterns to humans, except that the "Queen" was replaced with a "King". Please remember that the image was taken out of another context. The idea of trying to impose a "Limited Government" on the people is just another form of bondage being exerted by those who singularly want to have more say-so in developing government policy. The trouble with this ridiculous notion is that we already have a limited government.

Whereas in the practice of an Actual Democracy as defined by a (three-patterned) OF, BY, FOR All The People philosophy, the entire citizenry (at least the voting public) is supposed to be the government. Thus, by its very nature, the government is HUGE!

For those advocating that the government is too big and unwieldy... leading to the creation of numerous problems, one of these problems is that WE THE PEOPLE do not have an individually collective voice that actually matters... which was the implanted design of America's forefathers. Few people got to vote on anything... and only then on those who thought they alone should vote for everyone due to arrogance. It is absolutely absurd for the Tea Party, the Koch brothers and so many other conservatives calling for limited government, when this is exactly what exists. We are not practicing a Full Measure, a Full Cup of democracy. We The People do not even get to enjoy half a cup, or a fourth, nor a third... and so forth. We get to smell the democracy that others get to sample and drink heartily of. We get to experience little more than the illusion of a Democracy.

Measurements (46K)

The contemplated differences in the quality and quantity of Democracy (or Communism and Socialism) are like many other instances where quantity and quality do not necessarily go hand in hand. For example, we could increase the amount of democracy being used in the United States, Germany, China, Viet Nam, Russia, etc., but such a situation might lead to disastrous results if the functionality, and therefore design of the government was not restructured to accommodate an increased usage. Simply allowing the people a greater voice of discussion and legislative prowess to formulate the laws of the land does not also automatically mean the rights and protections of minorities will be observed, unless such rights were given an immunity from those whose interests are to create a society in a philosophy of their personal image, which is against those having a different perspective or life-style. In other words, precautions against majority abuse can be included in the provision for allowing the people to enjoy a larger quantity and quality of Democracy... with the added feature that the people allow for alternative ideas being given the weight of being permitted the same audience that mainstream conventions of ideology that may exhibit a leaning to mundane, mediocre, and monotonous orientations for those preferring routines instead of creative thought and activity.

Titanic image 1 (47K)

Alas, thoughts and considerations about social improvement become a moot point when examined from the perspective that the Earth, the solar system, and the encompassing galaxy are headed towards a demise... thus revealing that our efforts in so many areas are little more than reflexes for gaining or maintaining some semblance of equilibrium on the Ocean Galactic Liner called The RMS Earth... akin to the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic. This galaxy, this solar system, this planet Earth are still on their maiden voyage, relative to a cosmological scale of time. And like the distress calls sent out by the radio-man of the Titanic, the Earth has been sending out its own communications to any extra-terrestrial within range of our many different broadcasts... which includes the old Voyager project... though many would not think that television and radio broadcasts are calls for help— only because we do not know how to interpret our own collective human behavior. Calls for help can take many different forms, just like the expressions of different emotions such as pain, sorrow, pity, compassion, love, sensitivity, anger, grief, etc. The stresses of the planet have caused so many deleterious effects on human (and other biological) behavior for so long, we are unable... in many instances... to recognize the difference between good and bad, harmful and curative, protection and predation, etc... Humanity is so caught up in its many petty indulgences it has difficulty making sense of the reality beyond the many (racial) ballrooms, (religion/government) cabins, (political) decks and gangways (of perversion and criminality), it has created separate worlds which think others revolve around them, or we all revolve around some economic orientation formulated by different modes and manners of greed.

And just like those who thought the Titanic unsinkable, based on arrogance, advertising and self-possessed admiration and adoration for a completed project; we Humans of today think that because we arrogantly believe that we are made in a God's image, and that the Earth was given to us by this god to have dominion over... it will last forever and is unsinkable in the heavens where this assumed god is supposed to dwell. We are so caught up in our petty and trivial human interactions, like those who strolled about the Titanic imagining they were on top of the world... we of today similarly think we are on an unsinkable vessel called Earth. A vessel whose stores of resources are replenishable for countless generations and whose fuel sources are inextinguishable... coupled with the personal fairy tales of our place in the scheme of things, however small or large are egos care to indulge in. And we of today are just as naive as were those on the Titanic and their land-based waving well-wishers... having been encouraged by the advertisers and journalists of the era who misrepresented the validity of truth staring them in the face. Today such misrepresentations are compounded by the support of religious, political and scientific others who are caught up in the social exigences of the time to present some vision of optimism, albeit an unrealistic and misdirected hopefulness guided by governing systems controlled by leaders that live for only the moment... because their vision is shallow and short-sighted.

