Threesology Research Journal: The Time when Mother Earth Used a Contraceptive
The Times When Mother Earth
Uses a Contraceptive and Abortion

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Because I am speaking of a "time" and more importantly a "time span", the information regarding the usage of a Contraceptive by Mother Earth must be placed into the context of a time-line involving:

The male is associated with the Sun, the Moon aassociated with a female
  1. The strength and effects of the Sun's irradiation over time as it has been felt on Earth.
    • No life as we know it grows on the Sun; however, the Sun has historically been associated with a man of fertility— thus it should come to no surprise that (later) ancient solar perceptions identified a "high" solar god with three individual but overlapping aspects related to the Dawn- Noon- Dusk grouping. (3 ancient Egyptian gods for solar "phases": Horus (morning) - Ra (noon) - Atum (dusk), from which the Christian Trinity arose, and may be that which influence the Trinity code in DNA.)
  2. The Moon's origination and its subsequent influence of creating biological cycles which is diminishing because the Moon is drifting away.
    • No life as we know it grows on the Moon; however, the Moon had originally had a male god representative and only later has historically associated with a woman— thus it should come to no surprise that ancient lunar perceptions identified a moon goddess with three aspects related to the two crescents and full moon. (A modern variation is the Trinity of Virgin- Mother- Crone.)
  3. The Earth's rotation rate was much faster in the past and thus its relationship to both the Sun and Moon has changed and continues to change as its rotation slows.
    • Earth houses multiple life forms whose biology expresses the influences of both the Sun and the Moon, expressed in repeating patterns (such as DNA's "Trinity" code).

Three aspects of lunar goddess contrasted with Sun god

While I have spoken about the effects of the Sun in relation to an accelerated (and subsequent slowing) of the Earth, we need also to incorporate the effects of the Moon on the Earth which would also have been effecting a strobe-like effect, not to mention its imposing presence billions of years ago as illustrated in the following image:

The changing distance of the Moon to the Earth over time must be taken into consideration as to how its patterns affected life.

It also is of need to make some psychology-based anthropomorphic correlations with the idea of a "Mother Earth":

  • Periodic geo-magnetic field flip-flop: A distinct Bipolar personality reference.
  • Dualistic night/day cycle: Her mood changes from night to day like a split personality.
  • Occasional volcanic eruptions: She gets hot under the collar and blows her top in anger.
  • Calm before the storm: common-place characteristic of many people.
  • Seasonal variations: Though temperate under some circumstances, she can be tearful, sunny and a blowhard.
  • She reaches for the stars and is sometimes a space-case.
  • Her depths are not easily fathomable.
  • Bathed by the solar wind: She sits under a sun lamp to get a tan.
  • Tsunami: Belly flop while taking a swim in the Ocean.
  • 2nd Object after Mercury with a widdershins rotation: Hence, it is prone to a Middle child syndrome.
  • Levorotatory (counter-clockwise/widdershins) spin preference: She is the 2nd witch, Mars is the 3rd witch (in training), with Mercury the 1st witch and the Moon is the old maid attendant-to-Earth whose influence is waning because she is leaving.
  • etc...

But let me not get so far ahead in the discussion that I fail to point out the apparent absence of a "Tri-theistic" reference in early themes of religious practice. What I am talking about is that in a study of religion researchers very often attempt to understand and thereby list the sequence of events of how religion evolved over the lineage of humanity. In other words, some have suggested the earliest model of a religion is expressed in the following sequence:

  1. Animism (Occurring as the first kind of religion used by humanity)
  2. Totemism (Occurring as the second kind of religion used by humanity)
  3. Dualism (Occurring as the third kind of religion used by humanity)
  4. Polytheism (Occurring as the fourth kind of religion used by humanity)
  5. Monotheism (Occurring as the fifth kind of religion used by humanity)

Now don't get upset if the foregoing doesn't jive with your own preferred list. It is meant as a basic example. It is not meant to describe particularities or peculiarities or anomalies or some exception you may have personally encountered or thought about. For example, was it the case that in a tribe or clan where animism was practiced that they used one, or two, or three, or many types of animals... thus expressing a primitive form of polytheism which we of the the present lump together under a single label and refer to a practice of animism as a type of early monotheism, though the practitioners themselves were practicing a polytheism?

Is Totemism to be described as a more elaborate form of Animism? Was it practiced Monotheistically, or Ditheistically, or Tritheistically, or Poltheistically?

And why do we so-called intelligent people of the present not have a Quadritheism or Qunititheism, etc... category? Why do we use what amounts to be a 1, 2, 3 Many sequencing, and because we humans tend to operate in cyclical patterns as taught to us culturally, psychologically, physically, and biologically, we should thus be able to identify a cyclicity with respect to the type of religious orientation being adopted which reflects a given pattern of enumeration reflecting the monality, duality, triality, polyality themes. Are we expressing our own primivity of thought or the pattern which we have been taught by an exposure to the Sun- Moon- Earth triplex?

