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Hypothetical visual:

Decreasing rotation rate
earth 8 hr rotation (16K) earth 16 hr. rotation (16K) earth 21 hr. rotation (16K) Can Humanity survive in the future or will the Earth revolve too slowly, requiring a New Type Of Human to Evolve?

earth 1 day rotation (16K)

Is a new species being evolved as we speak due to a change in the rotation rate of the Earth, the moon moving away, and the Sun continuing on a course of burning out and expanding?
Approx. time period:
3 - 5 Billions of years ago 500 million years ago 40,000 years ago to present
Approx. daily rotation rate:
Daily Rotation Rate:
2 (?) - 8 hrs (?)
Daily Rotation Rate:
20 (?)- 22.3 hours
Daily Rotation Rate:
23+ hours
Currently:23 hrs 56 min 4.09 sec
Significant Biological Event:
Development of
Primordial Soup elements
Cambrian explosion
of life forms
Beginning of
Modern Humans

While the topic of humanity's existence being dependent on (specifically related to) the rotation rate of the Earth (which is slowing down and was much faster in the past) is the main reason for this particular web page and its three others, numerous other considerations come to mind as representative expressions of the influence that we may otherwise denote as historical events. If such added topics appear to digress from the main topic, the reader will have to give me some "poetic license" until such time as I am able to re-write the information in the expected format expressed by the title. Succinctly stated, the emergence of humanity as we know it in terms of our relationship to Cro-Magnon man and the bipedal predecessors which have died out, all occurred at given points of history when the Earth exhibited different... or marginally different rates of rotation that should nonetheless be part of an overall comparison of time period data relationships, one of which is the determination of rotation rate based on ancient corals. Trying to calculate the rate of rotation loss as we move forward in time and the rotation gain as we look back over previous events, is difficult to narrow down to exact specifics because of rotation rate fluctuations and our rather naive understanding of the dynamics involved (tidal influences, solar irradiation effects, lunar regression, flow of magma below the surface, continent shifting, plate tectonics, polar magnetics, etc...). Nonetheless, we can arrive as some approximations that can be used to make educated guesstimations.

At this point in time, our present thinking on how to measure the rate of rotation (as feeble as it may be perceived by some), is the best we can do as we make comparisons with the "tree rings" (so-to-speak) found on other life forms and geological processes which reveal a given date and exhibit some tell-tale growth-pattern (growth ring) due to external influences which provide some indication of what conditions were like at a given time in history. In any respect, the approximations beg the question of whether or not humans (as well as other living and non-living forms of existence) owe their existence to the rotation rate of the Earth (along with the position of the Moon and Solar conditions)... and whether or not there is a limitation... a window of rotation within which humanity can and can not exist. In other words, when we identify that humanity (our present form of humanity which includes Cro-Magnons) were born when the rotation rate of the Earth exhibited a 23+ hour rate, does this mean that it has been physiologically fashioned, and thus specifically equipped (biologically, emotionally and mentally) to live inside this window of rotation rate, but can not live outside this window or rotation rate... unless there is a specific alteration of the acquired specificities (habits, circadian rhythms, blood groups, social organization, religion, philosophy, mathematics, etc...)?

Is a change, is an adaptation, is an evolution taking place and this change is being perceived by different people in different ways and may alternatively be described as some forth-coming monumental event... such as the impressions being outlined by New Age proponents, sensitive souls, and those who are responding to the changes (but don't realize it and may in fact be misinterpreting the changes within themselves in a negative way) because they are not in the company of those able to provide a useful (socially stabilizing) interpretation... even if the interpretation is fanciful? And in such a consideration are we not to include questions about the viability of adaptability related to present business, political, and religious views that may in fact be barricades to the necessary formulas for the evolution of humanity to occur... which includes the emergence of a fruitful female psyche that will cast off the many disparaging impositions, shackles, imprisonments and beatings of the male psyche? The psyche of a few men in reigning institutions abiding to the dictates of documents established by small groups of men through the ages that not only bar the majority of women, but also countless men from realizing a full potential of themselves... as they should be permitted to evolve or live a life of unfulfillment... which must be unleashed from those burdens which keep the female psyche from emerging, from spreading its wings that have for too long been bound by an unnatural cacoon created by self-serving men in business, government and religions.

mybp = (million years before present)
bybp = (billion years before present)
Value Rotation Rate
Present Day

Equation for # of days:

365.2422 X 24 / 24 = 365.2422
.0000001 23.9345 hrs.
365.2422 days
(Don't forget we use a Leap Year.)
11,430 mybp

Equation for # of days:

365.2422 X 24 / 23.9343 = 366.244
23.9343 hrs./ 366.244 days
23.9342 hrs./ 366.246 days
1.81 mybp .0000001
23.9161 hrs./ 366.52 days
23.8977 hrs./ 366.80 days
5.33 mybp .0000001
23.88 hrs./ 367.07 days
23.826 hrs/ 367.90 days
23 mybp .0000001
23.701 hrs./ 369.84 days
23.467 hrs./ 373.53 days
37.2 mybp .0000001
23.557 hrs./ 372.11 days
23.179 hrs./ 378.17 days
55.8 mybp .0000001
23.368 hrs./375.12
22.80 hrs./ 384.46 days
65.5 mybp .0000001
23.2699 hrs./ 376.70 days
22.605 hrs./ 387.78 days
146 mybp .0000001
22.453 hrs./ 390.40 days
20.971 hrs./ 417.996 days
200 mybp .0000001
21.905 hrs./ 400.17 days
19.876 hrs./ 441.02 days
251 mybp .0000001
21.397 hrs./ 398.99 days
18.841 hrs./ 465.25 days
299 mybp .0000001
20.9 hrs./ 419.41 days
17.867 hrs./ 490.61 days
318 mybp .0000001
20.7 hrs./ 423.26 days
17.48 hrs./ 501.47 days
359 mybp .0000001
20.29 hrs./ 432.02 days
16.649 hrs./ 526.50 days
416 mybp .0000001
19.7 hrs./ 444.96 days
15.493 hrs./ 565.79 days
22.246 hrs./ 394.03 days
443 mybp .0000001
19.43 hrs./ 451.14 days
14.94 hrs./ 586.73 days
488 mybp .0000001
18.98 hrs./ 461.84 days
14.03 hrs./ 624.79 days
542 mybp .0000001
18.43 hrs./ 475.62 days
12.93 hrs./ 677.94 days
600 mybp .0000001
17.84 hrs./ 491.35 days
11.75 hrs./ 746.02 days
850 mybp .0000001
15.31 hrs./ 572.55 days
6.686 hrs./ 1311.069 days
-10.56 hrs./ -.094 days
1 bybp .0000001
13.78 hrs./636.125 days
3.64 hrs./ 2408.19 days
20.8 hrs./ 421.43330769230769230769230769231days
19.876 hrs./ 441.02 days
1.2 bybp .0000001
11.759 hrs./745.45 days
-0.41498 hrs./ -21123.458
20.28 hrs./ 432.23 days
19.06 hrs./ 459.90 days
1.4 bybp .0000001
9.73 hrs./ 900.905 days
19.67 hrs./ 445.643 days
18.25 hrs./ 480.318
1.6 bybp .0000001
7.70 hrs./ 1,252.258 days
19.06 hrs./ 459.906
17.44 hrs./ 502.626 days
1.8 bybp .0000001
5.67 hrs./ 1545.998 days
18.455 hrs./ 474.983 days
16.62 hrs./ 527.425 days
2.05 bybp .0000001
3.13 hrs./ 2,800.579 days
17.69 hrs./ 495.523
15.61 hrs./ 561.551 days
2.3 bybp .0000001
.5995 hrs./ 14621.872 days
16.93 hrs./ 517.768 days
14.6 hrs./ 600.398 days
2.5 bybp .0000001
-1.42 hrs./ 6,173.107 days
21.39 hrs./ 409.808 days
18.86 hrs./ 464.783 days
16.32 hrs./ 537.120 days
13.78 hrs./ 636.125 days
2.8 bybp .00000001
21 hrs./ 417.419 days
18.25 hrs./ 480.318 days
15.41 hrs./ 568.839 days
12.571 hrs./ 697.304 days
3.2 bybp .00000001
20.68 hrs./ 423.878 days
17.44 hrs./ 502.626
14.19 hrs./ 617.745 days
10.94 hrs./ 801.262 days
3.6 bybp .00000001
20.28 hrs./ 432.239 days
16.62 hrs./ 527.425 days
12.97 hrs./ 675.852 days
9.32 hrs./ 940.537
3.8 bybp .00000001
20.079 hrs./ 436.566 days
16.22 hrs./ 540.432 days
12.36 hrs./ 709.208 days
8.5 hrs./ 1,031.272 days
4.1 bybp .00000001
19.77 hrs./ 443.389 days
15.61 hrs./ 561.551 days
11.45 hrs./ 765.573
7.29 hrs./ 1,202.443
4.4 bybp .00000001
19.47 hrs./ 450.221 days
15 hrs./ 584.387 days
10.54 hrs./ 831.671 days
6 hrs./ 1,460.9688 days
4.57 bybp .00000001
19.29 hrs./ 454.422 days
14.66 hrs./ 597.940 days
10 hrs./ 876.581 days
5.38 hrs./ 1629.333 days
5 bybp .00000001
18.86 hrs./ 464.783 days
13.78 hrs./ 636.125 days
8.71 hrs./ 1,006.407 days
3.64 hrs./ 2,408.190
2.12 hrs./ 4,134.817
6 bybp

Was the Earth a molten "rock" whose fast rate of spinning caused a chunk to detach which became our Moon, leaving a crater called our ocean bed?
17.84 hrs./ 491.357 days
11.75 hrs./ 746.026 days
5.67 hrs./ 1,545.998
-0.41498 hrs./ 21123.458 days
-2.241191 hrs./ 3911.229 days
3 classical Origin-of-Moon hypothesis:
  1. Binary planet or "sister" hypothesis.
  2. Rotational fission or "daughter" hypothesis.
  3. Capture or "wife" hypothesis.

