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While previous Home pages dealt with an introduction to the ongoing research project in a simplistic sense, this version shall deal with a specific application for those who are already familiar with the "Threes phenomena" that some may want to intellectually define as "phenomenology". However, in as much as I should provide a short introduction... let me briefly supply some alphabetically arranged links where different perspectives can be reviewed, for those who are not familiar with the idea of mentally cataloging ideas into a pattern-of-three framework:

Here are three links for Dr. Dundez's article "The Number Three in the American Culture" which appeared in an old 1967-1968 book entitled "Every Man His Way" (which is a collection of different Cultural Anthropology readings):

And let me acknowledge the greatly valued assistance of Simon Kelsey whose own research and exploration efforts into the Threes Phenomena has offered invaluable insights and provided numerous links from which were derived ideas that have led to a greater understanding. I am indebted to him. I provide a reference to his 3-to-1 idea received via e-mail:

It's interesting (wittingly or otherwise) that you refer to 3+1. This is what I refer to as triune, literally 3:1. The "THREE" realm is more: Abstract, Contextual, Analytical & Theoretical. It is primarily about Understanding. However the "ONE" realm is: Concrete, Objective, Synthetical & Practical. And it's primarily about Achieving. The relevance of this is that as I am trying to put triune into action through design, I'm more & more drawn to ONE, bringing together, synthesis, unification, integration & oneness. It's a question of emphasis. The three is implicit & always there, but if the goal is achievement, then the number is ONE. Switching back to understanding, however, this results in another set of triunes:

  • -Ideas | Three | Understanding | Contextual | Abstract | Intellect
  • -People | Two | Enjoying | Narrative | Personal | Affections
  • -Things | One | Achieving | Objective | Concrete | Volition

We can find examples of three-patterned ideas in various subjects, some of which relate to efforts at using the pattern to define a personal Cosmology, though in some instances the "three" may be combined with another enumerated pattern such as "four". Hence, there will an abiding reference to using a three/four measure such as in the case of A.I. Stepanov: Three to One ratios page C, or John Gowan: General Systems and Astrology: A Statistical Test. John Gowan's approach encompasses a much larger Cosmological interpretation involving a 3/4 (triple/tetrahedron or Quadratic), though the word "quaternion" might be better applied in that where John Gowan sees a "four" structure, I see a 3 -to- 1 ratio. While the same information is being viewed, it is interpreted differently. Nonetheless, some of the language being used by John Gowan makes for an interesting read since he is dealing with some of the same interpretive issues that many people encounter when they are inter-relating divergent sources of information.

By trying to apply a "threes" concept to a real-world circumstance, I ventured into the realm of political thinking and came up with a series of essays which can be found at another site: Page list in Communist and Socialist series. And for those wondering, no I am not a Communist nor Socialist... I am a Threesologist "dabbling" in the cauldron of political ideology which is quite a stew... particularly when looking at the nonsense being practiced by the American electoral system with respect to the incredibly stupid Presidential election fiasco of 2016. America should both be embarrassed and ashamed that such a pathetic mess is allowed to occur... and does so as an indication of an underlying government originating social dysfunctionality.

Politically speaking, I am a Cenocrat (that can be generally stated as Revolutionist seeking a New Liberated Government). In a series of essays, I chose to focus on an intent to reach out to Communists and Socialists because they tend to be the most willing to think in terms for the necessity of altering the structure of government and not merely replacing one useless politician for another or by making some legislative alteration that does not appreciably alter the many social issues we continue to be confronted with. (Communists and Socialists, like those advocating the adopted usage of an "Actual Democracy", unlike the many forms of phony democracy being practiced today... want to improve government, whereas those advocating an Anarchy type of socialization want to get rid of government almost entirely; and is an idea clearly suggestive of a romanticized adolescent Utopianism that was quite prevalent during the "free-love" hippie era where people were encouraged to act like promiscuous primates in a jungle). However, an over-riding problem with Communists and Socialists is that their ideas are so personalized that they become disparagingly fractionalized that it is difficult for them to come together in any collective sense, in order to create a social movement of any great worth. Many adamantly refuse to look beyond their own immediate perspectives to find a common, work-together ground that does not seek to use one another to get control of a government and then systematically get rid of former patriots as rivals wanting to exercise their own ulterior motives once dissolution of a former government has been achieved.

