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Time Travel

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Before continuing with the train of thought from the previous page, let me introduce a digression which came upon me while going over the material on page one. The following came to me just after I had reviewed the paragraph containing the "Will on Capital Hill" phrase, which also involved some added commentary prior to this in an effort to make some ideas a little more clearer.

Let us pause for a moment and consider the possibility that a Time-Traveler from the future did indeed assist not only in the death of Lincoln, but J.F. Kennedy and the death of Martin Luther King Jr. as well. Thus, Time Travelers of the future have some sort of camouflage technique which enables them to interact with others but remain undetected. While there are stories which describe people believing in ghosts (such as a dead relative or guardian angel) that they can sense helping or hindering them in one or another effort... though others want to describe in what they believe to be rational terms, what if the so-called "presence" is that of a Time- and/or Dimensional Traveler? Were the muses of the past and present... providing guidance and/or inspiration, a Time-Dimension-Space Traveler? And if some come to get a glimpse of them and illustrate it with one or another label describing an other-wise indistinct "presence", is it possible to unveil them further? Should we want to? And then what?

What sort of questions would we want to pose to a Time-Dimension-Space Traveler? Would a clearer identity assist us in our personal ventures or interests... or burst the bubble of one's imagination? What if you are being assisted because your efforts will help bring about an interference, or some valuable event in a distant age and place? Do you need to know when, where, how, why and for what purpose... a purpose you may not be able to comprehend because your efforts play the primitive part to a more complex development? And what if the concept of Time Travel and Time Travelers is the projected image of an actual Time Traveler attempting to influence human thought for some future event? Can't an influence be a large "nudge" in a given direction just as might a small nudge such as tripping someone, placing a metaphor in front of them, or directing the actions of another to take part in assisting someone? What if such Time Travelers do not act in a private enterprise or exercise with a few participants, (be the teenagers, scientists, military personnel, etc.) but involve entire civilizations? What if it is not just humans which routinely Time Travel but animals and/or plants... and in many cases the time trip is but one way and does not always provide the life form with a viable environment, or places them in a time period which makes them either appear out of place or entirely alien when compared to all other life forms?

Now, continuing from the previous page:

If we were to travel back in time to the aforementioned ancient "word" was/is a god biblical period, despite our attempts at adopting what we might think was the appropriate wardrobe of the time along with a concomitant stew of non-deodorant/non-perfume/non-lotion body smells and lack of shampoo or loss of teeth and abject expressions of humility (or/and fear); we would nonetheless be speaking in a non-god language. Trying to act the part of someone living in the distant past is wholly different than exhibiting the characteristics learned from being brought up in a given culture since birth. How would we speak in the appropriate "god language" if it is a dead language in terms of the vernacular of the period? Could we even create a type of mechanism which would not only translate a dead language but permit our words to be translated to them accordingly? Then again, an ability to articulate beyond mere superstitious utterances might be interpreted by one or more in the past as some extra-ordinary (god-like) ability. Many in the past may have used what we of today might refer to as animal-like sounds such as grunts. They may have had such a limited vocabulary that a few words in one or another arrangement set into different contexts meant different things, even though to our present day ears they would have appeared to be repeating themselves. Whereas we of today might claim that those in the past had a very rudimentary understanding of language, so too do we of today. Very rarely, if ever, will you find someone who has identified the presence and recurrence of "threes" (and the overall limitation of patterns) in speech, thought and audiology... though they may use patterns-of-three in their deductive forms of analysis and illustration. Far too many so-called experts do not recognize nor even come to consider the possible meaning behind the three-patterned structure of the ear and its effect not only on language, but concept formation. The correlation of threes to audiology and speech can be found on the following page: (Threes in Language page 1)

The ability to articulate well (or simply be able to express oneself in clear sentences) is very often interpreted as some marvel, as denoted by the captive audiences of someone who can speak well in public about a commonality of thought or thoughts which permit the commonality to breech the commonality as if it were a trail-blazing sign. Even today many a person marvels at the voice of singers, speakers, and electronic, mechanical, liquid, (etc...) reproductions of not only human voices but animals voices as well. For example, the expressions (however simplistic) of a talking doll, barking stuffed animal, mimicking birds, a baby's first word(s), a child's school play oratory, recorded voices, dramatized scripts, etc... No doubt story-tellers, poets and god-spewing fanatics held many an audience in awe. This includes references which cite the "golden tongue" of a speaker:

Myvyrian Archaeology cites King Arthur as saying: I have three heroes in battle, Mael the tall - Llyr, with his army - Caradoc, pillar of Wales. He also names 3 Bards of Britain: Merlin Ambrose - Merlin the son of Morfyn, called also Merlin the Wild - Taliesin, chief of the bards; 3 golden-tongued knights: Gawain, son of Gwyar - Drydvas, son of Tryphin - Eliwlod, son of Madag, and Uther; 3 honorable feasts of Britain: Feast of Caswallaun, after repelling Julius Caesar from the isle - Feast of Aurelius Ambrosius, after he conquered the Saxons - Feast of King Arthur, at Carleon upon Usk.

Indeed, a trip into the distant past where the "word" (let us assume a particular type of speech if not speech itself)... was 'with' god and was a 'god', might necessarily describe our present day bearing and manner— along with our speech utterances— as something very bad... and perhaps be interpreted to mean we were insane, though many of us today no doubt consider many people of the (both near and distant) past as being looney tunes (comically cartoonish or unreal). [The "Looney Tunes" was a series of short cartoons which featured bawdy humour. (Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013: Looney Tunes) The situation in which a circumstance is paired with the notion of "Looney Tunes" (craziness, non-political correctness, non-conventionality) and intellectual as well as moral vulgarity, is what some consider to have been a similar reason that many of the plays in the Middle ages to have had such a great appeal to common "vulgar" audiences (that many may have interpreted as expressions of honesty and truth... at least from their perspective). Indeed, there are many accounts of "vulgar" language being adopted such as that used by Dante in his Inferno to which we might want the "Vulgate" (The Latin edition of the Bible translated from Hebrew and Greek mainly by St. Jerome at the end of the 4th century; as revised in 1592 it was adopted as the official text for the Roman Catholic Church... source: WordWeb dictionary).

When intellectual and moral vulgarity are viewed as representing some "common sense" truth value, this creates a stage for countries such as the U.S. to have vulgar forms of government representation in one or more branches because such images appeal to a large public segments of America, Britain, and many other countries that have become so institutionalized that recurring themes of vulgarity and embellished nonsense trade places every so many (election) years and contribute to a misinterpretation that vulgarity and embellished nonsense are somehow representative of a greater truth than the other. For example, the stupidity of Donald Trump and his followers who think that his (June, 2018) meeting with Kim Jong-un of North Korea is somehow a great historical event, when it actually displays a multi-governments sponsored discussion between two Narcissistic individuals who can see "eye to eye" because they share the same type of self-centered world-view... and speaks nothing of the manipulation of North Korea's leader by a Chinese government which has ulterior motives for playing the part of go-between. The Chinese (as well as other governments) try to set the stage of political events as if they were occurring on a game board with playing pieces and moves can be foreseen multiple steps in advance to their advantage. (Meetings between politically leaders are routinely referred egotistically to as a "summit", where the religious notion of "on-high" is a parallel. Both Trump and Kim Jung think of themselves in god-like terms, like so many Narcissistic individuals do.) Yet, there are many in the public who see through the political nonsense displayed by journalistic "adventurism" in which journalists attempt to give an account of themselves as well to their colleagues. It's no wonder many in the public are not excited by an event that should never had any reason to occur in the first place, and only did so because of "interventionist" activities of other nations meddling in Indo-China and its surrounding countries... all in the name of some pecuniary interest by way of colonialism and Imperialism.

Hence, in this political sense of consideration... history has repeated itself in some respect (because there have been numerous discussions amongst different leaders in different time periods)... and needs to be part of the equation when thinking about Time Travel since time (with respect to human, if not biological events...), appears to repeat itself.

