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Correlations, Coincidences, or Compatible connections of a comparative cognition?

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Let's take a look at a presumed triad structure from the ancient I-Ching yin/yang dualistic philosophy labele as "triads", but that on a closer examination with respect to an applied numerical formula viewing what can be called a set theory, we see evidence for considering the presence of a Monogram and Bigram structure... but not an actual trigram in terms of this enumeration:

Distinguishing what are monograms, bigrams and trigrams

Let's now take a look at Boolean Logic with its basic And, Or, Not configuration, keeping in mind it is focusing on the application of two items for three different contexts and not three items, suggesting it is the representation of a "2" frame of mind transitioning into a "3" frame of mind:

Boolean algebra is based on the principles of mathematical logic developed by the 19th century mathematician George Boole. It is the study of operations carried out on variables that can have only one of two possible values (see binary); i.e., 1 (true) and 0 (false). As ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY, and DIVIDE are the primary operations of arithmetic, AND, OR, and NOT are the primary operations of Boolean logic. In the Pascal programming language a boolean variable is a variable that can have one of two possible values, true or false.

In another sense, Boolean algebra is an algebra in which the binary operations are chosen to model the union and intersection operations in set theory. For any set A, the subsets of A form a Boolean algebra under the operations of union, intersection, and complement.

Examples of boolean algebra

Five basic logic statements are illustrated here. In any of them, if A is true then the table will show a "1", if A is false there will be a "0". In the statement AND, C is true (i.e. there is a "1" in the truth table) when A and B are true, but it is false if either A or B is false. With OR, C is true if either A or B is true and it is only false if both A and B are false. NOT has one input and one output, its function is to reverse "true" and "false"; when applied to AND and OR, their inverses, NAND and NOR, result. The Boolean statements shown here are also illustrated by symbolic circuit elements (inputs on the left and outputs on the right) and by Venn diagrams as in set theory (the outcome is shown by the shaded areas.

Source: Boolean Algebra

Notice in the following image about the basic AND, NOT, OR illustration of Boolean logic, that only two animals are used to configure an idealized three-part schematic, like the pairing of amino acids similar to the usage of pairing by early humans and some animals that group (but neither necessarily count in a serial-like fashion as we are taught in grade-school). Like primitive uses of developing number systems in which words for the quantity of One, than Two arose into human conscious, with each experiencing their own measures of cognitive limitation (around which their social orders were afixed and operated "commercially" on)... before a third value called "many" (instead of a singular "three") arose with its own moment-in-time period of mental limitation, before the words, four and then eventually five and so on, came into usage. These same types of small number configurations are likewise found in Morse Code and Braille, as further examples of the human mind replaying the same early (primitive) development of counting systems which eventually come to create larger numbers as a result of repetition and placing into sets such as the ones, tens, hundreds place values separated by a comma. (And in mentioning this to some colleagues, they arise at several different answers as explanation which amount to rationalizations which are meant to preserve the idea that they think in progressive terms, and not merely primitive patterns with different labels).

Boolean logic is not colloquial logic

Boolean Logic- Rebekah's 2.0 Web Tools: Boolean Logic is not Logical
Vision types- H. Arnold Papernick O.D.: Vision Therapy

Here are three different examples of a Trinity, as patterns-of-three references which describe an underlying mental activity related to a basic orientation of numerousity that, for the most part is unrecognized as both an individual and socially collective activity which can be paralleled with the development of number usage described in books on mathematical history; though only the first example is most often labeled as a trinity, because human prejudice likes to segregate not only people, animals, plants, etc., but ideas in order to claim ownership— or at least some measure of control:

ChristianTtrinity of father, son, holy spirit (holy ghost)
Father, Son, Holy Spirit/Ghost
Standard model of physics Fundamental forces and applied theories

While each of the above examples are considered to be fundamental, this is not so when we begin to search for and find constituent parts that are more basic. Such as for example:

Hindu Trimuti
  • The Sun's three "moments" (dawn-noon-dusk) have been chosen to represent an early form of Nature worship which played a distinctive role in influencing the ideological structure of the Christian Trinity, in that it is "3-in-1" but has separate identities. These three solar moments are thought to have also been the ancient impetuse for influencing the Hindu Trimurti idea defined as Brahma-the-Creator ("creation" such as dawn implies), Vishnu-the-Preserver ("preservation" of light and nurturance such as noon implies), and Shiva the Destroyer ("destruction" such as dusk implies). When all three deities of the Trimurti incarnate into a single avatar, the avatar is known as Dattatreya.(This idea refers to the 3-in-1 fusion which describes the eventually of the Sun's three "moments" fusing (as seen and felt on Earth), as the Sun continues to grow (incrementally enlarge as it burns out)... and the Earth's rotation contiunes to slow down). Hindu religious thinkers, Christian Theologians and associated philosophers are expressing an intuitive appreciation of an on-going and future geophysical/planetary event, without realizing it. Because they interpret their impressions within the context of old ideologically constrained religious concerns, they do not grasp that the early usage of their religions was a guide to grasp a larger consideration of life's processes. They refuse to permit their religions to grow, just like politicians persist in developing a social philosophy constrained by legalized ideological straight-jackets refered to as Constitutions and Bill-of-Rights guarded by traditions (out of step with the need for pursuing a progressive reality.)
  • Two of the three fundamental particles are composites of 6 quarks (up, down, charm, strange, top[truth], bottom[beauty]) and their 6 anti-quarks parallels, while the electron appears at present to be indivisible. More fundamentally is the recognition that quarks never occur singularly... always in pairs or triplets. The fundamental particles are placed into a three-family grouping. Several physicists have openly contemplated about the persistance of the "3" within their subject area.
  • Fundamental Forces idea is a work still in progress.

Let me rephrase the opening of this discussion:

The topic of this page and its attendant examples of trinities, triads, three-somes, etc..., is focused on the word "trinity" outside the domain of religion, and in particular, the Christian doctrine with its Trinitarian focus. Nonetheless, it will be necessary to discuss the Christian doctrine of the Trinity with respect to those whose ideas have come to question its origin as being that of a Pagan perspective. While some good references can be found to be used to affirm a similar appreciation of the Trinity's origin from a "pagan" (non-Christian or Pre-Christian) practice, one of the main problems with such sources is that they tend to be focused on denouncing the Trinitarian Doctrine and describing it as evil, then looking at the source as an implement which has influenced the scaffolding of triadic architectures such as the triplet code found in DNA and RNA, not to mention the 3 to 1 ratio of three Stop codons and 1 Start codon, and 3 (color) cones to 1 rod in the human eye... though other specific 3-to-1 ratios can be found as well as what appear to be strict three-patterned structures, not to mention what may be viewed as incomplete three-patterned formulas with only a one, two, or some variation of these counts, including proportionalities that may be fractionated... like a truncated metamorphosis. What is not being realized is that ALL RELIGIONS are expression of an ancient Pagan Mentality in comparison to that which is and must continue to evolve. All religious doctrines are inadequate for the needs of a species being confronted by an incrementally deteriorating environment. Metaphorically speaking, they are all different languages of a mentality stuck in a cult-like world-view mentality, and thus represent a form of unrealized Satanism, just as we might define and label a disease like the bubonic plague, inexplicable environmental event, etc... (Use of the word "satanism" in referring to present day religions is not meant to be interpreted in a literal sense.)

I will explore areas you may never have considered and make comparisons you may be totally unfamiliar with... and others you may consider to be trite and commonplace... in my examination of the Trinity (as described by those claiming that groups-of-three figures worshiped from any culture are a Trinity). I will make analogies with examples of three-patterned people, objects, ideas, etc., as an overall example of human mentality as a type of repeating behavior linked to our physiology, biology and influential environmental patterns that are undergoing a process of change due to an incremental deterioration; and that in response to this deterioration... humanity is creating what may be called "rationalized adjustments" in their belief systems, technology, government systems, cultural practices, etc... even if most people are not aware of such changes. Every single religious person should set aside their arrogance and take a different look at their respective usage of "threes" as an expressed trinity, or internalized hierarchical organization, or ceremonial practies, and other ideas which lends themselves to an enumeration which can be identified as an expression of the human brain's functioning.

To start off with some simple examples since so many are oriented towards watching Television News but not necessarily in comparing different News shows with respect to the number of recurring hosts, let me provide a few examples of triads and one example of a 3-to-1 ratio, keeping in mind that other shows have one or two hosts instead of these quantities. Those readers who come from different countries will have to look at their own News Broadcasts to cull whatever pattern is being used in the quantity of commentators.