The approach I took was similar to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in their Communist Manifesto as an expression of a cognitive style utilizing an analyses of History. The problem with their approach is that it relied too heavily on making the point of contrasting between the Bourgeois and Proletarians, and then taking this pattern-of-two and applying Hegel's three-patterned "Thesis- Antithesis- Synthesis" to it; to create what they assumed was a "Scientific Socialism" (or Scientific Sociology, if you prefer). While they were attempting to describe basic cognitive patterns, they neither knew how to appreciably denote them as such... nor search for precedents further back in time... or how to identify them in other subject areas. However, let us fully recognize that they did not have the accumulated information available today. They can be forgiven about not knowing DNA's triple coding as it is commonly recognized today, as well as numerous other examples that make for a more comprehensive understanding about human cognition and its (biological) developmental parameters in our Earthly environment.

While previous experiments with Communism and Socialism have failed, it should be noted that there are examples, as described on this page: America's Practice of Socialism and Communism. Yet, the application of a "Full Blown" practice of Democracy also is absent from the world, though a version of "Direct Democracy" can be seen in Switzerland. However, it's size is nothing like that of China, Russia and several other countries that have not developed Democratic formulas which could be applied to them. But the failure of such governing formulas may have less to do with ideology and more to do with environmental conditions which do not permit such ideas to be fully realized. While Political Scientists, Sociologists and those in the general public who are interested in Social reform may turn their sights on particular social conditions as the culprit which keeps a better government from being established, it may be of value to look further back into the history of the environment from which the history of societies sprouted forth... if in fact we are to assume that though progress takes time, in time we will progress.

Irrespective of what one's idea of "progress may mean", or how we might define the notion of "better government", this is more often little more than an assumption derived from the observation of birth and growth cycles in different life forms. Yet, we overlook the part about death, unless it is used in the context of being a type of manure for a future generation... like a phoenix that arises anew from ashes. So let us take a very long step backwards in time, prior to human civilization and even life's development on Earth, and try to construct what the Early Earth was like with respect to the formative environment of life without going too deep into a chemistry that is still being unraveled. For example, because we have concluded that the building blocks of life from which a triplet coding system in DNA and RNA may have been trained by a three-patterned environmental impression, we need to reconstruct how such an impression would have come about by what was existing at that time.

Such an impression most likely was wide-spread and long lasting. Despite the initial inhospitable-to-life climate which previously existed, conditions changed which permitted a triple code to solidify as a dominant theme. Likewise, a dominant theme would have to be created by planetary conditions which were sustained so that hits and misses in the trial and error developmental stages did not have to become "confused" by the presentation of multiple impressions. Hence, there was a conservation of a recurring "three" pattern. But, let us not overlook the fact that life is possible because of the Sun. Hence, it is of value to look at it to see if it provides a triple pattern as seen from Earth, through the means of perception (reaction) that basic genetic materials had. The triple pattern that the Sun appears to provide as a role model can be recognized when we take into consideration that the Earth's rotation was faster then than it is today. As such, the three "moments" known as dawn, noon, dusk would have created a triple strobe-light effect.

For those who don't agree with this hypothesis, then they are welcomed to point some other three-patterned image creating event that was sustained over a very long time. For those who do consider it a possibility, let us fast forward to the present in order to recognize that not only is the rotation rate slowing down, but that the Sun is enlarging towards the Earth. As it enlarges, the three "moments" (dawn, noon, dusk) are fusing into a "one moment" as the Sun fills the sky, as crudely illustrated in the following first image, with the second image resulting in a similar scenario by way of the slowing Earth's rotation:

3 in 1 fusion of solar moments (15K) In this scenario, the enlarging Sun causes the "three moments" (dawn, noon, dusk) to "fuse" together, creating a "3-to-1" ratio. If the triplet patterns in DNA and RNA (our tripartite anatomy, etc.) and various 3 to 1 ratio examples are symbolic extensions of such an environmental event, then we must become aware that further changes in the planetary events will have an impact.
Motionless Earth (191K) While it is considered that slowing of the Earth's rotation will be many years in the distant future, incremental changes have an effect on our biology nonetheless, which life forms adapt to in concert with measures to maintain a relative state of equilibrium as the environment continues to decay. Our ideas, as survival mechanisms, rationalize the importance of a given belief (economic, education, governance, political, philosophical, social, theological, etc...), that bind us to a life preserver headed towards a waterfall.

