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Here we have the 4th installment of "Threes" examples in a type of poster format, though you may not like the use of a black background nor like the use of a rather scattered approach to listing different examples. Though I have tried to make some marginal effort at putting some closely related items together most of the items are listed in a happenstance way. Whereas I could start over and place everything into an order from A to Z, there is no easy way of collating (inserting) examples which are found or come to mind later on. As of Feb. 15th, I reached another mile-stone in my Age. Or at least I will when 2:57 PM is reached. I was born 3 minutes before 3 PM. I am the oldest living male Family member on my Dad's side of the family. Let me assert again that if you have an interest in the 3's phenomena, it is of value to make copies of the different pages at this site and all those who have ventured into the realm of providing some collation of examples.

Let me begin by providing a PDF list of Medical Triads, as well as two on Irish Triads:

As stated before, I will add more examples to the poster from time to time as time permits. At this juncture I have been collecting a few more news items concerning different sources speaking of a 3rd World War... which is one of "The Big Three" Human-made woes, the other two being another possible Pandemic, and severe Economic disruptions. While Global Warming is yet another major concern, the decision of the 3-prong world opinion is split as to how much or how little human activity contributes to what percentage of the changes in weather taking place. While some are adamant humanity has created the crisis, others are dismissive and remain in denial while a third group says humanity is a lost cause and needs to be replaced by a new species (perhaps with inquisitive racoons with hands that look human-like)... or no sentient species at all.

The idea of a 3rd World War is being interpreted by some as THE final conflict of Humanity and thus represents what they feel is THE Armageddon... unless some Agency like the CIA or some freelance sniper or unibomber takes out those leaders who are creating trouble. There are sparse news accounts concerning actual military activity amongst nations in preparation for such a conflict to be found and interpreted because of varying types of secrecy taking place; whether or not such a supposed (at this point) conflict will come about in terms similar to that seen in World War II (which is said by some to be an extension of World War I and the world is entering into what some might refer to as a World War I point 3). In any regard, what can be seen and imagined further, is that different countries are attempting to move their armaments and supplies into retrievable positions as one might do with chess pieces in anticipation of another player trying to offset the move(s). The fact that supply lines are cut, communications are interrupted, weather conditions create problems, and various tactics are employed so as not to be in a position like the armies, navies (marines as well) and air forces of past wars; the old board game of Battleship is being played out involving all forms of military capability involving multiple places and players... land, sea, air, diplomatic, industrial, religious, economic, education, news media, etc... However, it is difficult for one player to play all bases at once... which is sometimes the case because their supposed team players are not to be counted on because they have personal distractions, indebtedness, and sideline interests other than the game. Games very often consist of multiple elements derived from ulterior motives of individual and collective groups of players.

In any event, let us be reminded that the "3" is a cognitive orientation often signaling at attempt to reach some pinnacle achievement, as the Third Reich of Germany sought out because there existed an underlying cultural base of trail-blazing intellectualisms in music, philosophy, psychology and other venues. It is a trail which still exists, but is being hampered by the occupations and preoccupations of the U.S. who want to use Germany and its people as a backdrop and possible springboard for its own interests under the guise of protectionism from a potential security threat, however it may be named. Regardless of the interpretation you or I may entertain in this regard, let us note for the present context of a "threes" discussion, that the word or symbol "3" may not be expressed in all instances of such an underlying orientation, or expressed in a way such as "break the binary". This is an assertion to step beyond the "two" which necessarily predisposes one to move into a third cognate model, even if some reader thinks to play a one-up-man-ship game and suggest some type of leap-frogging over the three position.

The present exercises of speaking about a Third World War illustrate that humanity is once again trying to collectively reach some imagined eminence by way of exercising military power... as if it were a big generator needed to kickstart humanity into a higher state of (3rd) energy out of a singular ground state... much like the developmental path of the three Germ layers to be found in Biology, or (more colloquially speaking) the development of the one-point, two-point, three-point shots in Basketball. This, I think, also is why Human anatomy is replete with patterns-of-three, (List of threes in Human anatomy) as an expressed participation in a "drive" to some measure of some defined-by-humans perfection, of consolidation— involving the "three" whether or not the term is explicitly used. What can be seen is the beginning trek of countries whose internal cultural and ideological "threes" patterns are being pushed together like competing land-masses that will reshape the environmental, business, religious and other sociological, philosophical, anthropological landscapes.

This "drive" towards some "three" formulation is due to a conservation effect of the Sun, Earth, Moon Triplex. Although I have said it before, let me reiterate for those who have come singularly to this page and may not be familiar with any other page's contents at this site.

