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Threenking about Extinction
("Threenking": Those who think 'Threesologically')

~ The Study of Threes ~

As with other home pages, for those who are not necessarily familiar with "Threenking", permit me to offer a few links to a variety of perspectives, even though the words "Threenking", "Threenkers", "Threesology", "Threesological" may not be part of their present vocabulary. In short, some value of a "three" (in theory, example, application, etc.,) is used deliberately by some and unknowingly by others. None-the-less, it can be found that many people have a penchant for looking at the world through a singular telescope, (dual) binoculars, or three-lens microscope:

Here are three links for Dr. Dundez's article "The Number Three in the American Culture" which appeared in an old 1967-1968 book entitled "Every Man His Way" (which is a collection of different Cultural Anthropology readings):

Eventually, "Threenking" will become established as its own genre in philosophy... if not a division of cognitive science exploration, though it is already being used (unknowingly) by many researchers in a variety of subjects... if not in fact all of them, because "Threenking" appears to be a theme of human concept formation such as the three-word "One-Two-Many" value of enumeration used by early humans in their development of number relationships... in their own language equivalent way. In other words, a given society had a word for the quantity "1", a word for the quantity "2", and all other quantities were represented by the word "many"... and can be symbolically seen in the three eating utensils such that a knife represents the value "1", the fork represents the value "2" (such as a "forked" road... even though there could be multiple directions), and the spoon represents the quantity much or many in its application of retrieving a portion of food.

In this Home Page episode, though the topic has been covered in bits and pieces (shards and slivers) elsewhere, there is a need to talk about extinction related to the existence of humanity, if not all of life as we know it. However, in discussing Extinction, we must fully appreciate that many of those who have referenced the idea of a doomsday, apocalyptic after-math, judgement day, extinction, etc., are in fact describing an interest for some hoped-for intervention in one way or another, be it by way of a God, technology, transformation of human intellect, Extra-terrestrial encounter, etc... As such, before getting to the topic asigned to the title of this page, let me introduce someone who seeks to impart a forum of discussion about creating a much needed better world:

Search for the Unity in Everything

Dear Lovers of Truth,
Forward Thinkers, Self-Aware Spirits,
and Fighters for Justice!

How can we unite to make this a more enlightened world?
I'm excited to share my new platform,

SUE Speaks,

a hot-spot to get us involved in
"searching for unity in everything."

This video is my in-person welcome to this new venture!

Uniting Along the Road to the Next Reality

There are many of us who wish for a better world, though we might be uncertain of how to tackle the many social and environmental problems confronting us. However, others feel humanity has passed a point of no return and that the only salvation is to be found in religion or scientific approach, because current business and government visions have proven themselves to be dead ends... or are approaches with different magnitudes of "rationalization" akin to a degnerative formula of adaptation to a reduction in resources.

In another frame of mind for example, is the perspective of an eventual "doomsday" little more than a projection of an acknowledged recognition of one's own eventual demise that overwhelms our sensibilities because of an impending doom for which nothing seems to offer solace (like the perceived feeling of some who are about to have a heart attack)? When a person finds themselves harboring a perspective related to extinction of humanity or a given species (human or otherwise, including inanimate considerations), what is it that they are actually attempting to convey? Is their interest a metaphorical substitute for feelings of an insecurity related specifically to their personal lives or perhaps as an empathetic gesture for someone or something else that does not have a larger application? Or is their perception absolutely and unequivocally correct in the manner and more which they articulate?

Another example is Stephen Hawking's statement to the effect that humanity has 100 years in which to leave the planet.

While some people give more credence to a religious perspective, others prefer one derived from considerations based on science... and yet both may actually be speaking about the same thing from their relative perspectives... albeit in a crude fashion according to an unrecognized type of urban legend superstition that won't be appreciated until the distant future, just like we of today view many of the fashionable ideas held by those in distant places of the past. It's just that the manner and eventual results are represented by different interpretations according to the accepted and adopted rationales of today. In fact, many millions of people may have their own sense of some impending doom for humanity but resort to one or another personalized distraction of their perceptions, such as engaging in some pastime which numbs their sensibilities so that depression doesn't set in. Nonetheless, it appears that what we are seeing is a confluence of the same type of cognition occurring in many walks of life... that one might surmise is a type of fusion (predicted by the idea of a 3-to-1 ratio interpretation discussed from time to time at this site). And this cognition may simply be a reflexive action to deteriorating environmental conditions that would not be affecting the human psyche if humans were living in an environment that is not undergoing the present incrementally disintegrating circumstances.

A Threes perspective with Stephen Hawking

The clock is ticking... but some people seem to have forgotten how to tell time, while others appear to be jet-lagged, and it is sometimes difficult to figure out the time zone the third group thinks they are living in.

With such a foregoing list, we may want to consider the possibility that "Mother" Earth gave humans birth and has tied the apron strings to their ankles while still being attached by an unseen umbilical cord. Mother Earth may well have the personality that it is she alone who determines the worth of humanity and that worth is measured in terms of making it not only difficult for humans to leave "Home" (the planet), but the level of attachment is so acute she would prefer humans go extinct then leave her. (It is similar to the "If I can't have you no one can" psycho-pathology sometimes seen in those who would prefer to kill a lover than lose them to another.) While many cultures view "Mother Earth" as a nurturing soul, the nurturance comes at cost of never being able to acquire an actual independence... even though as a rule-of-thumb, many creatures find themselves being forcibly encouraged to leave the den, nest, or family circle in order that one's own individualized way can be made. With this said, it is overdue that humanity cut the umbilical from Mother Earth and venture forth. Far too many of its beliefs and belief systems are the result of Earth-environment bred dysfunctionalities. It is time for humanity to make a concerted exodus from Earth, this solar system, and eventually this galaxy. Humanity must come unto its own— away from all the current business, political, religious, scientific and mathematical rationalizations ... not to mention the ridiculous mind-numbing repetitions found in music, art and theatre.

