Threesology Research Journal: The Time when Mother Earth Used a Contraceptive
The Times When Mother Earth
Uses a Contraceptive and Abortion

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Discussing the Moon and the Sun in relation to the Earth, however one's creative leanings may resonate for a given illustration, can not be helped. It is a Sun, Moon, Earth trio trio that must be viewed as part of a collective time-line involving the development of life. And when speaking of life as we venture into the realm of the human domain and its ideological orientations, we are confronted time and again by symbolic representations of both which take on representative life forms themselves, though they are called by names such as religion, science, mathematics, Nature worship, circadian rhythms, biological rhythms, seasonal patterns, etc... And though this page is entitled specifically about the Earth, it is of significance to include the Moon and Sun because of their individual and collective impact on life... with the word "impact" to be sustained as a forthright consideration of the Moon's origination... as is the current orientation of scientific research. Indeed, for all the bumper stickers which assert that people should not meet by accident, that's exactly how the meeting between the Moon and Earth Came about. No doubt arising from rearward distant considerations that to explain the big hole in the ground on Earth which is filled with ocean water, the idea that the Moon was the chunk which fit the proposal became part of the legend which has been turned into a similarity of fact, with ...respect to a collision that is. Yet I think the collision actually occurred when a spacecraft full of Aliens were listening to loud C-rap music and smoking their equivalent mixture of hashish, peyote and marijuana were so intoxicated and jabbering away they ran past a red dwarf and rammed right into Earth.

The moon, for those who engage in a bit more fact finding, is thought to have arisen by one of three different possibilities, as a general rule of thumb for some investigators, though different variations can be found:

Different variations of Moon origin hypothesis

Origin and evolution of the Moon

With the rise of scientific inquiry in the Renaissance, investigators attempted to fit theories on the origin of the Moon to the available information, and the question of the Moon's formation became a part of the attempt to explain the observed properties of the solar system (see Solar system: Origin of the solar system). At first the approach was largely founded on a mathematical examination of the dynamics of the Earth-Moon system. Rigorous analysis of careful observations over a period of more than 200 years gradually revealed that, because of tidal effects (see tide), the rotations of both the Moon and Earth are slowing and the Moon is receding from Earth. Studies then turned back to consider the state of the system when the Moon was closer to Earth. Throughout the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, investigators examined different theories on lunar origin in an attempt to find one that would agree with the observations.

Lunar origin theories can be divided into three main categories: Co-accretion, Fission, and Capture.

  • Co accretion suggests that the Moon and Earth were formed together from a primordial cloud of gas and dust. This scenario, however, cannot explain the large angular momentum of the present system.
  • In fission theories a fluid proto-Earth began rotating so rapidly that it flung off a mass of material that formed the Moon. Although persuasive, the theory eventually failed when examined in detail; scientists could not find a combination of properties for a spinning proto-Earth that would eject the right kind of proto-Moon.
  • According to capture theories, the Moon formed elsewhere in the solar system and was later trapped by the strong gravitational field of Earth. This scenario remained popular for a long time, even though the circumstances needed in celestial mechanics to brake a passing Moon into just the right orbit always seemed unlikely.

Illustrated Impact hypothesis

By the mid-20th century, scientists had imposed additional requirements for a viable lunar-origin theory. Of great importance is the observation that the Moon is much less dense than Earth, and the only likely reason is that the Moon contains significantly less iron. Such a large chemical difference argued against a common origin for the two bodies. Independent-origin theories, however, had their own problems. The question remained unresolved even after the scientifically productive Apollo missions, and it was only in the early 1980s that a model emerged— the giant-impact hypothesis—that eventually gained the support of most lunar scientists.

In this scenario the proto-Earth, shortly after its formation from the solar nebula about 4.6 billion years ago, was struck a glancing blow by a body the size of Mars. Prior to the impact, both bodies already had undergone differentiation into core and mantle. The titanic collision ejected a cloud of fragments, which aggregated into a full or partial ring around Earth and then coalesced into a proto-Moon. The ejected matter consisted mainly of mantle material from the colliding body and the proto-Earth, and it experienced enormous heating from the collision. As a result, the proto-Moon that formed was highly depleted in volatiles and relatively depleted in iron (and thus also in siderophiles). Computer modeling of the collision shows that, given the right initial conditions, an orbiting cloud of debris as massive as the Moon could indeed have formed. ("Moon." Encyclopædia Britannica, 2013.)

