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On the foregoing page I mentioned body plans and provided the following images:

Three types of body cavities

Unfortunately, usage of embryological development as a means to categorize different life forms— often displays an inclination towards the usage of a perception orientated in the direction of focusing on a "two" or "two/three" pattern, with no or little reference to the possibility of a former or even hidden "one" pattern as part of the ensemble; thereby establishing the suggestion that a one- two- three maturational sequence may be a body plan that has and is being used by Nature. For example, the presence of three Germ layers occurring with multiple examples of complex life forms and two Germ layers occurring with less complex life forms, necessarily implies (due to the simple sequence of Ordinal numbers: 1.2..3... etc.,) that there existed a "one" Germ layer of development, even though there appear to be no existing examples thereof. (Though by some accounts, sponges have been put forth as an example thereof.) The lack of a "one" in multiple existing life forms may simply represent the strictness by which we humans demand for it to be represented in a given expression... and not that a "one" did not arise within the boundaries of formulation— which may be little more than a precursive(formative) mechanization... like a mixture of gelatin that needs certain conditions before it solidifies into a jellied substance (hence, "jellifies") that we might call jello.

3 types of symmetry

Here is the orientation of logic used for defining the symmetrical body types. Note the linear and circular as well as dichotomous mentality put into an overall three-patterned ensemble:

  • Sagittal plane: divides the body into right and left halves. (DICHOTOMY)
  • Radial symmetry: a form of symmetry wherein identical parts are arranged in a circular fashion around a central axis. (LINEAR and CIRCULAR)
  • Bilateral symmetry: having equal arrangement of parts (symmetry) about a vertical plane running from head to tail. (DICHOTOMY)

Features used to classify animals

We need to add more varieties and alternative suggestions in order to catalog the different traits of expression being used on the same underlying "body plan" of human cognition in order to chart when such a plan originated, will it persist into the future, becomes extinct, and whether a different cognitive species takes root as a new "body plan" of conceptualization... as well as how it is being used or not used.

This should be a standard effort of cataloging patterns within, next to, and across different subjects, even if a three-patterned formula is not readily seen. We need to alter former and present assignments of expected perception because far too many observers have had their own divergent inclinations oppressed by a culture and human society that emphasizes mediocrity and wants it to be celebrated; since the majority of people have either forced themselves or been forced to "tow-the-line" of agreeing with commonly accepted perceptions that most people express in terms of their patriotism, religion, culture, race, gender, age, entertainment interests, experimental parameters, etc...; even if in private they make what they think others might define as "weird" correlations they don't want anyone to know about because it may bring condemnation from out-spoken idiots... which the U.S. culture and all the so-called practicing democracies are continuing to devolve into. Far too often, transgression of thought is only permitted... up to a point, within the limitations of accepted art, music, literature and other "fluidic" enterprises, including mathematics... but not "hard" sciences unless accompanied by a hand-holding mathematical formula.

It is utterly amazing to pay witness to how many idiots have risen to the surface of social recognition since Trump has gotten into the Presidential office by an equally stupid formula of voting with an absurd model of a so-called social "self-governance". Because there is such an increase in the adopted acceptance of permitting idiots to run businesses, the government and religious institutions, one must then look at the type of actual educational standard being practiced and expected... for students to learn and instructors to teach. What a pathetic state of affairs exists in the human condition during this era. If only we could expect historians to record the truth... except for the matter that they too are part of the "dumbing down" process currently in vogue in the media and entertainment sectors of communication. Then again, maybe the prevailing idiocy has always prevailed but was formerly concealed by a system that routinely conceals its many faults to give a false impression of itself as an uncouth and narcissistic individual with the brains of a peanut that hides behind the walls of a political and legal system created by a legislative and appeals process because established legislation and laws presided over by idiots often results in ignorant policies and rulings.