Typically, concerns about the extinction of humanity (or one's ego-centric world-view centered on their respective society and social conditions), involve such examples as:

  • Pollution (air, food, information, soil, water, genetic).

  • Overly-protective businesses, governments, science, religions whose genuinely sincere efforts to assist humanity go awry.

  • Increased crime/faulty justice. (Instead of solving problems we warehouse people into different types of institutions which becomes established as social enterprises to serve as job and career opportunities that a few can get wealthy from.)

  • Disintegration of morals, lack of respect for authority.

  • Over-population, increased aging population, decreased youth (to do the work).

  • Abuse of the planet's natural resources (forestry and ocean life depletions).

  • Abuse of Human resources such as creating a society of temporary workers in order for companies to undermine laws which are written up by those who enable them to be circumvented in order to increase profit margins... all in the name of playing the game called "legalized business tactics" which enable companies to wash their hands and hearts for feeling any sense of guilt due to exploiting the public based on the motivation of greed.

  • Warfare (usage of devastating biological, chemical, nuclear armaments).

  • Increased population ignorance in the hands of a voting majority.

  • Erosion of what little democracy is practiced.

  • Corporate and individual Greed being supported by Legislated laws.

  • Supreme Courts placing more value on documents such as the Constitution than the needs of the people. (Such as the pathetic "personhood" established in order to assist companies in exploiting the people without having to experience repercussions for wrong-doing.)

  • Supreme Courts not answerable to the public, but to the political party affiliation which got them their job.

  • Human contributed alterations of the planetary environment causing an event such as global warming.

  • ETC...

Humans do not generally think in terms of their beliefs as incrementally acquired responses to environmental conditions which represent rationalizations used as an adaptive survival mechanism in order to maintain some semblance of equilibrium in an ongoing system of deterioration. Instead, there is no consideration for linking the incremental alterations of ideas with incrementally deteriorating conditions which can cause them to find human/social excuses for the change in a belief, but not that it has a link to an ongoing disintegration. People do not generally think in terms of extended periods of time reaching into the hundreds, thousands or millions of years... with respect that a long-term adaptation to a planetary system of disintegration is looked at from an adaptively applied optimism that permits them to disagree with any other conclusion except for that which is immediately viable for their life or the life of their family. More so, they might not be able to see that their adaptive inclinations are addictive and can keep them from considering that the planetary system is not what is best for the very long-term survival of the species.

If we imaginatively view one's society or the planet as a raft set adrift in an ocean, those who clump together in their groups nearer to some assumed core social, family or moral values may not see the incremental deteriorations of the raft that those who are on the "fringes" of society or one another ideology/perspective; who see the changes but may use a given language (such as from a particular religion, or a specific science, or an alternative political philosophy, etc...), to both interpret and attempt to convey their perceptions to others who are not familiar with their language illustrations, and thus refer to the person(s) as a type of kook, eccentric, weirdo, mental case, or what have you. Those on the fringes may well be able to see the ongoing deterioration(s) but can not get their views across to the larger public who are faced inward towards the immediate concerns of their family, friends, associates, gender, sexual orientation, colleagues, neighbors, jobs, etc... How does one go about telling the world that they perceive an external deterioration taking place which reverberates inward and can best be seen when one is situated at the "fringes", if the majority of the people still retain an unacknowledged antiquated mindset that if they venture too far to the edge they might fall off? When it is the edges of the raft which first feel the effects of the deterioration and can be easily seen from a "fringe" vantage point— (because the bottom of the raft is reserved for those who practice a different depth of perception and the deterioration of the top is buffered by those who huddle together in their combined inter-social allowances); how do we get humanity to venture to the edges of its presently observed realities when it very often acts like an animal who reacts negatively to its own reflection in a mirror?

Society and the Earth viewed as a raft

(Information on image is alternatively placed below so that the robot translating devise can make at least a rough guesstimation for readers in other languages.)

Left Side of image starting from the top.Middle of Image Right Side of image starting from the top.
Fringes of Society, Planet or Solar System (Fringes denoted by arrows) People on the "Fringes" may be the first to experience and acknowledge one or another deterioration but do not necessarily have the vocabulary or social status in which to present their perceptions in a way to make a large social impact to make corrective changes.
Humanity does not have the knowledge nor technical expertise to deal effectively with addressing the issues of a deteriorating planet or solar system. Addressing human social problems will not solve the on-going incremental deteriorations of the planet nor solar system. The core of human beliefs are sustained by those who believe they co-exist with a presumed majority in an inner social collective... far from the ostracisms they think others experience on the fringes of society. Fringes of Society, Planet or Solar System
Those on the fringes are having difficulty translating their perceptions of disintegration into a language which will comprehensively their views to those who are primarily oriented inward... Most societies and cultures have a massive "selfie" obsession (alternatively described as nationalism, patriotism, cultural values, career subjectivity, etc...) that can trigger resentment when someone tries to interject a different orientation than their long-standing addiction.

