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Note: the contents of this page as well as those which precede and follow, must be read as a continuation and/or overlap in order that the continuity about a relationship to/with the typical dichotomous assignment of Artificial Intelligence (such as the usage of zeros and ones used in computer programming) as well as the dichotomous arrangement of the idea that one could possibly talk seriously about peace from a different perspective... will not be lost (such as war being frequently used to describe an absence of peace and vice-versa). However, if your mind is prone to being distracted by timed or untimed commercialization (such as that seen in various types of American-based television, radio, news media and magazine publishing... not to mention the average classroom which carries over into the everyday workplace), you may be unable to sustain prolonged exposures to divergent ideas about a singular topic without becoming confused, unless the information is provided in a very simplistic manner.

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Granted that the elementary discussions of chemistry, physics and genetics may have no interest for some readers, but such reviews are necessary for those whose interest in creating an advanced form of artificial intelligence by way of the current electrical system in use. Hence, chemistry is necessary for identifying properties of atoms and molecules to be used to identify useful conductors and semi-conductors for electrical circuits. For example, if life started out in the deep ocean near volcanic vents, then life could not have had the "kick start" or "jump start" from either lightning discharges or ultra-violet irradiation. Then again, did the porous matrix of some crystal allowing proton gradients to emerge, precipitate the environmental milieu necessary for life's basic program to be initiated... if by chemical-law or serendipitous design? This is particularly important because we must ascertain whether such activities represented a crude design of intelligence in its formative stages. When we find the existence of an idea describing life emerging in three domains, is this "three" idea representative of a changing in mentality of humanity that previously put forth a two-domain theory. In other words, why isn't there a 64, 20, 15, 12, 11, 10, 8, 6, 5, or 4 domain theory?

While early theorists may have argued over a multiplicity of life forms to which they may or may not have devised an unrecorded illustration, later ages came to decide on a two-part classification system:

In the mid-20th century, biologists recognized two vastly different cell types, procaryote (prokaryote) and eucaryote (eukaryote), and based a division of the living and extinct world on these two broad categorizations. The divisions were based primarily on the absence or presence, respectively, of a membrane-bound nucleus containing the genetic material of the cell, as well as on other organizational and structural features. Many classifications of living organisms adopted such a division and further created two superkingdoms, Prokaryota and Eukaryota. Within the Prokaryota was placed the kingdom Monera (the bacteria, blue-green algae, and a recently described bacterial group called the Archaebacteria [also called Archaeobacteria]). The Eukaryota comprised all other living organisms.

Source: "Taxonomy." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

And here is an example of a 4-kingdom classification:

4 Kingdom classification system (197K)

Yes, I know the title of this discussion is about Artificial Intelligence and 3sology. But these words describe content about given patterns. Patterns which exhibit a conservation of thought. In other words, there are not 57000 kingdoms because the environment is an activity of conservation just like we see in physics with respect to energy... and energy, when applied to artificial systems of intelligence is an extremely important variable. The two-kingdom of classification became a three-kingdom classification even though there are other systems of classification being considered. Nonetheless, we don't regularly see anyone devising a 12-system classification nor an 8, 7, or 6... though some may want to do so as a type of thought experimentation. From the "2" to the "3" is a frequently occurring phenomena in different subject areas. While some are presently convinced that the "2" in a binary system is a foremost pattern, others are wrestling with a "3" trinary system even if they are not labeling it as such. You can not do otherwise when engage with genetics and physics. Patterns-of-three are prominent features.

Similarly, when we recognize mutations in viruses, plants and animals as developmental trends influenced by environmental factors; human arrogance and prejudice denies this possibility when they recognize ideas changing from singularity to duality to a triplicity or a variation from a singularity to a multiplicity (or obverse)... or else wise. Humans do not customarily assign the context of life to alterations in thought patterns— in and of themselves, or even as symbolic representations of a developmental change in the human mind via the brain under the influence of a decaying body subjected to a decaying planet subjected to a decaying solar system. The decay, and subsequent influences will show up as patterns, though we humans may well define them as advancements because of the conservation of resources which force us to play out the adage "necessity is the mother of invention". A decaying environment causes a conservation of resources which creates a concentration towards a similarity of basic pattern usage.

