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2:49 AM 1-8-20, Wednesday

On Tuesday, 11 Jan 2020 at ll:11 PM, I had finished recording a thought which initiated several additional notes of occurrence concerning the idea of the New Communism that I was already engaged in the writing of. Like someone pointing at me... prodding me to get out of bed and write down the bursts of short comments, I arose again and again... being thrust into a mindset from which has blossomed into added featurettes as will be noted. It was like being subjected to a series of illuminations which brought several disparate orientations into a comprehensive and comprehensible whole which has continued into an amalgamation that provides an overall telling point of consideration to be taken into account as if having stumbled on a Rosetta stone, Behistun Rock formation and Galle Inscription source at the same time. The thoughts persisted till just after midnight at which time my mind went into an idle mode, but did not shut down to the point where I can actually say I feel asleep. I then got up at 2:49 AM to collate them into a page where the ideas were more discernible than the half-asleep scribblings which sometime occur when I have written a poem and later find I have difficulty making out a particular word due to a poor legibility. However, what is being presented is a very much enlarged reproduction and elaboration of the ideas which are jotted down in one of my spiral notebooks. Note that this occurs after having already put together six of the New Communism pages.

The word Communism speaks towards that which we label as progress. It speaks to the hope for a better, brighter, more fulfilling future not for a select few, but for the whole of humanity. Towards this desired end there have been many different individualized efforts which profess to be that which can best help humanity achieve a desired Communism, but they have fallen short in both identifying, labeling and exploiting three key realizations inherent in all directions of progress, whether those directions be itemized as a step forward, backward, up, down, here, there, in, out, around, through, zigzag, diagonal, being present, absent or intermittent— mix or match as you will; and interspersed with organized alignments which eventually come to signify a trichotomy that we can venture with conjectured words such as monolectical, dialectical and trialectical, yet most commonly recognized with the terms monad, dyad, and plurality, though a previous drawing board effort by Marx and Engels and their caricatured followers most often noted a duality called the Bourgeoisie and Proletariat, all too often leaving the third element of elites or owners to some unanimated background fixture or noise. But the words employed matters not at this outset of the discussion except that you recognize the presence of a three-patterned ensemble as a recurring cognitive attribute which supersedes all former notions of dichotomy, including the embellished dichotomy known as the Hegelian dialectical. In short, the latter reference speaks of a unification to which philosophy very often organizes with three identifications, though the vernacular employed may differ from one school of thought to the next.

Typically, the three words "Prejudice, Discrimination, Bias" (PDB) are reacted to in a negative way, thus initiating an orientation to the presence of three separate but, in this instance, collectively grouped dichotomies. They are dichotomies,... that is, they represent what can be viewed as polarized perspectives, depending on how the words are intended to be used in a given instance. For example, to like or love or prefer one thing or person over another is to exhibit a prejudice, a discrimination and a bias. While we may not react offended by such descriptions when their intended usage is defined, we are most often offended by the usage of such if they are characterized in a general way of accepted conventional application. They are routinely viewed as expressions representing a vulgar behavioral practice, and yet are routinely overlooked as representing a source of power, as are most words in most instances. If however we view the three as representing a formula of logic labeled as a syllogism, we thus transform the three into a statement of logic such as the following, only because of our initial reaction to their presence is a negative one:

  • The Major premise is Prejudice
  • The Minor premise is Discrimination
  • Which results in a Biased conclusion

They have been stereotyped as have many words that might otherwise be useful if we view them from a different vantage point. For example, if on the other hand we view them not as individual behaviors to be studied from one of the many positioned Persistent Dichotomies found in psychology but as biological phenomena which can be used to train large groups of people with the intent of improving the overall character of society, they are thus transformed from their present negative individualisms into a positive collectivization. Instead of being used as stooges or patsies, they can be reshaped to perform a vital function for all of humanity. Metaphorically, what I am describing is that instead of keeping them at the periphery like outer planets around which they show themselves to the central or core social reality, is that they be placed at the center. Let us move away the prejudice, the discrimination and bias of our interpretations from these three which act like clouds, and instead let them shine in their fullest glory if irradiance by which humanity can come into the light of its own truer reality. Instead of viewing them as persistent vestigial holdovers from an ancient age of a dark past which continue to infect humanity with a plague level of diseased body, mind and soul, let us unbind their feet, free their breasts from their breath restricting movements, and remove the corsets of our skull flattening rituals embraced by the practice of institutionally ceremonialized ignorance.

