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Here are a list of other Impeachments that should accompany the Presidential one:

  • Impeach the Congress for letting Trump get into office in the first place because of a stupid Electoral system which needs to be voided.
  • Impeach the Congress to prevent it from returning to a former status quo of doing next-to-nothing for yet another generation; but persuasively con itself into believing Representatives have done their job by funding all or most programs with an overall higher deficit that future generations will be stuck with paying the bill pay for... while having to deal with the self-same social issues not now being appropriately addressed.
  • Impeach the Congress for not instituting Government-wide term limits and preventing all instances of double and triple-dipping.
  • Impeach the Congress for not resolving the Health, Education and Welfare crisis, and attempts to mollify complaints by drowning it by the cheers of those being awarded further funding for personalized projects guaranteeing career advancement for a few at the expense of the many.
  • Impeach the Congress for giving itself raises and cost of living increases paid for by a public that does not get the same rewards based on an equivalent gain and not muted by a speciously used percentage calculation to falsify an equal distribution of resources.
  • Impeach the Congress for not establishing a code of conduct for resolving social issues or get fired for not doing their job; yet think they are addressing the many issues by way of conducting long-winded discussion panels where ego-stroking and ego-strutting is the politically fashionable ways and means of playing Congressional dress-up, while the actual issues are dressed down by a vernacular of practiced double-speak.
  • Impeach the Congress for not establishing a Peoples Legislative Branch based on a Legislative-specific jury-system profile so the people themselves can address social issues which have time and again proven to be too complicated for those who are elected without the necessary acumen, courage and fortitude.
  • Impeach the Congress for not stipulating a law to make all defense contractors unable to profit.
  • Impeach the Congress for permitting a Supreme Court to exist without being answerable to the people, and instead be governed by an unspoken politically driven quid pro quo reflectiveness because of how they are selected and chosen for their position.
  • Impeach the Congress for permitting Corporations to undermine the public's efforts at self-sufficiency; whereas in many cases turn conditions of impoverishment into a means by which they can further profit directly or indirectly; financially, socially, or spiritually.
  • Impeach the Congress for permitting the LDS church and other non-profit organizations to adopt irrational systems of practice to permit them to make untaxed billions from its members or the general public— who are duped into thinking they are providing for the well-being of humanitarian efforts, but are themselves suffering from the many burdens of financial shortfalls; yet are nonetheless expected to continue to provide donations to create coffers to be used by the same misguided ideologies found in the militaries and governments throughout the world.
  • Impeach the Congress for not going after the lawlessness of Churches and other non-profit organizations with the same tenacity, ruthlessness, and no-quarter-given attitude that it does for non-church or for-profit organizations, instead of using a double-standard treatment... or are permitted to receive a substantial proportion of legalized ill-gotten gains like the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and other Security agencies.
  • Impeach the Congress for perpetuating a system of government which requires departments to practice a quid pro quo political imperative of deference.
  • Impeach the Congress for not dealing with the LGBTQ (Lost girls and boys totemic quorums) which seeks to make all laws subject to its neurotically convoluted world-view.
The entreprenurial gaming efforts of the LGBTQ

  • Impeach the Congress for permitting an idiot to remove the Nation from World Organized programs vitally needed for humanity.
  • Impeach the Congress for perpetuating a system of government that is clearly inadequate for a growing nation desirous of real progress.
  • Impeach the Congress for allowing a so-called free election's system to be forced to vote for those enabled to generate millions of dollars.
  • Impeach those who think to replace Trump and thus prevent them from using him as a scapegoat for their own ineptness when they are asked to remedy what his narcissistic antics have problematically created.
  • Impeach the Congress for not establishing a minimum tax requirement for all corporations and not shirk their responsibility to assist in the increase of the public coffers. Million and Billion dollar corporations that are effectively left off the hook by being able to juggle accounting books to keep from paying taxes because of a ridiculous system of taxation, is inexcusable. If we the people were collectively viewed as a singular "Personhood" entity because all the people are collectively supposed to represent the single entity called the government; then all the people would be able to claim the same tax exemptions and profit off of the disgusting loopholes the public-(back)-stabbing Congress lets many corporations get away with.

  • Impeach the Securities and Exchange Commission for its usage of hired guns (Garden City Group) to assist in its electronically based legalized robbery of citizens.
  • Impeach the Securities and Exchange Commission for its self-serving desirous Agenda to be self-enabled through confiscations like other judicial organizations practicing a corrupted system of civil asset forfeiture conveniently labeled criminal asset forfeiture; thus revealing how deep and economically based is the American brand of practiced quid pro quo hypocrisy.
  • Impeach the News Media for its self-righteous attitude which expects everyone to defer to its often myopic judgementalism.