In some instances, even though several people may be interviewed or take part in a discussion, the typical pattern in this context, as an example, is a one- two- three assortment, though in some occasions the primitive formula of "one-two-many" may be employed, with other differentiated patterns making up a single category if they are combined. In other words, we can identify a group of three people being used in a Televsion Newscast setting, but less or more than three must be included so as to gather a greater statistical reference. In some settings there may not be groups-of-three people. There may be one or two that an observer may deduce as being the result of the News station's budget. Nonetheless, there is a limit. We do not find News stations involving large numbers of people because there is an active limitation, an active conservation of number that may well be another "natural law" that is overlooked.

And this is not to say that different people may not be substituted with others (one or more taking the place of a given commentator) due to illness, personal assignments, injuries, person crisis, etc..., but the underlying Threee (or two, or one, etc...) pattern is sustained. The last image in the following small ensemble of "trinity/triad/tryptch" examples is that which displays a non-animate formula of the architectural columns used in ancient Greece and Rome. The three principal Greek orders layed out in succession due to increasing ornation of design are what are sometimes described as the Classical Orders labeled as Doric, Ionic, Corithian. To these three are added another two from the Roman era and are called the Tuscan and Composite, with some historical reviews including a Roman Doric type as well. Hence, both the Greeks and Romans had three principal types of architectural columns. While some readers may lump the 3 + 2 assortment into a group-of-five, others will separate them into a three and two (or three and three) formula. The point to make is that determining quantity is often dependent on some qualitative assignment due to one or another type of criteria. One criteria is to have a racial mix of whites, asians and blacks... or hispanics, while other groups such as Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, etc. are few and far between in National News settings. This is not to say that there is or isn't a large mix-and-match-as-you-will racial and gender profile behind the scenes, but up-front, there is a numerically identifiable reduction in quality (not necessarily Journalistic quality) and quantity, regardless of what reasons and rationale one uses. And let us not forget to mention that several newscasts are aired at three different times during a single day.

However, in providing the example of columns, this is not to say that the ancient Greeks or Romans consciously identified the usage of three types of columns. This categorization may be due to an imposition established by present and post-present day historians, thus also detailing the presence of a change in human mentality in which the usage of a "three" organizational pattern gives the impression of being part of an evolutionary development occurring with the human brain. For example, the New Testatment of the Bible is replete with patterns-of-three when we include traditional ideas such as three nails being used to bind Jesus to a cross. In other words, whereas there is not direct Biblical reference stating the usage of three nails, the human mind has created what may be otherwise described as an Urban Legend assemblage of ideas which focus on the usage of a given quantity, be it one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, etc... It matters not if we name it superstition, tradition, belief, assumption, fad, etc..., a given number pattern is being used instead of some other symbol. When other symbols are used, they often represent some geometric, color or quantiative variation involving one, two, or three.

Let us ask ourselves if we should call the following examples Trinities, Triads, Triptyches, Triplicities, Three-somes, etc., or simply over-look the tripartite ensemble as an irrelevance that one need not concern themselves with since the recurrence is a coincidence, a cultural artifact, or some other varible of negligibility?

3 to 1 ratio of the Today show
3 to ratio variation of Today Show commentators
CBS Trinity image 1
CBS This Morning Trinity variation 1
CBS Trinity image 2
CBS This Morning Trinity variation 2
Early Today Trinity
Early Today Trinity
Fox and Friends Trinity
Fox and Friends Trinity
Good Morning America Trinity
Good Morning America Trinity
Morning Joe Trinity
Morning Joe Trinity
Squawk Box Trinity
Squawk Box Trinity
3 greek and 3 roman architectural columns

A current model of the present solar system

By excluding the usage of all pictures, a line-up of the different number-related values of news commentators could look like the following schematic:

One newscaster
Newscasts with one Commentator.
Two newscasters
Newscasts with two Commentators.
Three newscasters
Newscasts with three Commentators.
Four newscasters
Newscasts with what are viewed as four Commentators, because a 3-to-1 (or 1-to-3) ratio is not recognizable, such as three news commentators and one weather forecaster.
Five newscasters
Newscasts with five Commentators because a 3-to-2 (or 2-to-3 or 1-1-1-1-1, 1-1-3, etc...) ratio is not seen.
Six newscasters
Newscasts with six Commentators...
Seven newscasters
Newscasts with seven Commentators...
Eight newscasters
Newscasts with eight Commentators...
Nine newscasters
Newscasts with nine Commentators...
Etc... (Television programs with large numbers of commenators can be considered an anomaly... like primitive counting systems in which the number values of 1, 2, 3... many... 4, and maybe 5 were counting limits at different historical periods, thus suggesting current themes of usage are a reiteration of humanity's development of numeracy— because the human brain lacks an evolutionary gain in this area for the whole of humanity.)

