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Three Survival Strategies

(The Study of Threes)

Humanity has adopted three overall survival strategies called Business, Government, and Religion. While some focus primarily on one of these, many of us adopt proportioned values thereof in accordance with individualized perspectives that we might call a personalized philosophy.

Our personalized philosophy might enable us to be flexibly adaptive to changing situations, so long as the circumstances are not extreme. In extreme situations we might well have to depend on a particular strategy. For example, if we are caught in a severe weather condition which destroys our home, we might have to rely on the government for assistance or a religion for temporary shelter and sustenance. A business may or may not involve themselves in some portion of a relief effort.

On the other hand, some of never encounter any social or environmental turmoil and live with a singular focus on, for example, a religious point of view dealing with some measure of salvation or after-life accommodation that is awaiting us because we have "kept the faith". It is relatively easy to hold a singular perspective if one is isolated from others by living in their own little world. But if you engage in activities which involved acquiring information from multiple sources such as newspapers, television and the internet, you are more than likely to encounter situations which present opinions and ideas which might be contrary and yet appear to be correct.

Irrespective of all the variations one might encounter with respect to different perspectives, all businesses, governments and religions are survival strategies. The problem is that they are all self-centered and rely on short-term perspectives. All of them are based on survival perspectives which deal with short-term environmental effects. Such strategies are leading humanity into a black hole unless they adopt a much longer view of survival for the whole of the species. While proponents of one or more of these strategies are all aware of how a deteriorating environment can effect our lives, they all define such deteriorations in terms of human activity such as the burning of fossil fuels, water source pollution, and destruction of forests, to name but three.

None of them have perspectives which deal with the on-going environmental deterioration caused by the expansion of the Sun towards its eventual burnout. And even though its effects are changing everyday, those who make business, government and religious policy do not have the sensitivities nor sensibilities in appreciating how humanity is being effected by compounded aggregations of this occurrence.

Those who are presently in charge of implementing business, government and religious ideologies so that like-minded others will adopt; are astonishingly ignorant of how subtle environmental effects, when compounded over large expanses of time, can effect not only our physiology, but our psychology. While perspectives over-time do change, they are changing in terms of rationalization and not a realization of the increasing decadence taking place. They simply interpret the decadence as a "sign", as an omen, or as a predicted eventuality humanity must surrender to, whereby these self-defeating interpretations are incorporated into their perspective and everyone is supposed to willingly accept without question.

None of the present strategies are providing humanity with an honest evaluation of life and true salvation. All of them rely on antiquated perspectives like a primitive who has never seen fire before. And like a primitive, they merely react to a hot flame by removing a hand to a safe distance. The problem is, that humanity is surrounded by flames. In a sense, metaphorically speaking, the expanding Sun, coupled with humanity's own effects on the environment which are causing global warming, is presenting humanity with the situation that they are now in the frying pan and if they continue with their same perspectives; will place humanity directly into the flames. Hence, out of the frying pan and into the fire.

And even though Christianity and Islam have provided believers with indications of a solar perspective, the believers, for the most part, have been ignorant to the received "message". Whereas on the one hand Christianity has a Trinitarian belief and Muslims pray towards the East, none of the believers have made mention of these ideas as being based on orientations towards the Sun. While there no doubt are individuals within these religions who have made the association, such ideas are not, perhaps, openly contemplated as "messages" from God to make them aware of the solar changes taking place and that the adoption of a new religious perspective needs to unfold.

All three survival strategies must be fused into a singular perspective of getting humanity off of this planet, away form this solar system and eventually out of this galaxy. To persist in the present individualized strategies will serve to do nothing more than adopt rationalizations like a primitive pulling their hand away from a fire and sticking it into water containing piranha... and from which they run and get lost in a jungle of entangled nonsense that some of them are already experiencing.

NASA and its Counter-parts

Yet, we can not leave such a survival strategy in the control of such an agency as NASA or its present counter-parts. NASA presently practices the ideological perspective of an old prospector walking alongside a pack mule in search of some (biological) gold dust. And it uses public tax dollars to fund its self-made treasure maps spun from philosophical yarns born from inebriated guesstimations. Those involved with NASA first and foremost share a "career"-oriented mentality based on a personal level of survivability. The survivability of humanity is secondary, tertiary or otherwise. There are far too many ulterior motivated politicised maneuverings based on ego and not the philosophical perspective best for humanity.

While searching for traces of "biological gold" dust is extremely meritable, that is not what we need for an enlarged space program which must include the public in a direct, hands-on approach at accomplishing the larger tasks. Not its operational or care-taker maintenance, but as an actual participant in the goal. The public doesn't want to be involved in a government subsidized "program" as a preparation for some goal that only a few select individuals are chosen for; the public wants to don a backpack, pick up a walking staff, and begin the climb to the top of the mountain themselves. We all know there are risks. And in fact some of us may die along the way. But we've got to be there. We've got to try. We don't want to be spectators. Space does not belong to NASA, to the government, to business nor to religion. NASA needs to stop trying to own space by the usage of short-sighted goals tethered to present business, government and/or religious perspectives.

The larger goal can not be about careers, it must be wholly focused on survival of the species. If anyone involved in the program has any other reason for being there, they should be removed. Let them go elsewhere if their primary objective is a commitment to a career. Career minded people are often focused primarily on the the administrative aspects of their career as the singular goal to be accomplished in their lives. NASA needs to move away from such employee "administrative" nonsense.

Presently, those involved with NASA and its world counter-parts are thinking in terms of decades or even centuries of preliminary space exploration. It is a mentality which breeds failures wrought by strategies equivalent with "nesting" or nest building. It is communal thinking. NASA has become a commune of science fiction thinkers. This has got to come to an end. We need to get thousands of people into space and we need them there yesterday. NASA and those supplying NASA with needed materials need to stop pussy-footing around and get to work in terms of survival for humanity and not individual lives in terms of careers, salaries and benefits. The public doesn't want to be involved with stupid games and "what ifs". The strategy of NASA and its counter-parts has got to dramatically change. Screw the dull-minded legislators in Congress. Far too many of them have their head in their back pocket. There is so much to get done and so little time to do it in and everybody at NASA is busy fumbling about e-mail memos as if they were kids chasing fire-flies. So much potential is being wasted.

NASA needs to take its long-term goals and PUT THEM ALL on the front burner. Not for the next century or the next decade or even next year. This year. Right now. Stop thinking about Mars or any other of the stupid planets in this solar system. Think beyond this solar system. NASA is not solving the problems of long distance traveling because it's not thinking about it with any concerted effort. And if those at NASA aren't willing to go the extra (light-year) mile, then let's get them out of the way and get those in the public who know how to eat, sleep and work until a task is completed. There are thousands of us on this planet who know how to eat, sleep and breathe a task until it is completed. The glory is the satisfaction of getting the task completed. It is not about a career or getting one's name in the history books or putting aside some retirement nest egg. There are thousands of us who know we have a goal, we have a mission, we have a purpose to accomplish something for humanity no other generation has been of a mind and character to accomplish. We have a far greater vision of survival, of growth and of a potential yet to be realized.

Initially created: Friday, May 02, 2014

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