Theories for Origin of Moon

3 to 1 ratio:

  • 1 of 3. Fission- Originally part of Earth but torn free.

    • Problem: would have fallen back or been flung into space, not into orbit.
    • Should orbit in Earth's equatorial plane.
    • Fails to explain why lunar chemistry differs from Earth's.

  • 2 of 3. Co-Creation- Formed in its present orbit.

    • Should orbit in Earth's equatorial plane.
    • Fails to explain why lunar chemistry differs from Earth's.

  • 3 of 3. Capture Formed as a separate planet but captured by Earth.

    • Explains why Moon orbits in same plane as other planets.
    • Conditions for successful capture very stringent.

  • 1 of 1. Impact- Formed from Mega-Impact of Mars-sized planet.

  • Computer modeling suggests solar system forms 100 or so small planets which then collide to make larger objects.
  • Explains why Moon orbits in same plane as other planets.
  • Can explain why lunar chemistry differs from Earth's.
  • Avoids fatal problems of other theories.
  • Currently favored model.

--- The MOON ---

3 major (Moon) rock types:

  1. Potassium-rich basalt
  2. Anorthosite
  3. An Iron, Titanium-rich basalt

The 3.3 g/cc (low) density of the moon shows that it does not have a substantial iron core like the Earth does.

--- Where did the Moon come from? ---

7 bybp .00000001
16.83 hrs./ 520.844 days
9.73 hrs./ 900.905 days
2.62 hrs./ 3345.730 days
8 bybp .00000001
15.81 hrs./ 554.447 days
7.7 hrs./ 1,138.417 days
-0.41498 hrs./ 21,123.458 days
9 bybp .00000001
14.8 hrs./ 592.284
5.67 hrs./ 1545.998 days
10 bybp .00000001
13.78 hrs./ 636.12 days
3.64 hrs./ 2408.19 days
11 bybp .00000001
12.77 hrs./ 686.42 days
1.61 hrs./ 5,444.60 days
12 bybp .00000001
11.75 hrs./ 746 days
-0.41498 hrs./ -21,123.45 days
13 bybp .00000001 10.74 hrs./ 815.183 days
14 bybp .00000001 9.7367 hrs./ 900.905 days
15 bybp

Einstein may have been right about God not playing dice with the Universe, but God may have played a game of pool when this solar system was formed. That is, if computer models about planetary body interactions for the formation of this solar system can be accepted as valid. These "hundred or so" fragments may well have been spinning extremely fast, like a pool player using a reverse or forward spin (English) to affect the "fortuitous" positioning of their next shot..., God may very well have formed the solar system in this way.
8.71 hrs./
.04157275 hrs. (2.5 min. approx.)
210,854.77 days

Devonian corals show about 400 daily growth layers per year (judged by counting the daily layers in groups marked by larger fluctuations caused by seasonal change). In fact, this evidence is an excellent independent confirmation of the great antiquity of the Earth, and the accuracy of isotopic dating methods.

Note that these long extrapolations are necessarily somewhat rough, and get much less accurate with increasing time (particularly back to near the origin of the Earth). There are still arguments over the forces which dominate the slowing, and how much stronger or weaker they would have been when integrating backwards in time. (Chris Stassen, 1997)

--- Answers to Scientific Creationists ---

0.03 msec length-of-day (LOD) measurements can be detected using laser ranging (bouncing radar waves off the Moon or satellites) and very long baseline interferometry.

3 main types of LOD change cited by Jean Dickey, a JPL geophysicist:

  1. A linear increase owing to tidal dissipation.
  2. Larger, irregular variations, on the scale of decades, owing to core-mantle interactions.
  3. Shorter-term (seasonal) changes from the angular momentum exchange between crust and atmosphere.

--- Changes in the Earth's Rotation Rate ---

Timeline of geomagnetic reversals

(I thought it might be of some interest to a few readers to compare the Earth's rotation rate timeline with a timeline of the Earth's geomagnetic field reversing, though we could also be a bit more imaginative and place an image containing a strip of DNA and a linear arrangement of the planets next to it. It would also be of some correlative interest to align a schematic of changing environmental patterns such as drought, ice age, monsoon, desert, wooded, plain, etc...)