If we were to travel into the distant past, we would not only need to change our appearance (clothing, body odors based on the food eaten and lack of toiletries as well as toilets), but also language coupled to the ideological orientation of the period. Otherwise, we would stand out like a sore thumb and could not "blend" in. And with such in mind, how does one prepare a Time-Traveler for thinking in terms of an ancient religion involving fertility rites, phallicism, human sacrifice, paedophilial practices, rape of servants, murder, beatings, etc..., that may well have been accepted and expected as common-place cultural attributes? Would a Time-Traveler laugh at someone carrying the image of a penis and testicles around the neck or wrist as many today do with a cross or emblematic representation of a personalized belief? Because phallic worship was a mainstay in some ancient cultures, how do we train a time-traveler to not laugh, be shocked by, or be dismissive of something held sacred in the past? How do we overcome the efforts of Religion to conceal its efforts to deny its origins from ancient fertility rites, just as many of today overlook the expression of Matriarchialism in the form of the National Organization of Woman and the Lesbian led LGBTQ community? No less, when the LGBTQ community can not recognize itself as a modernized model of an ancient fertility exercise (involving multiple forms of sexuality), how are time-travelers of the future to be prepared not to express such a view when traveling the past which we call the present? How do time-travelers of the future "blend" in to the present with so much nonsense in business, politics and religion being practiced?

The idea that ancient humans had a different mentality was explored by Dr. Julian Jaynes in his book "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind". While there are interesting contrary ideas to some of the points he has made, let us look at an excerpt in order to give a relative orientation to the notion that Time Travel to the distant past... which I believe includes more recent humans as well, is not as straight forward as some may think that it will be. This is besides the points offered concerning mere culture and language idioms representative of a given era. For example, we of today would find it considerably difficult to venture into England's past where Old English was spoken... not to mention trying to communicate in the language of Jesus with its ancient Aramaic. Hence, the point to be made is that even if we could speak the language, the associated ideas (created from the many fears involving superstition, slavery, demons, etc...) would make our modern concepts appear not only very weird, but perhaps an evil that needs to be crucified.

"I have endeavored (in these two chapters) to examine the record of a huge time span to reveal the plausibility that man and his early civilizations had a profoundly different mentality from our own, that in fact men and women were not conscious as are we, were not responsible for their actions, and therefore cannot be given the credit or blame for anything that was done over these vast millennia of time; that instead each person had a part of his nervous system which was divine, by which he was ordered about like any slave, a voice or voices which indeed were what we call volition and empowered what they commanded and were related to the hallucinated voices of others in a carefully established hierarchy."

I hear voices page B

Yet, one needs not travel to the origins of modern humans (called Cro-Magnons dating from the Upper Paleolithic Period {c. 40,000 to c. 10,000 years ago} in Europe), in order to discover the vestiges of what some believe to be a cultural mind-set (or mentality) instead of an indication that humans had a different type of brain functionality because of differences in one or another structure or at the very least, synaptic activity. For example, were the brains of most or many humans in the 16th, 17th, or 18th century in such a state that they would be unable to function in a modern society, or could one simply take an infant from any past period of history and bring them up in a modern setting... that is, if modern settings are as appreciably "modern" as we of today generally believe? And vice versa, would someone born today be at an intellectual advantage over those in the past if they were brought up there? Unless of course we think in terms of "advantage" as representing a greater facility of adaptation and not necessarily arriving at a superiority... since many people prefer to go along with another or others so as to belong, instead of taking the lead in an effort or endeavor.

Note: I carried the following over from a section on the Triplet Code page.

While there are several efforts displayed on the internet which describe the seemingly different types of Time Travel devices, mechanisms and other-wise means of travel... these efforts do not actually attempt to analyze them any deeper than what may be described as a "selfie" portrayal. In other words, they are superficial and do not begin to describe any underlying representation of human thought processing such as the underlying schematic of human cognition in its accountability of a basic blue-print design. In other words, while the following examples may appear to represent a variety of imaginative conceptualizations, on a more fundamental level of brain activity they most often describe a linear and/or circular activity. For example, the usage of a Delorean in the "Back to the Future" series of movies as a Time Traveling Machine, not only portrays a linear model but also streaks along a path in a linear fashion, with the many different "circles" (wheels, tire, steering wheel, pulleys) not overlooked. And in addition, if we describe the engine as a V-6, then we also have the presence of a triangle. However, more often then not, there is a recurring usage of linear and/or circular time travel "mechanisms" being used. Hence, does an actual Time Travel mechanism require a certain formula of linear and/or circular and/or triangular forms? Or is this a limitation imposed upon the human psyche by the current state of the environment? No less, are we limited to a vertical and/or horizontal and/or diagonal direction... or is this too a product of an environmentally-imposed limitation?