Granted that effects can could be more readily seen if the slowing occurred quickly, the point to be made is that even slow events require adaptation to... even if most people are oblivious to such because of short life spans and poor documentation for future generations.

Solar and Lunar triangular paths (18K)
Globalized perspective
False circular path of Sun and Moon  (4K)
Localized perspective partially globalized
False linear path of Sun and Moon (4K)
Localized perspective

Here's a link to other forms of the line-circle-triangle subject: Evolutionary 3s page B

While the forthcoming video provides a glimpse of the Sun's triangular path that is often (wrongly) depicted in a linear or circular fashion; the relationship of the triangle image as an impression occurring over hundreds of millions of years, is not taken into account of how its change (due to a slowing Earth) will have an impact on life forms. The triangle image, as a type of "branding iron", no doubt created the influence from which various triangular designs came to mind, such as pyramids, v-shaped engine blocks, V-shaped flight formations (aircraft, migratory birds) etc... It not only is the slowing of the earth and its climate changes which will affect biology, but also the change in the triangle(s) (moon and sun), the three "moments" of the Sun, and the night/day sequences. The following movie needs to be re-done, or a different one made altogether, in order to incorporate a larger appreciation of the effects created by the change in associated patterns. Our concepts, religion, science, government, etc., are changing in accord with the changes in the associated patterns exhibited by the Sun, Moon, Earth triad.
The first image is the exhibited triangular sequences pattern when the entire Earth is looked at. It gives the impression of a multi-legged octopus, a star fish, engine camshaft, gear wheel, Wankel engine, Indian Tepees, Pyramids, martial arts stars, etc..., The second image is of the Wankel engine interior for those who are not familiar with the design. The third image is a bird's eye view of the sky dome which exhibits a striking similarity to the Wankel engine. The similarity speaks of an underlying impression imbedded in the human psyche from a more basic environmental impression. Employment concerns, cultural inclinations and individual physiological (health-) based psychologies can distort or clarify such impressions.
starfish earth (2K)
Threes Hypothesis, supplement 1
wankel engine (29K)
Six pac, Mazda the rx rotaries
skydome (34K)
IBI projects: Skydome

The rainbow is a good example of a localized perspective that can alternatively be called a perspective of a local event. Interestingly, we can frequently find instances of one- and two- arch variations, with a three-arch example more rare, and sometimes referred to as a Reflection Rainbow:

Single Arch
1 arch rainbow (35K)
Double Arch
2 arch rainbow (26K)
Triple Arch (reflection rainbow)
3 arch rainbow (45K)
Human made single arch
St.LouisArch (11K)
Human made double arch
doublearches (22K)
Human made triple arch
Human made triple arch (64K)

And yes, there are examples of more than three-arch configurations most of which are human-made:

four arches example (42K)
Four Arches example
five arches example (73K)
Five Arches example
six arches example (20K)
Six Arches example
seven arches example (59K)
Seven arches example
multiple arches example (92K)
Multiple Arches example

(Multiplicity gives me the impression of infant babbling or someone stuttering. Perhaps such repetitions indicate either a cognitive overlap or a mental "stuck in the mud" reflection.)

However, we humans have three foot arches:

The Three Arches of the Foot

The foot has three distinct arches. Two longitudinal arches (one on each side) run from front to back; one transverse arch runs across the midfoot from inside to outside.

  1. Medial Longitudinal Arch- The medial longitudinal arch is the most prominent foot arch and what is typically referred to as simply, "the arch." It runs from front to back along the inside of the foot. This arch absorbs the majority of the shock of impact while walking, jumping or running.

  2. Lateral Longitudinal Arch- The lateral longitudinal arch runs parallel to the medial longitudinal arch but is along the outer edge of the foot.

  3. Transverse Arch- It runs across the midfoot from outside to inside. This arch also provides support and flexibility to the foot.

The arches of the foot are maintained not only by the shapes of the bones as well as by ligaments. Also, muscles and tendons play an important role in supporting the arches.

Foot Types

The arches, along with the other tissues of the foot, help determine a person's foot type.

The most common foot types include:

  • High Arches
  • Neutral Foot Type
  • Flat Feet

High Arches: A high arch is also called pes cavus or cavus foot. As the height of each person's arches varies normally, it may not be a problem. They can be hereditary. A high arch can be more prone to overuse injuries when you play sports or run. High arches do not absorb shock as well or provide as much support while walking. You may benefit from cushioned shoes and custom-molded shoe inserts to help with shock absorption.