At this moment some readers may react with such skepticism as to portray the same flavor of cultural attitude which arose (that we of today think), when Copernicus and others claimed it was not that the Sun revolved around the Earth, but the Earth around the Sun. In a similar vein of rationale let us make note of some itemizations:

  • Most people apparently share the present day larger 'authoritatively-driven' Sociology and Psychology cultures' response to the words Prejudice, Discrimination and Bias as revolving around certain individuals and groups (like some voodoo-triggered hex, curse or leprosy) instead of such terms revolving around all people or that the people are revolving around such words with their own cyclical natures.
  • There exists a widespread practice in developing largely unrecognized super- cultural- and sub-cultural venues of cults containing one or more than one person, even though most people do not think of their social circles as being a cult.
  • The evidence of the presence for a recurring cult-mindedness centered around a shared interest attests to a recurring brain functionality that humanity is not growing out of nor evolving away from, and thus repeats history in different guises that are not accurately being interpreted as different garments and cosmetics being applied to the recurring behavioral theme and thus overlook the repetition.

However, the word "cult" is problematic for some if it is used outside the context of some extremist form of religious, spiritual or philosophical orientation involving one or a very few leaders claimed to be charismatic. Then again, there are others who have no problem in attributing the word cult to any fanatical group including military service memberships, corporate memberships, sports affiliated memberships, as well as any individual or group in which the usage of the word "culture" can be attributed, such as the political culture of Washington, the Journalistic culture of a news service, the culture of street beggars, culture of academy awards, culture of academicians, culture of gang members, culture of lawyers, etc... In this context the words cult and culture are being used synonymously. While this link: Cults in America attempts to grapple with presenting some account of the variability of cult types, it falls appreciably short of that to which I am attempting to convey. Particularly when I describe the structure and function of basic atomic, genetic and cellular realities as also being cults. Generally, people tend to want the definition of a cult to be something other than what they are engaged in because it, like the words Prejudice, Discrimination and Bias have negative connotations. To this end, we can even claim that dark matter is a cult practice of reality, just are the design and function of galaxies. Indeed, the assumed monotheistic god idea is a cult requirement since it focuses on a centrality like a charismatic leader... where in many cases the membership of large or even small cults are kept at a distance from directly interacting with the leader just as were the followers of Gandhi, Hitler, Alexander the Great, George Washington, The Queen/King of a country, etc... From one level of complexity to the next, what we pay witness to is a lineage of cult experience.

A linneage of cult experience

Like the Russian nested dolls image, we can view the same nest, within nest, within nest.... in the following image with the same information portrayed in a slightly different way:

Russian Nesting Dolls

Nested systems of organization

Here's a poem that came to mind the morning (3:11 AM) of the 11th of Jan 2020... thus representing a "2020 vision":

Definition of the word "Cult"

Most often narrowly defined
though it has broader application
the word "cult" is vulgar, unrefined,
designed by a cult-minded interpretation.

Typically by religions used as a dichotomy
to bolster themselves by denigrating another
though each have a cult-minded community,
they claim the word defines the other.

While the word "cult-ure" embraces a larger sense
Sociologists use it as their vernacular represents
to think as they do, or so they claim;
means it's different, yet with the same name.

Belonging to a cult or culture is just alike
differing in membership and complexity
but both of them are an expressed insanity,
each unto themselves they think they are right.

Instead of a cult, call it a league
or a gang, group, and association with alumni
or a security service, troops, and if to intrigue;
even a solar system or galaxy to espy.

If there be Universes in different dimensions
they too can be distinguished as a cult
and yes, all the rigged voting elections,
they too are an injurious insult.

The Stock Market is a cult's behavior
so is the military and corporate alliance
and protesters standing in defiance
each of them have a cult-like flavor.

Yet, if no leader is set up straight
a figure head though they may be
the cult tends to dissipate;
like the Occupy Movement's Vanity.

It's direction like a stampeding horde
with here and there copy-cats abroad
cult-minded people joined on board,
enlightened by the spark of an inside god.

