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Just as earlier humans looked to Nature and viewed its forces and planetary figures and phenomena
as gods or the acts of gods, so too can present day peoples come to accept their responsibility for
reinterpreting the same observations from a more informed perspective.

There is no absolute reason to believe in or deny the existence of a god or gods which holds humanity
in a most favored position of all creatures that may or may not exist in the Universe.

  1. A god defined by on observable nature can be labeled a rational belief.
    Personal or collective observations are not to be construed as a truth requiring acceptance by everyone.
  2. A god defined by supposition can be labeled a metaphysical belief or a guesstimation.
    Personal or collective suppositions are not to be construed as a truth requiring acceptance by everyone.
  3. A god defined by a single person's Revelation can be labeled a personal experience.
    Personal Revelations are not to be construed as a truth requiring acceptance by everyone.
  1. Mathematically speaking, the concept of god can be viewed as an irrational or imaginary number symbolically represented as:
    • A singularity (Monotheism).
    • A duality (Ditheism).
    • A triplicity (Tritheism).
    • Or plurality (Polytheism... more than three).
  2. Philosophically speaking, the creator of the Shakespearian works can be viewed as:
    • A singularity (1-person).
    • Duality (2-people).
    • Triplicity (3-people).
    • Plurality (more than 3-people).
  3. Literature-ally speaking, the lives and works of Jesus and Mohammed can be viewed as:
    • 1 inter-related soap opera.
    • 2-separate fairy tales.
    • 3-culturally elaborated fictions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism).
    • Or a plurality of lies mixed with vagaries of truth.
  4. Religiously speaking, the concept of a triplet code in DNA and RNA can be viewed as:
    • A Monotheistically collective code.
    • A Divinely paired-helix code.
    • A 3 -to- 1 Trinity code.
    • Or as a Polytheistically occurring code.
  5. Naturally speaking, the concept of the Christian Trinity can be viewed as:
    • A symbolic reference to as a single entity with 3 aspects.
    • A doublet characterization of the real and fanciful.
    • A triplet metaphorical rendering of early solar worship consisting of 3 phases (dawn- noon- dusk).
    • Or as a pluralized theism.
  6. Arithmetically speaking, the human head can be viewed as having:
    • 1- whole brain.
    • 2- hemispheres brain.
    • 3- triune divisions brain.
    • Or Many sections brain.
  7. Biologically speaking, the Bible, the Koran and the Torah can be viewed as having a primitive plant physiology such that
    together they comprise:
    • 1 cell (a singular type of monotheistic consciousness created in a similar desert setting).
    • With a 2-part binary fissioning inclination (good/evil, faithful/infidel, moral/immoral, etc...).
    • Displaying a 3- chromosomes (triploidy) interactive (collusive) growth pattern (The ideologies collude like 3 businesses).
    • From which are created (seeded) multiple mutagenic forms (multiple off-shoots)...
      • Thus requiring humanity's next Revelatory experience to be an evolutionary progress into a higher life form. All
        present day Western religions and Eastern philosophies are primitive forms of consciousness. All of them were
        once Mystery religions which stole (never intending to return) ideas from multiple "Pagan" sources because their
        originators were not intelligent nor creative enough to produce the formative ideas seen today. (It took hundreds
        of people over many generations.) Humanity must be forced out of its somnabulance into a level of conscious sobriety
        which is symbolically described as an Apocalyptic event to take place.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism were once mystery religions, cults and pagan ideologies. Indeed, all ideas are Pagan views but come to be defined in terms of their context of origination and the social position of the originator. Their earliest leaders were neither that smart nor creative in their thinking. They had a hunter-gatherer-scavenger perspective which embraced and consolidated different points of views that would later constitute part of the overall theology. In many cases, they used the revelations of others as their own. They were plagiarists of different pagan ideas who were not and could not be confronted about their thefts because mystery religions, cults, occult ideas, etc., were very often not written down and could easily be claimed to be an idea originating with those who were becoming more vocal... particularly by those who came to be psychologically overwhelmed by different ideas whose influence created the impression a person was being given a revelation that they could not keep quiet about.

They have come to collude with one another to convince the public that overlapping doctrines are a testament to a proposed validity which has been formulated from a massive borrowing of views from Pagan ideas. Those who were involved with the early developments of these religions were not creative thinkers nor were they particularly skilled in observing Nature or a fundamental model of logic. However, they were skilled in what can be described as corporate theft and a quickness to reframe and rename a perspective culled from others as their own, as well as creating a written record which at the time sufficed as a patent, trademark and copyright. Where women were allowed to participate, it was from women that major influences came about, but were later obscured... just like many women have experienced in different occupations. One example is the early development of the Christian Church with a female member named Prisca, though the Bible labels her as Priscilla. The tradition of ideas she was innovative of is called the prisca theologia, but she is denied her full due of honors because this phrase has been reassigned by male researchers into a supposed document covering all esoteric, occult, and pagan mysteries. Instead, it needs to be recognized as the Theology of Prisca. She is one of the major founders (but not the only woman) of Christianity ... a religion that is guilty of taking ideas from Pagan perspectives and claiming them as being solely Christian.