Flat Feet and Fallen Arches: Babies and children often appear to have flat feet because they have fat pads on the sole of their feet. They usually develop a more distinct arch. Adults can have flexible flatfoot or can acquire a flatfoot deformity when the posterior tibial tendon becomes weak, which is often called fallen arches. If flexible flatfoot is painful, custom shoe orthotics and stretching the Achilles tendon is often recommended. For adult-acquired flatfoot, the treatment may progress from custom shoe orthotics to a walking boot and physical therapy or even surgery.

Source: Sports Medicine: Foot Arches

feet types image 1(88K)
Foot and
feet types image 2 (67K)
Pointe Performance

A basic course in Architecture, might well provide students with a list of basic arch types (of "true" arches)... and by extension, (though some instructors may not delve into the basics of psychology and imprinting)— are symbolic representations of the Natural dome of the sky influenced by the impressions relatively perceived from celestial objects such as the patterns exhibited by the triangular images of the sun and moon... even if the impressions are perceived subliminally... that is, unconsciously:

arches (146K)
The Mind of Architecture... Architecture Basics: Arches

As another example of triangles around a circular object, the three-satellite configuration is a basic one, though it looks like a simple drawing of the wankel engine.
3 satellites (21K)
Three Satellites problem

Real-time Satellites in Google Earth

Additional information sources:

Tutorial: Satellite Coverage

When using two satellites it is not possible to position them 180° apart, as the orbited body obstructs the line-of-sight they require. To provide near-100% coverage of an orbital body with only two satellites (at 180° separation) requires a very large a (altitude) to r ratio (radius of orbited body such as the Earth) and is not optimal. Keep in mind that the two satellites cannot communicate directly (via line-of-sight) and you will need to take measures to ensure connectivity is maintained.

Delft University of Technology: Satellite Configurations

A satellite is defined as something that's orbiting something else. Various satellite configurations exist today mostly depending on the type of stabilization and/or the use of solar wings or body mounted panels. We distinguish:

  • Three-axis stabilized vehicles
  • Spinners
  • Other

Introduction to satellite communications

PERIGEE and APOGEE are two, of the three parameters used to describe orbital data of a satellite. Perigee is the point in the orbit nearest to the center of the earth. Apogee is the point in the orbit the greatest distance from the center of the earth. Both distances are expressed in nautical miles. The Angle of Inclination (angle between the equatorial plane of the earth and the orbital plane of the satellite) is the third parameter used to describe the orbit data of a satellite. Most satellites orbit the earth in orbital planes that do not coincide with the equatorial plane of the earth. A satellite orbiting in any plane not identical with the equatorial plane is in an Inclined Orbit.

Here is one portrayal of the idea involving the Slowing of the Earth's rotation. Unfortunately, the author(s) are not taking into account the recurrence of patterns-of-three as an indication of a recurring environmental event(s) involving planetary activity.

What if the Earth Stoppd Spinning

What if the Earth Stopped Spinning

Future Humans??? 304,000,000 years from now 1 rotation per year(?)
earth 1 day rotation (16K)
Future Humans 56th Century 364.17 days
25 hr rotation(?)
earth 25 hr. rotation (16K)
Future Humans 53rd Century 365.17 days
24 hr rotation(?)
earth 24 hr. rotation (16K)
Present day to 350 million years ago 365 to 387 days
23 hr rotation(?)
earth 23 hr. rotation (16K)

cambrian period (130K)

370+ million years ago 411 days
22 hr rotation(?)
earth 22 hr. rotation (16K)
500 to 700 million years ago 412 to 434 days
21 hr rotation(?)
earth 21 hr. rotation (16K)
800 to 900 million years ago 444 to 454 days
20 hr rotation(?)
earth 20 hr. rotation (16K)
1 billion+ years ago

earth 19 hr. rotation (16K)
earth 18 hr. rotation (16K)
earth 17 hr. rotation (16K)
earth 16 hr. rotation (16K)
earth 15 hr. rotation (16K)
3.5 to 4 billion years ago 1,095+ days
8 hour rotation(?)
earth 8 hr. rotation (16K)

Table source: Are Humans Rotation Rate Specific?