Let us look at a few doomsday references whose message may be disregarded because of how the perception of deterioration is not only being expressed, but what is being claimed as a means of correcting the problem(s) for the disintegration. In other words, different people may arrive at a conclusion that the existence of humanity is headed for a dire situation... but the language being used to describe their perceptions involves a vocabulary and associated ideas that become rejected. From this perspective, both religion and science can be right about the ongoing deterioration headed for a disintegration, but they can just as well be wrong as to the cause and remedy.

The End Is Nigh!

The end is nigh! It is quite fascinating that prophecies of imminent worldwide doom enjoy such enduring popularity. Predictions of global apocalypse have been highly fashionable throughout history. As an added bonus, the caste of professional doomsayers was often able to make quite a good living from predicting that humanity's downfall was just around the corner.

The oldest known prediction of the end of the world is recorded on Assyrian tablets dating from the 28th century BC (more likely they are actually Akkadian or Sumerian, given the date and have been wrongly attributed). Followers of Zoroastrianism (a religion founded in 700 BC) published the following not entirely unreasonable forecast, aside perhaps from the part about the ‘sinners and the pious': They claimed that the end of the world will happen when a comet, called Gochihr, strikes the earth. It will cause all the world's metals to melt and will burn up the world.

Three Doomsday Sayers
Signs: The End is Nigh (near); Ye (you) must be cleansed; The End is Nigh (near)

By Pater Tenebrarum

Source: Before it's News
Is The End of The World Upon Us?

Is the world on the brink of disaster? Are we facing the end of civilization? A new Dark Ages? It's easy to chuckle and shrug off the conspiracy theorists and the cartoon beatniks waving "The End is Near" placards. But is something long-foretold about to happen?

World in Chaos

"On the Brink of Chaos" warns a headline. The article is ominous, cautioning of "a signal of worse to come," proclaiming "The risks .. are real," and forecasting "Chaos and a complete loss of control have never been nearer in the Middle East." But wait, that article was published on December 3, 2001. So, the urgent warning wasn't exactly timely.

(A World in Chaos
Signs of the End Times?)
The Peace Bell

At the United Nations, the "Peace Bell" was cast from melted down coins collected from U.N. delegates by children, following the 13th General Conference of the U.N. held in Paris in 1951. The Cold War was just beginning. The world was living on a knife-edge and many firmly believed that a four-minute air-raid warning was all they would receive before falling atomic bombs nuked civilization into oblivion.

News Headline: State of Chaos

"The West Stares into the Abyss," proclaims an article from Germany's Der Spiegel, warning that yet another country "is on the brink of chaos: That is the stark message from local leaders, the U.S. military and development workers in the troubled country. The elected government, they warn, can no longer..." However, the dateline is March 20, 2009. The world has managed to continue on — somehow.

(Wisconsin State Journal
State of Chaos)
Now The End Begins

A very popular website "Now the End Begins," constantly shows up on lists of today's trending topics. Headlines include: "Millions Of Birds and Fish Dying Suddenly and Spontaneously," "Tens of Thousands of Angry Muslims," "Obama Abandons Israel," "Mitt Romney Set to Endorse a Palestinian State," "A prophetic overview of what must shortly come to pass," and "The Coming Destruction of the United States Military."

Three Sceintists

Since 1947, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists at the University of Chicago has maintained the "Doomsday Clock." The closer the clock is to midnight, the closer the world is estimated to be to global disaster. On January 10, 2012, the hands on the clock were advanced to five minutes to midnight reflecting international events seen as dangerous to humankind. So, how close are we?

Tim LaHaye and Craig Marshall's Brink of Chaos

The collapse of civilization is the topic of the novel Brink of Chaos from New York Times bestselling author Tim LaHaye of the Left Behind series. Brink of Chaos is the third book of his new The End series, co-authored with Craig Parshall. It tells the fictional story of rocket scientist Joshua Jordan who is stuck in Israel on a self-imposed "exile" out of reach of corrupt U.S. authorities falsely accusing him of treason.

In the novel, Israel is in the midst of burying millions of enemy soldiers killed in a Russian nuclear attack. Back in the U.S., a U.S. president has been stricken by a deadly medical condition and, disabled, he has been succeeded by his Vice-President. But worse than his health crisis, is the realization that he has been viciously betrayed by those closest to him. Yet his final days in the Oval Office have not been for naught. They have brought him into an encounter with Jesus Christ, and that encounter will have ramifications beyond anything he could have imagined.

In LaHaye's novel, the question looms: How should patriotic Christians respond if the political culture starts crumbling around them? In this futuristic view of a disintegrating America, the government has begun a nationwide system of citizen surveillance and patriots are labeled enemies of the state.

LaHaye asks whether we are facing a day when Christians will have to take seriously the prophetic statements in the Bible. LaHaye seems to believe we will reach a point where the signs of the times will be too obvious to ignore. Brink of Chaos gives a fictional glimpse of this bestselling author's creative vision of the future. But it asks the question that seems to be nagging the world these days:

Is this the end?

By Rob Kerby, Senior Editor

Source: Belief Net

Clearly, if you want to correlate different events to coincide with a specific interpretation of any given text, the human mind has an imaginative capacity which makes them capable of such an enterprise. Yet, some of us look for possible alternatives which might originate from personal motivations, fears, dispositions, etc., or that more accurate interpretations can be derived by looking through the lens of another subject's domain, or even using the tools from different subjects because each has a piece of a puzzle whose overlayed picture is an illusion, but the geometries of the cut pieces provide a tale-tell indication of that perception which would serve humanity to better prosper from.

Doomsayer in 1968 London
Getty Images
Estate of Keith Morris

Sign: Woe to the inhabitors of the Earth
Circa 1980
Getty Images
Evening Standard

Sign: The End is at Hand
Doomsday Profiteers come in a variety of guises
Doomsday Profiteers come in various guises:

Business, Politics, Science, Religion, etc...