  1. The Sun is burning out and moving along a course of expansion. The expansion is thought to one day reach a size which will engulf the inner-most three planets. In other words, they will fuse into the Sun... fuse into one... much like the symbolic reference thereto captured from ancient solar worship times when it is said that the Trinity is three persons in one god. The Sun's three phases were at one time thought of as independent gods... an example being: [3 ancient Egyptian gods for solar "phases": Horus (morning) - Ra (noon) - Atum (dusk)].
  2. The Earth's rotation is slowing. This relates to different rates of rotation occurring in different time periods, suggesting some life forms may be rotation rate specific. In other words, humanity developed during a time period when the Earth was spinning in the 22+ - 23+ rotation rate. Humans may not have the adaptive capability to survive as the Earth slows down further. It is unfortunate that children are not being subjected to this bit of knowledge by being absent on all present day geological timelines posted in school rooms. While such timelines show epochs and eras along with varying stages of life-form and environmental changes such as the Great Oxygen Event, development of plants, Age of Dinosaurs, etc. they don't include the changes in the rate of the Earth's rotation rate over the same expanses of time. There are no present day classroom charts such as the following which includes approximations of rotation rate occurring over long expanses of time:

example of rotation rate specificities and life's development

  1. The Moon is moving away from the Earth, causing a change in what I call the "washing machine effect" of the tides. The effect is slowing down, much like a washing machine's motor reaching the end of its life-cycle. This is and will continue to have deleterious effects on life in the ocean as well as overall life on Earth which relies on the ocean and its tides as part of their life rhythms.

I believe the Sun's three "phases" (or "moments"... dawn - noon - dusk) helped create a strobe light effect when we take into account the fast rate of spinning the Earth was doing Billions of years ago and the photo-sensitivity of life and its precursors. This three-patterned event created a photo-voltaic/photo-electric effect on biological substrates (with metals such as the eventually developed hemoglobin), out of which arose an eventual pattern-of-three code in RNA for the RNA world, followed by a triplet code as well for DNA; both of which have additional associated patterns-of-three such as three basic types of RNA (messenger, ribosomal, transfer) and the ADZ forms of DNA. Not to mention that both have a 3 to 1 ratio consisting of the same three amino acids Adenosine- Cytosine- Guanine, with DNA having the additional Thymine and RNA with Uracil.

The 3-to-1 ratio is a reference to the eventual fusion of the Sun's three phases as it continues to enlarge as the Earth slows. While some might prefer to count the amino acids as four each, this does not change the perception of there being a 3 -to- 1 ratio. It is a telling point of what humanity can expect in the coming years as more resources become scarce and humans are forced into severe forms of survival mandated by a 3-patterned conservation effect.

A good reason for making a list of different "threes" from multiple subjects is to have a record by which future researchers can more easily map out the developmental trends of patterning taking place in their respective subjects. Whether you regard my lists as crude, disordered or uneven, the fact is they will provide a means of measurement of changes to come in cognitive activity. While some "threes" ideas may come to be discredited, or being redefined in terms we might call a fairytale, myth, superstition, etc., other models will no doubt come to the fore and used commonly. It doesn't matter if you agree with a given three's example, the point is it was created. And for those who argue that they can make a similar list using some other pattern, by all means, please do so and let me know so that I will post your list and give you full credit. However, by the same token of deference, I would like you to take stock of how very few the numbers humans are using, when we take into consideration that... supposedly, we have an infinity of numbers. Indeed, as I have said multiple times, there is an active conservation taking place. It is a conservation that is being rammed down the throat of humans who are forced to adapt to the incrementally deteriorating conditions of the Sun, Earth, and Moon. This adaptation is seen in the limitations humans can dream, imagine, create, and perform. For example, it is known that human strength, agility and endurance are being measured by the Olympic games whose records indicate humans are reaching their limits. It is but one of many limits such as the Periodic Table of Elements, human vocal ranges, human intellectual capacity, human alphabets, human calculations using its binary computers and binary mathematics.

We can't sit by and simply say "There are a lot of threes". We need to know the frequency, depth-width-breadth and application. Does the pattern drop off over time and then return? How does it return? What is/are its form(s)? Is it more prevalent in one subject or less than one might think it should, would or possibly could; such as people assuming that religion has the greater stock of a given number only because those interested in religion are biased and have no interest in any other subject or even looking at the occurrence of a given cognitive pattern unless some authority figure in religion says they must? Until you begin to see the prevalency of a pattern, regardless of what pattern you are interested in, and have a ready-made visual reference of catalogued examples; any explanation you offer as to why the pattern is occurring as it does, is merely guessing on your part. Guessing that is not part of an honest attempt to develop an educated supposition, if nothing else.

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