Let us look at the inevitability of the Earth portrayed as the so-called unsinkable Titanic:

Titannic image 2 (112K)

Yet, the present discussion is not one of pessimism... but as a means to get as many of the crew and passengers off the "Mother" Earth ship so that the species can survive, by building enough life boats out of the available resources on the ship itself. While it may seem contradictory or appear counter-intuitive to those on a ship to begin stripping it of its resources which keep it and everyone afloat, the inevitability of its sinking is a certainty. We can not let those who reject —based on various self-absorptions for personal survival— get in the way of those who can look beyond their own fingertips, to many distant generations ahead. As the ship continues to sink as it is now doing, available resources will dwindle and precipitate a social situation where primitive skills of survival will be needed in an over-populated environment where scarce resources cause the people to engage in different models of cannibalistic survival... some crude like in the portraits of cave dwellers, and some embellished with social decorum... like practiced predators effecting a ritual of sociability.

For all our efforts in wanting to produce better social conditions, the ideas being promoted do not take into consideration the larger circumstances of a decaying planet that humanity has no control over. We are on a vessel that we can not control its headlong direction nor its slowing gyroscopic speed. Letting oneself be absorbed in ideas to modify social situations for improving one's own living arrangements, the arrangements of "one's own kind" (racial, gender, ethnic, etc.), or even the living Rights of all life forms... while living on a planet headed for decay... is like a person trying to scrub a deck on the Titanic as it is floundering in its own wake of sinking. None of our religions, philosophies, nations, ethnicities, social programs, careers, etc... have any value if the human species becomes extinct because humanity was too dim-witted to take stock of the "Mother" Earth vessel it is on, and refuses to severe the umbilical cord based on ridiculous ideological traditions where factors of pecuniary cost over-rode common sense about building enough life rafts for the number of occupants.

Similarly, those Blacks trying to pursue a corrective sociological enterprise by suggesting that the so-called "Black Community" (supposedly where all Blacks have some united agreement about, interest in, or advocacy for... though no unanimous tally of Black votes was ever taken), and can best be acquired by permitting it to have its own type of Black Nation ("Native Black American Community") within the dominant White Nation similar to (but appreciably more than >>>) that exercised by Native Americans; is a conjecture based on yet another ego-centricism so readily being used by diverse political groups who want to have a political process evolving around their views, and the rest of the people having their ideas as subsidiary satellites with negligible influence.

Social switching of Black and White roles (35K)

Simply having a "Black Nation" with its own government and Economy, does not offer ALL OF US a lasting respite from the stupidity of the government we already have to deal with, because it forces us to accept its policies directed toward perpetuating itself, even if it means killing, maiming or making the lot of us suffer. This is little more than the exercise of a "separate but equal" proposition that Blacks of yore fought against... and some Blacks today want to have reversed... with the accommodation of being able to exercise a separate government! This doesn't solve wide spread social problems caused by a dysfunctionally- designed government that the would-be "Black American Nation" may very well simply imitate and emulate... because the so-called leaders of the Black Community do not have any better ideas of governance. They simply want to set up a situation so that they can play out White roles with Black actors and actresses in order to create a type of social game where they are supreme in every form and function, and not have to share it with non-blacks. Black leaders don't have any ideas for creating a better society for everyone, they simply want to produce a large neighborhood, perhaps confined to a single state, where Blacks are to be organized and expected to follow the rules within the overall Black Clan, or Black tribe, or Black Nation... that has the power to mete out reward or punishment to "their own kind".

Reversing the roles between Blacks and Whites does not serve the purpose of either helping the nation or humanity, because any and all who assert their way into a leadership position apply their talents within the same governing functions which contribute to increasing or maintaining a status quo where problems persist, and are creatively dismissed by some formula of rationalization such as the problems are "a product of human nature", are "natural", are "unsolvable", etc... It's just another philosophical dichotomy like so many used in the thinking of those who want to restrain orientations of looking for larger alternatives. It's a primitive mentality played out in sports and combat, as well as religion, business and varying social as well as political ideologies. It's a nature born cyclic trap like night/day, summer/winter, cold/hot, wet/dry, etc... Just because such dichotomous influences exist on Earth, does not mean they are used throughout the Universe. It's just that our bio-physiological-based brain has been environmentally conditioned and socially trained to deduce and react to such, but doesn't mean this type of perception is Universal or best for a wondrous sentient being that many think humanity can evolve into. Religion and other ideologies simply try to exploit such circumstances to their self-centered advantages in order to make manipulation of people more easily accomplished. Much like the computer industry being forced to used a binary (1s/0s) code based on an on/off electrical circuitry (and thus wanting us to go along with their greed-oriented philosophy trying to exploit this two-based situation), though interest in a trinary code... like that used in genetics or physics, is being sought out for practical applications. Most people hate the notion of being enslaved by government, religion, business or some control-freak individual assuming to speak for a god, for a community, for a spouse, for a family, for an organization, for a nation or whatever... though many leaders are not control freaks, and are in fact well-intentioned.