Nonetheless, some purveyors of ominous portents sincerely believe in their doom or dire warning(s)... but still want to make a profit unto their dying breath. And then there are those who convince you to believe in something they may otherwise take with a grain of salt one way or another... but play whatever game they are enabled to play a part in (such as a true believer) in order to convincingly sell you on their own or another's idea so that they can make a profit just in case all perspectives of warning are wrong or are being emotionally exaggerated as a tool of persuasion. Opportunists abound in every enterprise, even though the prize may not necessarily be to take cash in hand. Some prefer alternative awards or rewards.

Sign: The End is near Sale

Despite my own generalized agreement with Professor Hawking, his desire for truth would no doubt make him one of the first to objectify his position to the extent he might engage in the intellectualism of astrally projecting his consciousness away from his embodied self and ask the finger- pointed question:

"Is (that person) Stephen Hawking...— hawking — a doomsday ware from the podium of science"...

...and without initially realizing it, believers in a science-based mathematical logic come to join the ranks of their stand-apart religious brethren in viewing the same eventual dead-end future from their respective relativities?

All seekers of truth would no doubt ask the same question of themselves as an effort towards establishing definitive verifications and not be caught up in the madness of emotionalism which often leads to herd swarming behavior due to impulsiveness. Let us not forget that Stephen Hawking's views are educated "guesstimations", whether or not we are inclined to accept them as written-on-stone truth. However, education does not corner the market on reliable interpretations. Some individuals appear to have a "natural" truth compass inherent in their psyche though they may not have the education others have. Some people have enormous amounts of education and experience but remain knuckleheads... in certain instances. (Like younger siblings for example.)

Has he and other members of the scientific community come to speak of their own "end-of-days" revelations, albeit in the language and symbols of various scientific disciplines?

Repent Ye Sinners of Intelligence

Repent Ye Sinners and Heretics of Science, Mathematics and Biological Reality! The Grand Unified Theory of Truth and Theory of Everything beckons Thy heart, mind, and soul unto its doorstep.

  • Is there some underlying reason that different people from different perspectives come to accept the idea that humanity is headed along a course from which there is no return, and this reason transcends both religion and science; thus revealing an as yet unrealized new form of thinking... just as both religion and science were in ages past... and experienced their own birthing trauma... with growing (and aging) pains having created callouses, deformed mendings, and their own handicaps?

  • Does the "doomsday revelation script" bespeak of a structural brain development that takes its first breath by wailing out loud in direful sentiments, like an infant being swatted on the backside for the first time... and like an infant, humanity is subjected to an environmental birthing room with "rules and regulations" (natural laws) that it has no choice but to abide by? In other words, we have no choice unless we give ourselves a choice by removing ourselves from Earth's planetary demands of biological survival?

  • Are we witnessing... just as others have witnessed in their own past ages, the incremental birth of a new type of hominid (perspective) which will come to supplant the present modern form of humanity... in emotional attitude, mentality, or even physical dimensions (immunities, etc...)?

  • Is the actual "end-of-days" event being spoken of (by removing all the various cultural and otherwise subjective intellectual garments), that of an unrecognized but on-going evolutionary demise of present humanity, like the end which came to so many previous human-like variations of upright bi-pedalers who were either eliminate or forced to change in order to accommodate environmental changes... most of which they did not understand? Is this why an end-of-days, or end-of-culture, or end-of-government or some other ending is being expressed by so many different perspectives from their respective vantage points?

  • Well then, let us say goodbye and good riddance to all the nonsense!

Are both religious and science theme authors engaging in a form of snake oil sells pitch... each using the same bottle wrapped in their own respective label and logo? Or are both science and religion victims of stress from environmental conditions they may well perceive but do not necessarily interpret with the acuity which best describes what the stress conditions are? What if both science and religion are both right and wrong, leading us all to a stage of conflicted confusion whereby nothing of value is attempted to address the problem(s)? What's worse, because of political traditions, we may decide to let politicians deal with the situation... yet the reliance is ill-founded in our expectations of legislators to find an appropriate response, because they are what if they're too ignorant or motivated primarily by personal interests tied to greed?

Yet, why is there such a confluence of mental activity from different subject areas in the same direction? Metaphorically speaking, just because one prefers to ride in a limousine, and someone else on a skate-board, or a bicycle or walks with a staff— which gives each a relatively different scenery in their mode and manner of journey; they are nonetheless ending up at the same place... a sort of pit on the outskirts of town like a bunch of teenagers on a Friday night expecting to find wine, women and song, but instead find a sky without stars, a bellowing wind, and a deep dark abyss that their four-by-fours can't traverse. It makes no different if the placard is made of stone and is inscribed with scriptures or if the placard is a computer screen detailing mathematical equations... each in their own way is making an educated guesstimation.

And whether or not you believe in the Hawking's "100" year figure in specific or general terms, belies the fact that we should look at the overall dire-warning perspective since it appears to be similar to a placard-wearing religious-minded person claiming that the end is near and everyone needs to repent. Thus, we have both a science and religious perspective focused on the topic of extinction... or some variety of end game. And despite whether or not you believe in every expressed statement from either perspective, let me offer a different intellectual adventure into this realm of "contemplating-the-end" by stating three basic geo-planetary circumstances effecting life that humanity does not have the ability to stop from happening, and humans can not interpret the longevity of humanity in relation to the longevity of geological processes. There are different types of erosions taking place.

