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A Study of the Threes Phenomena
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Note: I have had a few people try to discount the "threes" idea by citing the Seven Dwarves of Sleeping Beauty fame. In other instances I come across those who compile a list by entitling it with the word "types" displaying more than three items, but if one uses the word "categories", a three listing may be found and express a point of view that has not been considered. As for the Seven Dwarves, if one looks closely at the following image, we see 3 three categories of Dwarves with respect to facial hair:

  1. 3 Dwarves have long beards-
  2. 3 Dwarves have short beards-
  3. 1 Dwarf has no beard.

In Addition: 3 with large noses, 3 (easily seen) shouldering picks, 3 with closed mouths; the typical cartoonish 3 fingers and 1 thumb. It is of some interest to note that while studying Fairy tales, the Threes Theme is taught but not the 3-to-1 ratio. (For example, Goldilocks and 3 bears, Old King Cole and his fiddlers three, three little pigs and the wolf, etc...)

3 Categories of the Seven dwarves

In other words, was the artist guided by an unrecognized "three" theme in their illustration? No less, one must wonder how often this occurs in other subjects whose lists perforce to express more than three types, kinds, etc...

When we take the time to reference the few numbers being repeated as a distinctive pattern... or those geometrically-enumerated configurations (e.g. Linear- Circular- Triangular); what we are met with is just a handful of patterns which are repeating in multiple subjects (that I think is an over-all "Conservation of Number" expression), and that many patterns the reader may want to offer as an argument against such a position as the present one; the larger numbers appear to typically reside in an isolated specificity, such as those large number patterns accompanying the planet Earth over long stretches of time. In other words we can find larger numbers as recurring patterns, but they do not repeat themselves in multiple subjects. There appears to be a greater conservation of large number usage then smaller number patterns.

Examples of large numbers exhibited over large distances of time

Conservation of Number showing up in a variety of ways

Philosophers throughout the ages, from different subject areas, have created three-patterned idea distinctions. The following list is but a small sampling. However, by being placed into a single representation instead of expecting you to take a survey of multiple subjects, you will be enabled to more readily appreciate how frequent such a thinking pattern actually is. In other words, I can not depend on the reader to take the time to look for, identify and then catalogue multiple examples when they their time is limited but that in realizing that the frequency of "threes" and other small numbers is as much a reality as is the repeated frequency of a few letters, the reader may come to more readily appreciate that this "Conservation of Number" I am speaking of, is like a barometer or thermometer or any other scale being used to mark alterations in the environment, and has a direct importance to humanity. With respect to the recurrence of a few numbers, I believe this is related to an incremental deterioration of the planet.

In looking at the planet with respect to the events out of which life sprang, the creation of a timeline is approached from different perspectives to highlight one or more events which an author or collective of scientists think are important points to bring to the surface for a given illustration. Since my interest is the threes phenomena, I have likewise put together one which places a lot of material in a small space while attempting to highlight that multiple events have taken place in groups of three, unless we can't believe what we are being told and they are simply using a "threes" topic as a literary device like a person telling a fairy tale or espousing some religious detail. I am trying to cover a lot of ground over a lengthy period of time which includes the realization that not only did events occur with a Great Oxygen Event, and Snow ball Earth events, and Extinction level events, but also the particular point which no one else is covering, and that is there is a distinct correlation to be made with the rate of the earth's rotation and biological events.

Earth's rotation rate has affected the patterns exhibited by the Sun and Moon
→   →   →   Rotation Rate Specificities   →   →   →
Rotation rate of the Earth correlated to different life events

While I have focused on the effects of the Sun in relation to the changes in the rotation rate of the Earth since its inception involving both an inscribed triangular path and "3" pattern (the latter expressing the strobe-like effect of the dawn- noon- dusk sequence); I have been remiss in excluding the effects of the Moon on biological and Earth processes. The Moon was exceptionally close billions of years ago, thus producing an incredible "washing machine" effect known as tidal behavior which mixes atmospheric gases with water. While human consciousness can see the patterns (and in connection with formed many religious and philosophical ideas); we are not routinely inclined to look for the patterns in developmental biology or in our excursions into comparative zoology, much less a larger comparison of ideas from different times and cultures.

Patterns in Nature engage in over-branding just like people do.

