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Correlations, Coincidences, or Compatible connections of a comparative cognition?

~ The Study of Threes ~

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As a short review of the 3 to 1 Biopolymers, using different images:

Compairing DNA and RNA image 1 Compairing DNA and RNA image 

3 to 1 ribbon model of protein structure image 1 Three to One ribbon model of protein structure image 2

If we look at what influenced the development of the Christian Trinity model or the Hindu Trimurti model of thinking, we find that both of them had their initial development influenced by what is sometimes referred to as a "Pagan" (ancient, peasant, non-church sanctified) worship of the Sun with its three phases (or "moments") called dawn- noon- dusk, since its three phases reflect the "3 in 1" idea promoted by the structure of the Trinity concept. While those who profess a belief in a Trinity model in or out of Christianity (such as the Hindu Trimurti of the 3 famous Chinese philosophers), looking at the recurring "three" pattern from outside the position of being a believer, inclines some to find a reason (or at least some suggestive consideration) of why the pattern crops up. And though a few ideas have been offered in terms of being a club to beat in the brains of believers in order that they might then follow the religious (or atheistic) views of the would-be bashers, other approaches at explaining the recurrence of "threes" typically fall by the way-side because the comments are met with those who forcefully disregard or disagree... thus fledgling attempts to design an idea are cast aside without further development. The originators of such ideas either do not have enough confidence in themselves or their newly born idea(s).

Common Trinitarian View of Christianity of everyday thought processing View of the Trinity as an actual 3 in 1 figure
The origin of the Trinity recognized as ancient solar worship 3 in 1 solar phases patterns
Trinity of Chinese philosophers Religion and philosophy viewed as a color wheel
3 in 1 types of Trinitiies in Asia Three Trimurti deities in One belief

Thomas Paine on Christianity and solar worship

While others have also recognized the influence of ancient solar worship on the development of the Trinity concept in Christianity, they have not recognized this same pattern occurring in other subjects. They prefer to keep their perceptions enslaved to religion. By not keeping one's perceptions chained to religion, enables us to see the same pattern occurring elsewhere and to make an account of it in terms of an environmental influence as well... except simply denoting the influence of the Sun is not enough.

In making the correlation between the Sun and Religion and then Biology, we "Threesologists" are promoting the production of an hypothesis. It is only by the application of multiple other researchers investigations can the idea be given the title of being a theory. If it is not the Sun and its three phases, then you must provide a different reason for such a recurrence of pattern. Beyond the simple correlation is the need to include how the Sun affected the development of the building blocks of life under what conditions and what this means for humanity as the Sun continues to deteriorate. Indeed, those working in the "Origin of Life" field of active experimentation must include the idea of the Sun and its three phases as a source of patterned energy just as they do when they use electrodes (to represent lightning flashes) as the so-called "spark" of life. In effect, the old Stanley Miller experiments were configured on a spark plug type of engine, perhaps because he was not familiar with the diesel engine design. Here is a youtube presentation concerning the reasoning behind the Origin of Life experiments:

My thinking about the experiment is illustrated in the image below:

Comments about the Urey and Miller origin of life experiments

A bit of history about the spark plug's origin may be of interest since it points out other ignition models such as the glow tube (which came after the open flame). [To me, it reads like an out-of-doors biology and physics experiment involving heat, cold, (temperature), high and low pressures, atmospheric oxygen (and pollution content), rain, snow, wind, waves, sleet, hail, sea level, high altitude, mixtures, wind, cylicity, lightning (sparks), sound conduction (have you ever heard the sound of an earthquake or tornado?), etc..., all of which makes me think about the need for an experiment which will have a three-patterned (or 3 to 1 pattern) influence since the making of complex life forms requires DNA and DNA requires a triple code as an environmentally influenced pattern that "cyclically" repeats and is self-sustaining like a perpetual motion machine:

In automobile manufacturing, which was still in its infancy around the year 1900, ignition was proving to be carmakers’ “trickiest problem,” as car inventor Karl Benz observed. With Gottlieb Daimler’s glow-tube ignition there was a constant hazard of fire, and battery-powered ignition systems restricted the range of cars to a few dozen kilometers, since there were as yet no on-board systems like today’s alternators to recharge batteries while driving.

In 1897, this problem seemed to be solved: Arnold Zähringer, Bosch’s factory manager, came up with the solution. Instead of moving the ponderous armature itself through the magnetic field, he left that job to a metal sleeve which he laid around the armature. Zähringer’s invention was patented for Bosch in June 1897 and the first magneto was mounted on a vehicle engine in autumn.