Though any person can take the lead
if they hold the desired carrot out front
or a lump of sugar; unless an apple to feed,
while some run or pass, others like to punt.

So let us ask while you've a mind to think
of what cult elixir today do you drink?
Is it the sacred, the patriotic or Fan-dom,
or is your cult membership quite random?

Is it in the Corporate or Government sphere
or some singular business enterprise,
no less, look at those who volunteer;
for they too joined a cult, tis no surprise.

2020 H.O.B.
(3:11 AM, 11-Jan)

For someone to suggest that the three words represent other than that which is continently being used to help one create a personalized, if not professionalized cult, is to be interpreted as an antagonism to their practiced way of cult-driven life. Very often people join several different socialized and personal cults that they come and go as they please depending on whether they want to play dress-up, go slumming, or where whatever costume is required for the cultic venue, be it a movie, dining out, a dance, a meeting, a job interview or required work uniform, a day at the beach, gambling, engaging in some sport, three day exercise routine at some gym (where exercise garments are worn), etc... All of them represent cults within cults within cults... within a cult called Earth that is in a cult called the solar system that is in the cult called the Milky way galaxy that is in a cult called the Universe that may itself be one of many cults within multiple dimensions, and other considerations of cults which may arise in the future.

A New Communism seeks to collectivize all the present cult behavior into a singular effort to free humanity from the constraints, from the mental, spiritual and physical restraints imposed on it by the Earth-framed cult system with its various forms of sacrificial practices. A New Communism provides a means, method, and motivation for adopting the collectivization of all global peoples... though some will no doubt refuse to join in the membership because they prefer their own individualized cult environment in which they, as an individual, feel they are particularly recognized and are not lost in a collective without purpose except to be a cog in a wheel and without a name other than some number.

Each person is a cult onto themselves, with each cell, each molecule, each atom acting as its own cult with functional requirements. The cults of some peoples bodies require sacrificing their lives to a practice of some disease like cancer, which can be metaphorically looked at like a ritualized obsession that is practiced on a psychotic, harmful-to-self level of activity. The organelles in a cell, just as the amino acids in DNA and RNA, can be viewed as different types of cults with staged rituals of activity, just like the Krebs cycle, circadian rhythms, photo-taxis in planets and all other recurring biological activities. All of which may be useful in some manner in assisting a given organism in living well, but living within a constraint defined by their genetics and the environment in which the genetics developed and forced to survive in. Like the functions of biology from the simple to more complex activity, this is the reality of different cults. Some are quite elaborate and exhibit an accepted outer social appearance while individualized closed-to-the-public practices may nonetheless be a requirement for certain members sharing what they believe to be worthwhile secrets, like secret initiations.

Many people pretend an association to a given social cult because they are trapped by circumstances to make the most of a situation that they would readily remove themselves from if given an opportunity. And some of the cult practices lead to situations which produce a human sacrifice such as the presumed "accidents" of youth engaged in group activities at fraternity initiations. In some cases, a couple of people may have become so entranced by their individualized cultic activities that they go on a killing, kidnapping or theft spree. It is not uncommon for a single person to engage in emotively-driven thought exercises which take on the proportion of being a cult atmosphere whereby they become their own sacrificial lamb and commit suicide. The institutions called love and marriage are themselves cult practices that can lead one to be so enraptured by the relationship, any perceived interference is viewed as a threat that must be dealt with, either against oneself through some imagined fault or against their loved one and/or their perceived lover. Whereas some think that a cult represents a few who engage in activities thought to represent ancient, immoral and/or criminal activity; the definitions applied to the word cult are often subject to some prejudice, discrimination and bias.

A writer of novels may be a recluse that surrounds themselves with relics that initiate inspiration for writing, and thus live within a self-made cult-of-one sustained by avid readers who provide them with an income by purchasing their books. And they may not even like their cult after a period of time but continue in the facade because it does provide an income. Whereas burnout in a given profession or practice can take decades for some, others burn out much more quickly. Some so quickly that their behavior appears to be disconnected from any rationality a perceiver may label as being normal, because they define rationality by a given set of typically unspoken of "common sense" interests, activities and commentary. To be different can be a sign of an unwelcomed situation developing for those who strive their whole lives to exhibit some perceived normalcy. If one exhibits some talent, creativity, or even a suggested genius in some circumstances, at a time and place when such characteristics are not commonly acknowledged because there is an unspoken consensus (due to a constraining authority) that everyone is the same and is expected to be the same; because if everyone is not the same and there are those who are labeled as being different in terms of being better (but authority has no control over... this means that the common person is an expression of an undesirable mediocrity from which may spring conflicts to the status quo and cause an upheaval in the relative calm.