  • Impeach the Pentagon for permitting an idiot tell them how to run their Judicial system... thus revealing an inherent cowardice and putting the mentality of out-dated measurements of duty to an old regime— before the honorable rights of the people as the National standard.
  • Impeach the Pentagon for its now revealed inclinations to prefer lying to the Nation and world as revealed in the Afghanistan Papers, so as to perpetuate a system of militancy not interested in winning but in maintaining its own job security and the benefits to corporations at any cost; including the lives of men and women who are duped into thinking they are fighting for some greater ideal of freedom, for some loftier premise of justice and a purported preservation of Democracy that they themselves are forced to relinquish as part of a uniformed service which denies them the ability to vote in their own leadership... as a primary distinction of a democratic practice; and are instead subjugated like an indentured service to 'know their place' and let those who presume themselves to be their betters, continue in perpetuating a multiple centuries old charade.
  • Impeach the Pentagon for its war-mongering collusions with Corporations which requires the perpetuation and perpetration of illusions, delusions and convoluted confusions all in the name of a legalized irrationality.
  • Impeach the Pentagon for not emphasizing to all service members that being a soldier does not give them a license to rape, murder the innocent, to exercise barbarity against combatants, or engage in other lawlessness against property.
  • Impeach the Pentagon for its usage of democratically stated hypocritical policies and practices which are clearly Socialist and Communist:

The US Military claims to be protecting Democracy while practicing Socialism and Communism

Indeed, not only should we impeach the US government to bring about a New government better suited to the needs of the people, but also let We The Peoples of the World have a means to impeach:

  • The Chinese government (Which is noted by the current 2019 protestors as the common enemy that doesn't listen to its people, and tries to implement one form of chess-piece aligned machination after another, in an attempt to perpetrate that which will force the Chinese people to Kowtow to its antiquated Imperialistic orientations.)
  • The French government (That wants to strip the rights and dignity of the people to govern their own lives by making changes that are not fully known nor any attempt to assist the public in gaining the full appreciation of why a given change is needed and necessary. Leadership intuitions and foresight is find, but not if they can not be conveyed in the language to be best understood by a public whose day-to-day world views embrace a different measure of practicality.)
  • The British government (Practices a phony democracy infused with an outmoded monarchical observance as a tradition which stagnates progress.)
  • The South American Governments (Which continue in their various scams of public funds at the expense of basic public services, and thus defy the public from repeating the just reward of an equal distribution of resources.)
  • The Russian government (Which imposes its will on the people in an effort to keep opposing [otherwise well-intentioned] idealists at bay, {yet continue to offer the public mere platitudes and not an actual practicality that would serve the Russian people, as a collective Nation, in a more fruitful enterprise than that presently being practiced by the current government}.)
  • The German, Spanish, Greek, and Italian governments (All with agendas to serve those in power and not the people themselves, and use various measures of Austerity to convince the public those in charge are doing their best under circumstances created by predecessors, whose actions come to be emulated as a excusable rationale which keeps a certain leadership mentality in leadership positions... but has no real desire to bring Austerity to an end because it is a ready-made tool to conceal the lack of vision and forthright directiveness of accountability to the people.)
  • The World Banking Association (With its self-sustaining motivations at the expense of millions of lives... by assuming its Will is best suited for the era.)
  • The American Federal Reserve and Securities and Exchange Commission (Which are often lap dogs for the Stock Market and political agendas.)
  • The Vatican (for a disgusting self-righteous claiming clergy with a history of abuses including the exploitation of children under the guise of some holier-than-thou or other god-sanctified rationalization which superiors turn a blind eye to and convince a manipulated public everything is for the best.)
  • All other Religions as well (That use various machinations to cheat the public just so religious leaderships can stay in power aligned with the prevailing government and business institutions.)
  • The United Nations (For all its very many "well-intentioned" idiocies reflecting double-standards and an impulse to egotistically manipulate global attitudes by a joint venture of often misaligned reflexiveness at confronting undesirable situations that it had an opportunity to intervene previously against, but its bureaucracy tends to trip over its own feet by having smartly tied its shoe laces together in a uniformity of action.)
  • The Nobel Committee (For its recurring stupidity of rewarding those and that which perpetuates the same global nonsense that sustains a need for giving the same sorts of awards for a cyclicity of self-defeating mentality instead of assisting in the development of a new cognitive orientation and application for humanity.)