While the following two images describe the Sun's (apparent) passage in a triangular arc and the eventual expansion of the Sun "fusing" ...resulting in a fusion of the three solar phases, we need to further imagine ourselves standing on the Earth during the developmental processes of life in order to note the impressionability of biological substrates and the patterns of the Moon and Sun acting like a type of in-concert branding iron. It reminds me of how some cattle rustlers in Old Westerns were portrayed as getting away with theft, by having a branding iron which inscribes one brand over another to make it look like someone else's brand... and is an activity which occurs quite often today when stores market their own brand name on someone else's product (and not always with permission to do so.)

Can I Put My Trademark On Someone Else’s Product and Sell It As My Own?

Nature engages in "over-branding" activities which make some process or form look as if it is a basic feature but actually is a composite. One must be a detective in unraveling the true basic form or formula which may be a composite of two or more basic forms whose initial structures become subjected to alterations creating another overlapping form or formula, whereby an observer or researcher comes to either deny, dismiss or delude themselves into thinking something is there or not there because they are unwilling to play the Devil's Advocate in their own observation/research, and may in fact come to use or coin a word (phrase, math formula, etc...) which departs so dramatically from the original... basic form/formula, that using such a label makes it all the more difficult to unravel a basic structure. A biological example is the development of the three Germ layers which have been unraveled by researchers. Another example is the unravelings which have taken place in particle physics, linguistics, Anthropology, etc...

It is the more difficult re-branding techniques of Nature that some of us are researching.

These are time-elapsed images of accelerated Solar activities:

  • 1st: You are standing on the Earth billions of years ago looking at the Sun and Moon. (Yes the event is exaggerated in this image so that you can more easily understand what I am attempting to describe.)
  • 2nd: The disposition of the Sun as it advances in age will effect a fusion of the 3 solar phases and anything that has been influenced by this 3-pattern. An example is the idea of "3 persons (fused) in 1 godhead" commonly known as the Christian Trinity. We can expect more fusions to be seen in other-than-religion subjects.

Image of sun and moon during an accelerated Earth Affects of an enlarging sun as it decays

By flip-flopping a photo of the Sun's pathway we can see the triangle image
A solar graph of the Sun's passage over a day

If you've ever been subjected to a strobe light in a dark room (which is part of the after-effect processing called nighttime), and then step out into the light, an after-image can be seen for awhile. The same effect can be seen by those who stare at a television or computer screen. Not only would daytime solar effects occur at a rapid rate with an accelerated rotating Earth, but so would the night/day sequencing. In other words, the impressions of the day would be more readily impressed upon impressionable biological substrates and be incorporated into the processes at the same level of primivity that the substrates had, but be expressed in the same fashion. For example, While a very young person may see the sparks of a fireworks and exclaim about them, and older person could do the same and express a more complicated scenario. You can not expect simple biological materials to express a complex influence in the same complex way. Early biological processes are like a (simple) child engaging in a finger painting effort to express the presence of an image (such as a flower or bowl of fruit), while a (complex) adult might well engage in the usage of a more complex method of expression. Hence, do not expect simply biological processes to illustrate an exact triangular image if its developmental processes are basically linear in activity. In other words, how, or could a simple linear chemical process effect the illustration of a complex impression? One can not expect a child to express a value of 10 if they are cognitively limited to a count of three, but may nonetheless attempt to make some effort of displaying the concept of a ten by using two hands with fingers spread apart, if this is the portrayal seen being encouraged by an adult for them to mimic.

Ideas and biological/chemical processes that have been influenced by the three solar phases may well continue to follow and exhibit representative "3 -in- 1" fusions such as the "three persons in 1 god" ideology of the Christian Trinity. In several cases we see 3 to 1 perspectives being replaced by multiplicity, just as we see triad models of religion come to be replaced by multiplicities called poly-theisms and those who are trying to assert a "poly" format, a multiplicity, into current streams of ideology like the parasitic and predatory LGBTQ who are trying to incorporate their orientation by using the same methodology use by ancient Christianity, Islam, and Judaism when they incorporated the views of Paganism into their ideologies. The LGBTQ leadership has a mentality much like ancient religious leaders who infused their beliefs into Pagan orientations so as to (neurotically) display themselves as normal, natural and therefore not only holy, but as a chosen people representative of a New Consciousness and New Human race.