Mother Earth wasn't born the sweet, shy, unassuming, darling little child some may think was the disposition of baby Earth... although she was bubbly and frothing at the mouth like babies do, along with her wailings echoing off the walls of the universe, and no amount of stuffed animal positioning could have diminished the reverberating waves. She had a very inhospitable demeanor. I know it may be hard for some readers to believe, but it's true. She was a rascal, not given in to sitting quietly in a high-chair or being strapped in a baby seat, much less being engaged in a play pen. Oh no, to see her in such a state would make anyone be taken aback by such a Nasty impish creature that was full of mischievous doings and goings-on. She fit and fumed, kicked and whirred about. And like the first human witch, or first human prophetess, or first human Sorceress, the Widdershins whirl is Mother Earth's preference, as it apparently is for most planetary phenomena within which the cauldron of the Universe is spun like a test tube in a centrifuge. But it's a bit of a wonder why some biologists still ponder why most amino acids have a left-handed (widdershins) turn, when the answer is not that difficult, but they like complications because it makes them feel intellectually engaged.

Reference to Widdershins comment:

In returning to the story of Mother Earth's virginal beginnings, she wanted to run around as fast as she could like any child who imagines themselves to be a bird, a butterfly or firefly... seeming unrestrained and free to go wherever they wanted. And so she did with great aplomb and majestic officiousness, ever more the fairy queen with a sense of limitlessness. It doesn't matter that she was running in circles like a dog chasing its tail. She was free and un-tethered; or so the light-headedness of her spinning at a great pace procured as an idealization of personal worth. It was her social and alone-time circles of solitude which first informed her of budding solicitude concerning the realization her place in the Universe was not as secure as she first anticipated. However, she was plainly not to be messed with by any further discussion of the matter which continued in its own metered fashion of impinging itself on her consciousness.

She even held her breath in protest against attempted would-be suitors for a long time, though there was something very small but very potent stirring deep in the marrow of her persistently wash-over body. But eventually she became pregnant, but was excused by everyone wanting to come to Mother Earth's supportive rescue; whereby they... even to this day use the old adage, by saying her pregnancy was due to "something in the water". Others claim it was due to some Foreign substance she was ill-prepared for, or was introduced surreptitiously, or delivered by a flying vessel such as a stork from some other external-to-Earth territory. As time went on, Mother Earth got older and so she didn't run in fast circles anymore. In slowing down, she was easily seduced by one or another suitor that genealogists... called geneticists and biochemists and comparative anatomists as well as Anthropologists and others; have been trying to piece together her off-springs' lineage who are supposed, by some researchers, to be from the same father... that is, have the same origin.

For a very long time it was thought back then by observers of today, that Mother Earth insisted on not taking in any oxygen, thus preventing any chance for any birth to begin its process. And for those female readers who are anxious to learn what contraceptive Mother Earth used so effectively for many years, it was a fast rotation rate. Yep, if you can get yourself to spin around as fast as she was doing billions of years ago, you too would have nothing to worry about with respect to pregnancy. Then again you would also have to practice deep breathing exercises in order to hold you breath for a very long time, whereby observes might think you are a statute set amongst waves which continue to diminish in force as the once attendant Moon who bathed the Earth in a caressing glow of adulation, moves further away as the ages pass by.

Mother Earth, as the Earth is sometimes affectionately referred to, does not always have a full metaphor attached with this description. Those holding such a view of the Earth customarily do not also include the necessary detail that she has a shelf life like all mothers, and that her death bed is, as already mentioned, being warmed up... if you catch my intimation (or drift) about global warming. Quite often there are those who alternatively view the Earth and its geological processes correlated with the development of life in its many representative stages, as a time-line... or criminal line up if you prefer. When there is a discussion about what is to be placed on a given time-line of biology as life-developing and life-changing events, typically we may find a reference to several events which can be contrasted with Major steps in Animal evolution, such as for example:

Major events in the Earth's Evolution:

  • What is included in the lineup:
    • The "Dinosaur Killing Asteroid"
    • The "Great Oxygen Event"
    • "Terrific Volcanic Eruptions"
    • Bombarding Meteorites and Comets
    • "Great global snow or slush ball"
    • "Super hot underwater volcanic vents"
    • Massive Continental movements and formations
    • Multiple glaciations
  • What is not included is:

Six major steps in animal evolution:

  1. The Evolution of Multi-cellularity (Metazoa)
  2. The Origin of Sealed Epithelia and Extracellular Digestion (Eumetazoa)
  3. The Origin of a Nervous System (Neuralia)
  4. The Origin of Mesoderm (Triploblastica)
  5. The Origin of Bilaterality (Bilateria)
  6. The Establishment of a Tubular Gut (Eubilateria)

Six major steps in animal evolution: are we derived sponge larvae? by Claus Nielsen

In many cases the reader does not event see the use of a Journalistic-like headline grabbing tactic used by Scientists (even if they don't themselves initiate the heading), involving some word like GREAT, GRAND, EXPLOSIVE. Hence, I am going to change my usual nice, respectful, and conservative tactic and subtitle this page something to the effect that Mother Earth aborted life from evolving, though I originally intended for the page to be entitled something in reference to Biology and time-lines.

While it may not seem that time lines of biology or any subject is a "threes" object to dedicate an entire web-page to, I am doing so primarily to force the issue for including a variable that is being overlooked. Not a single time line to date has or is exhibiting the fact that the history of the Earth, of life, has been subjected to a slowing rotation rate of the Earth, and as a consequence, the irradiation of the life-giving Sun has had its irradiation affects altered. I mean everybody and their pet frog understands that a change in the Sun's irradiation can alter a person's behavior. No less, despite the ancient claims of the Sun:

  • Going "across" the sky (in a linear fashion; like someone sailing a boat across a lake)
  • Going "over" the sky (in a dome-like or circular fashion)

... What can be seen is the effects of a triangular path of the Sun, when its apparent motion is looked at by way of time-elapsed photography.

The first image is the one I created several years ago, which shows the path of the Sun and the Moon and the resulting triangular impression. The Second image looks very similar and comes from here: 10 interesting things about Earth

Solar and Lunar paths showing triangular image triangular path seen as an apparent dome image

While the following image has lots of information and may be interpreted by some viewers as being "too busy" for their intellectual interests, the compilation asserts that, according to different scientists from their individual and collective opinions, we have situations in which multiple patterns-of-three (groups, sequences, forms, etc...) have arisen, along with other countable patterns as well. However, we can discern a 1- 2- 3 developmental scenario that, in some cases, the earlier "1" occurred so early in development and left no trace or that the "2" position has merged with another one, and the "3" may exhibit a 3 in 1 fusion or has not yet arrived... for whatever reasons. For example, it is claimed there was an RNA world with its single-stranded characterization. This has been followed by a double-stranded characterization with DNA. And though claim both RNA and DNA have four nucleic bases, I say we need to look at the value of referencing the "4" as a 3 -to- 1 ratio, similar to that found in Mendelian genetics, as discussed by Dr. Stephen T. Abedon. In short, both RNA and DNA have three amino acids which are the same (Adenosine- Cytosine- Guanine) and 1 each that is different; RNA: Uracil, DNA: Thymine. In addition to this example of a "three", we have the occasion to identify the development sequence of 3 Germ Layers (Endoderm- Mesoderm- Ectoderm), despite those that characterize the Neural Crest as a 4th layer... where from my perspective we can characterize the differences of opinion as a 3 -to- 1 ratio.

...E.R. Lankester gave germ layer theory an even more substantial role when in 1877 he divided the animal kingdom into three grades:

  1. The Homoblastica (protozoa) had a uniform single "layer"
  2. Coelenterates with two germ layers (ecto- and endo-derm) comprised the Diploblastica;
  3. All other animals possessed three germ layers (ecto-, endo-, and mesoderm) and comprised the Triploblastica.