Linneage of different evolution and extinction measurements

(Successive information on image for the translating robot.)

Starting from the top:
Duration of Existence Measured in Billions of Years.
Assuming there was a specific beginning point to existence and there is a specific ending point (whether viewed linearly, circularly, or by way of some other illustratable model); this is the measuring line (arrow in blue with orange square spacings) far too many people look at when thinking in terms of extinction, and base their calculations on this value when considering geo-planetary effects.

Below the long blue arrow:
With Punctuated, Graduated, and Gradual events... Like a Morse Code message no one has yet comprehensively deciphered.

Inside the two green arrows:
Duration of Existence Measured in Millions of Years

Below the red arrow
This is the actual "Thousands of Years" measurement value humanity should be looking at with respect to extinction, and take into consideration that several —thousands of years— have already passed. While evolution (expansion) and extinction (collapse) are inter-related events, they are also separate issues deserving separate measuring graphs.

In other words, some readers may want to dismiss the following planetary events due to the application of expansive time durations typically attributed to geo-planetary processes; when it is more viable to view it from the short span of time related to human existence... whether or not you include the many earlier bipedal hominids prior to the present modern form of humans. The span of time is very short, particularly when we note that all of human-like life occurred when the rate of the Earth's rotation was in a 23 hour length. (See table information on this page:

Is the modern form of Humanity due to the Earth's 23 hour Rotation Rate?

The Chart below provides examples of (approximation) when different hominid species appeared and what the length of the day was:

Hominid Species Type... Approx. fossil age # of Days
per year
per day
Homo sapiens sapiens- 120,000 to present day 365.2422 23.9345
Homo sapiens neanderthalensis-
Homo erectus-
Homo heidelbergensis-
Homo antecessor-
Homo georgicus-
Homo ergaster-
Australopithecus robustus-
Australopithecus boisei-
Homo habilis-
Australopithecus aethiopicus-
Australopithecus garhi-
Australopithecus africanus-
Kenyanthropus platyops-
Australopithecus afarensis-
Australopithecus anamensis-
Ardipithecus ramidus-
Orrorin tugenensis-
Sahelanthropus tchadensis-
30,000 to 230,000 years
300,000 to 1.8 million
500,000 years ago
780,000 years ago
1.8 million
1.2 to 1.9 million
1.5 to 2 million
1.1 to 2.1 million
1.5 to 2.4 million
2.3 to 2.6 million
2 to 3 million
2 to 3 million
3.5 million
3.0 to 3.9 million
3.9 to 4.2 million
4.4 to 5.8 million
6 million years ago
6 to 7 million years ago

Note: the difference between the number of days per year found in the Hominid species list and the Geological Era list is due to using different values for calculation, but the intent of demonstrating that humanity evolved during a time when the length of an Earth day was in its 23rd hour is still relevant to the overall discussion provided on this page. In fact, this also applies to all large complex forms of life.

Geologic Era Time of occurrence # of Days
per year
per day
End of Cretaceous Era-
"Jurassic Park" Era-
Permo-Triassic Era-
Late Permian
* 65 million years ago
180 million years ago
245 million years ago
250 million years ago
371 days
381 days
386 days
90% of marine life and 70% of land species vanished about 250 million years ago. Is it coincidental that the "vanishing act" occurred when the rate of the Earth's rotation was at or near a 23 hour period?
Middle Devonian Era-
Early Ordovician Era-
370 million years ago
500 million years ago
398 days
412 days
Cambrian Explosion era... was it due to a change in the Earth's rotation rate?

This is the era in which a multiplicity of life forms seem to sprout out of nowhere, without evidence of having predecessors. Some think (a) God went "POOF," "SHAZAM," or "ABRACADABRA" and others consider the possibility of an extraterrestrial intervention in the sense of an alien or comet/asteroid. It is an unexplained circumstance that is said to have given Darwin some trouble in his considerations of Evolution.

We thus have three perspectives:
  1. A God intervention.

  2. An Alien intervention.

  3. And various alternatives.

Earliest Cambrian Era-
Late Precambrian Era-
600 million years ago
700 million years ago
800 million years ago
900 million years ago
1 billion years ago
424 days
434 days
444 days
454 days
464 days
Crude oil is from plant life up to 3 billion years ago, but mostly from 100 to 600 million years ago.
Primordial Soup Era- 3.5 to 4.5 billion 1,095.7 8.19

(Are rotation rate variables coincident with extinction events because such rates are an expression of an underlying geomagnetic change harmful to different life forms at different times... or is such a question a "reversed-order equation"... like a reverse engineering attempt in unraveling a perceived mechanism whose overall schematic may be layered like a multi-page blue-print draft?)

Here are three geo-planetary occurrences having an incrementally cumulative effect on extinction probabilities, though descriptions thereof very often take on the language of a specific subject matter which may or may not help to elucidate a useful rationale for applying corrective attempts:

  1. First, the Sun's energy is burning out. (All life as we know it is dependent on the Sun's energy.)
  2. Second, The Earth's rotation is slowing down. (The electro-dynamo of the Earth is being affected.)

A mathematical model of the variations in the length of the solar day was developed by F. R. Stephenson and L. V. Morrison, based on records of eclipses for the period 700 BC to 1623 AD, telescopic observations of occultations for the period 1623 until 1967 and atomic clocks thereafter. The model shows a steady increase of the mean solar day by 1.70 ms (± 0.05 ms) per century, plus a periodic shift of about 4 ms amplitude and period of about 1,500 yr. Over the last few centuries, the periodic component reduced the rate of lengthening of the mean solar day to about 1.4 ms per century.