In addition to the typical idea of a body plan, where the word "body" may solely (by some viewers) be defined in terms of the notion related to the human physical/anatomical form, we need to broaden the definition to include traits, dispositions, inclinations, suppositions, diagrams, schematics, blueprints, drafts, portraits, etc... For example, even doodlings on a scratch pad are a type of (cognitive) "body plan" even if one does not typically label it as such or do anything with it but crumple up the piece of paper it is on and throw it away after the doodling session. Another example is a written or mentally kept list of chores or tasks-to-be-accomplished. A third example is that we can interpret social structures, building structures, technological structures, etc., as different forms of body plans. Hence, the idea of a 'body plan' in terms of a social structure can be included such as the three divisions of the government, as well as the 'body plan' of an experimental process or cooking recipe. No less, ideas about the structure of the brain, mind, personality, cellular structure, bicycle gearing, timeline direction or digression, linguistic schemas, sports and military tactics, etc., are all 'body plans' in a much broader sense of definition... even if lots of people prefer to limit the definition so as to restrict not only their own behaviored perceptions, but those of others. By using a body plan of restriction (such as a ceremonial procedure), such as by adding time constraints, and other acts of "conservation"... one can introduce methods and measures of control and expected compliance— which adopts internalized controls upon external events that typically involve the acquisition of one or more resources such as the social forces imposed on a group of people so as to make them feel obligated to provide taxes, tithing, or timeliness of energy expenditure. Hence, the "body plan" field of correlations widens up considerably... in an anti-discriminatory way, even though we may be inclined to include only those models which exhibit a "pattern-of-three", though the absence of such a pattern is an accommodation we need to adjust our inclusive membership towards as well.

Then again, thinking broadly, we could suggest that any pattern is a "body plan" of the human mind. How far one takes the correlation(s) is another matter, but in terms of a generality aimed towards an eventual and eventful specificity and application, such an exercise might be fruitful for those willing to transverse the present territorial boundaries of imaginative exploration without the need for doing so with the artificiality of over-indulgence (and/or deprivation) in some legal or illegal substance. However, for the present exercise in the context of a "threesological" orientation, I will try to limit the examples to a handful within the "threes" grouping methodology. And no, I am not trying to be definitive... and yes, I know there are multiple other patterns that can be added if this were the presented task at hand. Yet, such an enlargement of the different groups and non-groups would need an enlarged "ology" of interpretation and initial definition... or at least explanation which might force the mediocrity of most peoples imagination into a state of madness. However, such an occasion can either bring to bear internalized or externalized forms of condemnation, or the obverse, where one begins to think of themselves or someone external to themselves in an exceptional way.

Three male and female body plans called types
Head, Thorax, and abdomen body plan Three guild member levels
3 examples of 3 basic structural plans
3 types of visual arts balance related to body plans 3 shapes of leaf arrangements as a body plan
3 types of life cycles as life styles as body plans
Three Basic parts to an egg 3 main types of fruit
3 distinct fruit layers
3 membranes to Chloroplasts

Instead of providing an image, one might well list a variety of three-patterned ensembles and label them as "body plans" of the mind, that can be applied to other subjects by first using the basic pattern of inter-connectivity, and then moving on to the relevance of the employed terminology (or lack thereof of the relevance... depending on how far and wide one wants to cast their net of definitions). For example, is the net to be used to capture only one type of life form, or will any form of life suffice? Does one have to defined "life form" in terms of an active biology, or merely an active usage by a biological entity? Can we not include the notion of an "embodied plan", "planned embodiment" and "plan" or "body" (such as the body of a text, body of a math or chemistry formula, etc...)? If we were to include City Planning where land is set out on a grid, the notion of "threes" may not come to mind even though there may well exist a variety of "threes" such as buses- taxies- trolley cars; electricity- gas- water utilities; police- fire- postal services; police- fire- auxiliary/volunteer rescue organizations; streets- inter-state- intra-state roads; local/neighborhood- city- state legalities; etc... Whereas we can easily recognize the usage of three dominant University degrees: Doctorate- Masters- Bachelors, the average person may not be able to take a birds-eye view of the body-plan used by the placement of different university departments and how they are run or the overall planning of subject material to be taught.