--- Magnetic Storm: (Timeline image source)---

See Also: Geomagnetic Reversals and Human Brain states by Tony Smith.

--- Schumann Resonances ---

  • 600,000 years old: Bacteria extracted from ice cores.
  • 800,000 years old: (Estimated) Oldest DNA found below more than a mile of Greenland ice. However, the DNA was not active inside a living organism.
  • 65 million years ago is said to be the approximate time when the Dinosaur killing meteor slammed into the Earth at Yucatan, Mexico. Did such an impact cause a rotational change? Do Ice Ages? Do massive changes in the Biosphere?
  • 125 million year-old mouse-sized Sinodelphys szalayi, is said to be the oldest ancestor of modern marsupials - the mammal family that includes kangaroos and koalas.
  • About 250 million years ago is when 90% of marine life and 70% of land species are said to have vanished by an asteroid that was larger than the meteor which is believed to have killed off the dinosaurs after slamming into the Earth 65 million years ago..
  • 350 million years old is said to be the oldest chordate fossil yet discovered. It was found (originally in 1999) by Sheep station owner Ross Fargher in Australia. It is said to be 30 million years older than another chordate fossil found in China. The chordates are thought to be the ancestor of all vertebrate animals.
  • Between 396 and 407 million years old (calculated from deposits) is said to be the oldest insect named Rhyniognatha hirsti. It is believed that insects evolved in the Silurian Period 438-408 million years ago.
--- BBC News: Oldest Insect Delights Experts ---

  • 428-million-years-old one-centimetre millipede was taken out of a siltstone bed from the foreshore of Cowie Harbour (Scotland). It was initially discovered by amateur fossil hunter Mike Newmanis. It is said to be the earliest evidence of a creature living on dry land, rather than in the sea.
--- BBC News: Fossil find is oldest land animal ---

  • 2.6 - 2.7 billion years old: Earliest photosynthesis based on rocks from Pilbara, western Australia.
  • 3.7 billion years old: Most recent (2003) findings of earliest photosynthesis based on rocks from Isua, Greenland.

--- BBC News: Oldest evidence of photosynthesis ---

Other aside comments:

  • --- According to Sean Brady, a Cornell University, US, entomologist, Army ants have evolved only once and that was in the mid-Cretaceous period.
  • --- Charles Wellman, of the University of Sheffield, UK, and his collaborators Peter Osterloff and Uzma Mohiuddin painstakingly recovered tiny fossilized spores from Omani rock known to date from the Ordovician Period, 443 - 489 million years ago. This is said to be the first sign of plant life inhabiting land.
  • --- Dr Eriksson, of the Australia National University in Canberra says that there is evidence to support the idea that there were tides on Earth some 3,200 million years ago, and this implies the presence of the Moon in orbit around the Earth at that time. The analysis of tidal patterns also suggests that the duration of the orbit, the length of the lunar month, was 20 days as opposed to the 27.5 days today.
--- BBC NEWS: Rocks Reveal Ancient Tides ---

  • --- Fossil rugose corals preserve daily and yearly growth patterns and show that the day was about 22 hours long 370 million years ago, in rough agreement with the 22.7 hours predicted from a constant rate of slowing [Scrutton, 1965; Wells, 1963].

    Scrutton, C. T., (1964) 1965. Periodicity in Devonian coral growth. Palaeontology 7(4): 552-558, Plates 86-87.
    Wells, J. W., 1963. Coral growth and geochronometry. Nature 197: 948-950.
  • --- Cambrian "Explosion" refers to circumstances involving a proposed view that there occurred an abundance of (primitive) life during this period: "The Cambrian Explosion - when (primitive) life suddenly and rapidly flourished some 550 million years ago - may have an explanation in the reaction of primitive life to some big event. The explosion is one of the most significant yet least understood periods in the history of life on Earth. New research suggests it may have occurred because of a complex interaction between components of the biosphere after they had been disturbed by, for example, the break-up of a super-continent or an asteroid impact." The "something" which triggered the explosion of (primitive) life has not as yet been considered to be (at least in part due to) a result of Earth's rate of rotation during this period. See BBC News article from which some of the above remarks are derived:

--- Life's Lucky Kick Start ---

Again, my intent is to highlight that the human species was evolving during the time when the rate of the Earth's rotation was in its 23rd hour. And whether you believe in:

  1. Creationism- (Modern Humans [Homo sapiens sapiens] created by Divine plan.)
  2. Humanity was born in 4004 B.C.
  3. Evolutionary development of the hominid line over several million years.

All of these views still fall within the 23 hour rate of rotation for the Earth during the time some form of hominid has been present.

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--- Hominid Species ---

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--- Slowing of Earth's Rotation ---

Also look at the following pages for additional information:

--- Using Coral as a Clock ---
by Hannu K. J. Poropudas

--- The Age of the Earth ---
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