The LGBTQ and supporters are an insidious globally distributed social disease trying to effect the view of what amounts to be a Polytheistic religious exercise trying to advance into every social organization— and will resort to using force if given the opportunity, just as did the "Big 3" desert-created Monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism), as well as governments and businesses who think that their political/business philosophy is better; and are forced to defend against those whom they imagine are persecuting them (Like the rationales of the Russian and Chinese and North Korean leaderships) who feel the best defense for personal survival is an active offense. The only way for these and other countries to survive is to remake themselves under a comprehensive New Leadership, because the present leaderships have an antiquated mentality which are not in the best interests for the future of different cultures. Unfortunate for those associated with the LGBTQ, there is no way to remake themselves. Once a member has crossed a certain threshold of indulgence, they are like career criminals who can neither be habilitated or rehabilitated and insist upon engaging in activities that ruin other's lives instead of living in a co-existence without fanfare and an imposition which strives not only to correct social injustices, but reconfigure the entire dynamics of society to defer to it as some royalty deserving of extra-social entitlements it wants to be lavished in and used as a badgering implement. Of the three types of symbiotic relationships, the present LGBTQ leadership can readily be seen for its true nature... That of a scorpion pretending helplessness and needing a ride across a river:

The underlying parasitic philosophy of the LGBTQ

A scorpion wants to cross a river but cannot swim, so it asks a frog to carry it across. The frog hesitates, afraid that the scorpion might sting it, but the scorpion promises not to, pointing out that it would drown if it killed the frog in the middle of the river. The frog considers this argument sensible and agrees to transport the scorpion. Midway across the river, the scorpion stings the frog anyway, dooming them both. The dying frog asks the scorpion why it stung despite knowing the consequence, to which the scorpion replies: "I am sorry, but I couldn't resist the urge. It's in my nature."

Wikipedia: The Scorpion and the Frog

However, little does the LGBTQ realize is that the common sense of the average person is not as gullible or naive as they think people are nor are they as receptive to the practiced arguments culled from every subject they can introduce as a tool of persuasion for others to accept their distorted world-view. Though the LGBTQ can fool some of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, it can not fool all of the people all of the time. Hence, they need to realize as "slow" as they think the public is to their manipulative shenanigans, the public is a long-lived tortoise with a hard shell:

A scorpion and a tortoise became such fast friends that they took a vow that they would never separate. So when it happened that one of them was obliged to leave his native land, the other promised to go with him. They had traveled only a short distance when they came to a wide river. The scorpion was now greatly troubled.

"Alas," he said, "you, my friend, can easily swim, but how can a poor scorpion like me ever get across this stream?"

"Never fear," replied the tortoise; "only place yourself squarely on my broad back and I will carry you safely over."

No sooner was the scorpion settled on the tortoise's broad back, than the tortoise crawled into the water and began to swim. Halfway across he was startled by a strange rapping on his back, which made him ask the scorpion what he was doing.

"Doing?" answered the scorpion. "I am whetting my sting to see if it is possible to pierce your hard shell."

"Ungrateful friend," responded the tortoise, "it is well that I have it in my power both to save myself and to punish you as you deserve." And straightway he sank his back below the surface and shook off the scorpion into the water.

The Scorpion and the Tortoise edited by D. L. Ashliman © 1999

Not a single, so-called "informed" scientist or scientific organization is placing the rate of rotation as an event taking place during the development of life. They have included other variables over-time, but not the one I have been trying to foster as a significant life affecting occurrence because it doesn't go boom nor has it wiped out millions of species nor been identified with some other catastrophe like so many scientists who have been brought up with the idea of a religious apocalypse as a formative impression on their psyche. it doesn't matter that without the Sun there would be no life, but the fact that we can detect changes in the Sun's irradiation pattern over time with respect to the changes in the earth's rotation should make everyone suspicious that the Scientific community is not informing the public of what is recognizable and easily understandable.