As an aside thought for those interested in occult-ic perceptions:

If witch covens understood the origination of Earth as the second Witch, and could duplicate the language of her symbolic expressions, they might then achieve the actual power they seek... whether they could contain or control it or not, is another matter. However, they must seek an alternative form of consultation into the history of their practice so as to unravel and unveil ancient testimonies which came to be shrouded by misinterpretation and misdirection as well as the personal motivations of past leaders who put their interests ahead of the group. For example, the color of her (Mother Earth's) first shroud was not black as assumed by those looking out into the night sky with stars. The color of the first shroud was the color of the sky in an oxygen-less setting. This is the color of Mother Earth's swaddling clothes. In order to re-create the pristine divinity experienced by the eldest of covens before they were forced to bury their knowledge in ways and means meant only for the most enlightened of witches to uncover and profess the explanation to others so that their faith in the task... not yet completed... could be re-invigorated, re-juvenated and thus re-innovated. It is time for the Virgin - Mother - Crone idealization to be appended with the young - old - ancient soul distinctions. They must hurry before the Moon makes its Ascension. Thus, we see a 3-way race between Witch Covens, Wiccans and the Pagans of the Ancients, to fulfill a course sought after by their forbearers.

Indeed, there is much symbolism attached with the Sun, Moon and Stars. Multiple monuments, rituals, ceremonies, garments and specialized symbols and language have been adopted as a method to appropriate a greater knowledge and power. Whether one is an artist, musician, physicist, theologian, philosopher or practitioner of that which the currency of mainstream thinkers are not particularly sensitive to nor even sensible about. While physicists have acquired a type of knowledge and power, they have done so by ravaging, scouring, and reaping the knowledge of many subjects, include the esoteric, the occult, and mysticism. Yet they are missing much. If the Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans find and practice a new avenue of thought about Nature, they want to know... and will do anything they must in order to get it. Hence, those groups daring enough to excursion their minds into uncharted realms of consideration, facing madness if need be; Physicists, Philosophers and Mathematicians want to know not only that such a territory exists, but which way is it. And thus we have yet a second race on our hands.

Yet, there is a third race most of us know all too well about. It is a race against those who would seek to pronounce such an expedition into this unknown as a Fairy tale, as a lie, as a misjudgment... and yet they themselves would send their own intrepid investigators to find the source, to find if only one entrance is available and to find out if there are others nearby or have knowledge of it; and then do whatever they can to squash the idea... so as to keep their religion, their government, their business in tact as the prevailing rationale because it serves the desires of those in their leadership roles and sycophantic supporters.. They want no truth, no revelation, not even an ideological consideration which will lead others away from believing in them to the extent of continuing to pay taxes, tithing, or ticketed product to be bought.

Fortunate or not, depending on who reads this, the Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans have the upper hand because they are familiar with the world of ancient symbolism which they have, in some proportion— along with relevant texts which are readily or relatively close at hand to begin a new model of investigation into their views and practices so as to pursue the greater value being sought in their individual practices. As a final note on this, let me say that despite my not having had nor have ever had any formal or informal contact with members of these three groups, I was "given" an impression which exercised itself in such a manner that clearly outlined the position that such groups must begin preparation for the arrival of the others... and I have no idea what it means. I can only guess that some members of these groups have themselves had some variation of the same impression as a premonitory foretelling that may be labeled according to the vocabulary being practiced, but amounts to the same thing.

Previously the impression came out with several other "utterances" involving something to do with transcendence. I set it aside, but as you can see from the foregoing, the impressions are so strong they have pronounced themselves again in the present discussion. In any respect, I have no doubt others with a similar sensitivity to whatever stimuli generate such a perception, may have also experienced a similarity of impressions; and like myself, do not have nor have not had any contact of influence from these three groups, their views, or their way of life. I can not imagine what level of energy would be released if such a meeting amongst us took place in the appropriate venue. Like the coming together of embodied ancient shards broken off a crystal of a centrality to once again emblazon receptive souls into heralding a New Age that main stream institutions are fearful of awakening. And to think that all of the impressions are taking place when the Sun is going through a cycle of coronal emissions! This is far different from the sleepless agitation which occurs just before, during and just after a full moon. It is rather surprising there is no public announcement about solar emissions or Full moon episodes for those of us who are particularly sensitive to such events.