Let me reiterate... every single atom is a cult. The metaphor and analogy are very easy to understand. If we join multiple atoms together we design a larger cult called a molecule. By combining multiple molecules we produce a cult that we can generalize and call a substance. Likewise, biological organelles are different members in a cult called a cell. The different cells are member-cults forming a larger cult called an organ. Different organs are member-cults in a large cult called a body. A body may or may not be a member of a larger cult called a family unit. The family unit may be but one of several family-cults which make up a larger cult called a neighborhood and the neighborhood-cult part of a town-cult, the town-cult part of a state-cult, the state-cult part of a nation-cult, the nation cult part of a continent-cult, the continent-cult part of a global-cult, the global-cult part of a solar-system cult, the solar-system cult part of a galaxy-cult, the galaxy-cult part of the Universe-cult and the Universe-cult may be but a singular particle in yet another type of atom-cult which recreates the sequence over and over and over again... through one or multiple dimension-cults.

And let me also reiterate since the idea and intent of "A New Communism" may not have caused any illumination to occur in some readers... it places humanity on the periphery and recurring cycles of behavior at the center, in order to create a social order which directs all resources towards removing humanity from the constraints of the global-(Earth)-cult. Because the reigning ideologies of today are part of the Earth-cults rationale to maintain some semblance of equilibrium under the incremental deteriorating conditions of the planet, most people have difficulty seeing such rationales as practiced by business, government and religion as slave retention policies that protect, promote and practice various sacrifices to their ideologies. Such as denoted by the words, heaven, patriotism, economy, wealth, progress, sacred, profit, profitable, etc... All religions, all businesses, all forms of government are oriented towards creating internalized vernaculars to be shared with the public which advance their own economic schemes. Through taxes, through tithing, through price tags. All have their incentive packages, benefits packages, insurance coverages, monogrammed garments, and specialized languages detailing the nature (elaboration, suggested simplicity, suggested complexity, suggested economy, suggested generosity, etc.,( which are consistent with all cult-mindedness. Instead of keeping the many individualized cult practices alive, we need to focus the energy of all of them onto a singular direction like focusing the multiple wave-lengths of light onto a single source like a laser. The fact that there exists cult-mindedness being shared by millions for a given topic means that this underlying behavior may not be a product of who we are, but where we are. In other words, the incremental deterioration of the planet requires it as a functionality to maintain some semblance of equilibrium by the way and manner suitable for those individuals sharing the same type of cultic orientation.

By engaging in a collective practice of interpreting (and thus using) such words as Prejudice, Discrimination and Bias in a way which helps a person establish and persist in the development of a cult with a membership of one or more, their adopted lifestyle of an intensified centrality is kept intact. Instead of all the different perspectives from the different subjects and internalized subject divisions being used as an itemized check list of ideas to be tested, the different authorities instead choose not to work together, and thus maintain some imagined sense and sensibility that they are right because continued instigations of refusal to agree means their falsifications can never be seen for what they are. Their guesstimations remain as untested theories, whether they are backed up by assumed statistics or not; and whether or not the statistics have any applicable orientation to resolve a social issue or not. For someone such as myself to come along and suggest that the three words (and their attendant associations such as the word "stereotyping") are to be viewed as than being other than some tattooed blemishes or familial/cultural doggerel accent, or cognitive social impediment, seems rather odd if not the indication of some certainty that I am a loony toons character that escaped from some cartoonists drawing board because of my contravening their accepted so-called common sense. Who do I think I am? A Copernicus of Biology, Psychology and Sociology all rolled into one?

Indeed, I feel much as Hippocrates must have when trying to convince his contemporaries that disease is a natural and not a super-natural phenomena. While culture and family and one's individualized sociology can give labels to such characterizations which can attribute additional functionalities in terms of being diminished or intensified— thus giving the impression that such qualities do not exist even as a vestigial organ so-to-speak— and are instead formed and fashioned as an original entity due to circumstances; belies the fact that they are easily formed and fashioned to some degree and they can be fashioned with positive or negative values, though it is only the word "discrimination" which has taken on both a negative and positive connotation, depending on how it is used in a given context. The same thing can occur for the ideas of Prejudice and Bias.

