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Note: For those interested, has no affiliation with the producers of Trelegy. It is being provided as but one of hundreds of patterns-of-three examples occurring in different subjects. And yes, let me reiterate for those unfamiliar with the Threes Research Topic: I am aware that other patterns exist, but that when taken as a whole, the overall list of patterns being used again and again, is very small. Patterns-of-three just happens to be one of the values in the overall short list. Again let me state that there appears to be an ongoing conservation (or if your prefer: inhibition, restriction, constraint, limitation) being imposed by environmental pressures that are undergoing an incremental deterioration and that which you see... called life and otherwise, is a response to the pressure(s)... to an extent that all such responses are survival mechanisms (such as religion, philosophy, education, music, medicine, mathematics, science, biology, etc...), and can otherwise be viewed as rationalizations.

The limitation exposes itself in such uses as a triplet code in genetics. This seems to be highly suspect since genetics is thought to be governed by an evolutionary trend of development that might otherwise not exhibit limitation, but circumstances under which genetics (as we know it) is occurring, the limitation to use a triplet code and not some other increasingly higher numerically identifiable code, suggests an environmental imposition is taking place. No less, the limitation is the periodic table of elements suggest (from human experience of where we are in the Universe), that the Universe is imposing its own brand of conservation methods to keep the list very small. In other words, there are not multiple hundreds, thousands, millions, etc. types of elements. Like wise with the limitation to the Natural laws such as the three laws of motion, three laws of planetary motion, etc... Such so-called "Natural laws" are conserved. The repetition for the existence of conservation occurring in so many subjects tends to increase the evidence for an imposed rule-of-thumb for all processes that can be enumerated and thus identified in this way. In other words, the so-called laws of nature are not only few but are arranged (at least by humans), in a recurring conserved manner. We find only a few states of matter, be it three (solids- liquids- gases), four states (solids- liquids- gases- plasma) or five states (solids- liquids- gases- plasma/ Bose-Einstein-Condensate). Hence, we have a 3-4-5 pattern-of-three ensemble in this example that we might refer to as three ideas for the states of matter transition groups.

Matter transistions into recognizable states

There are multiple uses of a pattern-of-three used by different advertisers as will be indicated in the examples of images following the Trelegy reference.

While the word "Trelegy" has been coined specifically for a drug to assist those with COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), in the context of a philosophical discussion involving the topic of "threes", it can be used as a generality in the sense of a heading for other drug-related "threes" representations... some of which are defined as cocktails. However, we can also apply the usage of the same heading for other medical references such as the taking of a drug three times a day or three times week, which some readers might be inclined to add other threes-related activities involving health such as the common 3-part or 3-day exercise routine used by some people. Nonetheless, let me begin this page with a reference to the Trelegy product and come back to this page at a later time to add other references.

Trelegy image one

Trelegy image two

Trelegy image three

Meet Trelegy

(Example) Trelegy commercial #1

(Example) Trelegy commercials #2 and #3

Two additional Trelegy commercials on Youtube

Here is a limited assortment of ads with varying formulas of a pattern-of-three. And yes, I know you can find other patterns, but that when all the patterns are collected into a whole, the quantity of patterns is limited and that the limitation is conserved to the point of repeating itself... with variation... just as one might witness some biological activity subjected to varying environmental pressures undergoing an incremental deterioration.

Typical face mask positions being worn

Ads with patterns-of-three examples

Here is a short list referencing rates of limitiation sometimes referred to as "shelf or usage" life. One must, however, wonder how many of the expiration dates are proposed by the manufacturers themselves in order to get more products sold. Too short a duration would promote disinterest and too long might well ring the death toll bell for the company, if their product is too good and lasts a life-time. Typically, manufacturers promote "throw-away" cultures in order to make a profit at the expense of society.

Disposable Razors Are For Three Shaves Only. They may be more convenient than the electric razor alternative, as you don’t have to clean them or make sure they’re charged. But disposable razors can also be a magnet for bacteria, according to research from Infection Control Today. Another precaution is making sure that you don’t over-use these razors past the lifetime they’re intended for. After three shaves, you’re susceptible to skin rashes and irritation. So don’t forget to swap them out or prepare to suffer the consequences.

Old Spices Can Cause Digestive Problems. Spices can be expensive, so many of us will want to hold onto them so long as there is still some left. Maybe you bought a new spice for a specific recipe and haven’t touched it in a year. Speaking of spices, Jocelyn Nadua, RPN, care coordinator at C-Care Health Services said, "They can last for multiple years, typically in the three-to-four-year range, but after that, they lose their potency and can cause some digestive problems." They won’t put you in the grave, but you will end up on the toilet seat.

Canned goods have a longer shelf life than produce, but these have an expiration date, too. Typically, the lifespan of canned food is between one to four years when stored properly, in a dark, cool space.

Sunscreen Has A Three-Year Life Span. The general rule of thumb is that sunscreen lasts for three years, but this doesn’t take into account how long its been sitting on a store shelf.

Loofahs Should Go After 3-4 Weeks. A loofah is a sensational instrument to help clean our bodies. They’re convenient and offer a better clean than other alternatives. While that might be true, but you need to watch out for how often you swap it out for a new one.

Eye Contact Cases Are Done After Three Months. If you don’t fancy a nice pair of glasses and prefer contacts, watch out for those cases. It’s essential to develop a habit of changing your solution every time you use your contacts.

Prevent Eye Infections By Throwing Out Mascara. Using old mascara can be detrimental in many ways. Optometry, a medical journal, published a study in 2008 shedding light on mascara. The report found that three months after opening a new product, microbial growth contaminants 36.4 percent of the tubes.

Best practice would be to change a sponge after two weeks of regular use. A 2017 study found that a sponge can lead to an increase of bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella. That doesn’t sound like anything you want to catch because you kept a sponge longer than you needed to.

Dish Detergent Expires After Three Months. Yes, dishwasher detergent helps get rid of all the grime on your dishes when you use the dishwasher, but for how long? Nancy Bock of the American Cleaning Institute says that you should replace your detergent every three months.

Experts Recommend Tossing Towels After Three Years. Even our trusty bathroom towels need to be reevaluated for sanitary reasons every three years. Since they’re constantly subjected to warm and wet environments, they are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. Washing them frequently in very hot water can help, but it also wears the fabric out faster — meaning they’re less effective at drying us off.

Would You Ever Think To Replace Your Sunglasses? Many people might be reluctant to trade in their costly and stylish Ray-Bans every couple of years, but that’s exactly what some experts have advised us to do. In a study published in the journal Biomedical Engineering OnLine, researchers found that sunlight exposure wears down the glasses’ lenses, making them less effective at protecting our eyes from dangerous UV rays.

Patterns of three in different linear ads

Patterns of three in different linear ads

(I will add more ad examples as time permits.)

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