It is unconscionable that world leaders come together to discuss needed climate change interventions and then walk away empty-handed. You disgusting filthy jerks. This is not a situation to be left for a rainy day. To do anything less than to come away with a dramatic and drastic plan of action is a criminal act against all of humanity for generations to come. The is no excuse not to act, not to force one another to toe-the-line when it comes to needed changes in human behavior on the National and Inter-national levels. While all of us are appreciative of Ms. Greta Thunberg, she does not represent the opinion of hard-line adults who will, if necessary, take dramatic and decisive action against all government leaders who need to be reminded that alternative steps will need to be taken to remove them if they can not get the job done. For all her well-intentioned environmental preservation focus that many millions are appreciative of since they have been without a voice for so very long, young Ms. Thunberg does not represent the adult imperatives which come into play between voicing an opinion and valid expectations of results, or consequences MUST be levied instead of shoulders being shrugged.

If leaderships will not heed the small but vociferous articulations of the young and the life-long strained voices of the old; both of whom embrace the vision of a desired haven for all peoples of both the present and future time periods, then let the leaderships throughout the world be put on notice: a day of reckoning has begun its drumbeat. All leaderships, corporate, government and religious must be presented with but one option when confronted by actions which speak louder, more decisive, and appropriately to the point, and will not give quarter, will not be detoured, will not but step to the beat that leaderships of the world selectively choose not to heed. To say that crime does not pay is as falsely perceived as those who claim that violence never solves anything. Whereas in the former if this were true then we would not have the three aforementioned Institutions engaging in the duplicities that they do, and in the latter case we find an erroneous perspective while living under the reality to which we are confronted— to wit:

  1. There would not be standing armies to act as reminders that retaliation is a real potentiality.
  2. There would not be policing officers to be used as local, state and federal government watchdogs and enforcers.
  3. And nor would there be need for a unified coalition of armed peace keepers maintained at-the-ready by the United Nations.

While it is unfortunate the present day nations of humanity have difficulty coming together to solve all humanitarian issues and that they prefer to expend billions of dollars in both perpetrating and perpetuating a militancy; to say nothing of the billions spent by sports and other entertainment venues as well as religions practicing their own brand of quid pro quo... The use of force is a very real deterrent and effective means for bringing about desirable progressive change... for the good of humanity, if it is wielded in the hands of those with the conscious sense to do so, while at the same time being ever so vigilant of the very many evils which inhabit the interconnected spheres of human civilization.

Needless to say— but Human progress is stagnant. Replacing one government with another tired political refrain, mix and match as you will current and past ideologies, does not appreciably assist humanity in stepping beyond its present quagmire, its present bog, its present quicksand being exhibited and practiced the world-over.

However critics of present day governmental regimes are advancing 2 old ideas packaged in era-specific vernaculars meant to give the impression of something both new and valuable, but they are based on false premises:

  • Voices have been raised against Capitalism as an unequaled evil. Yet Capitalism in truth is but a tool being wielded by evil people colluding together to created imposing institutions which force publics to abide by their self-serving Will and not the collective Will of the public. Capitalism is not the problem.
  • Voices have been raise against a presumed Foe called Big Government. But Big Government in truth is an expression of an actual Democracy since the larger extent population is supposed to represent The Government in both name and functionality, yet are prevented from doing so. Big Government is not the problem.
  • Voices have been raised in support of both the spirit and letter of the law as defined characterizations that the people are provided with the best system of justice that the human mind is enabled to develop. Yet in truth, the lack of a jury system legislative profile being practiced, asserts that the people themselves are not permitted to exercise the control of the very same laws they are forced to defer to without question or a means of reevaluation or reconstruction to better serve the whole of the Nation as a collective exercise of judicial equanimity instead of having to deal with secondary and tertiary standards at the behest of those enabled to contour the laws as they think best, without the consent of the public.
  • Voices are raised in praise of presumed Inalienable rights established in bygone eras which are guaranteed by a written constitution or an adopted tradition of unspoken practice; yet it truth they are rights which have been confiscated and handed out in meager piece-meal fashion as measures of public control and manipulation.