The Duffel Bag from Making History The Time Machine from Time After Time The TARDIS from Doctor Who The Quantum Leap Accelerator from Quantum Leap
The Lifeboat from Timeless The Diner Utility Closet from 11.22.63 The Phone Booth from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure The DeLorean from Back to the Future
The Time Turner from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban The Box from Primer The Supreme Being's Map from Time Bandits The Time Displacement Equipment from the Terminator Movies
The Hot Tub from Hot Tub Time Machine The Standing Stones from Outlander Spontaneous Time Travel from About 
Time The Bong from Time Traveling Bong

(While not quite a 4X4X4 (64) amino acid configuration, it will suffice for the moment.)

Other references: (Note that they represent a limited reference and that they typically repeat themselves for some examples.)

In speaking of Time Travel, one may be inclined to think of it in the same manner in which early pilots and aircraft/jet designers viewed traveling at and beyond the sound barrier. While it is not much of an issue or challenge today, it was of considerable contemplation in past decades. The representative "sonic boom" as a barrier representing an analogy to ideas concerning desires to break the "Time Barrier" is an important aspect as we gather more information in order to deduce a method and manner in which to create an actual mechanism by which the concept of time may be breached, even if our current definitions of time are wholly naive. No less, the barrier as a "membrane" is another analogy that needs to be explored, along with the idea that Time may not proceed in a linear fashion suggested by the idea of an 'arrow', but more in line with a triangular wake, pulse, or reverberation like a wave we can learn how to surf on and navigate.

And when considering barriers as membranes along with a relationship to "cones", one may well think in terms of a sonic boom related to the transgression of an aircraft at or beyond the sound "barrier":

(A Sonic Boom is a) shock wave that is produced by an aircraft or other object flying at a speed equal to or exceeding the speed of sound and that is heard on the ground as a sound like a clap of thunder.

When an aircraft travels at subsonic speed, the pressure disturbances, or sounds, that it generates extend in all directions. Because this disturbance is transmitted earthward continuously to every point along the path, there are no sharp disturbances or changes of pressure. At supersonic speeds, however, the pressure field is confined to a region extending mostly to the rear and extending from the craft in a restricted widening cone (called a Mach cone). As the aircraft proceeds, the trailing parabolic edge of that cone of disturbance intercepts the Earth, producing on Earth a sound of a sharp bang or boom. When such an aircraft flies at a low altitude, the shock wave may be of sufficient intensity to cause glass breakage and other damage. The intensity of the sonic boom is determined not only by the distance between the craft and the ground but also by the size and shape of the aircraft, the types of maneuvers that it makes, and the atmospheric pressure, temperature, and winds. If the aircraft is especially long, double sonic booms might be detected, one emanating from the leading edge of the plane and one from the trailing edge.

Source: "sonic boom." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

See ideas concerning membranes related to the development of the Universe on the three pages:

3 Branes page 1
3 Branes page 2
3 Branes page 3

When we speak of Time as a barrier that not only "can" but "needs to be" crossed (that is if it already isn't in terms of what we of today think of with respect to Traveling to and from the past and/or future); we might want to reflect on the origin of the Universe as the 'breech' of a boundary though we call it the Big Bang (along with the notion of its obverse called the Big Crunch). Is the Universe possible because it "escaped" some boundary, however me may want to label it? Viewing the origin of the Universe as a breech, as an escape, as a transgression from one existence to another necessarily involves thinking about how the breech occurred. In other words, was it like prisoners (particles) of war that burst through a front gate into a singular or inverted funnel-shaped (triangular-shaped) direction? Or did it "explode?" in a uniform manner in all directions? Or was the direction linear instead of circular or triangular? Does ... or more importantly, 'can' Time Travel occur in whatever direction and for as long as we like (within the limits of our own life-time that is)? Is time an arrow or more like the reverberating concentric waves of a proverbial pebble dropped in some water? Will Time Travel always be uniform or is it as mercurial as the present uncertainties of the weather on a disintegrating planet in a disintegrating solar system in an expanding Universe?