Very often we can find imaginative associations based upon a three-part organizational plan set to a specificity, in the context of religion, whether or not a direct reference to the Trinity or some other Religious-based triad is particularly named. For example, the three-leaf clover has a well-known analogy to the Christian Trinity. And here are two more examples:

3 variations of the same fruit used as a religious reference 3 basic parts of an egg set into a religious context

While the foregoing 3 examples (clover, egg and banana) are pretty simple analogies, some analogies are more difficult if we attempt to create detailed comparisons with an exactitude that either the words or applied design does not have a corresponding one-to-one alliance. Yet, like living organisms, the basic underlying structural plan is numerically... if not in some cases functionally, similar. Each of them no doubt had to have had a developmental scenario, whether or not the person or life form in question is aware of such a developmental transformation... and the idea of a given structural plan (be it one, two, three, four, five, etc...), appears to have arisen by some sort of magic, miracle or other spontaneous occurrence.

While the idea of drawing up a timeline representing the different developmental trends may seem, in hindsight, to be a logical exercise for compiling different occurrences over vast expanses of time, the actual act of doing so and presenting to the fore the existence of a commonality of activities which overlap, forces us not only to examine that which we have already examined, but to examine human thinking processes as well. As I have mentioned before, if that which we are studying does not have an actual three-part division, then the human mind must be projecting it outward. Why the "three", with or without an easily identifiable 1-2-3 developmental scenario is occurring, must be addressed.

Here is a very short list of 3-patterned "embodied plans" organized for different contexts with different word and/or number labels:

  • Reading- 'Riting- 'Rithmetic
  • 1st place- 2nd place- 3rd place
  • Manager- Assistant Manager- Third man
  • Anastasia- Drisella- Cinderella
  • Pappa bear- Mamma bear- Baby bear
  • Mercury- Venus- Earth
  • Elementary school- Jr. High- High school
  • small- medium- large
  • breakfast- lunch/dinner- supper
  • raft- boat- ship
  • 1st base- 2nd base- 3rd base... Home PLATE/BASE (no "4th" number is used)
  • Core- Mantle- Crust
  • red- yellow- green (street signal lights)
  • A-B-C's (teaching the English alphabet reference. We do not say ABCD's, ABCDE's, ABCDEF's, etc...)
  • Pancakes- Waffles- French toast (sausage, ham, bacon; water, tea, coffee; knife, fork, spoon, etc... )
  • Hamburger- French fries- Soft drink
  • Seconds- Minutes- Hours
  • Days- Weeks- Months (weeks, months, years; months, years, decades... etc.)
  • Monofocals- Bifocals- Trifocals
  • One front chain ring- Two front chain rings- Three front chain rings (bicycles)
  • Lead- Base- Rhythm (guitars)
  • 15 amp- 20 amp- 30 amp (typical low amperage fuse ratings for most houses in America)
  • 40 amp- 50 amp- 60/70 amp (typical high amperage for large appliances and refrigeration uses... though electrical box servicings may have higher breaker/fuse ratings)

As an example for an unrecognized cognitive "body plan", we can use the following references from childhood:

"Humpty Dumpty", "Happy Birthday to you", and "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" are mentioned three times in the rhymes:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
All the King's horses and all the King's men,
Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

The Origin of Humpty Dumpty

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear....,
Happy Birthday to you.

Wikipedia: Happy Birthday do you

For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellow,
Which nob'dy can deny.

Wikipedia: For He's a Jolly Good Fellow

(On this page you can Notice the differences in articulation from various cultures, whereas additional patterns-of-three may or may not be included in the lyrics.)

The repetition of "three" in both lyrics and literature might well be viewed in the context of a song writer's "Hook" technique... often involving a three-patterned repetition.

As another example to the foregoing ensemble of three, let us give a three-patterned cheer: "Hip- Hip- Hooray!":

Hip hip hooray (also hippity hip hooray; Hooray may also be spelled and pronounced hoorah, hurrah, hurray etc.) is a cheer called out to express congratulation toward someone or something, in the English speaking world and elsewhere. By a sole speaker, it is a form of interjection. In a group, it takes the form of call and response: the cheer is initiated by one person exclaiming "Three cheers for...[someone or something]" (or, more archaically, "Three times three", then calling out "hip hip" (archaically, "hip hip hip") three times, each time being responded by "hooray" or "hurrah".