The innovative ignition device had in theory solved the ignition problem for high-speed internal-combustion engines in vehicles. However, the weakness of its design was still the complicated break-spark rodding needed to create the ignition spark in the combustion chamber. This rodding had to be redesigned for every engine. It was also needy of maintenance and prone to breakdown.

High voltage

In the summer of 1901, therefore, Robert Bosch gave Gottlob Honold, his head of development, the brief to design a magneto ignition system without break-spark rodding. After just a few months, Honold presented his high-voltage magneto ignition system, based on what was known as electric arc ignition. By means of two coils on the armature, it generated a high-voltage current. This current was conducted to a spark plug via a cable connection. The high-voltage current jumped the gap between its electrodes in the form of a spark.

The design of a spark plug with two discrete electrodes had been known since about 1860, and had been tried out in ignition experiments with gasoline engines by Karl Benz, among others, but with little success. In most experiments, the material used for the insulation and the electrodes proved unsuitable. Honold developed a highly insulating ceramic for the insulating body and a heat-resisting alloy for the electrodes. This brought magneto ignition up to a technological standard that guaranteed it, for the time being, great success.

On January 7, Bosch hit the target – a patent application for the innovation.

Even before the First World War, magneto ignition had become well established in automobiles, so it was able to command a strong market position. Having manufactured less than 50 000 low-voltage magnetos between 1897 and 1902, production increased rapidly –reaching the number one million in 1912.

The singular success of the spark plug

The spark plug itself was in fact only a by-product that Bosch had to manufacture in order to be able to offer a complete system. In the meantime it has turned the tables on magneto ignition. It is interesting to note that while magneto ignition has long since disappeared, Bosch today manufactures more than 300 million spark plugs per year.

Source: Bosch History Blog

Fire in the hole! Spark plugs: past and resent
E3’s History-Making Spark Plugs Étienne Lenoir
Early History of the Diesel Engine by Hannu Jääskeläinen
Three types of ignition system
Ignition system

(There is a need to differentiate amongst, spark, compression and open-flame forms of ignition which involves modes of energy such as friction, chemical, light, sound, etc... Examples of the open flame and electric ignition in one's home are the gas furnace, oven/stove water heater, which may use either a pilot light or spark to ignite a flame.)

With respect to the foregoing discussion concerning patterns of the sun, not only can we see a three and 1 pattern of solar influence, but a triangle pattern as well, illustrated in the following image:

Triangular path of the Sun

An old Architect by the Name of James Nasmyth suggested the sun as being an influence of several ancient Egyptian monuments. I not only gave an account of his ideas, but presented some others in the following link: Sun Rays influenced Pyramid design, page 1.

In considering what future events may take place in human thinking as the Sun continues to deteriorate, the Earth's rotation continues to slow down, and the Moon continues to move away, we must engage in some level of visual experimentation just like Einstein did. In an accelerated frame of mind to cover multiple life times, let us imagine ourselves on the planet as the Earth slows and the Sun expands. Because the human life span is on the order of an accelerated one just like that of the Fruit (vinegar) Fly and that the Drosophila breed is used extensively in genetic's research because of its accelerated life span. And just like Origin of Life experimenters who get detoured in their thinking with words such as "pristine, simple, basic", etc..., humans have gotten got up in the idea of long life spans, when in fact... geologically speaking, the life spans of humans (and most life forms) is short and fast... but not necessarily sweet. This short and fast life span makes us susceptible to genetic changes that we are just as unaware of as are fruit flies in laboratory experiments. We sometimes take things for granted and refer them as tradition, belief, normal, natural, etc...

There are, biologically speaking, stops and starts, regressions, digressions, mixtures and deletions. But they all exhibit patterns whether or not we have recognized them, catalogued them or have even begun to make sense of them in any meaningful way. And just because a pattern occurs in one life form, doesn't mean it has to occur in the same way at the same time or at all. Surely we can accept that simple life forms will not respond to the same environmental patterns as complex life forms, but that both will exhibit, in their own way, the same circumstances of influence. Our thinking can be just as creative and changeable as is nature, but we complex sentient life forms need to create some measure of coherent understanding about when, where, how and why such patterns have occurred, and how they may be altered over time. For example, here is one example of someone speaking about the mutation of DNA: Our DNA is Mutating!