The main reason for the slowing down of the Earth's rotation is tidal friction, which alone would lengthen the day by 2.3 ms/century. Other contributing factors are the movement of the Earth's crust relative to its core, changes in mantle convection, and any other events or processes that cause a significant redistribution of mass. These processes change the Earth's moment of inertia, affecting the rate of rotation due to conservation of angular momentum, sometimes increasing earth's rotational speed (decreasing the solar day and opposing tidal friction). For example, glacial rebound shortens the solar day by 0.6 ms/century and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake is thought to have shortened it by 2.68 microseconds. It is evident from the figure that the Earth has actually sped up since the initiation of the current system in 1971, and the rate of leap second insertions has therefore been decreasing.

  1. Third, The Moon is receding. (As the Moon moves away, the tides are being diminished.)

Again, while some readers will jump on the bandwagon of those stating that such events will occur over millions, if not billions of years, these events must be viewed in terms of a human time scale and not a geo-planetary one. Humanity's existence has been relatively short-lived and has only occurred within the margins of specific geophysical and larger planetary events such as the rotation rate of the Earth. Humans did not exist when the rotation rate was 22 hours in duration. Likewise, humanity may not be able to exist long into an actual 24 hour period (of which we are not yet there). The difference in the Earth's rotation rate between the time of Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons and Modern humans is very small. This may be the same thing to occur between present day humans and some future form. While it would be easy enough to recognize differences between modern humans and most Neanderthals (football players and wrestlers notwithstanding), most of us would have difficulty in picking out a Cro-Magnon set in a lineup with modern humans and wearing the same clothing. The same thing will no doubt occur between those of the present and those who are part of the evolutionary trend beyond present human distinctions.

A short lineage of bipedal hominids
Left to right: Australopithecus africanus, Homo erectus, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, Present day Homo sapiens

And though some readers may want to offer other considerations such as the expansion of the Universe, asteroid bombardments, black hole theories, expansion phases of decreased solar output, etc., the foregoing three examples will suffice... though we might want to place a comment about the ionosphere dynamo between the first and second examples and the slowing of the tidal "washing machine effect" between the second and third examples. In fact, one might imagine the irradiation of the Sun towards the Earth like the air streaming over and under a bird's wing whose shape is altered by the deflecting abilities of the changing magnetic fields. (And just for fun, note how the geomagnetic field of the Earth gives the impression of being a petroglyph in the shape of a spider.)

Solar burst and geomagnetic fields
Looks Like a Spider or a squid
Petroglyph in the shape of a spider
Crop Circles page 2
Earth's magnetic field and solar wind interaction

The Sun gives off a continuous stream of charged particles. When this stream, called the solar wind, reaches Earth, it deforms Earth's magnetic field. Some of the particles spiral down near the magnetic poles, where they cause auroras.
Van Allen Radiation Belts and the Solar Wind

The Van Allen Radiation Belts contained within Earth's Magnetosphere. Pressure from the solar wind is responsible for the asymmetrical shape of the magnetosphere and the belts.
Air flow over a bird's wing
Bird Flight
Illustrating air over an airplane wing

"Threesologically" thinking, the overall dynamics of flight in air is interesting since it involves a system of threes, which has to be applied differently when confronted with a magnetic field to be used as a protective screen for space craft, along with propulsion and maneuverability:

  1. Sir Isaac Newton's three laws of motion.

  2. Four force-motions of flight (that can be viewed in terms of dichotomies or as a 3 to 1 ratio):

  3. Lift (upward motion)
  4. Weight (downward motion)
  5. Drag (backward motion)
  6. Thrust (forward motion)

  7. Three direction controls:

  8. Roll (left or right) obtained by using Ailerons {And can alternatively be viewed as an "exaggerated turn" seen when someone in a car tilting their head before or during a routine turn, or like a football player facing their feet in the direction of a called play.}

  9. Pitch (up or down) obtained by using Elevators.

  10. Yaw (left or right) obtained by using the Ailerons and Rudder.

Picture of plane with ailerons identified in red
Ailerons (in red)
Picture of Plane with elevators identified in red
Elevators (in red)
Picture of plane with rudder identified in red
Rudder (in red)

Source for images and general reference: NASA's Dynamics of Flight (young students page)

Typically, in discussing the mechanism of flight, the wind around an object such as a bird is not frequently illustrated except for a small portion in regard to explaining air over and above a wing assisting in lift for flight due to differences in pressure gradients above and below, as illustrated above. Additional reading of a particular article may or may not mention structural coefficients related to hollow bones, thrust to weight ratio, etc... And much less is the case for using the wing of a bird or plane to represent humanity, with air flow the pressures of an incrementally deteriorating environment.

In fact, one of these deteriorating factors, if artistically rendered, can assist us in viewing time as one views the soar wind... or ocean waves, or some other undulation... such that time may not necessarily be as constant as we generally believe. If time has its own measurement, its own type of evolution and extinction values that may be punctuated, graduated or gradual; our present interpretations of evolution and extinction are rough, guesstimated estimates. If we of the present are like those of the ancient past when the concept of time was a crude hint without an articulated label for transacting day -to- day, month -to- month— or much less, year -to- year activities; how do we even begin to look for such a variance in the "personality" of time? Even an expressed attempt as this present one may be little more than a twitch or grunt considered as some quirk of consideration... all because the concept of time is being used as practical as stone tools once were.