With respect to Hippocrates, it is not known whether the works ascribed to him were that of one or several people professing to be him in order that their own ideas would be more readily considered and they could not be charged with some notion of heresy. It is the same for Shakespeare as well. Let us take a look at a short excerpt concerning Hippocrates:

Bust of Hippocrates

Medical thought had reached this stage and had partially discarded the conceptions based upon magic and religion by 460 BCE, the year that Hippocrates is said to have been born. Although he has been called the father of medicine, little is known of his life, and there may in fact have been several men of this name, or Hippocrates may have been the author of only some, or none, of the books that make up the Hippocratic Collection (Corpus Hippocraticum). Ancient writers held that Hippocrates taught and practiced medicine in Cos, the island of his birth, and in other parts of Greece, including Athens, and that he died at an advanced age.

Whether Hippocrates was one man or several, the works attributed to him mark the stage in Western medicine where disease was coming to be regarded as a natural rather than a supernatural phenomenon and doctors were encouraged to look for physical causes of illness. Some of the works, notably the Aphorismi (Aphorisms), were used as textbooks until the 19th century. The first and best-known aphorism is, "Life is Short, Art long, Occasion sudden and dangerous, Experience deceitful, and Judgment difficult" (often shortened to the Latin tag, "Ars longa, vita brevis"). This is followed by brief comments on diseases and symptoms, many of which remain valid.

The thermometer and the stethoscope were not then known, nor indeed did Hippocrates employ any aid to diagnosis beyond his own powers of observation and logical reasoning. He had an extraordinary ability to foretell the course of a malady, and he laid more stress upon the expected outcome, or prognosis, of a disease than upon its identification, or diagnosis. He had no patience with the idea that disease was a punishment sent by the gods. Writing of epilepsy, then called "the sacred disease," he said, "It is not any more sacred than other diseases, but has a natural cause, and its supposed divine origin is due to human inexperience. Every disease," he continued, "has its own nature, and arises from external causes."

Hippocrates noted the effect of food, of occupation, and especially of climate in causing disease, and one of his most interesting books, entitled De aëre, aquis et locis (Air, Waters and Places), would today be classed as a treatise on human ecology. Pursuing this line of thought, Hippocrates stated that "our natures are the physicians of our diseases” and advocated that this tendency to natural cure should be fostered. He laid much stress on diet and the use of few drugs. He knew well how to describe illness clearly and concisely and recorded failures as well as successes; he viewed disease with the eye of the naturalist and studied the entire patient in his environment.

Perhaps the greatest legacy of Hippocrates is the charter of medical conduct embodied in the so-called Hippocratic oath, which has been adopted as a pattern by physicians throughout the ages:

I swear by Apollo the physician, and Asclepius, and Health, and All-heal, and all the gods and reckon him who taught me this Art equally dear to me as my parents, to share my substance with him, and relieve his necessities if required; to look upon his offspring in the same footing as my own brothers, and to teach them this art, if they shall wish to learn it, without fee or stipulation; and that by precept, lecture, and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the Art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath according to the law of medicine, but to none others. I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion...Into whatever houses I enter, I will go into them for the benefit of the sick, and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption; and, further from the seduction of females or males, of freemen and slaves. Whatever, in connection with my professional practice or not, in connection with it, I see or hear, in the life of men, which ought not to be spoken of abroad, I will not divulge, as reckoning that all such should be kept secret.

Not strictly an oath, it was, rather, an ethical code or ideal, an appeal for right conduct. In one or other of its many versions, it has guided the practice of medicine throughout the world for more than 2,000 years.

  • Douglas James Guthrie- Medical historian. Lecturer on the History of Medicine, University of Edinburgh, 1945–56. Author of A History of Medicine and others.
  • Philip Rhodes- Regional Postgraduate Dean of Medical Studies; Professor of Postgraduate Medical Education, University of Southampton, England, 1980–87. Author of An Outline History of Medicine and others.

("medicine, history of." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.)

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