Here's an example of an intentionally staged 2 X 2 with a third (centrally placed) person designated separation used as a choreographed visual/artistic application, though other such groupings many not be intentionally staged— even though they too exhibt a recognizible small number differentiation. The difference being that the intentional one can well exhibit a cultural orientation of pattern-number, while the unintentional one may well exhibit an underlying (unrecognized) psychological disposition characteristic of the species. The "America's Got Talent" line-up presently involves a three-patterned casting involving a main judge panel, a guest judge and the show's host. whereas one can mix and match (and dispute) the arrangment of these people based on age, sex, race, personal information, etc., the fact remains is that a small quantity of people are used, whether a reader views this as being a positive or negative variable in a discussion of "threes" by including a topic concerned with an over-all enumerated distinction concerning human cognition.

America's got talent group

This next example describes a an idea involving the robbing of a train that is a commonly unacknowledged trio (or if you prefer, Trinity). Entitled "The Great Train Robbery" which many readers may be familiar with, has a three-part historical reference, though two of the events are works of fiction. And though the article does not describe the quantity of people involved in the first movie, the real-life train robbery (involving money) had seven people, and the later movie edition of The first Great Train Robbery (involving gold), had three main characters, with a few others with minor character roles such as: (cat burglar clean Willy, train coachman/guard, and person picking up the satchels of gold bars thrown from the train, not to mention four keys in three different places.)

Four Robbers in 1903 Film
The Great Train Robbery: 1903 Film
Seven Train Robbers of 1963
Seven Robbers in 1963 Britain
Three highlighted Robbers of 1978 Film
Three Robbers in 1978 Film

For those readers who are already lost in the present discussion about the "Trinity", the word Trinity is being used not only to display variegated examples of patterns-of-three, but to bring attention to a recurring mind-set that is found in a variety of subject areas, including areas of research which claim themselves to be objective and not subjective recreations of cultural fads, traditions, etc... If the usage of a "three" in different subject areas is not due to some cultural subjectivity, then we must consider that it is an expression (at least in some cases), of an objective perception(— like for example the existence of three large nuclear particles labeled Protons-Neutrons-Electrons. If one considers that even our presumed "Natural Laws" and fundamental particle ideas are not exempt from cultural impositions, then how do we see beyond the bias in order to perceive the greater truth? Or is truth only relevant to the conditions of existence to which we are exposed and made to go along with? Is established truth only that which authority imposes on the rest?

If we were to think that this group-of-three is something the human mind as created by way of some imaginative story-telling, then such may also be the case for thinking we live on the 3rd planet from a source of solar energy. In other words to paraphrase this notion, we might otherwise have to consider that humanity is not on the Third planet from a Sun and that there are not three large sub-atomic particles (protons-neutrons-electrons), and that there is no triplet code in DNA and RNA, and that the appearance that most people hold a pen or pencil with three fingers is little more than a culturally imposed illusion.

Consequently, let us ask ourselves if a recurrence of a small assortment of number patterns being used actually exists, or do we only subjectively think there are? In other words, why are so many of our day-to-day uses of different ideas represented by a small assortment of small numbers instead of very large or intermediate ones? Does the recurrence of a small assortment mean humanity is limited in its ability to think in larger orders of enumeration, or that a possessed larger order of possibility is being suppressed by an incrementally deteriorating environment that forces us to use a small assortment in order to maintain some semblance of equilibrium as an adaptive survival strategy? This is why there is a need to document the diversity of "threes" (and other number patterned) uses, in order to determine not only recurrence, but prevalence and deterioration. In other words, is there an increase (irrespective of a population increase), decrease, mixture, erosion, etc..., and what is causing such changes.

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