Plants responding to night/day, cold/warm environmental effects presently over-shadow a recognition of underlying three-patterned genetic effects which where influenced by a three-patterned environmental event which effects all biological entities according to their respective physical/chemical makeup. Our present scatter-brain notions of artificial intelligence are being directed along a course of increasingly conservative environmental events due to the ongoing decay of the planet. It is necessary to distinguish between short-term driven physical effects on a given population and those long term effects on the species at a genetic level. For example, an entire population can be wiped out by a tornado, but the effects of this tragedy on the overall species is miniscule at best. The tragedy may occur in an isolated way to the extent it is never historically recorded (genetically or manually) like the killing of human inhabitants by a volcano on an island that disappears into the ocean. And yet on the other hand, a genetic mutation affecting a given population by way of a nuclear disaster ("accident") may become apart of that which defines a culture's underlying physiology, though no outward indications are apparent except for some recurring population-wide illness.

Prior to 1977 and Woese's seminal paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, many biologists believed that all life on Earth belonged to one of two primary lineages—the eukaryotes, which included animals, plants, fungi, and some single-cell organisms, and the prokaryotes, which included bacteria and all remaining microscopic organisms. Woese, working with American microbiologist Ralph S. Wolfe, determined that prokaryotes actually comprise two distinctly different groups of organisms and should be divided into two categories: true bacteria (eubacteria) and the newly recognized archaebacteria, later renamed archaea. Archaea are aquatic or terrestrial microorganisms that differ both biochemically and genetically from true bacteria. Many of these organisms thrive in extreme environments, including those that are very hot or that have a high degree of salinity. Some of these organisms live in the absence of oxygen and thus are described as being anaerobic. Because such conditions resemble Earth's early environment, archaea were thought to hold important information about the evolution of cells.

In 1996 Woese and colleagues from the University of Illinois and the Institute for Genomic Research in Rockville, Md., published the first complete genome, or full genetic blueprint, of an organism in the archaea domain and concluded that archaea are more closely related to eukaryotes than to bacteria. The publication of the genome helped to quell ongoing resistance to the idea of a third domain of life in the scientific community. In two papers that were published in 1998 and 2000, Woese proposed a new model to replace the standard Darwinian theory of common descent—that all life on Earth evolved from a single cell or pre-cell. Woese proposed instead that various forms of life evolved independently from as many as several dozen ancestral pre-cells. A 2004 paper further postulated that Darwinian natural selection did not become a factor in evolution until more complex life forms evolved. Woese argued that in the early stages of the development of life, all organisms engaged in horizontal gene transfer and were not in competition.

Anthony G. Craine, Ed.
Source: "Woese, Carl R." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

3 domains of life classification (44K)

Along the course of these three domains of life has emerged an entire lineage of increasing complexity and intelligence:

life linneage (137K)

By expanding the view of the Eucaryota division, and because it may not be appreciated in the above lineage illustration, we humans have developed a concomitantly-designated five kingdom system (please note the 2 over 3 compartmentalization arrangement, though a 1/4 or [left to right] 5 array could be used as well):

5 Kingdoms classification system (94K)

However, what is not a customary consideration for the increased development of life with an accompanying complexity of intelligence is the comparison of life to the rate of the Earth's rotation. If we had a time machine and could go back to the assumed moment of life's beginning in what is sometimes referred to as the primordial soup or broth, we would find an accelerated spinning Earth. As we proceeded into the future, stopping every now and then to measure the rotation of the Earth, we would find it slowing down, just as it will continue to do so into the future. The slowing rate of the Earth's rotation has an effect on life and hence, an effect on intelligence. The Moon will continue to recede from the Earth and effect tidal behavior. The slowing rate of the Earth will have an effect on the electro-magnetic effect of the Earth. The Sun will continue to expand, thus effecting a "fusion" of the Sun's three moments known as Dawn- Noon- Dusk.

Geologic Era Time of occurrence # of Days
per year
per day
End of Cretaceous Era-
"Jurassic Park" Era-
Permo-Triassic Era-
Late Permian
* 65 million years ago
180 million years ago
245 million years ago
250 million years ago
371 days
381 days
386 days
386+ days
90% of marine life and 70% of land species vanished about 250 million years ago. Is it coincidental that the "vanishing act" occurred when the rate of the Earth's rotation was at or near a 23 hour period?
Middle Devonian Era-
Early Ordovician Era-
370 million years ago
500 million years ago
398 days
412 days
Cambrian Explosion era... was it due to a change in the Earth's rotation rate?
Earliest Cambrian Era-
Late Precambrian Era-
600 million years ago
700 million years ago
800 million years ago
900 million years ago
1 billion years ago
424 days
434 days
444 days
454 days
464 days
Crude oil is from plant life up to 3 billion years ago, but mostly from 100 to 600 million years ago.
Primordial Soup Era- 3.5 to 4.5 billion 1,095.7 8.19
*65 million years ago is said to be the approximate time when the Dinosaur killing meteor slammed into the Earth at Yucatan, Mexico. Did it also alter the Earth's rotation rate?