And yes, if you use different references to mark the procession of time, you can come up with different equations. I even came up with one rate to suggest that some 3.5 to 4 Billion years ago, the rate of Earth's rotation was 2 hours long! Nonetheless, we nee a movie which will describe the patterns exhibited by the Sun and Moon with respect to different rotation rates. The "patterns" to which I speak of are the ongoing changes in irradiation effects that have developed and will change the underlying fundamental structure of our one, two, three-patterned thinking patterns (including the linear-circular-triangular configurations).

Astonishingly, far too many people do not fully appreciate the value of the Sun as the initiator of life... and as such, its patterns— relative to the Earth's behavior in association with it, are those which biology reflects... though distinct micro-environmental circumstances play a part as a tool by which the patterns are contoured in accordance with. In short, if you take away the Sun, you take away life. If you take away the patterns, you will remove them from life. Life variously exhibits, within the context of organism variability due to the structure within a given environmental niche'; those environmental patterns they are subjected to, like the concentric rings of a tree:

growth rings (52K) tree rings (43K) tree rings music (53K)

Tree rings are growth rings but we could use the labeling as growth layers, growth levels, growth changes, change in experience, differences in experience, changes over time and place, accumulations, alterations, Developmental sequencing (such as numbers: 1,2,3...), lineup, follow up, frequency increase, etc... Such changes can take the form as circles, loops, arches, triangles, columns, sounds, tastes, impressions, dreams, impulses, intuitions, etc... In fact, we some might use the label "finger prints" which are said to be different for everyone, except that we all have them, nonetheless. The differences in finger tips and ears are commonly shared characteristics of our humanity.

A germ layer is a collection of cells, formed during animal embryogenesis. Germ layers are only really pronounced in the vertebrates. Germ layers will eventually give rise to all of an animal’s tissues and organs through a process called organogenesis.

  1. However, all animals more complex than sponges (eumetazoans and agnotozoans) produce two or three primary tissue layers (sometimes called primary germ layers).
  2. Animals with radial symmetry, like cnidarians, produce two called ectoderm and endoderm, making them diploblastic.
  3. Animals with bilateral symmetry produce a third layer in-between called mesoderm, making them triploblastic.

Source: Science Daily: Germ Layer

germ layer derivatives (190K)

See also: The Embryo Project Encyclopedia: Germ Layers/ Kate MacCord (2013-09-17)

In short, evolution (whether you believe in adaptation or not), is an illustration of a series of developmental growth... though some body plans appear to have not undergone much change such as those prehistoric species that have been found alive (such as the Coelacanth). However, there should be some appreciation for developmental differences which may take place internally or biologically (such as virus protection) that are not easily seen or recognized. Wikipedia: Photoperiodism is the effect of light/dark on plants and animals because this behavior was established long before plants and animals came on the scene of life. Basic biology was entrained to the sequences of light/dark long ago when Earth's conditions presented an accelerated spinning Earth. Hence, being entrained to such a pattern means that a change in the pattern will effect plants and animals (including the human animal).

If there had not been a long-enduring and wide-spread occurring pattern-of-three, it is doubtful that the triplet coding in DNA and RNA would have come into being... much less the three germ layers... or at the very least, a three-patterned concept thereof. As a recurring pattern themselves, this pattern then can them become a type of role model figure which can influence other three-patterned expressions... but it does not have to perform this function. Similarly, if you removed the recurrence of the two-patterned night/day sequence from the Sun and Earth interaction, all activities related to this pattern would at sometime or another cease to exist as well, unless they have created their own self-sustaining two-patterned functionality. Likewise, because of the incremental decay of both two and three-patterned influences, any and all activities which were created by such influences will similarly decay. And because that decay is headed for a fusion of these patterns, the "one, two, three" patterns will also fuse. (The one Sun, with a two-patterned night/day sequence coupled to a three-patterned dawn-noon-dusk).

