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A point that needs to be brought out is the absence of any higher number values when discussing plants for food or on basic levels of development. While there may be multiple steps (more than three but not much more) counted in a sequence of events, the sequences themselves are low numbers. It is the same pattern seen in human cognition. Complexity appears to be a consequence of "reduplication" in multiple forms, like the reduplications found in infant babbling and word usage development. Likewise, we have only 10 individual numbers, with "10" itself being a combination of the one and zero. Speaking of which, if I may make a momentary digression, we find the number "92" as two numbers placed together to signify a single entity, that is described in the Welsh language as a pattern-of-three:

Two numbers for one entity described with three words
Why you might be counting in the wrong Language by Anand Jagatia, 22nd November, 2019

While some readers may be quick to claim my "Threesological" efforts are a differently styled form of numerology, let us also consider the usage of such a numerology by nature itself... otherwise, why use the same patterns over and over and over again, in all the different subject areas? Then again, what we humans describe as "subject areas" may be a single subject (or objective?) to the processes of Nature. There may be no animal, vegetable and mineral distinctions just like there are no actual geographical territories other than those artificially created by humans. Likewise, nature does not create food group distinctions as described by the following illustrations:

US government dietary pyramid

3 food groups of the Nigerain government

3 food groups nutrition concept

Sweden's three-part rule of thumb

Switzerland's nutrition guideline trio

While surveying the nutrition guidelines of different countries as supplied by the above link, I initially overlooked the presence of an overall 1-2-3 categorization, in that most countries use a singular image, but there is an instance of two images as well as three images being used by a single country, yet no larger number. In addition, it is of need to identify the types of geometric pattern being used since there is a recurring usage of linear, circular and triangular forms, but no complex abstractions, despite the views by some readers who might want to argue that this is the case because nutrition guidelines are meant to be simple in order to address a public whose orientations require general illustrations to be easily understood. If this were the sole argument for such a usage, this does not explain the usage by some governments to exclude the usage of any simple image and instead rely on dispersal of information by way of written information in the hands of those directed to convey an understanding by word of mouth through institutional settings and programs. However, it should be noted that guideline illustrations do change, and that they did not exist in the past. They are a rather new phenomena that have only been around for a few decades.

Let us start with the three-part example and then the two-part images before moving on to the more pronounced usage of single images by most countries:

The Swiss use a three-image nutrition guide:

The Swiss use a three-image nutrition guide

Finland, Iceland and Venezuela use a two-image ensemble for their nutrition guides:

The Finnish use a two-image nutrition guide

Iceland uses a two-image nutrition guide

Venezuela uses a two-image nutrition guide

The majority of countries use only one image, but many of them use a three-patterned structure frequently, but not always denoted as a pyramid guide:

Food guides image 1

Food guides image 2

Food guides image 3

Food guides image 4

Food guides image 5

Food guides image 6

Food guides image 7

Food guides image 8

Food guides image 9

Food guides image 12

Food guides image 13

Food guides image 14

Food guides image 16

Food guides image 17

Food guides image 18

Food guides image 19

Food guides image 20

Food guides image 21

Food guides image 22

The majority of the countries in the above listings use a "food pyramid", and two countries use an inverted (upside down) triangular variation. Other countries use a circular or "plate" layout and a few use items that one might suspect are frequently acknowledged items such as cooking pots, pineapples, and living structures. A few display multiple objects in their illustrations such as a plate and utensils, with or without a square or rectangle background that one might interpret as a table, napkin or even cafeteria tray, thereby suggesting an institutionalized sort of rigid and robotic-like mentality. A few of them don't display any particular pictographic illustration and simply opt for a verbalized guideline which may or may not contain a chart, since I have not perused any with an extended view. Here is a short and simple description of different arrangements, supplied with the intent of displaying the few differences occurring in cognitive applications to a similar topic... thus exhibiting how really unimaginative humanity can actually be, by simply relying on what government nutritionists think is a simple formula capable of being understood by everyone, even though some people suggest that road signs can be made universally understood if (basic) pictographs are used, and can thus be used as the philosophical criteria for analyzing how well supposed similar signage is understood as a universal (cognitive) language: International Road Sign Comprehension Evaluation Project

Items/designs/approach used by different countries for their nutrition guidelines programs:

Item, Design, Approach used Country
Hut Benin
Pagoda China
Tent Mongolia
House Hungary
Island (or pork chop/kidney shaped) Barbados
Bicycle Republic of Korea
No Food Guide Nepal
Three part rule-of-thumb Sweden
Lists of guidelines Kenya, New Zealand, Denmark (ballooned remarks such as those seen in newspaper comics), Georgia, Italy, The Republic of North Macedonia, Norway, Brazil, El Salvador
Circular breadfruit Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Pineapple/circular Fiji, Antigua and Barbuda
Nut meg Grenada
Plate/circle/disc(s) Seychelles, Afghanistan, Australia, Oman, Germany, Iceland, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Colombia (on a square, napkin, table), Costa Rica, Cuba (multiple circles/plates), Jamaica, Mexico (with knife, fork, spoon), Panama (plate on a tray/table), Uruguay (five food groups), Canada, United States of America (plate on a square/rectangle with cup and fork)
Four-leaf clover in a circle Turkey
Half-circle, (rainbow, ancient headdress, half-wheel with spokes, hand held fan) Bolivia
Interconnected circle Sierra Leone
Stew/cooking/family pot Guyana, Honduras, Paraguay, Saint Lucia, Guatemala
Square/Rectangle Nambia
Interconnected square South Africa
Triangle face figure
A behavior often used by cooks for children
Food basket Belize, Dominica (Food basket carried by imperial bird)
Clam shell Qatar
Musical instrument Ecuador
Goat skin drum Bahamas
Mortar and pestle Dominican
Food Pyramid Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland (triangle), Greece, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain (pyramid with forward facing shadow), Venezuela (spinning top)
Pyramid, Plate, Disc (for children) Sweden
Square with circle
(Food tray with plate)
United Kingdom (institutionalized cafeteria impression)
Pyramidal shape/triangle (not inverted) Nigeria, Bangladesh, Cambodia (in a rectangle/square), India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, Iran, Albania, Austria (block style pyramid), Belgium (for the French population), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland (triangle), Greece, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain (pyramid with forward facing shadow), Venezuela (spinning top)
Truncated pyramid as a sugar mill Saint Kitts and Nevis
Inverted triangle/pyramid (child's top) Japan, Thailand
Triangular cedar tree Lebanon

Again we must ponder on the question of why all the countries in the world don't have the same type of nutrition guideline? Why are there variations which are linked to commercialized items produced or exchanged through government operations of commerce? Don't such countries want the best for their citizens, or is this "best condition" of mind, brain and soul to be assigned to a secondary or tertiary position next to some commercial interest of the government's whose resources are focused primarily on supporting the growth, storage and exchange of a given product for a given agriculture or associated industry for a given person or group of persons?

Like so many religious leaders, political leaders do not want their citizen-believers to be consciously or conscientiously sober. They want the public to remain in a state of delusion, and illusion with a childlike and even childish perception of reality so as to be able to manipulate them all the more easily. Yet, to take but one example... thanks to religion we have had an exploited public involved in many forms of religion-inspired murder, rate, molestation, starvation, homelessness, anti-abortion, anti-vaccination, anti-prosecution against child molesting clergy, etc., which are called sacrifices for the good grace of god's work, and the military describes as collateral damage. Yep, thanks to religion there is a perpetuation of many forms of impoverization used by companies to exploit the public to support a government policy of doing noting to solve the many forms of social problems associated with different acts and actions of both religion and the military that companies use as excuses to exploit the public in order to make a buck and be provided with a tax incentive or tax relief because of its efforts to help perpetuate the acceptability of social problems that can be solved instead of reduced to manageable conditions where the public is reduced to being sacrificial lambs for the neurotic and psychotic orientations of business, religion and the military... and often the whole philosophy of a given type of political system.

Keeping the public in a state of dependency which includes not allowing the people to be an effective part of the overall process of government such as is implied by the term "Democracy" (a peoples government), depends on how effective business, religion and the government collude together to create a condition of illusion and delusion such as with the drugs called patriotism, god, and sales, such as the fanatically driven "Black Friday" sales event after Thanksgiving practiced by people in the United States, where the government hands out pensions prior to though it customarily would make payments after wards, such as on the first.

One of the tools by which the various government illusions and delusions take place is the falsification of government data when it comes to making an account of poverty, though we could include homelessness, and the very many crimes being committed that are not accurately tabulated by various agencies because there is no real desire for accuracy... just a means to have a readily available statistic to be used for some political motive. The federal account of poverty is just as phony as is the practice of democracy, when we take into account what the government doesn't account for as described here: 25 Facts of Life the (U.S. Government's) Federal Poverty Rate Completely Ignores:. Indeed, it is no wonder that a writer at has described the situation in the US as living under the presence of an illegitimate government, from which the poverty link was culled: No Legitimate Government

The US military has produced such a state of dependency and induced drug-like consciousness, I have encountered several veterans who are not mentally sober enough to realize that the so called democratic government of the US permits and promotes the presence of Communism and Socialism as described here:

Socialism and Communism in the US Military

I can't tell you how many veterans outright deny this situation to be that which actually exists since they have bought into the delusion that they are preserving and protecting some purported democracy and their role is one in which they supposedly served was for the purpose of helping others have a democracy, though they actually don't know what it is and are reduced to defining it with some vague and diluted idea about this or that freedom, though once examined, such so-called freedoms have a day-to-day, or week-to-week or month-to-month or year-to-year enslavement requirement such as the presumed ownership of a home which actually is but a long term lease program given as a privilege for upholding the state-driven ensemble of illusions and delusions about democracy, since one's assumed ownership can easily be taken away if they fail to pay taxes. Likewise with the operation of a vehicle one thinks they own. If they don't pay the yearly tax called registration and licensing, they are not permitted to drive on government land that is described as "public" land, but is quite distant from this so-called representation of a purported democratic practice.