In standing on the Earth as time accelerates and we pay witness to the assumed changes to occur , we may begin to notice that the Sun's three phases are effectively "fusing" together, and that this fusion will no doubt have an affect on biology. We must catalog all occurrences of fusion in and out of biology in order to have a "heads up" perception of an event that may well increase over time. And whether or not the fusion of the 2nd Chromosome in human genetics is why humans differ from the chimpanzee and great apes with 48 chromosome pairs in comparison to our own 46 pairs is a tell-tale sign of a largely unrecognized fusion event of the solar phases, the event needs to be catalogued as an observable distinction between present humans and a distant primate past. Yet in such a consideration, let us note that those in the "New Age" community who relate to one another about energy changes representing something that is going to occur and presents an enthusiastically awaited for promise of something better and more fulfilling, may be a poetic, a metaphorical expression about the eventual occurrence of another chromosomal fusion that will distinguish present humanity from a future species.

While there is no refuting the idea that there are some who are more sensitively aware of subtleties in human affairs that many others appear to be either unconscious of or distracted from by other concerns, this does not really give us an indication of what such "sensitive souls" are actually "in-tune" with. Are they in-tune with ocean currents, the weather, cosmological events, biological events, future technological events, future computing directions, or something/someone in particular? Why is it that some people have some sort of premonition about one thing or another if it is not because they have some practiced awareness to subtle clues? Why do some people have an intuitive appreciation of one thing or another and others don't? Are they special or unique... perhaps appreciably defined by the concept of "Old Soul" (a concept which is out-dated in and of itself since "young soul" and "ancient soul" need to be included because this is in concert with the virgin- mother- crone hypothesis). And though some institutions are called Paranormal, they nonetheless have the status of being a pattern. Lies are even true when we have noticed the pattern of frequent occurrence.

In discussing the topic of Origin of Life experimentation and the race by experimenters to be the first to develop a verifiable scenario reproducible in multiple settings by multiple researchers (that is if we can somehow reproduce the circumstances from which an actual life form arose... or at least the precursor stages beyond mere amino acids); a Threesological perspective is valuable because it enables the development of cataloguing patterns in terms of what can be described as developmental, whether one further subscribes to the notion of maturation with or without overlap such as the sequence of germ layers arising in a one germ layer- two germ layer- three germ layer fashion. In such a regard we must wonder whether there is (or once existed) environmental setting which influenced the 1- 2- 3 sequence (and its derivatives). For example, we have already noted in a previous image the existence of DNA with one, two, and three strands, (with a predominate usage of two strands for complex organisms such as ourselves)... while RNA appears to be predominantly single stranded:

Unlike double-stranded DNA, RNA is a single-stranded molecule[1] in many of its biological roles and consists of a much shorter chain of nucleotides. However, RNA can, by complementary base pairing, form intrastrand (i.e., single-strand) double helixes, as in tRNA.

The fact that we can recognize multiple 1- 2- 3 developmental sequences in a variety of subjects suggests that there is a large (wide-spread) external-to-biology influence, and/or there is an internalized mechanism which has a code for replicating this scenario. Then again, perhaps the influence was external but that it occurred so far removed in time and in a concentrated area, that the pattern left an indelible imprint on biology whereby the possible loss of the original influence is no longer necessary. However, in this circumstance, we may be able to reverse-engineer the scenario which led up to such a pattern being incorporated internally. In as much as this speculation opens the door for a greater philosophical application of conjecture, let us take a step back and look at an instance in time where biological development exercised a developmental difference between two and three membrane structures, such as we find in the 2 membranes of mitochondrion and chloroplasts, with the latter coming later in the evolutionary stage... perhaps referring to a change in the environmental conditions of influence as much as or more (less?) than an internalized mechanism of development.

2 membranes of mitochondrion 3 membranes of chloroplasts
Mitochondria and Chloroplasts on an evolution chart

Let us now take a brief look at the three basic biological forms whose information was culled from different sources whose authors no doubt got their information from other sources; all of which are in the public domain meant for free public consumption. I will address additional information involving the above three on another page.

3 basic biological forms image 1
3 basic biological forms image 2

(Looking at Bacteria and Viruses through the lenses of Sociology, History and Religion... if not cultural Anthropology... metaphorically speaking, one can discern the large "community" of bacteria like that of a primitive or pagan civilization whose occupants practice a multi-deity approach to life, which viruses have adopted a made-in-one's-image three main gods utility... and we humans have followed a similar developmental trek.)

Since the patterns of the Sun (such as the night/day and dawn-noon-dusk sequencing have played a long-term (changing) role in the development of biology as well as ideology, ideas such as the Christian Trinity, Hindu Trimurti and Islamic prayer towards the East (Sun rise), can be viewed as symbolic extensions of the underlying biological patterns we find again and again and again. Flexibility in our thinking is what has led to progressive understanding and needs to be permitted in the context of the present discussion and not subjected to subject-directed restrictions wielded by egotisms.

