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A green hat for progress, not a red hat for halting it.

Impeaching Trump is not Enough!

House Democrats appear to be clueless

Gallagher and the controversy

The Mouth of Don Trump rides again
(Other impeachments are necessary: Such as the Congress)

Protests in India over yet another stupid government ruling

Ssele Moh Mai is homelessness spelled in reverse

Citing Trump as a threat to America and/or humanity is a different Impeachment cause than that which started out to be due to a presumed felonious act of Quid Pro Quo. Since Quid Pro Quo is a Standard Operating Procedure used in business, government and religion on many levels and finds its way into many scenarios and expectations, both verbal and nonverbal allocations; it should not be mixed and matched with other visibly disgusting problems not only exhibited by Trump, but by Corporations and Religions as well—in order to increase or decrease the value of a singular focus being used for a stated judicial orientation. All the issues should have been used, at the very beginning, if they had any recognized merit to augment an impeachable offense... except that because the disgusting behaviors are used so often by so many that are either dismissed or overlooked by a cadre of journalists who continue to fret and fume over not being given a favored White House position of recognition; they arbitrarily choose which behaviors are to be accepted or not accepted by them, and therefore not included as reasons for issuing proceedings against criminal conduct seen in multiple other areas but they have no force of a collective drama nor circus with which to make a name for themselves amongst their peers.

See: Other impeachments are necessary: Such as the Congress

What a stupid time and place in history to live in, just as so many others have noted in their past eras as well because the same filthy nonsense continues in business, government and religion; yet intellectuals of the past were more courageous in speaking out against the disgusting wrongs being perpetrated by the institutions in their day and age. The intellectuals of today sit back and wait till some political movement gets underway and at some moment of heightened interpreted realization of an expressed accomplishment to unfold, this is when they decide to show up and articulate with the vernacular which institutions more comfortably recognize as an identified-with familiarity instead of the media-defined crustations of mangled expressions suggested as being the dogma of protestors who are said to be chasing their own tails; but who nonetheless are forcibly making the same comments but in a language cited as the lingo of a commonness that social leaders have lost touch with and thus can no longer speak for the Marxian-labeled 'masses'.

Indeed, those in the echelons of business, government and religion adopt the walk and talk of an artificialized aristocratic culture (that its members arrogantly deny! and then expect everyone to defer to their judgment!) that most people are not privy to join nor participate in, and are therefore disenfranchised. Much like living in the era in which a feudal system (absent the feature of someone being able to own a parcel of land, but notably had its own three social classes system of Nobility, Clergy and Peasantry..., with the Nobility revolving around the three key concepts of "lords, vassals and fiefs".) which kept most people outside the castle citadel and therefore were not endowed with the representative "citadel/citizen" correlative associative attribution and its ensured voting privileges; creating an "us -versus- them" sociability standard that makes the impoverished of the present thus forced into a differently styled indentured servitude commensurate with work made available by the many different fields of insecure industry today.

It is a situation which chains many millions upon millions upon millions in a lifestyle of variegated impoverishment that must be more appropriately defined in terms of where one lives and not by some particularly designed biased form of overall generalized averaging to satisfy a self-serving government rationalization as part of its tool box of 'double-speak' (lying) delusions... or the people are otherwise corralled and branded by an emblematic "I am the patriotic property of" scorching that should more rightly advance the cookie-cutter or production belt labeling of "Made In America" or "Made in China" or "Made in Russia" or "Made in the Middle East" or "Made in Mexico" or "Made in South America" or "Made in Africa", etc.; as a means of identifying the pervasive degradation of a practiced inhumanity more honestly, as belonging to an adopted deference of expectation to embrace a ridiculous dichotomous motto of 'love it or leave it' tattooed monogram; by laws which forcibly demand that the people accept a pathetic government model of falsified democracy, or socialism, or communism, or pseudo-monarchicalism, or autocracy— mix and match as you will.

All such governments exhibit increasing levels and forms of systemic failure because they are inherently designed to maintain a status quo and are rigidly inflexible... without inflicting harm on insistent protestors, before adopting what eventually turn out to be seen as hour-glass monitored, measured and miniscule alterations, which have plagued all government systems that inflict many millions with the present day plague-level of disease called homelessness, hunger, education depravity, hygiene dispossessed, health care "clubbing" (legalized forms of intimidation, threats, forced memberships, etc... akin to having to wear an old British brake, being pilloried, or dunking or imprisoning the poor once called debtors prison).