A Rotation Rate Specificity to life form development, and thus to intelligence as well?
Future Humans??? 304,000,000 years from now 1 rotation per year?
earth 1 day rotation (16K)
Future Humans 56th Century 364.17 days
25 hr rotation
earth 25 hr. rotation (16K)
Future Humans 53rd Century 365.17 days
24 hr rotation
earth 24 hr. rotation (16K)
Present day to 350 million years ago 365 to 387 days
23 hr rotation
earth 23 hr. rotation (16K)
370+ million years ago 411 days
22 hr rotation
earth 22 hr. rotation (16K)
500 to 700 million years ago 412 to 434 days
21 hr rotation
earth 21 hr. rotation (16K)
800 to 900 million years ago 444 to 454 days
20 hr rotation
earth 20 hr. rotation (16K)
1 billion+ years ago

Increasing speed of Earth's rotation the further we go back into time.

earth 19 hr. rotation (16K)
earth 18 hr. rotation (16K)
earth 17 hr. rotation (16K)
earth 16 hr. rotation (16K)
earth 15 hr. rotation (16K)
3.5 to 4 billion years ago 1,095+ days
8 hour rotation? (or much faster, depending on equation that is used)
earth 8 hr. rotation (16K)
  1. Can humans survive living in an actual 24 hour day rotation rate? A 24hr 30min rate?
  2. A 25 hour day rotation rate? Will humans be human or a cybernetic organism... if alive at all?
  3. Can any life form life long beyond a 23hr rotation window... whose origin of increasing intelligence began in a 23 hour rotation rate, and its basic biological design was an adaptation to an increased rotation rate?

The above table is from: Are Humans Rotation Rate Specific? page 1

Calculations for the table can be found here: Are Humans Rotation Rate Specific? page 3

neurons (54K)

And necessarily so, we would be remiss if we did not provide an illustration of the increase in hominid cranial capacity as an indication of an increasing intelligence, though some might argue that it is the complexity of neurons with their dendrites and axons... along with the compaction and convolutions of brain matter which is most important. Yet, though we can see that a lot of information is packed into a small strand of DNA, the information compacted is a sequence of code acting as a type of dot-to-dot-to-dot (as opposed to a singularly described dot-to-dot) pattern, and is not a full-fledged set of Encyclopedias on every subject in every language.

Human cranial capacity (109K)

Yes, we can be like those of the present and past whose primary orientation was/is focused on supporting their binary, dual, etc., perspective with examples containing a binary, dual, etc., composition. A "threes" orientation has nothing to do with superstition, mysticism, numerology, or religion, since its occurrence in genetics an physiology predate such nonsense. We must decode the evolutionary trek of the "threes" occurrence from the atomic through the molecular and onward. We must determine if the design is "intelligent", represents some external-to-Earth intelligence, or if it is a by-product of the environment. (Combinations no doubt may be presented.) Does an increased recognition of the "threes" variable express the presence of a developmental change in an environment that is thought to be heading towards a decay? Do the binary and trinary (etc.) represent artificial systems, aside from the artificiality imposed by human symbolism?

Nonetheless, in the overall consideration of what is meant by "artificial intelligence", we are confronted by the realization it will be defined by those from the perspective of a given social class... such as lower- middle- upper. Unless of course one prefers some other category such as the Dumezilian Priestly- Warrior- Artisan/Cultivator tripartite organization. Indeed, let us design "artificial intelligence" from the perspective of a Warrior image, whereby "intelligence" is defined as that which can best take orders or kill or march in a straighter line. Or perhaps one prefers to design artificial intelligence with some upper class orientation of creating a social order of indentured servants. Yes! Some sort of artificial intelligence which will carry a golf club bag, pour Champagne, make a Martini or do some other servant-like chore. And yet, oh so rarely do we see those who are working in the realm of artificial intelligence thinking in a lower class frame of mind... because it often exhibits a scatter-brain effect of mish-mash revolving around the absurdities of supporting the typical self-centered values of the middle and upper classes. Like lost sheep having to be told what is true, real, patriotic and valuable. The lower class value system is wrought with variations of sincerity trying to make sense out of nonsense.