It may be difficult for some readers to appreciate the idea of a "three-patterned strobe light and 3 -into- 1 fusion effects" occurring from the Sun with respect to a relationship with the Earth whose rotation is slowing; thus requiring the usage of another analogy. Since understanding how the angle of the Sun to the rotating Earth can cause differences in the intensity of irradiation that translate into a readily discernible "1, 2, 3" impression may not be appreciated, we can use another type of sensory medium, such as sound, to provide the same image related to differences in intensity. The following image, if sound accompanied it, could well describe differences in sound if one were subjected to a single rotating speaker whose only objects to bounce sound off of were the Earth and the Moon. The image not only uniquely displays three different sources of sound, but the rotation helps to illustrate the rotation of the Earth as well as how the sound from the three different intensities... due to position, overlap. The surrounding emission of light can be viewed as sound being projected outward just as the rays of the Sun do, or may be viewed as background "noise" coming from outer-space.... yet different intensities dissipate over time and distance. For example, the background noise of space may not be the same that would be heard (detected) if we were in a space ship trillions of light years away from the presumed "Big Bang" effect. In other words, instead of trying to understand the differences in solar intensity due to light-spectrum intensities coupled to heat, one can see that there will be three distinct patterns due to the direction of sound, and in what position the speakers are in. Similarly, for those who have been subjected to rotating sirens to tell a population that the possibility of something dangerous is approaching, the intensity of sound emitted from such speakers changes as it rotates. Typically, one speaker is used in a rotating fashion instead of multiple speakers. The pitch of sound changes due to rotation and is not necessarily inherent in the sound itself.

The reason for bringing up the alternative example is that the "expansion" of the Sun is frequently being described as an event that will take place billions of years in the future during the Sun's trek towards a burnout:

image series of Sun evolution (223K) Death of a Sunlike Star: How It Will Destroy Earth (infographic)

While some readers will focus on the information and extract the notion of a distinct "expansion phase" in the life of a Sun, they may not view the so-called phase as part of an overall process taking place right now. Additionally, they may only view the idea of an "expansion" due to physical size and not an alteration in the intensity of irradiation (because of a slowing Earth rotation) as a type of presently ongoing "fusion" process that affects biology and ideology.

For those wondering what this has to do with a social governance theory, it describes an ongoing event which is causing our three-patterned ideas to fuse together; clearly denoted by the Christian concept of the Trinity described as "three persons in 1 godhead" as well as the "E Pluribus Unum" (out of many, one... with the word "many" referencing the "3" in terms of an old number-based quantitative concept in the development of numbers amongst primitive peoples denoted as the three-patterned "one-two-many" counting sequence, though "two" in the following youtube example doesn't come up and the word "many" is referencing a "four" quantity. Please also note that "time" is referenced by the position of the Sun... because of its influential patterns.) Nonetheless, the "one-many" illustrates a primivity captured in the American monetary system, and there are other sources which explicitly define a "one-two-many" sequencing. The "one-many" is a two pattern and the "four" is a doubling thereof, indicating a transition to a three-based utterance seen in infant babbling.

Is one, two, many a myth?

Interestingly, if your read the article from where the YouTube example originated, there is a comment concerning a type of counting that overlooks the patterns-of-three by way of repetition:

1= one
2= two (this too is a singular quantity reference)
3= two and one (this is a dual quantity reference unless you include the "and")
4= two and two (this is a dual quantity reference unless you include the "and")
5= hand (singular)
6= hand and one (dual or triple)
7= hand and two (dual or triple)
8= hand and two and one (triple or five)
9= hand and two and two (triple or five)
10= two hands (singular or dual)

(The usage of the word "and" can be viewed in terms of a point of demarcation like the usage of a "comma" when writing number sequences beyond three places such as ones- tens- hundreds[,] thousands...) In addition, the reverse of this idea is not taken into consideration such as reading (and speaking it as "many- two/2/to- one", or "many-one"... such as "out of many comes one".

All our ideas, including social and economic theories, are being subjected to an environmental event that is causing us to make incremental adjustments as an adaptive characteristic in an effort to maintain an equilibrium. And just because I use the word "incremental", it is of need to point out even though the Sun is growing incrementally larger, this doesn't mean it can not produce wide-spread large effects because of solar flares... and that humanity frequently exhibits its own "social flares" of activity that, because of our global inter-connectivity, can affect billions of lives.

The failure of the Communist Manifesto was that it expressed ideas that did not look deep enough into the past, nor wide enough into different subject areas. Marx was concerned with labor and yet he did not live a life in which he had to labor in the conventional sense of a laborer. He labored as an intellectual, and no doubt engage in intellectualization as a defence mechanism from warding off feelings of denigrating self-perception with respect to his many years of unemployment that he sought some compensation for by fomenting conditions which were like someone calling for a fight between two defined oppositions... though Mark and Engels also identified a third social class called the Aristocracy. In short, the cognitive orientation of Marx, Engels and their adherents was based on a "two-pattern" transitioning into a "three-pattern". However, those who today consider themselves to be more advanced thinkers because of a dominant orientation toward a "three-patterned" cognitive style, may in fact be using three items in a dominant two-patterned way by emphasizing a dichotomy such as "Thesis/Anti-thesis" to which is added a third item such as "Synthesis" instead of portraying it in the fashion of "Yin-Unity-Yang".