Far too many of the world's many peoples exist with an overall marrow-residing despair under government policies which partition them off into the nooks and crannies of indulgence which lessens their collective impact by a sleight-of-hand "out of sight, out of mind" disposition to create communities that participate in the government's efforts to criminalize, or to demonize, or to pariah-tize those whose faults are products of a deteriorating enculturation of a once- was communal oriented spiritedness. A once realized United singular effort (albeit in the U.S. erroneously labeled the American Dream) has become thrust into a cyclical revival of an Us-versus-Them series of reprisals embodied by re-created prejudices, discriminations and numerous inequalities that advances a false 3-part Hegelian styled dialectics alternatively described as a syllogistic philosophical formula of a presumed conclusive achievement; that is clearly what may be called an "embellished dichotomy... similar to the laughable pattern seen in an embellished singularity found in the ludicrous legalism denoted as "Tell the Truth- The Whole Truth- Nothing but the Truth". Both of which, I might add, speak of a cognitive system that has increasingly been showing signs of a repetition from which humanity can not get out of due to what appears to be an environmental imposition which keeps the triple code of DNA itself from evolving... and thus argues against the idea that Evolution is an imperative, with or without presuming some specially tailored Intelligent Design intervention.

Here in lies a currency of perception that is interpreted by both the educated and less educated, from their preferenced vantage points and accompanying vocabulary, that human societies around the world routinely evolve out of and then devolve into separately organized enclaves of enclosed socialized elitisms, (interrupted, delayed, or exacerbated by environmental conditions and/or anomalous occurrences); whereby the poor are further disabled from causing the many businesses, governments and religions to look in the very mirror that is being used to blind and entertain the public with... while the people at the same time have to endure the presence of a false reassurance of living in a land of equality, fairness, opportunity, freedom, and some illusory commodity called the American Dream, the Chinese Dream, the Russian Dream, the Middle Eastern Dream, the Mexican Dream, the South American Dream, the African Dream and all the others neurotically distributed and psychotically commercialized notions.

Let history make note of those intellectuals, those private I-know-better citizens who are absent from attempting to right the very many wrongs of the current trinity of institutions' agents that create so much grief, misery and absolute hopelessness for the many millions of innocent. Yes, let them sleep peacefully until the moment when the rest are awakened with a progressive sobriety and serve to slit their throats in the darkness with which the current legal systems permit them to hide in and be protected by. Because History often sets precedents, let us consider the possibility that a new Third Estate is arising (e.g. taken from the French Revolution), a new Third phase has begun (e.g. taken from Marx's 3 phases), and that a new Third Consciousness has begun its march! (e.g. taken from various New Age inclinations typically arising at the beginning of a new century, but sometimes referred to as the subconsciousness- consciousness- super or hyperconsciousness that may or may not be applied to some formula of meditation such as this example: The Three Levels of Consciousness.)

The way in which the Impeachment proceedings have been conducted is like the action of a mob mentality trying to increase a person's guilt because the bull horn prosecutors don't like the way a person dresses, if they have bad hygiene, or because they are a woman, Indigenous Native, Black, Hispanic seeking Asylum, Religion, and multiple other references sometimes used as points of denigration. And yet, it should not be a surprise to find this very action being taken up by the US Congress since in doing so exhibits the disgraceful character of hypocrisy that the US Congress, Supreme Court, SEC, Military, and civilian security forces have become known all too well for. What we are witnessing is a widespread Age of Irrationality the world over that the peoples of the Earth must band together not only to protect themselves against, but formulate plans to rid themselves of. It is Age, or perhaps even part of an unrecognized historical Epoch that goes unnoticed by those who have been forced to defer to such madness as a requirement for attempting to procure some small niche' in which to live unmolested (such as striving to live "off the grid" or keeping their head down and walk in the shadows of a practiced sociability); like a sane person having to act insane in a psychiatric ward because that is the type of normalcy they are confronted with and its white-coated game-keepers insist upon using as domesticated animals as a prolonged state of indentured servitude, by perpetuating social standards enabling them to retain preposterous and ludicrous positions of leadership by which to insure the stability of their own ulterior-motive interests.

The only Presidential candidate with enough courage to speak out about the questionable character of the overall Impeachment drama continually being mongered by the selfish motivations of the News Media, has been businessman Andrew Yang who expressed reservations at last night's (19 Dec. 2019) Presidential debate for the National Congress of Democrats; which should have featured an ongoing venue so that all sectors of society could have their chosen candidate be represented. The current formula being used by the Democratic National Congress in determining who is to be permitted to attend a debate is both elitist and deliberately intended to be exclusionary, primarily based on a monetary standard... which reflects the very attitude of wealth several of the candidates are thus hypocritically attacking, though they themselves live a life style many millions in America define as that of a wealthy person.