The initial Prica Theolgia is based on the views of Priscilla, but was a list of ideas which were later added on to by other thinkers. This is how the origination and originator became obscured by the actions of men who were literate enough to write and informed enough to argue their views in public settings amongst those who were interested in similar ideas.

When humanity suffered a crisis of godlessness in the form of having no central god but multiple types of belief about different god-like ideas, it turned to using multiple forms of magic, divination, oracles, and Astrology. Yes, the Stars! became an important god-like orientation that conventional religious leaders were at a loss of how to confront. When they could no longer turn to the ideas of a Solar or lunar god or goddess because the Stars appeared to be above, and thus higher than they were, conventional religious leaders stole ideas from the Pagan community involving the idea of a Universal god... a god that was "higher" than the stars, and was more dominant. Hence, Simplistically rendered we have the sequence (not intended to be comprehensive):

  • Animism → sky/ planetary gods →, Astro (star/divination/oracle)-gods →, to a Universal god.

Numerically, the sequence went from a plurality to a triplicity to a duality to a singularity, or a polytheism to a tritheism, to a ditheism, to a monotheism... yet, the sequence appears to recycle back to the cognitive orientation of a plurality then a triadism then a dualism then a singularity... and then starts over again, though any of the enumerations may occur in some ideological theme. Whereas if there is only one subject being focused on by a culture, the sequence can be seen in a literal sense, but in the case of a culture with multiple subject interests, the different numerical sequences may appear to be out of sync... if one is only looking at a single subject and not the presence of other subjects which may participate in some mental construct proportion. For example, Monotheism may be confronted by a large group asserting a Tritheism in the form of a Trinity and another group interested in trying to impose their views on religion may be absorbed with a plurality. For example, the Plurality of the LGBTQ trying to impose its perspective on relgious leaders professing a monotheism may be influenced to consider an adoption thereof, whereby the Monotheism becomes redefined to include a plural theme and hence, diluting its monotheism to the reins of those with what amounts to be a polytheistic theme.

Nature uses simple patterns that the mind of humanity sometimes uses tools such as mathematics to unravel the simple patterns but is unable to illustrate those simple patterns in other than a complex way, whereby complexity... particularly with a symbolic language makes some humans feel as if they are uniquely intuitive in using a language that only a few may fully comprehend, and thus constitutes an openly public secret society with its own ideological culture. Whereas some extol the imperative to simplify, Mathematicians think that the use of numbers and symbols configured in a given way is an expression of simplicity, albeit with a complex formulation. Nature does not like complex equations to illustrate its simple patterns, humans with Big Egos do.

The Sun, Earth and Moon are a triplex of interacting objects which have affected and continue to affect biological development and behavior. In the past, these three were imagined and labeled as gods or goddesses. Each of these three are singular objects that have from time to time been interpreted as participating in a triple structure such as Father, Mother and Son. They also have been viewed as a dual structure, such as claiming the sun is one eye of god and the moon is the other eye. They have also been interpreted as a King and Consort. Hence, we see a pattern-of-1, a pattern-of-2 and a pattern-of-3 as basic cognitive constructs. In addition, a single god may be viewed as the originator of multiple other gods and thus bespeaks of a plurality... a plurality that is limited in scope as to the quantity of members.

Apparently, the Sun has always been viewed as a male. The moon initially originated as a male fertility god but was later changed to a female fertility goddess in ancient Egyptian traditions which were brought into ancient Greece and Rome, thereby participating as major influences in the developing religions called Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Apparently, the Earth has always been viewed as a female. In the Chinese philosophy of the I-Ching, the female is represented with two lines denoting the vagina and the male is represented with one line denoting the penis. There is no 3-line configuration. There exist only 3-part groupings (collections) of the two single/double constructs, which are labeled as a triad, but a true triadic philosophy would have a 3-line figure, thus describing the labeled "triads" as being embellished byads and therefore is a cognitive attempt to move beyond the Yin/Yang dualism.

A believer in a god might well assume that the Triplex (Sun- Earth- Moon) are instruments used to convey patterns that were introduced to humanity by its developmental processes through the avenue of Evolution. Many examples of the 1- 2... 2-in-1, 3... 3-in-1, plurality-with-a-limitation can be seen in particle physics, chemistry and biology, as well as later physiology and psychology. Basically, the whole numbers 1, 2, 3... and the word plurality, form a repetition of occurrence, though later we see the concept of zero or nothingness. Sometimes the plurality may take on a specificity which is any quantity of 2 or more, or 3 or more, but does not routinely describe 4 or more. Other cultures such as the ancient Chinese may express plurality by using a term with a one and several zeros such as 10,000. Nonetheless, the same human-based mentality is repeated, and typically repeats the usage of a limited quantity, though words such as Infinity, Universe, Immortality, etc., may suggest unlimitedness. They nonetheless express a limitation or a substitute word for the primitive "Many".

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