No less, one may resort to a usage of multiple three-patterned ideas, but the ideas being used are of a minor variety or superficial representation. For example, one may regularly use a three-patterned reference such as "three clothes-pins" and another use the phrase of "three eating utensils". While each has importance in context, they may be superseded by other three-patterned ideas in more important contexts... with some considered as being important all the time... such as an observance of time in terms of seconds, minutes and hours. Hence, when we discover a Sociologist describing three traditional social classes (lower, middle, upper), and a Physicist describing three large atomic particles (protons, neutrons, electrons), and a card dealer dealing out kings, queens and jacks; all of them can be place into a subservient position with respect to the idea that all are similar cognitive representations of an environmental event which set the stage for such a recurring pattern usage.

By engaging in a reference such as denoting three types of government (Communism, Democracy, Socialism)... yet not taking into consideration that they represent a cognitive style found in other subject areas which, altogether represent a similar beginning that originates in an historically distant environmental event that has (and is) undergoing change; we can not adequately find solutions to recurring social problems that arise due to a cyclical environmental circumstance that can not be addressed with conventional considerations which amount to mere recognition of problems like the acceptable change of a season. In other words, our efforts to address social problems in a definitive sense can not be accomplished if they are bureaucratically static and the social problems themselves have a dynamic nature to them. Alterations in the usage of three-patterned concepts over-time can conceal that the basic pattern itself is undergoing change. A usage of a given concept in one culture and language that comes to be altered into the customs of another culture and its language, while it becomes replaced in the first culture by another concept; may have no one to recognize that a change has taken place in the form of a fusion taking place. For example, the idea of the Christian Trinity is assumed by some to have originated in the pagan reference of three different gods which gave reference to the Sun's three moments (biologically significant changes in irradiation):

3 ancient Egyptian gods for solar "phases": Horus (morning) - Ra (noon) - Atum (dusk)

This orientation can likewise be seen in the old Trinity of the Celtic Brigantian Empire: Virgin - Mother - Crone, where life's stages can be seen as a metaphor for the three solar moments whose independent distinctions are aligned with differences in irradiation along a triangular path that can be seen more easily with time elapsed photography, though as a young boy I had recognized the triangular path by simply watching the Sun. I simply assumed everyone saw this same image until it became clear to me many decades ago that such an image was not to be found nor even made mention of. The angle of the Sun created by the rotation Earth causes changes in the colors of the Sun... and thus also contributes to differences in biological effects, though plant growth differences are most noted.

sun colors (26K) Solar and lunar V-shaped paths (19K)
Solar Mythology Revisited page 3

Not only do we have the three-patterned strobe-light effect, but also a triangular image that has been variously described in anatomy, pyramids, shapes of aircraft, bowling pin arrangement, v-shaped flight formations, etc... Hence, we see a conservation (limitation) of pattern usage being exhibited by the Sun due to the proximity and behavior of the planet Earth. Such a restricted quantity and quality means that the quantity and quality of life is going to be conserved as well, even though millions of different kinds of life have been recorded; when it is revealed that their basic structural plan revolves around a triplet DNA model. This conservation includes the diversification of all life forms even if we humans are overwhelmed by the quality or quantity. The perception of Nature does not have to be similarly over-whelmed just because our cognitive limitations are. We should not be so quick to judge whether a quality and quantity of a given subject is large if we ourselves have difficulty in comprehending it. The diversity of species may not be as diverse as humans consider it to be.

On the other hand, if Nature is more diverse than we actually imagine it to be, this may be a tell-tale indication of a greater potential, but that this potential is restricted because of the life-imposing patterns inherent in the circumstances of the Sun and its relationship to the Earth. In other words, given a different environmental set-up, instead of a bunch of recurring three-patterned ideas, we might well have a bunch of recurring 999 patterned ideas. While some may want to argue that our physiology is ideally designed for the present environment, it is of need to point out, again... that the environment is decaying. The Sun is enlarging towards a burnout, the Moon is receding, and the Earth's rotation is slowing down... and there's nothing we of the present age can do about it... except perhaps engage in a National industry to get the entire (willing) public to seek colonization elsewhere, just as was the case for the creation of many countries... by way of colonization. Other than such a directed move and utilization of all available resources, we are simply adapting to the process of decay which is taking us along with it... accompanied by sociological ideas whose "progressive" direction is one of decay.