Mr. Yang is quoted in this article: The 'wine cave' debate as saying:

"What we have to do is we have to stop being obsessed over impeachment, which unfortunately strikes many Americans like a ball game where you know what the score is going to be," he said, "and start actually digging in and solving the problems that got Donald Trump elected in the first place. ... The more we act like Donald Trump is the cause of all our problems, the more Americans lose trust that we can actually see what's going on in our communities and solve those problems."

Lineup of 2019 U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidates

Here's my take on the Candidates: (Note: Placing Biden at the center stage makes him stand out... alright, but not in a good light.)

  • Andrew Yang: A viable candidate whose inclination to break with convention is being interpreted as a progressive wisdom and courage.
  • Pete Buttigieg: A non-viable candidate due to his preoccupation with his sexual orientation. Using it as a main expression for any comment reflects too much self-absorption.
  • Elizabeth Warren: A potentially non-viable candidate who must be especially careful about treading the path of a dichotomous ideology which sometimes gives the impression of being wishy-washy due to her ostentatious displays of wanting to be the first woman president.
  • Joe Biden: A non-viable candidate because his presence in the White House will be regressively oriented towards an attempt to re-establish a former status quo which was, and remains, non-progressive.
  • Bernie Sanders: A viable candidate with a progressive agenda so long as he has a cabinet that can support him in progressive efforts to reassure and fully demonstrate to the public they are not being led down a path of a burdensome form of government dependency or corporate controlled standard of self-sufficiency that is little more than the typically used bait-and-switch tactic.
  • Amy Klobuchar: A potentially non-viable candidate who needs to spend more time focused on presenting a viable progressive agenda then attacking other candidates. To continue doing so admits she lacks a predominant and over-riding vision for a progressive agenda that would otherwise be more comprehensively addressed.
  • Tom Steyer: A potentially non-viable candidate who needs to get into the ring with a greater outspoken agenda of a sustainable progressive program.

When we have a host of candidates; most of whom can not even see, much less say that the original problem with the Election of Trump was due to a ludicrous voting system, it is stupid for Americans to think more complicated social issues are going to be appropriately addressed by any of them except for those who not only share Mr. Yang's perspective, but will act on it. This includes a persistently egregious, trouble-mongering news media. The news media has no interest in wanting the tools of their trade to assist in solving social issues, since the instigation of the "he said/she said" soap opera drama, along with the "possibly this/possibly that" suppositional format affords them with a larger readership and thus funding through advertisers who want to perpetuate emotionally poignant social conditions which will get the public to focus on their products as a matter-of-fact incidental.

Here's an example of a troublesome bias in the News media. Note that the journalist describes the person's legitimate gripe as "muddying" the launch of the state's first presidential primary, and in addition, the State Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan defended had defended the move, arguing that it's her job as party leader to help re-elect the president... (instead of ensuring the American people have a selection of candidates from which to choose whom the public thinks would do a better job. Something is very wrong with the overall American voting system from ballot tampering, to disallowing large groups of voters, to manipulating boundary lines (Gerrymandering); not to mention the nonsensical Electoral College— Voter Cries Foul Over 'Soviet-Style' GOP Primary

A Minnesota voter frustrated because President Trump would be the only name on the state Republican primary ballot in March is challenging the move and muddying the launch of the state's first presidential primary in decades, the AP reports. Jim Martin, of Lake Elmo, a small business operator and political independent, filed a lawsuit over the primary rules, per the Star Tribune. Martin said he doesn't want to participate in a "Soviet-style" election in which the political parties dictate who the voters can elect. "I want to be in an American election," Martin said. "It's something that sets us apart from the world."

Here's a Joke for you: What sort of Idiotically Stupid Judicial System allows purported "Unbiased" Jurors to be chosen from a pool of Supporters for either the Defense or Prosecution? THE US Congress! The Congress views itself above the standards of Judicial practice that the rest of the Citizenry has to abide by, so they can merit out their own discriminatory impulses. Instead of Choosing a Jury of "Ones peers" involving the citizenry, the Congress thinks of itself has having no equal and therefore has no choice but to choose from amongst itself. Talk about a double-standard legal system governing the wealthy and politically connected...