While many people believe in the delusions and illusions perpetrated and perpetuated by business, government and religion, many people don't. Unfortunately, many people who acquire a conscious sobriety of seeing through the distortions of reality created by these three institutions become fanatics or lost in terms of no longer feeling themselves able to function as one of the "cogs in the wheels" and resort to joining a sub-cultural or anti-cultural position where yet another like-minded orientation of illusions and delusions may be born and exploited by a few for their ulterior motives which differ little from the motives of those in the mainstream level of delusions and illusions, which revolve around efforts to increase their own viability.

While some readers come to achieve some level of sobriety and agree with the presentations here, the problem remains is that the mainstream exercises of illusions and delusions are in a condition of "working, running or simply on", as we generally describe many mechanisms of functionality such as when we ask Is it on? Is it working? Is it running?

While the current systems of illusion and delusion are on, are running, they generally do not work well for a majority of people as attested to by the presence of an enlarging state of impoverishment often created by those who have adopted a philosophy of life that is a mixture of unknowingly participating in some illusion and delusion while also attempting to implement some rationalized proportion of what they believe to be is sobriety. Many a counselor, psychologist and psychiatrist might well agree... that is provisionally, if they can make a buck or receive a favorable social mention off of their support. However, very often, though one or another professional is well aware of the many illusions and delusions fostered by business, government and religion, not to mention the education system, science and the arts; they help to sustain them like a person having gone back into time and must "go along with the program" or "be on the same page" as the mainstream ideology is practiced or being said to be practiced, if they want to create a viable niche within the given culture where they want to live in an upper class or middle class or even lower class status, so long as they can achieve some level of acceptable comfort.

While the illusions and delusions of history, science, mathematics, education, etc., are often well recorded by history, they are not routinely referred to in this way. They are called old ideas or ancient views, or outmoded interpretations, etc... Yet, if one claimed that the Sun revolved around the Earth today, it could well be counted as an illusion or delusion and not just a mistake of interpretation or consciousness. Likewise for a belief in black magic, so very many superstitious practices, and even yearly "holidays" which is well-known to be derived from the ancient practice of "Holy days", and altered over time to coincide with the temperament and sensibilities of a given era... though some try to create social conditions which permit ancient views and practices to become accepted as they once were, such as the neurotic (and sometime psychotic) efforts of those involved in the LGBTQ (Lost Girls and Boys Totemic Quorums) perspective, which is an ancient matriarchal practice of fertility, where the matriarchal imposition is denoted by how the listing of its membership as a hierarchy representing dominance and subordination even if those involved would argue against such, but would not alternatively choose to alter the membership as GBTQL, or BTQGL, or TQBGL or QTBGL, etc., where the Gays and all other descriptives come before Lesbians who would be subordinated to the last and lowest position:

1st: Lesbians, which are females
2nd: Gays, which are males
3rd: Bisexual, which may initially be interpreted as those involved with both sexes, but could alternatively be described from an ancient perspective as referring to an androgynous character linked to a dichotomous mentality.
4th: Transgender, which may initially be interpreted as a reference to someone in a state of flux between the two genders, or it could alternatively describe a mix and match floral of intermediary forms like ancient notions of human/animal parts seen in mythological characterizations.
5th: Questioning, though this selection is not always added to the list, it nonetheless describes many who find themselves openly or quietly considering the roles of the other item categories, and perhaps even if they are one of them because they are either vulnerable to manipulation to become one, or find themselves inclined to think they might be due to some misinterpretation of human inclination to be varied in its thought processes.

Far too many so-called professionals are being manipulated by the LGBTQ community to bend to its will to try and impose its will on mainstream society, and typically use the word "homophobic" as a weapon to denigrate any and all who are against them. And those that are now swayed by this word-used-as-a-weapon and persist in the denouncement of the LGBTQ community be it due to religion, politics, biology or some adopted "common sense" perspective, might be referred to as someone to be described as committing an horrific offense against humanity and should thus be viewed as a hater of humanity. The LGBTQ community, like the business, political and religious communities, will use anything and everything at its disposal to get the public to adopt its illusions, delusions and overall perverted rationale in order to achieve a social status of yet another illusory normalcy. For all we presently know, many social ills like the LGBTQ orientation could be caused by an increase in global warming, since so many diseases become viable as the temperature increases. This may also be the reason that more and more idiots are being enabled to claim a position in business, government and religion... whereby policy and law reflect their irrationality or the irrationality of an organization like the LGBTQ because the traditional forms and formulas of illusion and delusion have lost their widespread effectiveness for manipulating the public, like making the public believe a government sponsored Nutrition guideline is developed with the best intentions of assisting the public in becoming as healthful as it can, all the while having lousy policies on National Health Care, Homelessness, Hunger and overall impoverization... which includes the ongoing case of a dumbing down in education standards to fulfill a quota of mediocrity or mental illness.

Using a pyramidal guide, let me leave the reader some food for thought concerning the hierarchical layout of the LGBTQ:

The LGBTQ hierarchy

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