Wing and air flow used as a metaphor for humanity and environmental pressures

Words used on the above image (for the translating robot):

Top left of first image:
How lift varies with angle of attack
low angle of attack
Relative wind (next to large blue arrow)

Top right of first image:
negative pressure area (-)
positive pressure area (+)

Top left of second image:
high angle of attack
Relative wing (next to large blue arrow)

Top right of second image:
(in red) Revolutions, Wars, etc.
(in black) turbulence

Third and fourth images starting from the far left, then downward, and then working towards the right using the same alignment of text as it appears in the images:

Comparison of angle of attack and angle of incidence
angle of attack
cord line of wing
relative wind (next to large blue arrow)

Fourth Image:
angle of incidence
cord line of wing
Longitudinal axis of airplane
(in red) Humanity is but one of many different kinds of biological vehicles carrying a cargo of DNA through, against and because of the flow of time.

Caption Below image:
The Wing is Humanity and environmental conditions are the wind flow.

This illustration is being used as a metaphor for the evolution and extinction scenarios of humanity involving how long humanity lives (distance... time) and how "high" they travel, in terms of what is achieved within the duration. If the wing's position is altered or shaped differently through forces of design change... or the effects of the environment's resources produce a different type of "flow", time and distance (evolution and extinction) will likewise take on a different measurement.

These three incremental deteriorations are taking place right now. And yes, they are incrementally affecting us though not everyone is psychologically "in-tune" with such a sensibility. Not everyone is consciously affected towards an acknowledgement because they are calloused to subtle energy perceptions... because of an acquired callousness. We can not resist their influence. All we are presently able to do is make accommodations... adjustments, in order to maintain some semblance of equilibrium. Hence, our incremental adjustments to these occasions of on-going deterioration forces us to make adjustments to our belief systems which causes us to adopt commensurate types of culture and life styles based on rationalizations commensurate with what we perceive to be the necessary requirements for sustaining some semblance of equilibrium. Every single belief system is little more than the result of a rationalization to assist us in accommodating to the state of the environment to which we are exposed. These rationalizations are little more than survival mechanisms. That is there value of "truth". If humanity lived on a different planet with a different geophysical reality, its belief systems would reflect the environment to which it was exposed. Thus, humanity's global instability is a reflection of the ensuing dysfunctionality of "socially interactive" dynamics of these three neighbors.

  • The Moon might well be viewed as a neighbor who is slowing moving out of the neighborhood.
  • The Sun can be viewed as a neighbor who's resources are diminishing and thus in a last ditch effort to at least sustain what they have... if not acquire more, it needs to expand its territory... thus causing territorial conflicts with its imperialism.
  • The Earth is thus revealed to be a neighbor whose livelihood is dependent on both the Moon and Sun. And when they change, the Earth— and everything on it must adapt different strategies in its attempt to maintain some semblance of stability even if that equilibrium is based on an illusion or delusion.

Let us look at the first and second enumerated examples, by offering information extracted from a Britannic article about the Sun, just so the reader doesn't think I am making up the information:

Evolution (of the Sun)

The Sun has been shining for 4.6 billion years. Considerable hydrogen has been converted to helium in the core, where the burning is most rapid. The helium remains there, where it absorbs radiation more readily than hydrogen. This raises the central temperature and increases the brightness. Model calculations conclude that the Sun becomes 10 percent brighter every billion years; hence it must now be at least 40 percent brighter than at the time of planet formation. This would produce an increase in Earth's temperature, but no such effect appears in the fossil record. There were probably compensating thermostatic effects in the atmosphere of Earth, such as the greenhouse effect and cloudiness. The young Sun may also have been more massive, and thus more luminous, and would have lost its early mass through the solar wind. The increase in solar brightness can be expected to continue as the hydrogen in the core is depleted and the region of nuclear burning moves outward.At least as important for the future of Earth is the fact that tidal friction will slow down Earth's rotation until, in four billion years, its rotation will match that of the Moon, turning once in 30 of our present days.

The evolution of the Sun should continue on the same path as that taken by most stars. As the core hydrogen is used up, the nuclear burning will take place in a growing shell surrounding the exhausted core. The star will continue to grow brighter, and when the burning approaches the surface, the Sun will enter the red giant phase, producing an enormous shell that may extend as far as Venus or even Earth. Fortunately, unlike more massive stars that have already reached this state, the Sun will require billions of years to reach this state.

Physical Properties

The radius of the Sun, R☉, is 109 times that of Earth, but its distance from Earth is 215 R☉, so it subtends an angle of only 1/2° in the sky, roughly the same as that of the Moon. By comparison, Proxima Centauri, the next closest star to Earth, is 250,000 times farther away, and its relative apparent brightness is reduced by the square of that ratio, or 62 billion times. The temperature of the Sun's surface is so high that no solid or liquid can exist there; the constituent materials are predominantly gaseous atoms, with a very small number of molecules. As a result, there is no fixed surface. The surface viewed from Earth, called the photosphere, is the layer from which most of the radiation reaches us; the radiation from below is absorbed and reradiated, and the emission from overlying layers drops sharply, by about a factor of six every 200 kilometres (124 miles). The Sun is so far from Earth that this slightly fuzzy surface cannot be resolved, and so the limb (the visible edge) appears sharp.

While the temperature of the Sun drops from 15,000,000 K at the centre to 5,800 K at the photosphere, a surprising reversal occurs above that point; the temperature drops to a minimum of 4,000 K, then begins to rise in the chromosphere, a layer about 7,000 kilometres high at a temperature of 8,000 K. During a total eclipse the chromosphere appears as a pink ring. Above the chromosphere is a dim, extended halo called the corona, which has a temperature of 1,000,000 K and reaches far past the planets. Beyond a distance of 5R☉ from the Sun, the corona flows outward at a speed (near Earth) of 400 kilometres per second (km/s); this flow of charged particles is called the solar wind.