The Martian motion picture (49K)

As depicted in the movie "The Martian" starring Matt Damon in the title role with other "name brand" stars (as a type of misplaced human cosmology), if he had nothing else to rely on but religious ideology, he might not have faired so well in his survival attempts. His "Threesology" was focused on securing a water supply, a food supply, and an oxygen supply. While praying to a trinity from one or another might provide some emotional and psychological comfort, without having some basic knowledge of survival which instigates exploratory and "tinkering" behaviors, a person can not survive. While there is a time for a given type of "Threesology" in particular circumstances, a knowledge of additional three-patterned ideas or a practiced reliance on three-patterned organizational constructs (whether one is aware of them or not), can be useful... if even to realize the need for a given dichotomy (opposition/separation), dualism (dual nature of a causal singularity... one thing causes another thing that can be reciprocal), and duality (complementary... such as Yin and Yang are said to be complementary pieces of a whole). Hence, three types of "two-patterned" structures can be seen and applied if necessary. However, if one focuses principally on a "two" in any singular way, the other applications can become overlooked. Then again, those with a strong religious mind may not care to venture beyond "Mother Earth".

In an attempt to design the premise for a New Government (being referred to as a Cenocracy), the creation of a Manifesto must entail a more comprehensive analysis of developmental biology with respect to observable patterns which are considered to be "reflections", "resonances", "echoes", "branded impressions" (from the solar "branding iron"), etc...; that can be thought of as the mold from which the pattern of a pattern of a pattern surfaces... though some may view the replication through time as the distorted image of a distorted image of a distorted image (etc...) seen when one makes a copy of a copy of a copy (etc.) in a copy machine. Unless of course each person is like a new copy machine and not a refurbished one set on the same sort of chassis like some car kits that utilize a basic frame such as the old Volkswagen chassis was once widely famous for when building a dune buggy. Though we recognize DNA's triplet coding as a basic chassis upon which all life begins, the chassis is rather flexible in that it can undergo various contortions, involving the usage of internal (endo-) or external (exo-) skeletons, and some utilize a hydrostatic skeleton found in soft-bodied animals such as sea anemones and earthworms. As the linked Wikipedia article points out, one might even include the erect male penis as an example of a hydrostatic skeleton in action, perhaps noting that its flaccid state has a characteristic movement that can attract attention of a non-chalant observer (like a worm on a hook), which can cause an erection if aroused through manipulation at a vulnerable moment. (And no, the previous is not an excursion into a form of pornography.) But some readers may not consider the hydrostatic skeleton description a third type of an actual skeleton... though it is considered an internal one, and would prefer to make note of something that is solid virtually all the time.

In considering the usage of skeletons, like days of old when early social ideas had to have a protective skeletal structure in the form of a castle, moat, or large "fluid" and flexible Army; we might want to consider that the present governing ideas are primitive skeletal forms, With Communism and Socialism (if not all forms of government) as trial and error forms which continue to crop up from time to time that try out the prevailing environment from a dormancy state such as estivation, so to speak, to see if conditions are more amiable to their life cycle development, growth towards a mature state, or to stretch one's arms so to speak so that functionality doesn't disintegrate. For example, this might well imply that both Communism and Socialism (as well as Democracy) are in need of a viable skeletal structure that differs considerably from the current crude government structures. Present forms of so-called Communism, Democracy and Socialism may be akin to primitive life forms utilizing an exoskeleton like a lobster or crayfish (crustaceans) while "truer" (evolved) forms (of the same) have not firmly established the developmental sequence for creating a viable endo- (internal) skeleton.

If Communism, Democracy and Socialism can be viewed as soft-bodied (primitive) organisms, it is no wonder they are susceptible to loss of stability when the prevailing environment is so harsh and undergoing incremental changes on a planetary order related to the loss of the Moon, slowing rotation rate of the Earth, and the expansion of the Sun. Clearly then, ideas about developing a more stable government need to incorporate a flexibility with theses changes in mind and the need for focusing resources towards removing the species from Earth.

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