Even though someone doesn't recognize how the Sun and its three phases has influenced the Christian concept of the Trinity or that on being made aware of it come to deny any connection thereof, has no bearing on those of us who pursue other referenced examples of the same pattern. Some of us are more sensitive to certain kinds of pattern recognition than others, but that they may well have an individual ability for a given pattern if they practiced such a behavior. Apparently, some are reinforced more favorably for pattern recognition than are others... and to a greater extent. While some may say that without the existence of one or another pattern life on Earth would be better for all living matter, we can not know this for sure, since one pattern recognition can influence others that are quite beneficial. In terms of Threes Research, one must recognize it as a dynamic (changing) model that has become more complex (like a complex life form), having emerge from a simple beginning. Other pattern recognition research have either become solidified, or remain as a simple life form... metaphorically speaking.

In one area of research I have been making references not only to the above information, but multiple other subjects, with the intent to both identify and illustrate how wide-spread a simple form of a pattern-of-three can exist. Each example represents what can be viewed as a life form that has reached a given level of development.. such as standing alone or in conjunction with another pattern (three or otherwise), sometimes in a symbiotic form. Different types of fusion have already taking place, yet they are overlooked because of the language being employed. For example, we might use the terms group, gang, trio, quadrennial, quintuplet, sextuplet, concrescence, blend, mold, pattern, family, couple, pair, dichotomy, trichotomy, compilation, alloy, etc... In fact, whenever we make a sandwich we are fusing different elements together. The same goes for cooking, dressing, or studying. This pattern of "fusing" together no doubt had a beginning and that we are carrying on the "tradition". And those this may be the current nature of things, it doesn't necessarily mean it is unnatural. As for as we know, life may be an unnatural activity. It may be a fluke and not exist anywhere else, or if it does, all such examples may also represent the pattern of a fluke in nature which occurs every know and then under certain circumstances.

Along with the fusion of the three Solar phases, and the loss of the Moon with its affects on tides, and the slowing of the Earth's rotation as well as the triangular path of the Sun, we are confronted with the real possibility that humanity will not be able to survive on a planet whose rotation rate will cause the length of the day to exceed the rate under which humanity originated. In other words, humanity may be rotation rate specific. If we plot a graph which gives us a visual realization that the origin of humanity occurred when the rate of rotation was in a set period of 23 hours of rotation rate time, and that our underlying biological rhythms are adjusted to this particular clock frame, it may mean that we can only exist within a narrow rotation rate frame. In other words, if humanity can not adapt to changes in the rotating rate, or does not leave the planet within artificially constructed habitats which mimic the rotation rate of time, humanity is on a course of extinction... and all our efforts, all our beliefs, are merely "adjustable rationalizations" which permit us to continue living for a short while longer because we are using our rationalizations to create a world of activity that coincides with the aforementioned environmental deteriorations.

Threes research is a dynamic and complex field, having left behind the simple life form called numerology in its wake. Like DNA, it is becoming ubiquitous, showing up everywhere under the heading of different disciplines, even those which have use other labels. For example, those experimenting with the origin of life are looking for the mechanism(s) which caused the development of a triplet (3 to 1) code, of which the billions of years old Sun gives the impression of being a likely candidate, since, like a branding iron, it has left a variety of impressions which one may label as "artistic tattoos". Knowing that different environmental settings (northern/southern hemisphere), time of year (spring, summer, winter--- fall), physiology (plant, insect, aquatic, animal, human), etc., can affect how the effects are branded in and/or on a given life form, it is not too surprising that the same effects can be represented in a variety of "creative" ways which some will interpret to be an indication of difference... like someone claiming that different colors of apples mean the apples are different even though we label them all as an "apple". Even differences can be labeled as a similar characteristic thereby establishing a pattern which is coherent. The ideas that differences can be labeled the same are illustrated in the following poem written in another life time within a different frame of mind:

Poem of Inspiration

I thought to write a poem of inspiration
not for myself, but some other lost soul
thus, I looked deep into my heart's imagination,
but all I found was that unreached goal.

That which I never achieved, at least not yet...
and I am not ready to give in to regret
though the pain of defeat unfurls its shroud,
my own determination makes me proud.

No, there are no crowds to cheer me on
and I make head-way in short strides
I am still alive, be it right or wrong,
with a heart of memories that warm my insides.

Perhaps not one of my experiences comforts you
nor do I have any words of wisdom to imbue
it matters not if I really understand,
because we are different, as life clearly planned.

Maybe even as different as night and day
our language, our culture, even genetic code
but one thing is certain, I'm sure you'd say,
we have the same differences, as this poem showed.

©H.O.B. (circa 1980s)

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