The three orders

In the 11th and 12th centuries thinkers argued that human society consisted of three orders: those who fight, those who pray, and those who labour. The structure of the second order, the clergy, was in place by 1200 and remained intact until the religious reformations of the 16th century. The very general category of those who labour (specifically, those who were not knightly warriors or nobles) diversified rapidly after the 11th century into the lively and energetic worlds of peasants, skilled artisans, merchants, financiers, lay professionals, and entrepreneurs, which together drove the European economy to its greatest achievements. The first order, those who fight, was the rank of the politically powerful, ambitious, and dangerous. Kings took pains to ensure that it did not resist their authority.

Source: "Europe, history of." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

Perhaps we should simply follow the lead of those who came before us and design a system of artificial intelligence which will perpetuate the status quo values of nonsense being practiced by the American voting system in electing a President. It is a system which does not seek to gather together the best and the brightest of the nation... and those who do run, will practice a strategy of campaigning along a route to have the initial entrants wheedled out by a minority of states whose voting participants will favor one or another candidate; as if these small numbers of voters represent the views of the entire nation! In fact, the electoral college model is one in which the people are actually casting their vote for the electors who will elect the president by means of a majority vote instead of letting the whole of the nation taking part in a process of elimination. And even though opinion polls indicate that the public prefers the system to be one carried out by a popular vote, their is not change to the system... and the people are not enabled to vote in Referendum to choose the type of electoral system them want! Even though those who advocate for the electoral system are in a minority, their opinion takes the position of being a majority! So much for intelligence being applied to a Democratic Will of The People.

Or let us design an artificial intelligence with the mindset of some minority that wants to force the rest of the world into its value system. Or the value system of those with some bizarre sexual orientation like homosexuality, bestiality, Pedophilia, necrophilia, etc... Yes, let us create systems of artificial intelligence which will gratify us sexually, emotionally, or intellectually. Or let us create an intelligence that will kill higher life forms such as rabbits and birds just so we humans can have the pleasure of eating lower life forms called fruits and vegetables. Surely the killing of a higher life form is an honorable value to be measured according to the standards of intelligence we humans claim to have achieved.

Let us pat ourselves on the back for creating a system of artificial intelligence based on the ideas culled from one or more subject areas whose content is interpreted to be an image of intelligent sophistication, such as genetics and physics; only to end up with a creation whose overall performance is little more than an exaggeration of our own shallowness being redefined to conceal a history of ineptness in thought and action. Let us permit the greatest example of artificial intelligence to be little more than that which does the bidding of those enabled to control that form and function. Let us create a system of artificial intelligence who can recite every religious passage from every religious text and engage in any and all religious practice without flaw so that we can say that we have created a better conduit to God! Surely the perfect worshipper who knows all philosophies and religious precepts is better suited to a relationship with God! Or will we humans prejudice such an intelligence by claiming that for all their erudite knowledge and flawless religious behavior they can never truly know god because they are not human? If so, then we identify the fact that a relationship with god has nothing to do with religious knowledge and behavior. Oh what a tangled web of hypocrisy is woven by those who advocate some religion.

Then again, perhaps we should create artificial systems of intelligence to help us make money. If not legally, than illegally. We can design such systems to steal money from banks, intimidate legislators, coerce judges, seduce, badger, manipulate, ambush and otherwise abuse as we see fit. Or let us create a "smart" system of transportation that eventually forces everyone into complying with our views of how a society should be built, be run, and meet our every needs; regardless of all those who will be eventually viewed as being obsolete. Or we could have "smart" horses, dogs or some other animal so that we humans could sit back and place a bet while getting drunk at a race track. Yes, let us re-design all these present systems of ignorance and call them intelligent because we have simply substituted an animal form with a mechanical one. In short, let us practice a system of tool making called artificial intelligence that recreates the primivities of mentality we humans continue to exercise so as to produce enduring social problems.

Artificial intelligence can not be any smarter than we are and humanity is the collective representation of stupidity. Whereas humanity has the ability to achieve ideas and a way of life beyond anything which has since existed; it instead wants to create the values of one or another present social class advocating some business, government or religious standard... and then have the audacity to called it an intelligence! It is not even aware that the human species is following a trek aligned with a life cycle etched with a date of extinction, like so many hominid forms which came before the present model. Humanity is a product of its environment and that environment is decaying on a global, solar-planetary and galactic scale... to which humanity is responding to like a society of ants subjected to the vagaries of attacks by children with sticks, magnifying glasses, water pistols and various house-hold chemicals.

Humanity is a biologically developed artificial intelligence trying to create a semblance of its own image within the constraints of parameters imposed by perspectives defined by a sociology that is pressured by a decaying environment.

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