The Sun is a very stable source of energy; its radiative output, called the solar constant, is 1.366 kilowatts per square metre at Earth and varies by no more than 0.1 percent. Superposed on this stable star, however, is an interesting 11-year cycle of magnetic activity manifested by regions of transient strong magnetic fields called sunspots.

Source: "Sun." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

Unfortunately, except for the 11-year cycle of sunspot activity and the heat of summer (or cold of winter), the effects of the Sun in terms of incremental changes on humanity and the requirement for making "adjustments" to belief systems, far too many readers come away with the impression that the Sun is relatively stable (in its cyclic nature), and thus dismiss it as a negligible consideration in the discussed equation of humanity's extinction. Also, relative patterns-of-three references are no doubt being overlooked by those who are not familiar with a "threes" conceptual framework.

In addition to the three foregoing examples with respect to the dynamic inter-play of the Sun-Earth-Moon configuration, let us take a moment to view the shape of the Earth, which includes historical ideas concerning its shape... such that it was once considered flat, dome-like, and can now be seen as presenting us with a triangular model. Using a bit of humor, we can illustrate the three different perspectives in the following way:

Flat Earth view
Flat Earth View
Round Earth view
Round Earth View
Triaxial Earth view
Triaxial Earth View
Block Head
Block Head
Circle Head
Dome Head
Dunce hat Head
Cone Head
Sun's path is linear
Sun's Path is Linear
Sun's path is circular
Sun's Path is Circular
Sun's path is triangular
Sun's Path is Triangular

Source: Threes Origin Hypothesis page 2.

Figure of the Earth

Since the Earth is flattened at the poles and bulges at the equator, geodesy represents the shape of the earth with an oblate spheroid. The oblate spheroid, or oblate ellipsoid, is an ellipsoid of revolution obtained by rotating an ellipse about its shorter axis. It is the regular geometric shape that most nearly approximates the shape of the Earth. A spheroid describing the figure of the Earth or other celestial body is called a reference ellipsoid. The reference ellipsoid for Earth is called an Earth ellipsoid.

The idea of a planar or flat surface for Earth, however, is still sufficient for surveys of small areas, as the local topography is far more significant than the curvature. Plane-table surveys are made for relatively small areas, and no account is taken of the curvature of the Earth. A survey of a city would likely be computed as though the Earth were a plane surface the size of the city. For such small areas, exact positions can be determined relative to each other without considering the size and shape of the entire Earth.

The simplest model for the shape of the entire Earth is a sphere. The Earth's radius is the distance from Earth's center to its surface, about 6,371 kilometers (3,959 mi). While "radius" normally is a characteristic of perfect spheres, the Earth deviates from a perfect sphere by only a third of a percent, sufficiently close to treat it as a sphere in many contexts and justifying the term "the radius of the Earth".

The concept of a spherical Earth dates back to around the 6th century BC, but remained a matter of philosophical speculation until the 3rd century BC. The first scientific estimation of the radius of the earth was given by Eratosthenes about 240 BC, with estimates of the accuracy of Eratosthenes's measurement ranging from 2% to 15%.

The possibility that the Earth's equator is an ellipse rather than a circle and therefore that the ellipsoid is triaxial has been a matter of scientific controversy for many years.[3][4] Modern technological developments have furnished new and rapid methods for data collection and, since the launch of Sputnik 1, orbital data have been used to investigate the theory of ellipticity.

A second theory, more complicated than triaxiality, proposed that observed long periodic orbital variations of the first Earth satellites indicate an additional depression at the south pole accompanied by a bulge of the same degree at the north pole. It is also contended that the northern middle latitudes were slightly flattened and the southern middle latitudes bulged in a similar amount. This concept suggested a slightly pear-shaped Earth and was the subject of much public discussion. Modern geodesy tends to retain the ellipsoid of revolution and treat triaxiality and pear shape as a part of the Geoid figure: they are represented by the spherical harmonic coefficients C22 , S22 and C30, respectively, corresponding to degree and order numbers 2.2 for the triaxiality and 3.0 for the pear shape.

Source: Figure of the Earth

Earth in the Shape of a pear
The triaxial configuration of the Earth in a pear shape.
Earth in the Shape of a teardrop
A tear drop shaped triaxial configuration.

Even if all of humanity wakes up tomorrow and dedicates all its resources to removing as much life as we know it from the planet Earth, and we decide to colonize Mars or simply live on spacecraft, there are problems concerning biologically-based physiology being subjected to different environmental conditions (other than on Earth) which may force humanity to adopt the strategy of abandoning the type of species it is, and deliberately engineer something else which will permit biological forms of physiology to exist under conditions with different levels of solar irradiation, gravity, atmosphere, etc.. Indeed, all life forms as we know it may have to be re-engineered— that is if we want to assist in their survival. Then again, we might choose to develop non-biological life forms such as some describe as artificial intelligence.

Necessarily so, the artificial intelligence would have to have a self-programmable form of goal-setting instructions. In fact, humans might well want to include a code that restricts any and all artificial intelligences from every creating biological life, unless artificial life does not have the capacity for progressing whether through intent, accident or otherwise.

Nonetheless, because so many are coming to the conclusion that we are at "THE" end or at least some end of the present into a transformative era which we may or may not survive; could it be each of us in our own illusions (or delusions), somehow... in someway... do actually have a glimpse of something that is, is about to, or has for some time been in the works?

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