As well known by those familiar with a chess game, simply changing who gets to use what color of chess pieces does not automatically alter how the game is played. The playing field and rules remain the same, no matter who believes what color of chess pieces are superior. And just because you are good at playing chess doesn't mean you are good at anything else. But you may want to give that impression, like so many in business, government and religion... because they attempt to manipulate conditions that make you choose between the lesser of two evils, which they invariably exhibit as themselves.

Let us take a look at another perspective of our evolutionary trek depicting where some think our ideas for government come from in comparison to where we physically are, since there is an obvious cognitive dissonance between reality we think there should be and what is being practiced. In other words, many of us see and acknowledge multiple problems with our government... though try as it may with sincere and compassionate efforts, yet the people are unable to push for the usage of a more sane practice of governance. Those in leadership positions prefer to use some very primitive ideas instead of pursuing more modern ones, perhaps because they are incapable of doing so, and must thus be forcibly removed so that more modern minds can come to dominate by producing a different type of governing structure. Such a state of affairs is like the enslaved of the past who carried with them the urban legend of a coming savior. With the "savior" in the present context, being noted as a "Cenocracy" (New Government).

Primal (192K)

Our brains lag behind our physiological development, like someone having entered into puberty with an immature mind. While Switzerland is attempting to mature in its practice of an Actual Democracy, it must be kept in mind that its population size makes such a practice much easier. An Actual, or "Full Serving/Full Cup" of Democracy has not been attempted in a large population. The present configurations of government are too primitive to readily accommodate an expansion of democratic practices beyond today's severely restrictive formulas. Such an expansion entail the people having a means of collectively asserting themselves by being part of the "Checks -and- Balances" formula, with the added ability of breaking any government stalemate (if not business and religion as well), by being enabled with the final, controlling last word. The idea of a "Peoples Legislative Branch" overseeing a National process of referendum in dealing with ANY issue the public deems necessary to have a discussion and vote on could well satisfy this problem of governing structure. Necessarily so, we would incorporate protections for minorities against the occasions a majority wanting to engage in a collective form of bullyism or lynch mob activity. Minority rights, like civil rights, would be indistinguishable as a governing convention... and if a populace attempted to undermine such a rule, then it could automatically be suspended by the remaining branches of government until such time as its course of basic rights violations were reversed.

With respect to basic rights, we are headed for a showdown with business, government and religion. Though the basic benefits given to military personnel are not typically described as a system of welfare nor is the basic benefits given to prisoners; such systems of welfare for given populations have increased... if not directly to personnel or inmates, then indirectly by way of infrastructure or equipment; while the benefits of the public are frequently assigned with the idea that they are temporary. The definition of basic, of fundamental, of civil rights needs to vastly over-hauled. Far too many people in too many walks of life are subjected to life-styles just above, right at, or below some government guesstimated poverty level used as a determining measure for designing social polices, but is an erroneous tool when measure against the reality people are suffering because of.

The reason for bringing up the political issues in a "Threesology" context is to bring attention to those efforts at developing one or more films which will promote a "Cenocracy", thus allowing for the revelation of ideas beyond the normal boundaries of views which are promoting ideas for social improvement. While psychology, technology and economics may well be discussed, it is very rare to witness such ideas involving biology and psychology such as the Venus Project documentary/movie did. Yet, the ideas were simplistic and lacked the inclusion of evolution, religious history, as well as geological circumstances involving the decay of the planet, the solar system, and the galaxy. In other words, they movies were not comprehensive enough, nor permitting advances in the presented ideas by being open to critiques, from which improved versions could thus be developed. When enough interest is generated for the development of such a project, I hoped to be a part of the discussions involving the script writing phase... as I hope many... if not all of the movies' critics are as well... knowing all too well that anyone involved in such a (figuratively stated) "Over Throw The Government" perspective, will be on the radar of those conspiracy theorists working in the government.

And for those of you who are already deeply steeped in the corridors of conspiracy intrigue, it will be necessary for you to continue your "mild manner reporter" activity so as not to bring undue attention your way... particularly if and when you begin to assist in the Cenocracy (New Government) movie project. However, you might already be well-known to the government, some political conservative or anti-evolution group who like to keep tabs on their opposition... even to the point of infiltration through the usage of various disguises. Like so many criminals, they like to hide out in plain sight... or use some three-lettered badge with which to use as a shield or weapon to whip the public into exhibiting some deferment to their presence.