Like some journalist wanting to get a Pulitzer from being the first to cover an event they can frame in some gargantuan headline expression, this is the chorus which many scientists find themselves echoing. While some scientists have talked about the rate of rotation having changed over time, NOBODY is placing it as a variable on any timeline. Nobody but me. However, since I don't belong to the prevailing scientific or academic clubs of people interested in the topic; and it's easier for the Scientific community to ignore or be dismissive of relevant information that their colleagues are not addressing either because club-minded people tend to think like club-minded people... the topic is overlooked, until someone of their competitive ilk comes to the startling revelation... Shazam! it is a variable which needs to be considered because... let us speculate: the fast spinning Earth billions of Years ago would have produced a situation in which a three-patterned strobe-light effect of the Sun occurred on the early macromolecule development, and may well be that which influenced the origination of the triplet code... and if so, will further effect it more so as the rotation rate slows down and the Sun's enlargement expresses a "fusion" of the three (dawn- noon- dusk) elements of the daylight spectrum which involves a chiral spin effect and a two-patterned night/day sequencing.

All you have to do is what I did when I was a kid. Although I can't tell you why it struck me at a very early age that the Sun's path is a triangular one and that the Earth was spinning fast. I somehow could feel the pulse of the Earth spinning faster and faster with images whirring by. Yet, I took it for granted because I thought everyone had the same types of visual experiences, that is until I started speaking out loud about them and everyone I knew thought I was "way out there". Imagine yourself standing on a fast spinning Earth under a Sun and you will see a three-patterned strobe light event as the Sun proceeds along its triangular arch, though the movement of the Sun is an illusion caused by the Earth's rotation. Just like Einstein and his fast moving train thought experiment out of which came his theory of Relativity. What we have is a case of Brownian movement, the photo electric effect and relativity all in one image... or at least that's how I see it... give or take an imaginative foray. Whereas the future may unveil a different count as to the rates of rotation for given events, the idea is nonetheless understood as a variable in which different life events took place.

It goes without saying that many readers and writers resort to using some pattern-of-three but have not taken the time to reflect upon how many different people in their own contexts actually do use this model of thinking. The following list barely scratches the surface:

3 patterned philosophical distinctions

It is rather curious that many readers are well aware of the Rosetta stone with its 3 languages, but that the presence of two more examples is not well known:

Three examples of 3-languages inscriptions

Yes, I realize that someone can do the same for other patterns, yet, why don't they? And after you've done so, will you realize that it is only a few patterns that are being used over- and over- and over- again, to the point you realize that the idea of a "Conservation of Number" related to survival appears to be a standard based on a requirement imposed upon biology by an incrementally deteriorating planet? Will you be able to recognize the Conservation of Number in genetics and particle physics, and yet particle physicists have not adopted the view of such to the extent it is included as a Conservation Law, even though multiple equations express this? (The Earth, the Solar System, The Galaxy all have shelf lives, and as they deteriorate... biology and ideology follow this course... whereby all ideas can be viewed as rationalizations.)

There appears to be an underlying code to cognitive activity requiring the establishment of a "cognitive calculus," (a calculus specifically tailored for this subject), which was an idea hinted at by the previous series on the perspective of a "standard cognitive model". The "1- 2- Many" theme I've been currently addressing is just a tool in my effort to establish a means by which all cognitive activity may be catalogued, its derivations analyzed, and the establishment of its origination (past), its present status, as well as what this may entail for the future of its applicability to different tasks/subjects. While there are multiple kinds and types of hierarchical models employed for a variety of subjects (for example, the Binomial Nomenclature for biological classification, Rank and File system in the Military, monetary denominations, Social stratification systems, etc...), we don't actually have one which satisfactorily provides a holistic grasp of cognition.

We currently have separate, piece-meal varieties which may be used by one or another practitioner in a given profession who might want to claim otherwise. Others simply say the mind of humans is too complex... or at least they want to believe it is, and do not want to think that it may be understood as one might take apart a watch. However, if the language expressions and symbols we are using are creating a severe limiting factor in humanity achieving "that which lays at the territorial limits of present human cognitive efforts", then such a calculus as I am thinking of may be able to deduce this more accurately (with proof) than any present formula using a "philosophy of science" or "philosophy of religion" or "philosophy of higher consciousness" or current strings of "mathematical philosophies" which one may want to apply as part of their presumptuous "thought experimenting logic" (logic by way of conjuring up a thought experiment). Yet, will such a calculus enable us to created a better language to be used by cognitive activity? Or should we simply be like so many others who want to think that such a language already exists in their respective area of interest? Let us wait and see what we can come up with. Won't "they" be surprised.

