Threesology Research Journal: Sara Everard
"Sara Everard"

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The sensless killing of yet another innocent person.

Whereas there is the common colloquialism that "Death Occurs in Threes", this says nothing about those deaths which have a pattern-of-three in close association, but due to embedded cultural levels of practiced superstition, other details involving other patterns typically go unnoticed or uncommented on. While I have other three-patterned death occurrences recorded amongst my many other collections, this particular grouping of threes involving this young lady stuck in my mind to the extent a poem emerged at 2:38 AM this 16th of March, which addresses the circumstances under which women in Britain and elsewhere in the world are subjected to. Although the content was meant to be specific to the occasion of Ms. Everard's death, its applicability to other terrible situations that women throughout the world are forced to endure must be noted and emphasized.

The British male is a feral dog
chasing skirts like a charging bull
its sexual habits are like a hog,
due to a mentality both crude and cruel.
Like any beast stuck on an island
and yet fancies to venture elsewhere
fearing changing tides; thus turning inland,
called a selfie or egocentric stare.
When seeing not but a deep abyss
terror of redundancy starts to choke
Oh not this bog! None of this!
it struggles to free from an imagined slope.
Because all of Britain calls itself Great
thus becomes the motto many men embrace
not all of course, but those claiming a fate,
that every woman should see in their face.
Thus their identity struggles to insure
Look at me girls! I'm a British man
for Queen and Country I endure,
a pornographic media sustains the plan.
Linked to a legacy of sport and drink
from pups they're trained not else to think
like a virus which caused an epidemic,
resulting in women getting no respect.
Feral dogs with an island mentality
not all of course, some men are immune
but Britain must change its course of history,
adopt a new name for its collective commune.
Let us see, what shall it be?
When the 3 to 1 are combined
English, Scots, Irish and Welsh aligned,
to train the dogs to have civility.
A nationwide; to vote by decision
pronouncing a change of heart and mind
leading the world by example to find,
all are now part of a W.I.S.E. Dominion!

I had set the journal with the above poem aside in which are being jotted down miscellaneous thoughts concerned with an idea involving the paginated title "Infinitesimal Versus Accordian Calculus", where a philosophy for developing new Mathematical equations is being finalized. However, as I lay awake, I became attendant to other "undulating whispers" which are akin to the language many a poet and artist as well as other genres of creative expression communicatively resonate with from the shores of their respective muses. To this end, I grappled with a few attendant lispings of a dawn seen on a distant horizon and perforced to implement them with some concrete image:

The strength of the forbearer suffragettes is in the blood of the British women. The present undertaking against the brutality of women has more far-reaching implications for all of humanity than the Right To Vote. It's time for the banners of Female Freedom, Justice and Equality to be unfurled in every corner, every crevice, every backwater, alley, beach, valley, plains and mountain top.

Every barrier, every glass ceiling, obstacle and male charade must be collectively overcome. The Female species must once and for all come unto its own with Full Rights, Full Honors, Full Pay, provision, respect and total Equality. There is no room for half measures, or conciliatory compromises initiated by men creating yet another obstacle by way of excuse in order to give at least some men time to position themselves to take advantage of others through adaptation and adoption for a pretense of being on the woman's side. No More Compromises!

Imaginge someone making any suggestions to change male behavior. Outrageous!

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Date of Origination: 16 March 2021... 7:10 AM
Initial Posting: 16th March 2021... 8:39 AM
Updated Posting: 3rd April 2021... 4:14 PM