Hip hip hooray

With not too much of an imagination one can correlate the words "body plans" with the words "engine profiles", even if the idea of correlating the 3 basic geometric forms (linear- circular- triangular) do not customarily come to mind in public classrooms. Typically, one may have the vision of an artist, musician, artist, architect, physicist, mathematician, anatomist, anthropologist, archeologist, medical partitioner, agriculturist, botanist, philosophy, sociology, literature, poetry, etc., so long as to restrict such views to the classrooms in which they are taught. Each of the subjects are regularly taught to be interpreted as singular species, even though many an educator claims the need for a well-rounded education that requires over-lapping materials from different subjects. You are permitted and encouraged to be creative, but conservatively so. While saying one needs a well-rounded education sounds good for an institution to sell itself as a business model to be held in high regard, doing so in an actual cognitive practice is another thing. I can not begin to tell you how often my correlations mentioned in classrooms were subjected to ridicule by both instructors and so-called "fellow" students because they were not conventional patterns of thought that others were trying to establish and reinforce in their minds in an effort to get a passing grade or show support for the views of an instructor so as to be held by them in favorable regard.

While you are permitted to be imaginative, this is so long as it does not exceed the imagination skills of an instructor or fellow students who are trying to grapple with the grasping of material in the way in which it is being taught, often-times by a route of illogical means and methodologies conducive to the vagaries of a given instructor whose teaching lesson is supervised by an institution that ie equally very conventionalized in its acceptance of what is and what is not considered to be the "correct kinds of imagination"... Many of the back-stabbing, double-dealing, two-faced instructors (and students) I have known (particularly those aligned with a fitfully arrogant and narcissistic LQBTQ orientation) who have practiced a life-long effort in constraining themselves from making divergent correlations (unless it is an obsession related to their sexual orientation) because their instructors (and fellow students) were ill-equipped to make comparisons, correlations and cognitive appraisals beyond the conventionalities of typical course material, because they were forced to compartmentalize some expected valuation of "THE" truth and over-all important-ized subject material to be learned and repetitively recited as some sort of gospel. While you are permitted to be friends with other subjects, you are none-the-less expected to keep them "in their place"... on their side of the tracks... and not bring them home to meet the folks... so to speak.

Many an instructor wants students to recite materials in ways which help the instructors feel secure about their type of memorization of given subject materials. To be an alternative thinker is often-times viewed as a threat. However, because humanity is bogged down by its many institutions of business, government and religious practices, we desperately need a revolution in thinking to take place on many fronts. The LGBTQ orientation and its associated supporters is a quicksand for humanity because it wants to structure their self-absorptions as the mainstream expression of normal, natural and creative limits of logic and originality professing some assumed Renaissance of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness by which humanity will come unto its own greater realization through their adopted formulas of metaphorically branded intellectualized masturbations.

But enough of the pulpit digression, let us return to the issues at hand by providing some more models of "embodied plans" related to photosynthesis, and then move on to comparative themes as well as unconventional correlations:

3 requirements for photosynthesis
3 places for respiration
3 plant processes image 1
3 plant processes image 2
3 plant tissues
3 major categories of plants
3 plant types of carbon fixation
3 sugars as end products of photosynthesis
3 leaf shapes 3 basic types of fingerprints

Note: Each of the foregoing images can be few as "body plans" though they refer to the functionality of the human mind which tries to infer that the subject being analyzed actually exhibits a given pattern... many of which exhibit a pattern-of-three. A body plan need not be viewed in terms of a stationary blueprint or statuary model. Body plans can involve movement such as the dynamics of the evolving Universe. Just because we do not readily discern a pattern and must impose some semblance of an order onto that which we see, the imposed pattern needs to be catalogued because it is telling us about ourselves. If the current body plan models of perception are part of a natural course of cognitive development... such as the recurring usage of "two-patterned ideas" that have been termed persistent dichotomies in psychology, and the various trichotomous themes found in different subjects (though other patterns exist as well)... and are not part of some unrecognized artificialization, then in either case, humanity must come to "know thyself" all the better through the present model of elucidation termed a "Threesological" approach... which, like all of human cognition, is a product created by an evolutionary process of artificialization.

Here is an excellent definition of "artificialization". I couldn't have said it better myself (In fact, I'm the one who made it up and presented it for inclusion):

Definition of Artificialization
Definitions: The World's Largest Resource for Definitions and Translations

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