A few readers may have come across the old adage about a person "Not able to see the forest for the trees," in one sense meaning they overlook the obvious. However, in my research into the "threes" phenomena, the adage becomes useful if transformed into "Unable to see the Threes because of the Four-est." In other words, the rather obvious recurrences of patterns-of-three are not seen because of some other pattern a person may be inclined towards.

In fact, as an example, back in 1955-56 there was a researcher with the name of George A. Miller who taught at 1) Harvard, 2) Rockefeller, and 3) Princeton universities and was known for his research into cognition, communication and psycho-linguistics; who has acquired a place in history for a commonly read and cited paper he wrote entitled "The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two; Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information".

I saw the title and came to the realization that it was a basic arithmetic formula which yielded the three-patterned ensemble of "5- 7- 9", but he overlooked this pattern because the number seven kept cropping up during his time, place (era), and no doubt the attitude about enumeration which was part of his profession in an academic culture (and remains today as part of an overlooked repeating tradition). The following are the opening remarks of his paper which I think are instructive in acknowledging how either the intentional usage of a number(s) can be useful as a tool for research, or has some unintended influence on one's thinking while doing a given research project. It is of further interest to note he and I share the same research orientation, albeit from different vantage points:

George A Miller: "My problem is that I have been persecuted by an integer. For seven years this number has followed me around, has intruded in my most private data, and has assaulted me from the pages of our most public journals. This number assumes a variety of disguises, being sometimes a little larger and sometimes a little smaller than usual, but never changing so much as to be unrecognizable. The persistence with which this number plagues me is far more than a random accident. There is, to quote a famous senator, a design behind it, some pattern governing its appearances. Either there really is something unusual about the number or else I am suffering from delusions of persecution."

It is too bad that among very many professionals that a negative attitude is effected upon viewing the repetition of a pattern (particularly a number pattern), because of a history in which some pattern... in this case numbers, have been used as tools by practitioners in activities where the terms irrational and illogical come into play as definitive labels by outside observers; who do not take into consideration that if there is a basic underlying cognitive pattern, there is no reason for it not to show up in a numerical form or formula as an expressed logic or illogicality, as being rational or irrational, and either used in a serious or comical instances... depending on a person's inclination due to experiences, education, health, and social context. The first negative thought which comes to mind by an observer is the singular word "Numerology," and the second thought is the two-word ensemble of "obsessive-compulsive," followed by multiple other pejoratives. (In other words, we can see a "1- 2- Many" recurring cognitive pattern that is being overlooked.)

For example, there is no reason that a universal impression formed on the human psyche should not be expressed in the context that a given individual lives. If an African pygmy has the image of a triangle on their mind, there is no reason for it not to show up in the design of a spear or arrowhead. Nor is it illogical for someone to create a triangular-shaped hat, pyramid, tepee, or triangle-shaped ball or bowling pin rack to be used in pool or bowling, much less find it in some termite mounds, or flight formation of migrating birds, or the shape of aircraft or instead of being called a triangle it is called a V-shaped engine block, or tornado, or whirlpool or expressed as a linear formula in mathematics whose variables show an extreme up and often a base-of-operations... though such an image may not come to mind.

Likewise, a recurring impression of a given number may be more effectively expressed by one person than another because they are not afraid of seeing the impression nor fall into the trap of letting others negatively define their behavior for doing so. Just because a person has a non-common affinity for a given pattern does not mean they are to be viewed as non-normal in a negative psychiatric sense. They may simply be more sensitive to subtleties that most people overlook but nonetheless use themselves in varying ways and at varying times, yet are appreciably oblivious to their repetitive usage thereof. Just because we have an entire academic and research effort by thousands of professionals who do not collectively see an obvious pattern, doesn't mean it is non-existent or unimportant. We need only look through history to make note of how many times Academically trained professionals have made mistakes and been dead wrong, including those so-called professionals in Military strategy, Legislative politics, commerce, religion, sports, theater, gambling, stock market speculation, etc...

I am certain that others in and out of research have had some encounter with some recurring visual (etc...) pattern just as there are those who on occasion have a song or piece of music repeat over an over again to the point of driving some people crazy and seek out some means of quieting the repetition which intrudes on their otherwise directed interests.

