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Trios or Trinities or Triptych?

(or Triads, Trimurties, Triple Deity, Triunities, Trebles, Triangles, Triskelions, etc...?)

Correlations, Coincidences, or Compatible connections of a comparative cognition?

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~ The Study of Threes ~

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Many people have seen one or more of the following images in different contexts. And while they may have acknowledged the quantity of "three" in some instances and have also correlated a mental list of several examples, they have not pursued the development of an associated philosophy. Some no doubt have turned to Numerology and left both their compilation and inquiry to this realm of endeavor. Others may have decided simply to associate various "threes" examples with religion. And still others may have left their individual query dangling in their consciousness as an unknown. There is no telling how many people have viewed the various threes and other representations thereof, as a type of set theory conducive to a mathematical inquiry into human cognition. One person's folly is another person's fun is another person's personal fortune. Once you have begun to collect various pattern-of-three examples, and then enumerate them in a conscious way, the next step is to visualize them as a set-of-three, whereby the usage of the word "set" thus links the collection to the language of mathematics. However, one can not limit oneself to the language of mathematics. One must also derive labels and definitions from different subjects so as to develop a new language derived from a compilation thereof... a sort of lingua franca that develops in a market place where buyers and sellers come from different cultures and adapt themselves to the adoption of a language conducive to the business at hand. And the business here is a Threesological inquiry into human cognition involving psychology, psychiatry, sociology, biology, genetics, physics, mathematics, music, horticulture, the planetary sciences etc...

Various types of threes examples from different subject areas

Three fairy godmothers of Disney's Sleeping Beauty
3 fairy Godmothers
Three little pigs in straw, wood, stone houses
3 Little Pigs
Three Witches of Macbeth
3 Macbeth Witches
The Three Ninjas
3 Ninjas
Three out of Five Marx Brothers
3 out of 5 Marx Brothers
3 plus 1 Musketeers
3 to 1 ratio Musketeers
3 to 1 Beatles
3 to 1 Beatles

3 of "9 to 5" show
Smith, Aikman, Smith of the Dallas Cowboys
3 Dallas Cowboys stars
Alvin, Simon, Theodore
3 Chipmunks
Three Andrew Sisters
3 Andrew Sisters
The Beastie Boys
3 Beastie Boys
The Bee Gees
3 Bee Gees
The Bhatt Sisters
3 Bhatt Sisters
Bird, Parish, Mchale
3 Boston Celtics Stars
Blink 182
3 Blink 182(s)
Blue Cheer
3 Blue Cheer(s)
Boy Meets World
3 of Boy Meets World
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3 Buffy The Vampire Slayer(s)
3 Cayetana(s)
Charlie's Angels
3 Charlies Angels
City Slickers
3 City Slickers
Civil Twilight
3 City Twilight(s)
3 Count(s)
Crash Kings
3 Crash Kings
3 (of) Cream
De La Soul
3 De La Soul(s)
3 Demolition(s)
Depeche Mode
3 Depeche Mode(s)
Destiny's Child
3 Desitny's Child(ren)
Dinosaur Jr.
3 Dinosaur Jr.(s)
Dudley Boys3 Dudley Boys
Dukes of Hazzard Duncan, Ginobili, Parker Ed, Edd, Eddy Edward, Bella, Jacob Twilighters
Son, Holy Spirt, Father Ferris Buellers Day Off First Wives Club Three Founding Stallions
Freeks and Geeks The Fugees Genesis Ghost Busters
Ghostly Trio The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Goodfellas Green Day
Gretsky, Kurri, Messier Harry Potter Hocus Pocus Horrible Bosses
House of Pain Huey, Dewey, Louie Irani Sisters Jimi Hendrix Experience
Johnson, Kareem, Worthy Jonas Brothers Jordan, Pippen, Rodman Kim, Kyle, Khole
Kingston Trio Kolhapure Sisters Lizzie McGuire Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz
Mangeshlar sisters Manny, Moe, Jack Mean Street Pose Mod Squad Televison show
Mohan Sisters Montana, Rice, Craig Mukerji Sisters Muse
Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura Nat King Cole Trio New World Order (Wrestling) Angle Nicole, Erica, Jaclyn Dahm
Nirvana Old School Orphan Black Peter, James, John
Peter, Paul, Mary Plastics Portshead Powerpuff Girls
Reddy Sisters Run DMC Rush Salt -n- Pepa
Sam, Dean, Castiel of Supernatural Television show Seinfeld 3-to-1 ratio Snap, Crackle, Pop Rice Krispies cereal characters Kirk, McCoy, Spock of Star Trek fame
Star Wars Trio Han, Leia, Like Sublime Superbad Swedish House Mafia
Team Angle Team Extreme The Big Lebowski The Bold Type
The Brood The Burbs The Hangover The Police
The Shield Three Gatlin Brothers Three Ronetts Three Amigos
Three basic board game moves The Three Bears Fairytale Three cellular energy sources Three domains of life model
Three main types of Eating Disorders Socrate's, Plato, Aristotle Three Fates Three Grammatical Tenses
Three Jewels overlap: Buddha, Dhahma, Sangha Three Keys Escape Game Three kinds of eaters Three Kings motion picture
Three Kings Day Celebration in Spain and Latin America Three main rock types: Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic Three male body types Three Musketeers plus D'artagnan
Three Nuclear Radiation Types Bluto, Olive, Popeye Three Ronetts Three sentence ending punctuations
The Three Stooges Three sub-atomic particles The Three Tenors Three categories of colors: primary, secondary, tertiary
Singlet, Doublet, Triplet Microtubules Three wishes of the geni Threes Company Television show characters Tina, Gene and Louse cartoon characters
TLC group featuring Tionne (tboz) Watkins, Lisa (left eye) Lopes and Rozonda (chilli) Thomas Too Cool and Rikishi wrestling trio The Travancore sisters Triadic Cell Theory
Tribond Board Game Trinity of Noted Chinese Philosophers Trinity of Eating Utensils combined with mathematical history Three types of geophysical faults
The Microtubule Trinity A Trinity of Philosophers The Trinity of a phony Democracy 3 to 1 Trinity of dimensions
A Trinity of theories about the shape of the Universe 3 to 1 Trinity of water phases The Hindu Trinity or Trimurti Trinity plus One Monarch butterfly generations
Trinity plus one horses of the Apocalypse Trinity plus One Matter phases Trinity plus One of the Hindu Vedas Trinity of Carbohydrates
The Triominos game Trinity of chemicals used for Execution Hegel's Trinity Formula Trinity of the Multi-sport triple
3 to 1 American football options seen in business, politics, religion, and science 3 to 1 perspective of Baseball plays Triple Threat Incarnation wrestling group Trinity of mass destructions
The Trumph music Trio Paul MacLean's Trinity of  Brain Divisions Wendy, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell trio Trinity of Horse racing bets
Trinity of Workaholics cast members Wyatt Family Trinity Trinity of Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs Yo Lo Tengo Trinity
Yugoslavian Tarzan Trinity collection Zig Zag Trinity ZZ Top Trinity

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