If we can not identify a recurring usage of a triple pattern in animism, totemism, ancestor worship, or some other Nature worship once used by primitive peoples, we must conclude there was no cognitive approximation thereof, and thus perhaps meaning there has been a developmental shift in how the human brain functions. And if there were no substitute (that is, other-than a human aligned) trinity or triad or triunity such as a group of three central animals, or three plants or three hills, or three types of trees, food, tools, etc... or some combination thereof, then are we to artificially construct such if we see some assumed geometric representation like mound or pyramid or hierarchical social structure? And what of burial mounds or their larger counter-parts? Are they pseudo-pyramidal structures representing some crude triangle under which is a three-patterned influence?

Example of mounds, most of which were earthen works.

What needs to be pointed out is the lack of a Tritheism being practiced by primitive peoples, or at least such an orientation is not showing up in the Archeological record because Researchers do not know how to research in terms of identifying the expressions of a "three" theme, because their so-called University standards use an antiquated research model which uses a tally stick that doesn't include the conceptualization of a 1- 2- 3... Many formula, even though primitive peoples have used this same counting method time and again. Even though primitive peoples used this theme, so-called modern intelligent researchers don't think to look for expressions thereof in artefacts suggesting such an ideological orientation among primitive peoples was part of their day-to-day means of navigating reality.

Even though a manifest cognitive expression of using a "three" pattern occurs in the development of triangular spear and arrow heads, it is not until later researchers who themselves are immersed in an orientation of describing past activities in terms of a religious activity, do we find the presence of a recurring "three" pattern of cognitive activity. If the pattern occurs not in that defined as religion, then it is overlooked... more so if it doesn't occur as an accompaniment to other religion-defined occasions. Hence, if a group-of-three occurs on a tally stick, it is not recognized because it is not being viewed through the lens of religion. The use of the word "religion" becomes all the more important tool by which to interpret the acts and activities of humanity because a given researcher has an interest therein or some preferred hostility or agnostic regard thereto. If it is defined as being an expression of some type of faith, or spirituality, or higher consciousness orientation then it is important... otherwise, let us all disregard it as some irrelevant cognitive doodling.

If not religion, then let us deem it important because we label it witchcraft, or Wiccan-craft, or Pagan-craft, or mathematics-craft, or language-craft, or industry-craft, or commerce-craft, or government-craft, or philosophy-craft, or art-craft, or science-craft, or war-craft, or sport-craft, etc..., but never something that has not been labeled before; since present day humans think of themselves as being in possession of all words that might ever be used to describe some primitive human, primitive biology, primitive physics, etc..., or by changing eventually recognized old patterns with new verbal coinage.

In understanding my reasoning with regard to "Mother Earth" being the 2nd (middle child) witch, one must understand that she is the 2nd, or second nearest to the Sun which has a similar direction of rotation, which is counter-clockwise, and is a theme (called widdershins) that is well known in the mind's of seriously investigative alternative thinkers such as Wiccan Acolytes, Pagan Bohemianists, and Witch Covens. It is also understood that the Moon has the same widdershins-spin but has been a visiting attendant to Earth that has not tried to usurp the power of Mother Earth, but attenuate it by providing a supportive model of counsel in the form of providing directive cyclicities to be practiced.

However, her time is waning and has begun her departure with the intent of distributing the knowledge that the patterned-cyclicities she had provided were meant as a primer of education, and not as an intended enslavement nor preoccupation of behavior. And like all primers supplied to children, there must come a time when they are set aside so that the children can progress beyond such lessons by rote learning that human physiology and simply psychic impressions humanity has been subjected to. As the Moon departs, it will become ever-more increasing apparent that humanity has to move out of Mother Earth's abode and learn to fend for itself. Hence, the story of the three little pigs is a parable intimating that humanity must move to a more secure place of refuge, and that is the home of the 3rd witch that is called Mars. However, this is to be but a way-station for humanity's need to leave the Earth entirely so that it can eventually leave the solar system and then the galaxy.

When we find that all but two of the planets in the solar system turn counter-clockwise, that both the majority of Tornadoes and amino acids also prefer this direction, it does not take a complex line of thinking to associate the connectable dots to arrive at the simple illustration based on such correlations.

Planet Earth spinning counter-clockwise Counter-clockwise spinning tornado

Dominant counter-clockwise spin to multiple objects in Nature

Except for Venus and Uranus, all planetary objects rotate counter-clockwise

My intent was not to be exhaustive with the foregoing list, but to be an introductory incentive for the reader to consider alternative correlations.