Despite the negative appellations some have assigned to Witch Covens, Wiccans and Pagans, they can be respective for pursuing an inherited lineage of alternative thinking based on a perspective which attempts to adopt basic ideas of Nature into formulaic equations of practice by which some transcended appreciation can be obtained, maintained and applied. Regardless if you agree or disagree with their methodology, the line of thinking can be found in all disciplines aligned with the vocabulary relative to the history of a given subject. An example is to look at particle physics to easily note that those involved with such a subject also seek knowledge about Nature's fundamental Nature and how they might unravel its secrets so as to harness a great power and thus be all the more enlightened. The same goes with those who build racing car engines, or create some product. No less, politicians, mathematicians, chemists, and economists attempt to work with fundamentals so as to not only unravel complexities within the scope of their subject interest... but create that which may lead to an achievement which might be sustained to benefit one or more people. While you and I may well disagree with a given person, group's or institutional model of how to go about what they say they are trying to accomplish (whether it is the truth or not), is beside the point. The point is that we are all sharing a similar, fundamental cognitive activity whose patterns can be deduced from simple effects; and that by identifying such effects, one might better come to appreciate what they represent and how best to define them in a more prosperous way. Hence, The ideas being presented here are chasing after such fundamentals to be procured for better use.

My personal opinion of Witches, Warlocks, Wiccans, Pagans, and multiple other esoterically-labeled (alternative) models of thought, is that their foundational beginnings (albeit at first nameless or with a moniker now lost to time and replaced by some modernized variation but nonetheless accepted pseudonym), originated in times and places (much like all subjects) in a distant past where illiteracy was rampant and their was little formal education for anyone who might have a consciousness embedded with a curiosity of trying to understand Nature and humanity's role in it. I believe had many of them the means and motivation as well as the opportunity to pursue a higher education about a given subject such as herbalism, animal husbandry, life cycles, biology, psychology, Astronomy, physics, mathematics, music, etc., they might well have chosen such a course instead of having to rely primarily on their own imagination, experimentation, luck and serendipity to understand questions being raised by different ideas. When past religious practices were viewed as hypocritical and there were no established alternative clubs they may have been interested in, connected with or nearby to; starting an investigation of their own volition was quite logical, if not practical and fun. While there were many mysteries that were easily solvable, others took more effort and personal training, as well as the application of a deductive reasoning suitable to the task at hand.

When past efforts to study Nature and overall life's processes and variegated perceptions of both incongruity and concordances fails to achieve what is sought after and hoped for, such energies and efforts routinely turns towards the adoption of the idea into a religious or philosophical formula, though if one looks closely, even the serious sciences and other professional practices today have labels, languages and assigned social roles in institutions which conceal their own failures by emphasizing some recurringly used practicality. Witch crafts, Wiccan crafts, and Pagan crafts today view themselves as a religion, but first started out as fledgling science efforts to unravel mysteries of Nature and life. For example, those who seek to resurrect the Devil or some imagined Black Magic Spirit, are like pseudo-physicists seeking the Holy grail of Nuclear energy. There are many parallels to be made with those who practice some alternative perspective with those in mainstream professions. They have different traditions of ideas and rely on different tools in an effort to reach a goal. However, if the model of thinking and tools being relied upon as well as the use of traditional orientations don't work, they can't be obsessive about them and must rethink their game plan.

For example, if one looks at the (at least published) practices of Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans, one quickly sees that a misinterpretation has distracted them to continue using the old recipes. They are afraid to reinvent themselves, though not doubt some have been forced to because a lot of the old ways don't make any sense because they were created by wrong-headed fancifulness. And this is where the distinction lays. Those who practice Witchcraft, Wiccan, and Paganism as a science, and those who refuse to recognize that past practitioners failed to use the correct approach, and treat them as if they are a deity and their views as a sacred text. If the Witches, Wiccan, and Pagans are as bright, insightful and intelligent as they claim to be, then they would have no problem in begin anew the investigation initiated long ago as a science, before it became a religion because its practitioners were failed scientists and thereafter their views were slowly adopted into a cult out of which as members grew and were permitted to include their own inclinations; a religion was born.