Because of my foray into assisting at the site, I have let the "Threes" research project lapse. But I did finish a few more as yet unposted pages to the A.I. discussion, if such a remark is any consolation to those who like the "threes" topic. Such digressions, along with traveling and assisting friends with household/yard projects takes up enormous amounts of time. I do what I can when I can... and hoped to serve both the Threes research and Cenocracy idea much better by applying references in a movie that I hope becomes a reality. Perhaps this is where you and I will meet up in order to compare ideas and serve the greater interest of those who will purchase the movie so that they can become part of the discussion or overall activity for creating a follow-up film(s) to the ideas to be presented. Critics can sometimes be the best source for improvement, particularly if you insist they promote their views through direct participation.

While I realize some readers may think I runaway at the mouth and/or imagination, I must consider that the source of such disparagements may well be those fearful of change coming to their lives. If we have our way, the governing landscape will be a territory inhabited by millions of citizens as equal governing partners, and not merely as the indentured servants of those who have learned how to navigate the swamps of the present governing processes and keep most of us segregated to an island of a diminishing resource base... caused by, for example... their willingness to use up oil reserves in order that they can sell products containing some plastic part or container to make them wealthy in their life time, while the future suffers.

However, it is a myth to consider that biology- based plastics will be more suitable because of the supposed infinite renewability of biological materials and environmental degradability thereof. Biological materials are finite, as are their renewability, when the context of our decaying planet, solar system and galaxy are taken into account. To argue that such decay is minuscule and will take place over billions of years, is just another form of selfishness and self- centeredness. Far too many of our government, religious, scientific and social ideas are formulated on ego-, ethno- or species-centricity influenced by some sort of "jungle market" consciousness.

(Bioplastic is) moldable plastic material made up of chemical compounds that are derived from or synthesized by microbes such as bacteria or by genetically modified plants. Unlike traditional plastics, which are derived from petroleum, bioplastics are obtained from renewable resources, and they are biodegradable.

Plastics are polymers—assemblies of identical chemical subunits, called monomers, that are linked together in the form of a chain. The properties of a plastic, like those of all polymers, are defined by the monomers in the chain and by the number of links and cross-links in its structure. Cross-linking of the monomers increases a polymer's rigidity and thermal stability. As their name suggests, plastics can readily be molded into various shapes. Plastics such as polystyrene (polymerized styrene, CH2=CHC6,H5), polyethylene (polymerized ethylene, CH2=CH2), or polypropylene (polymerized propylene, CH2=CHCH3) are molded into a wide variety of everyday and specialized products—for instance, eating utensils, coffee cups, synthetic fabrics, park benches, automobile parts, and surgical implants.

Since the early 20th century, there has been an explosion in the development and use of plastics, and their utility and importance have become so great that it is difficult to imagine modern life without them. Virtually all current plastics are derived from petroleum through chemical extraction and synthesis. Because petroleum-based plastics are generally not biodegradable, plastic refuse is very durable, and disposing of it has become a serious problem. Despite efforts to encourage and support recycling, landfills are becoming filled with plastic refuse, which also accumulates in the environment. An additional problem with petroleum-based plastics is that petroleum resources are being used up; conservative sources estimate that at current rates of consumption, all known sources of petroleum on Earth will have been depleted before the end of the 21st century. Given that modern life is dependent on plastics, that petroleum is a non-renewable resource, and that petroleum-derived plastic waste fouls the environment, a sustainable solution for the longer term may be found in bioplastics.

The first known bioplastic, polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB), was discovered in 1926 by a French researcher, Maurice Lemoigne, from his work with the bacterium Bacillus megaterium. The significance of Lemoigne's discovery was overlooked for many decades, in large part because, at the time, petroleum was inexpensive and abundant. The petroleum crisis of the mid-1970s brought renewed interest in finding alternatives to petroleum-based products. The rise of molecular genetics and recombinant DNA technology after that time further spurred research, so that by the beginning of the 21st century the structures, methods of production, and applications for numerous types of bioplastics had become established. Bioplastics that were either in use or under study included PHB and polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), both of which are synthesized within specialized microbes, as well as polylactic acid (PLA), which is polymerized from lactic acid monomers produced by microbial fermentation of plant-derived sugars and starches. Degradation of the chemical links between the monomers in these plastics is brought about by microorganisms or by water, making bioplastics highly desirable materials for fabrication into biodegradable bottles and packaging film. In addition, because the degradation products are natural metabolites, the polymers are of interest in medical applications, such as controlled-release drug packaging and absorbable surgical sutures.

Bioplastics currently make up an insignificant portion of total world production of plastics. Commercial manufacturing processes are plagued by low yields and are expensive. However, improvements in metabolic and genetic engineering have produced strains of microbes and plants that may significantly improve yields and production capabilities while reducing overall costs. These factors, when added to increasing oil prices and growing environmental awareness, may expand the market for bioplastics in the future.

Judith Fridovich-Keil

Source: "Bioplastic." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

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