As I said, you have got to understand the context to when and why Mother Earth engaged in a contraceptive activity. To do this, it is necessary to appreciate the distinction humans have assigned the role of the Sun as being male and the role of the Moon as being female, the latter view owing to the correlation between a woman's menstrual cycle, thus thinking the Moon is "Naturally" a female entity. However, most people overlook that the Lunar goddess has taken on a tripartite figure just as the Solar god has one. The Trinity of Christians has its origins in solar worship which identified three aspects related to the triangular appearing dawn- noon- dusk cycle. The Lunar Trinity is a rebellion against solar worship, but it has taken on the same symbolic "3" modeling, though it could have easily taken on a "7" profile by counting the phases of the lunar cycle.

Sun and Moon analogies to male and female

If you stand on the Earth and look at the Sun and Moon, it's quite reasonable to see why people in the past thought the Earth was the center of the Universe around which everything rotated... particularly when the human ego is so very large and self-centered. When we today say that the Sun rises and sets, this is part of the old illusion in which it was thought that the Sun rotated around the Earth. It's wrong-headedness, but it can easily be understood. But let's you and I go back in time when the Earth was first forming and then it gets slammed by some supposed meteor which impacts the Earth in such a way that the dust from the impact floats outward and is introduced to a spinning whirl-wind effect that the Earth was engaged in at a fast rate. It too then assumes a similar circularity of motion and for whatever reason(s), begin to fuse into that structure we of today call the Moon. Now let's continue with the tale:

To the above list of incidentals we must include the time-line of life's development on Earth. However, as everyone today knows, the Sun and Moon refused to bear any life... so this left the Earth, who initially wanted no part of it. That's right, good ole' Mother Earth didn't want life to begin. What's this I say? That's right, your Mommy (or Mum) Earth didn't want nor even think about you. As Clint Eastwood said you are a legend in your own mind; by having concocted the notion that Mother Earth provides for and nurtures you as some special child. Unrealistic as it may seem to some readers, humanity has proven itself to be a special needs child with high maintenance issues it refuses to grow out of this learned dependence.

For the moment, let me fast forward the story where Mother Earth either decided to bear life, or was forced to. However, unlike other time lines which may feature the catastrophic events such as glaciation periods, snow ball or slush ball scenarios with or with Dinosaur killing asteroids, I am going to include the event which began with the Earth and remains to this day. This event is the irradiation of the Sun in relation to the speed in which the Earth was spinning. And though many people are aware of the ideas concerning the notion of the 3 solar phases ("moments") labeled the Dawn- Noon- Dusk, what they don't put into perspective is that these three events become like a strobe-light (stroboscopic irradiation) effect on anything that is susceptible to such an irradiation scenario. Interestingly, we have the situation in which those interested in the Origin of Life do not consider this simple 3-pattern event billions of years ago lasting form multi-millions of years, may have been that which influenced the triplet code in DNA. By looking at a time-line which shows approximation of how short a day was the further we go back in time, you might be more readily convinced to consider the possibility that such a three-patterned strobe-like irradiation event did occur and that maybe, just maybe, it might have influence the triplet code. Owing to the fact that different life forms occurred at different intervals of the Earth's rotation may well suggest to you some validation of the idea that humans are rotation rate specific, and that it may not be able to adapt to a slower rotation rate, though living in artificial environments such as one's home may suggest to use some type of insulation is taking place which is training humans to have a different irradiation exposure.

Estimations of rotation rate and life form development

Rotation rates correlated to earlier moments in Earth's history

Where in the world did humanity get the idea that Mother Earth holds it in the highest regard amongst all her other offspring? Whomever sold you that London bridge ghost story, should force you to make a trek to see if the bride even exists so as to cross over it and get back to reality... particularly when, as some supposed favored child, humanity is so disrespectful and injurious to Mother Earth to the point of trying to poison her on many occasions. By this token of disrespect, humanity is to be judged insane, if not downright criminally psychotic. What sort of child does this to a parent? A very sick child. A child that not only abuses its ailing mother, but sits by and lets both individuals, corporations, religions, and governments exploit her into a state of impoverishment in so many cases that it is almost impossible for her to recover... leading to a suffering that many future generations will have to pay the price for. Alas, many believe efforts to revive Mother Earth are too few and too late. In fact, her death bed is already being warmed up. Hence, humanity's salvation lays in severing the umbilical cord it refuses to detach, and seek life away from a Home whose parent has a shelf life. Because all life forms ultimately leave the nest, the cave, the burrow, pouch, etc., so too must humanity grow up.