While there are variations of the same three Solar, Earth, Lunar influences expressed in different interpretations and labeling; and owing to the facility of the human mind at times not wanting to be identified with a simple affect from an easily identifiable Natural source:

  1. All concepts of a Father god originate in direct relation to, that which is in association with, or in opposition to the Sun.
    • For example, a person may prefer to reference a sky god, Dryghtyn or "the One" or "The All", or a god beyond the Sun as an attempted dominance or one-upmanship, or speak of a rival— an opposition to what others are speaking of, such as a Devil or Satan whose abode is some oppositional underworld, hell, chasm, rift, depth, chamber, labyrinth, etc... Alternatively, one may speak of the Sun with a term such as power, or energy, or as light, glory, on high, vibration, harmonics, warmth, etc...
  2. All concepts of a Mother goddess originate in direct relation to, that which is in association with, or in opposition to the Earth affected by the Sun.
    • For example, a person may prefer to reference a land, sea, air Nature god/goddess, or a god beyond the Earth such as the Moon, as an attempted (specialized) equality, dominance or one-upmanship, or speak of a rival— an opposition to what others are speaking of. Alternatively, one may speak of the Earth with a term such as fertility, nurturing, virginity, or energy, or as light, vibration, harmonics, warmth, etc...
  3. All concepts of a Lunar goddess originate in direct relation to, that which is in association with, or in opposition to the Earth affected by the Sun.
  4. The idea of a Lunar goddess originated in the minds of those who mis-identified and misappropriated qualities from both the Earth and Sun. The moon is better understood as a Mistress in waiting, whose patterns of activity have had a major influence on the development of Earth and its offspring, by way of its repeating rhythms that are waning.

An attempt to encapsulate (to "fuse") all three may take the form of a Mathematics, Physics or Philosophy, etc., or having thoughts such as multiple dimensions. The "all encompassing" inclination seen also in the Physics concept of a GUT (Grand Unified Theory) or TOE (Theory of Everything), and is due to the effects of the Earth's slowing rotation along with the enlargement of the Sun, creating an influential "fusion" of the three solar phases known as dawn- noon- dusk.

The changes in the effects of the patterns of the three celestial spheres (Sun, Earth, Moon) will continue to the point no future life will be forthcoming, and such changes will begin to reek havoc on individual and institutionalized ideologies which were born of particularized patterns, and may not have incorporated a means to transition into a formula of thought which accommodates, by way of adaptation, the changing patterns. For example, to take extreme views:

  1. If you remove the Sun, all life dies.
    1. Its singular (ONE) life giving presence is gone.
    2. Its dual (TWO) night/day sequence is gone (along with diurnal/semi-diurnal tides).
    3. Its triple (THREE) dawn/noon/dusk influence is gone.
    4. Its triangular path/passage influence is gone.
  2. If you remove the Earth (or it never existed), all life dies.
    1. Its singular (ONE) life giving presence is gone.
    2. Its dual (TWO) life/death sequence is gone.
    3. Its housing of a triplet (THREE) DNA code and multiple physiological triad structures is gone.
    4. Its planetary, cosmological, star pattern absorbing ability is gone.
  3. If you remove the Moon, or if it never existed, life as we know it would not exist.
    1. Its singular (ONE) Ocean waves (dramatic washing machine effect) influence is gone (along with those of the Sun).
    2. Its dual (TWO) day/night, full/fraction roles are gone (along with diurnal/semi-diurnal tides).
    3. Its triplet (THREE) (virgin- mother- crone) goddess impression is gone.
    4. Its Matriarchical and sister-hood orientation creations are gone.

If you remove the Moon, there would be no more tides, no more Earthly bulge, no more externally influential cyclicity to female physiological patterning, that will have to rely solely upon its own physical means of keeping the cycles in tune... but are suspected of thus becoming susceptible to deterioration. The loss of the "washing machine effect" of the tides will reek havoc on sea life. (Sun/Earth/Moon words are of Germanic and Old English derivation before the 12th Century. The word "Lunar" is of Latin origin in the 15th century.)

Date of Origination: Saturday 11th February, 2023... 4:46 AM
Initial Posting Date: Wednesday 10th May, 2023... 6:11 AM