Simply changing a White male politician with a White female, or a White person with a Black one, or an Asian one, or a Pacific Islander, or an Hispanic/Latino, or Native American... Native Australian... Native etc., including changing a person with one conventional sexual orientation for someone with an unconventional one; does not automatically provide humanity with the needed forward momentum. It is pathetically stupid to think in such a simplistic dichotomous fashion. All too often the public is faced with those who are little more than office managers and have no real vision, no real aptitude, no real ambition to formulate a new blueprint or architectural draft to ensure humanity moves forward; despite being faced with all the whining, biting, kicking, screaming, and other protesting antics of those who are fearful of making their way beyond the foliage of comfort zones which retain so much socially en-jungled misery as a convoluted tapestry for multiple hundreds of millions throughout the world.

Indeed, it is rather stupid of us to think that Impeaching Trump will be the beginning of solving pressing social concerns when they were not addressed before he was permitted to become the Alpha dog in the White House. Again, Indeed! Should we not also impeach the rather stupid formula of government which permitted him to reach the position that he now holds and in addition, let us impeach the entire Congress for its ineptness in not adequately resolving social issues that have been retained for decades. Yet, let us also impeach the disgusting system of justice in the U.S. and elsewhere on the globe. Let us impeach the present Education systems which perpetuate the same nonsense of thinking from one generation to the next.

Getting rid of Trump will not solve those social problems which have been us long before Trump came to power. Replacing him with a Democrat will not solve issues which are poorly understood because Sociologists, Political Scientists, and Economists are using the same refrains of old thinking cast in a re-imagined idyllic scenery with a re-vernacularized intonated script that cosmetically applied with a politically fashioned wardrobe to give the impression of something new.

Impeaching Trump's self-centered self-aggrandizing Will— is first and foremost a step in the desired direction of US Democrats who will use him as an excuse for not having the needed aptitude for leading humanity past the present redundancies into the next era of desperately needed greater comprehensive progressiveness. The removal of Trump is seen as an advantageous moment for Democrats to get into office and not have to do anything but play nice with everyone; especially Journalists who will be favorable in their comments all because they are once again a species protected and enabled by a PRESS pass to go where the average citizen is not, and interpret this ability as a feather in their cap as well as being provided with a notch up in social standing... as they prefer to see themselves and wanted to be treated as such, though such treatment is routinely superficial. Yet, it doesn't matter to them and many others, so long as they receive an accommodation of recognition by way of the old "smoozing" forms of socialized self-validation.

It is not that Trump has not done wrong in many instances, but the fact remains that a removal of him to make way for a Democrat or other Republican who may well use Trump as a scapegoat for their in-abilities and machinated personal motives to retain a status quo of their own design; will not create a better government because the present design of the government is based on an old paradigm which must not only be impeached, but prevented from ever rearing its head again. The same goes for the Chinese government and multiple other governments such as the backwards Monarchical-centered British system. Indeed, we humans need to skip over many stones so as not to repeat stepping on them as a token balance for an otherwise social disequilibrium which continues to disenfranchise and abuse most of the world's peoples in dire forms of impoverishment whose severity is often increased by the heath, education and welfare efforts of otherwise well-intentioned individuals and groups that create unwitting conflicts because they were taught to think in a recurring formality of dichotomization.

On this page: Three Major Perspectives in Sociology, we find the following table as a compiled illustration:

three types of sociological perspectives

The problem with this illustration is that it values the uses of a dichotomy labeled Micro/Macro. In addition, later on in the same article it describes the usage of two types of contrasting social forms of consensus outlined by Emile Durkheim labeled Mechanical Solidarity and Organic Solidarity:

Mechanical solidarity

This is a form of social cohesion that arises when people in a society maintain similar values and beliefs and engage in similar types of work.

Organic Solidarity

This is a form of social cohesion that arises when the people in a society are interdependent, but hold to varying values and beliefs and engage in varying types of work. Organic solidarity most commonly occurs in industrialized, complex societies such those in large American cities like New York in the 2000s.

Another dichotomy thrust in the midst of a trichotomy as seen from the perch of later Sociologists is that given as a description of another noted structural functionalist, Robert Merton (1910–2003), who pointed out that social processes often have many functions (described in this review as a pattern-of-two:) (Introduction to Sociology: Theoretical Perspectives)

Manifest Functions

This form of structural functionalism is manifested by the consequences of a social process that are sought or anticipated. A manifest function of college education, for example, includes gaining knowledge, preparing for a career, and finding a good job that utilizes that education.

Latent Functions

This form of structural functionalism is manifested by the unsought consequences of a social process. For example, latent functions of your college years include meeting new people, participating in extracurricular activities, or even finding a spouse or partner. Another latent function of education is creating a hierarchy of employment based on the level of education attained. Latent functions can be 1) beneficial, 2) neutral, or 3) harmful.

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