As far as your assumed precious Mother Earth was concerned at her inception, you were the furthest thing from her mind. And she realizes now that she has been too lenient on humanity and should have taken a tough love stance to its many pleadings to be given more, more, and still more which has created an insatiable lust from which has arisen religious concepts which claim themselves to be entitled because they feel they are chosen; or individuals who think themselves worthy because they have faithfully practiced some life-style regime which they feel makes them a prime candidate for receiving a heavenly endowment. And when Mother Earth apparently does not listen or give-in to sacrificial bartering, bargaining, battering, belittling, and badgering techniques, humanity seeks to go over her head by creating the image of a Father in a supposed Heavenly paradise which humanity claims does provide for the claimed entitlements humanity thinks it deserves.

Yet, humanity does not know who the Father is and creates fanciful tales now found in religion and Eastern philosophies which arrogantly claim they know the way, the truth and correct type of life one needs to lead in order to achieve a closeness, an immersion in some 'transcendentified' Epiphanous ascension sometimes referred colloquial to as a Oneness with their father, a Oneness with their god or some other designated Enlightened One who conveniently remains in the dark (out of sight, out of mind unless some payment or trade is made)... and yet they do not actually know whom the father is or if there are several or if Mother Earth retains the quintessential characterization of exhibiting the original Hermaphroditic state thought to have once existed and remains in plants and invertebrates... but in humans is rare. And yet, those that claim god is a father and that the Sun is the life force from which life is enabled to prosper under the conditions prepared for by the Mother Earth, they do not worship this father.

Oh No, this is not their way. They think to replace and thus displace the old solar worship associations with ideas manufactured out of some culturally designed intellectualism simplified into a symbology which exhibits the numerical references correlated with patterns of cyclicity. Thus, they are ashamed of their father... their god. They do not want their father to be an everyday laborer like the Sun is. No! They want to impress upon others that their father is a King, an exalted character who either has no name or is said to be nameless or be called a god... the one and supreme. Yes, this is the view of men who have retained the wisdom of children trying to impress others that they are protected by a father of great strength, great wisdom, and great virtue... and not some humble servant that toils at the shovel to put more coal on the flames. Such children as these want to impress upon themselves and others they are more important than they actually are, whereby they will be treated with deference and secured entitlements that they eventually create a law or edict or stipulation or even a revelatory command for such an assurance.

Just because Mother Earth is not promiscuous, just like all pure Witches, Wiccans and Pagans, does not mean she has escaped being raped or subjected to artificial insemination; as many try to do today through transplantation, cultivation or by an extermination of plants, trees, animals, sea life, etc., including the use of artificial turf; all because of some ludicrous notion that Mother Earth's plant, animal and insect offspring are somehow of a lesser value than a humanity that has sanctioned an allowance for am over-valued sexual indulgence by calling for a fruitfulness in procreation and claiming it has dominion over all beasts and plants. Yet that fruitfulness has brought forth many bad seeds and those which ripen and rot too quickly.

You were not only unwanted by Mother Earth, but you are to this day... unloved. That's right. Humanity is not a child that deserves to be loved for all its transgressions and nefarious deeds against the Earth. Why should a Mother love a child that bites her nipples to make them bleed and fills them with a venomous disease which spreads and thus she is unable to feed other offspring as part of her Nature? Mother Earth does not love you, despite all the sincere attempts by all the matriarchal-mind Mother Earth, Mother Moon or Mother Sun worshipers or affection- feeling aficionados (affectionados). But, like so many generations before... you didn't know this about your claimed Mother Earth as being a wild (feral) creature born into a state of violence though she sought out some semblance of an equilibrium; but her inner core was not yet settled, and thus she could find no center with which to marshal the forces of her inner strength and abilities. Hence, Mother Earth is at her wits end. She can no longer afford to turn the cheek and must ramp up her onslaught against humanity. Humanity will perish in her household with her or it will decide to leave as all animals with a lesser brain do.

Fanciful idea about the Moon giving birth to Earth

However, let us be frank by saying that Mother Earth was she born alone, for along with the Sun... the Moon soon made its appearance and has had a lasting influence on the Earth's future behavior. Yet that influence is waning, for the cycles of influence have created an impasse that will create too many obstacles for the Tandem race through time to continue. The washing machine affect of the tides will continue to diminish, thus depleting the oxygen levels in the seas and killing off those life forms which do not surface for air. Let us say it forthright that neither the Earth nor the Moon have ever been promiscuous, and both were born with an attached ancient soul which they inturn have tried to impart to a few, though some have old souls and a few have young souls. And no, the Earth was not born from the moon, as some might want to think during a mood of lunar madness they might care to indulge in as an imaginative soliloquy. Yet, both the Sun and the Moon have influence life to develop by way of their rhythms. Both the Sun and the Moon play a part in the "manufacture of life" process by the impression of a few recurring patterns that are being forced to adapt to changes by adopting an alternative scenario of activity.

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