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(Using a philosophy of "threes" as a tool for comparative analysis)

~ The Study of Threes ~

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Whereas we can delve deeper into anatomical, biological and physiological realms in our study of human or all animate forms of memory as we broke the surface on during the previous page, let us now depart for a short trip in the assumed non-animate world of computer memory... noting that animate memory deals with energy and so does inanimate memory. The correlations being made to biological processes of memory are used in an attempt to increase the functionality of memory used in computers. This entails researchers thinking outside conventional boxes because of the obstacle being presented due to functional fixedness. Very often I find that the types and amount of information that I supply to a research effort is too much and creates a condition of "white noise" or some level of shielding from people. Their brains become over-loaded to the point of losing the ability to categorize... even when the same types of information are being supplied. They don't know how to compile "extraneous" bits of information while continuing to focus on a primary orientation... even if the orientation accepts the realization we are dealing with generalities because we are traversing publicly undocumented domains of a very large vista. In retrospect, it's like having to choose which treasure to look at, pick up and examine more closely, and those we are stuffing into our pockets or other carry-all provision. Whereas many items can be initially catalogued very superficially and do not need an immediate application with specific relevancy and depth, there is one, two or three one may attempt to combine in an original way. Various creative applications are underway in the computer industry (and elsewhere, such as battery development), in an effort to increase the storage capacity and retrievabiity of memory "systems".

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