Indeed, all the wasted time and money spent on a stupid Impeachment process with a guaranteed outcome (by a biased Senate who will probably acquit him) just so those who hate Trump can feel emotionally vindicated about wanting to do something against everything they despise about him, yet end up having done little more than exercised some voodoo doll ritual so that they can pretend to hurt him by sticking vocal barbs and publicly needling him, as if this will help them create a better system of democracy, which is not at all on their mind... just their hurt feelings of indignation for all his rudeness and crudeness that we have no one to blame but the Congress for not getting rid of the Electoral College which put him into office in the first place, and will no doubt put others like him and possibly much worse them him, into the same position by the same ridiculous form of so-called "free", "honest" and "fair" elections system.

The Congressional form of legality displayed in the Impeachment proceedings reflects one of the worst systems of Justice ever perpetrated on the Public. Instead of calling for an impartial jury-of-peers randomly selected out of the citizenry, instead the biased Senate is permitted to choose one from its own rank and file! Are you kidding?! This is as ludicrous as the 12th Century "Holy" Inquisition, 1692-1693 "Holy" Salem Witch Trials as an expression of a failed legal system, and the 17th century Ordeal by the purity of water by way of dunking: or as expressed as a recurring theme in the mentality of the U.S. government:

And some believe the U.S. government played a role in such things as:

With respect to the Twin Towers events which many refer to as a government-sponsored massacre of innocents to conceal government activity and justify its allocation of billions to fund a war which set in place an assurance for a sustained large military force as well as providing contracts to Corporate friends through an ongoing Military/Industrial alliance... we might also make note of an undisclosed attitude by government expressed as: "let the people be damned if they don't like it", since they can't do anything about it anyway... Congress makes sure the level of democracy being practiced is miniscule and wholly deficient, while at the same time reassuring the public it is "their" government... so long as they don't attempt to exert any real ownership of it.

With the U.S. House of Representatives winning the Vote to Impeach Trump and having the verdict Journalistically entitled as being "Historical", the many billions in the world keeping abreast of the drama and noting the exercised hypocrisy of the so-called Congressional judicial process, are no doubt referring to it as an "Hysterical" Vote. Hysterically funny, hysterically stupid, hysterically a waste of money that could have been used more effectively on behalf of the public. Every leader in every country no doubt sees how ludicrous the system of so-called Justice prevails in the Government, when the deciding vote of guilt or innocence will be levied not by an impartial jury, but selected from a pool of those who are against impeachment. This is just another lingering stupid idea that the originators of the government put into place just as they did with respect to disallowing women, blacks, Native Americans and others from being able to vote for "their government", whereby the people have had to fight for one inalienable right after another.

Winning the vote to Impeach Trump is little more than a publicly-displayed assertion that the House of Representatives got an opportunity to finally agree on something in a collective manner, while DOING NOTHING TO RESOLVE... TO SOLVE... THE MANY PRESSING SOCIAL ISSUES WHICH CONTINUE TO CREATE DEEP AND MULTIPLE STATES OF PRIVATION FOR MILLIONS. THE Budget that was passed was another handout for the collective wealthy institutions, but was yet another deliberate excuse to be dismissive of not wanting to effectively deal with one of the LARGEST INSTITUTIONALIZED EFFECTS of the same Democrat and Republican Party self-interests ... WHICH IS THE HEALTH, EDUCATION AND WELFARE CRISIS OF THE PEOPLE THAT BOTH PARTIES STUBBORNLY RESIST VOTING TOGETHER TO ADDRESS... not by another millions of dollars committee which ends in a stalemate, but solving the problems as the diseases which they are. Diseases which are being perpetuated by the absurdities of the present falsified democracy... not only in the U.S., but throughout the world.

Poverty not only in America, is all around us
Poverty (not only in the U.S.) is all around us)

The three who missed the vote, exhibit actions which need to be defined:

  1. Republican John Shimkus of Illinois (Not showing up because of apposing and idea is like a child pouting... and not wanting to play.)
  2. Republican Duncan Hunter of California (Due to criminal conduct, he should have been removed and replaced immediately for the good of the public.)
  3. Democrat Jose Serrano of New York (Due to illness: He should be removed and replaced immediately for the good of the public.)

In addition, any Representative that changes political party affiliation during their employment needs to be immediately removed since they no longer reflect the political/philosophical position of the constituency which voted them into office. Changing one's political affiliation in order to side with another orientation, is no longer Representing those who had voted them into office based on their previous political party affiliation. "Changing sides" is tantamount to a treasonous action against those who had selected them based on one criteria, only to find they were duped. It is a bait and switch tactic and should be a violation of ethical standards.

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