The Big Bang viewed in a windmill fashion

While we may portray the Universe in a triangular-like profile just as we can the sonogram of a developing infant in the womb, it is of interest to point out that the early manned space vehicles displayed a triangular (cone-like) configuration as well. Such a recurrence in imagery suggests an underlying mental construct as a basic theme whose persistence may not only describe a particular brain structure but a specific type(s) of environmental influence which causes such a usage to be sustained with or without incidental embellishments or labeling:

The Triangular-shaped space craft of early space flight

Whereas many might prefer to dismiss Time Travel and other presently thought of Science Fiction occurrences (teleportation, inter-dimensional transportation, food (etc.) replicators, etc...) as something to not waste one's time on, such ideas are no different, philosophically speaking, than was early ideas concerning flight, submarines, space-walks, open heart surgery, television, radio and many other technologically-supported "gizmos". With this in mind as an argument against the usage of imagination as an explorative tool let us first take on the subject of time travel thought of in terms of warping space to bring two or more distance places nearer to one another in order to effect travel. In a way, the void presently in front of with respect to the "distances" one must assumedly travel to breech the "time barrier", is little different than the massive distances facing us in space flight. Whereas in space flight it is considered that vast distances may be achieved in much shorter periods than a person's life time by effecting a warp of space, little is discussed in terms what an understanding of this entails.

For example, when we speak of the "vacuum" of space, we do not customarily encounter the same conversation directing one's attention to align the presence of a vacuum with positive or negative pressure? In other words, is the (increasing rate of) expansion of the Universe due to a vacuum pressure occurring in our presence, or outside our presence? ("Presence" in terms of our space.) The reason to ask seemingly innocent... if naive' questions is to openly wonder whether the warping of space... and hence time, involves effecting a type of vacuum pressure? Can we create a sort of "bubble of pressure" within a pressure gradient which permits us to fold the space within to effect long distance travel in time and/or space and/or dimension? Or multiple bubbles within bubbles? Since it is conjectured that life may have arose by an event(s) which led many different entities (lysosomes, golgi complex, ribosomes, vacuoles, etc.) to be enveloped in a "bubble" (though the term "membrane" is used), the items were... in a sense... locked in a "time bubble" or time sphere.

Examples of typical cells

Such a situation not only afforded a measure of protection for the items of a cell to remain the same, but change (or not) with respect to one another (such as is thought when a "diversity" ideology is supported in a multi-racial enclave), and create an active "social order", or at least the semblance of one. One or all of the entities may no longer be able to survive outside the "castle" walls when subjected to the reality of time which has been altered since the envelope of their encapsulation was created. The items within may or may not have substantially changed since the bubble was created, thus permitting biologists to view an ancient "city" with an ancient language in a presumed pristine sense. If events in time occur in encapsulations or "chunks" (as seen in memorization, computer bits and infant babbling), than time travel requires a device in which these "chunks" or "bubbles" of time can be translated by way of incorporating ourselves into the stream... without becoming too attached whereby the time stream is altered to the point we can not escape the current without getting drowned or led further out to a sea... then an ocean without a compass, map or GPS (global positioning system) mechanism.

Because different cells have different organization themes, if we continue using the idea that time can be viewed in a similar way, then there may different types of time. When we couple the idea of "enveloped" organelles (multiple different entities behind a wall) with those structures which appear to lack the same configuration and definition such as Bacteria and Viruses, we may then begin to think in terms of time as having different "offshoots"... to an extent the concept of a "tree of time" is a counter-part to the tree-of-life, though such a tree has not been illustrated.

Three domains of life model

Then again, by using other types of models from different subject areas we might well have several pages of different models, though even using the same information (but different criteria) in a singular subject area may comprise the usage of a different model over different time periods. Nonetheless, because multiple ideas are represented by a "three" configuration, it is not too far- fetched of a consideration if we think in terms of a three-patterned time configuration that may or may not involve simple and more complex differences.

Different life domain models for different periods of time

By proposing the basic structure of a "time" model, we might chance upon a more clearer definition... and hence, the construction of a time "machine", mechanism, chemical, biological component, mental attitude, etc...

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