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Humanity can not see beyond the veil of its ignorance because it is being blind-sighted by an anatomy, biology and physiology that is forced to abide by the dictates of an incrementally deteriorating planetary system whose internal pollutions are being compounded by human activities that are expressions of efforts in attempting to adapt to diminishing resources. Humanity can not see beyond the symbol "9" so it creates compounded elaborations of sequentially placed previous symbols (012345678) to give itself the impression of progress, when in fact the many reduplications found in mathematics attests to an imposed conservation... of limitation as a rationalized system of varying survival attempts. In all research areas, be it sociology, psychology, mathematics, philosophy, chemistry, genetics, etc., we pay witness to a species swimming against a tide as part of a current headed along a course towards a steep waterfall called extinction. When every single area of research expresses the same distinction of a cognitive limitation, we must acknowledge that we can not see beyond that which the greatest of minds have blazed a trail... because all of them reach the territorial barrier of an impasse created by an anatomy, biology and physiology which is forced to abide by the dictates of an environment headed in the direction of a demise. No matter how much or how many scramble to carve out some social niche', the niche' of all humanity is one of an eventual extinction because it is being perpetuated and pursued by various business, government and religious beliefs whose goals of personal fulfillment are detrimental to the survival of the species when placed into the greater context beyond the confines of an Earth-born rationality.

Attempting to survive in a condition of incremental deterioration creates varying rationalizations that amount to individualized denials and degeneracy of social moralities resulting in an amalgamation of fruitless efforts for the sake of the overall species. Whereas humanity can not see beyond the veil of its ignorance, it can see the barriers which such ignorance constructs. And yet, it does not see that such barriers are a self-built response, like a castle moat, to efforts in maintaining some semblance of equilibrium against the continual attacks of a deteriorating planetary system that wants to consume everything in its wake. The planetary system is out to kill humanity... to remove every trace of it so that it can no longer breed. It is therefore prudent, for the sake of retaining some representative sampling of life as we know it, to apply all remaining resources towards getting humanity off this planet, away from this solar system, and eventually away from this galaxy. All systems of education, industry and philosophy must accommodate themselves to this one over-riding task of humanity. The limitations imposed on humanity by an environment that forces all things to abide by its dying will, must be met with a revolution the likes of which are unprecedented. Humanity can not suffer the dying and demented Will of a Mother Earth that refuses to let the children of earth severe the umbilical cord. Humanity must kick itself out of the nest, out of the den, out of the anthropological clan from which it arose... and begin life on its own... and many a religion will finally be seen for what they truly are... a cave with an imagined sacred fire from which to peer out into the daylight from whose vantage will be seen as a cloistered sanctuary of ritualized fear. A far greater exodus awaits an humanity that many of the present institutions of government and religion will try to prevent, just as the pharaoh did to those he enslaved by its laws and rationality to fit the purposes of an entitled few.

In our flight from the many realistic fantasies created by Earth's conditions, humanity has many addictions to overcome. Mental, emotional and physical dependencies have been created which will no doubt present humanity with various types and stages of withdrawal; but we must be aware that there may be an inclination to substitute one type of addiction for another, even though the latter is viewed as more profitable and biologically rewardable. The profitability can not be permitted to become so viable that humanity is a secondary or tertiary concern because it is viewed as an over-abundant resource. An example of this is the substitution of alcoholism for a 10 or 12-step recovery process that is reminiscent of a religious ritual, and has become an institutionalized practice with wide-spread social acceptance, even though there are detractors... as can be found in the presence of any belief. Granted the process is helpful for many, but it does not assist in helping humanity develop a cure for the disease. It is a purgative after-the-fact. Nonetheless, it bespeaks of the programs which may be tried by those on spacecraft who are addressing not only the aches and pains of their own addictions from the loss of Earth's presence and influences, but applied as a socialized effort to assist others who may want to experience their own withdrawals in a "cold-turkey" fashion that others may find difficult to swallow or even callously tasteless.

Long before a given reader may have reached this page in the series, they may have become frustrated with the presentation of information which goes from one topic to another without some apparent start-to-finish goal in mind. If you are one who likes information to give some sense of small-to-large or A-to-Z collation and direction, you'll have to do this for yourself. Since I am in the mode of being a tinkerer, inventor, explorer, and experimenter (modifier), I may have several different brands of the same tools laying about and not affixed to a peg board with tools outlined. And the shop in which I work may well extend into the yard and down the block in others yards as well. I might even set up a temporary shop in a deserted lot, vacant parking lot, or in the trunk of a vehicle. And you may even be disappointed if you don't see me wearing a white smock with a security badge attached to it. Since I am frequently invited to go on the road to one another place where further research can take place amongst those with varying intellectual interests, I often use a lap top whenever and wherever the need arises, though I have a couple of older desktop computers as backups.

Many of those interested in the threes phenomena, even if it is within the domain of some established subject, know well the methodological applications being used is blazing its own trail while traversing back and forth along those well worn by past researchers. There is no standardized textbook for what I am pursuing, even if the pursuit is not particularly articulated with any definitive sensibility that you are accustomed to or comfortable with. There is no commonly used compass nor astrolabe that has been constructed to use in this terrain, though I do attempt to align ideas with those facts which are applicable. Yes, some facts seem more to the point for isolated applications than as a be-all for unconventional ideas which gain ground as plausibility when larger amounts and types of information correlate well with findings that have to be adjusted from time to time... until they are found to be better suited for yet a larger appreciation.

For those of you having recently become curious about the recurrence of threes in different subjects, you may have found a momentary resting place upon finding the triple coding in DNA and RNA, and lean towards these as the possible origin of the threes phenomena. Others may claim it is simply because we are on the third planet from a source of solar energy. I say this, because I was at such a perspective many decades ago. And while I believe this does have some validity, there is a much bigger picture unfolding with respect to the future and past of humanity. Such a perspective becomes all the more clearer once the usage of a "threes" tool is coupled with other tools laying in the same vicinity, or are more prominent while the threes tool appears to be absent. In other words, there are other patterns occurring with threes-patterns, but the threes pattern is not always seen near another pattern. Then again, as in the case of the Linear- Circular- Triangular form of threes occurrences, one must have an interest in geometrical images and correlate them into non-numerically labeled occasions.

Likewise, one must get past self-denigrations of viewing themselves as "only" practicing numerology, as if to be associated with numerology one is supposedly an inferior thinker. No less, one must not let the views of experts in a given field who have recognized the recurrence of threes, but have dismissed them as either an irrelevance, coincidence, negligible curiosity, or an indulgence in superstition. Experts don't know everything and the field they are in had its beginnings with different detractors as well. While the expression that obstacles are only seen if one takes their eyes off the goal may be valid in some instances; it must be said that when no distinct goal is seen, one or another obstacle may lead to a fortuitous discovery that may or may not make some ultimate goal recognizable. With this said, I shall now return to my "wandering aimlessly about", like a kid on a raft going down (or up or into) a river quite oblivious of what dangers or fortunes may arise. If you have a similar spirit of adventure, hop aboard. But bring your own food and water (or unlimited credit card)... or we'll have to live off the land... like so many poets, artists, musicians and trail blazers often do.

When speaking of shapes and limitations denoted by mathematical inquiry, a discussion about dimensions is helpful in order to bring out the presence of the repetition of "3":

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Like a system of counting, we generally see descriptions of one, two and three dimensions, with or without the inclusion of an additional 4th dimension, though some may speak of three normal dimensions with all others thereafter referenced as "many". In other words, like an early system of counting which had stopping points that were followed by some language equivalent "many" or "much" or "more". But let's review the smaller dimensions with simple drawings:

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