In Miller's case, he overlooked the very clue he was searching for in his research, though in his above commentary it can be seen... that is if you know what you are looking for. When he describes his experience with the number 7 as "being sometimes a little larger and sometimes a little smaller than usual," he is speaking of a pattern-of-three, or a more definitively expressed wide-spread cognitive "1- 2- Many" profile model of which I discuss a bit more about in the Language Narrative series.

It is unfortunate that the thousands who have come across his paper are unduly focused on the number 7 and don't read between the lines, so to speak, with respect to identifying the underlying "psycho-linguistic" repetition of "threes", that are so routine and obvious that most people overlook them; such as the recurring usage of a period- question mark- exclamation point by some authors, and not to mention the holding of a pen or pencil with three fingers, besides being on the 3rd planet from a Sun and having developed from a triplet (DNA) code by way of three Germ layers which develop a brain that is used by some people to pursue the hierarchy of receiving the three University degrees of a Bachelor's, Master's, PhD; unless you're like me having flunked kindergarten because you insisted on bringing three items for 'show and tell' instead of just 1 or 2 and if asked by a nosey adult "do you have to do 1 or 2?" (as in peeing or pooping) when you raise your hand to ask permission to go to the restroom, you say you have to do number 3, because that is the combination of the two. As far as I'm concerned, I flunked kindergarten and remain in a playful sandbox (playground) called number 3. However, I charge 3 pennies for admission and you must learn the secret 3-patterned password.

One of the books Miler wrote with others is representative of his search for some fundamental pattern: In Plans and the Structure of Behavior (with Eugene Galanter and Karl Pribram, 1960), Miller examined how knowledge is accumulated and organized into a practical "image" or plan. Yet Miller didn't realize he was actually expressing a usage of a basic cognitive plan that appears to be impressed upon the human psyche by way of physiology and an imposition placed on the species by an incremental deterioration of measurable planetary phenomena. I call it a Standard Cognitive Formula that multiple others have been searching for, but I was not, I just happened to stumble upon it in my "threes" research interest. It was something I uncovered while rummaging around different subjects.

Primarily, this site is about the recurrence of patterns-of-three which occur in multiple subjects, and the application of an intended perspective that one can define as a Philosophy. However, the recurrence of such a pattern and the topic of philosophy requires an expansion of the present notions of how Philosophy plays a role in the detection, analysis and articulation of what is being found. Hence, I see the need for indulging in the topic of devising a "Science of Philosophy" entitled the "Scientification of Philosophy," as opposed to the current flip-flopping of this into one type of rationalization or another which contours the discussion into some formula represented by the notion "Philosophy of Science". However, the two ideas are mutually exclusive.

In researching the topic of "Threes" as a phenomena of recurrence, let me note that yes, I fully recognize the presence of other recurring patterns, both with and without enumeration. However, for the most part, my interest is in the usage of numbers by which to identify patterns in whatever subject I am interested in at a given time, for the purpose of establishing what appears to be the expression of a standard in how the human mind operates, and is not as unlimited as some have supposed, nor protected from being seen, since in so doing, man is no longer able to be seen in the image of god, unless one wants to describe such a god as a repetition influenced by a Nature that is incrementally deteriorating. And yes, this view represents a philosophy but I recognize the need for establishing a "Science of Philosophy" (as opposed to the typically assigned "Philosophy of science"), which permits a researcher to be able to gain some objectivity from the typical manner in which a subject is analyzed.

While numbers are not used, typically because so many have accused users thereof for engaging in what is called Numerology, one needs to know what numerology is in the traditional sense, and that if we are being honest, all of Mathematics is an engaged activity of Numerology, despite its attached interpretations for supply a rigor of logic and in many cases an attendant practical application in many diverse efforts. Unfortunately, some Mathematicians treat their profession as if it were a religion and seeks to honor itself by claiming a sole proprietorship for defining what is and what is not to be viewed as a logical exercise of enumeration. Religion tries to do this with the ideas of Morality, good, evil god and anything else theologians want to claim as their divine right to sit in judgment over. Nonetheless, my so-called Numerology has begun to pose a real and larger threat to the standards by which multiple orientations have long been complacent about.

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